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"Archero" Talents Guide

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"Archero" Talents Guide


Talents in Archero

Talents are minor perks that a player can unlock that boost various things in their game. Most of the talents impact player stats during combat. This is particularly useful as Talents and Gear are the only ways a player can impact their ability to be stronger outside of battles as much of the power available to a user exclusively comes from leveling up and getting skills mid-game.

All Unlockable Talents

There are 3 categories of Talents in Archero. The common Talents are:

  • Strength: Increased max HP.
  • Power: Increased attack.
  • Recover: Increased healing from Red Hearts.
  • Block: Reduced damage when standing still.

The rare Talents are:

  • Iron Bulwark: Increased Collision Damage Resistance.
  • Agile: +1% Attack speed per level, +2% on the first level
  • Inspire: Heals you on level up.
  • Glory: +1 skill selection at the beginning of a run. It is unlocked in the tutorial and maxes out, it will not gain any other points after then.

The epic Talents are:

  • Enhance Equipment: +3% to base stats of equipment per level
  • Time Reward: Each level increases the coins generated per minute as well as the random scrolls generated over time of the Time Reward system. The first level grants 4 coins per minute, the next 2 levels grant an additional 1 coin per minute, and each level after that grants 2 coins per minute. For a full guide check out this page.
  • Hero Powerup: +4% to base hero stats per level
  • Rune Powerup: First level unlocks runes, and each level increases their maximum stat range.

Talents Page


How to Earn Talent Points

Talents are one of the few systems available to the player immediately upon starting the game and you'll learn to use it as part of the tutorial. However, beyond this, the player must spend Coins to earn more Talents. The player can unlock a new random Talent every time they level up, but must pay Coins in order to do so. The Coin costs increase as the Talents get higher level and get very pricey over time. In order to level up a player must earn experience by doing runs. Simply put, play the game, earn experience, level up, unlock the ability to purchase a Talent, spend Coins to purchase a Talent. Do take note that you cannot pick which Talent you want to upgrade or unlock, it is random!

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Talent Rarity and Unlock Order

There are 9 total Talents, 8 of which can be leveled up. The Talents span 3 different rarities denoted by their color, Grey for Common, Blue for Rare, Purple for Epic. The Talent you get generally seem to be random, but there are several fixed rules about the system:

  • Your first Talent is always Glory, and it maxes out at that point.
  • You cannot get the same rarity of Talent twice in a row
  • Your first Time Reward talent comes on your 22nd upgrade, subsequent upgrades to Time Reward may also be on a fixed schedule (Or near there, there are many reports of this but it could be wrong)
  • Talents do not follow a 100% fixed order otherwise and players will have some variance

Ideal Talents

While you don't get to pick what Talents you get, getting some Talents over others is definitely preferred and can have a meaningful impact on your performance. In particular, healing talents will help players defeat Chapter 7, a very common location for many players to get stuck.

The best Talents are:

  • Enhance Equipment
    Purely awesome at granting raw stats.
  • Recover / Inspire
    Healing becomes critical in higher Chapters as your damage taken scales to 1000–2000 damage. Most notably in Chapter 7 when the 2 red hearts that drop from bosses barely cover 1 hit and will not cover 2 hits of damage.
  • Time Reward
    I'm tempted to put Time Reward in a lower category as inevitably everyone has plenty of coins and scrolls but not enough gear unless they're spending hundreds of dollars on gear alone but before that point Time Reward significantly helps your progression speed.)

Good Talents are:

  • Strength
    Simply stats.
  • Power
    Simply stats.

Bad Talents are:

  • Iron Bulwark
    So little of your damage taken is going to be collision, and of that, you're barely negating any.
  • Agile
    Such a tiny boost to your damage output that it's not even noticeable. For comparison, a minor attack speed boost is a 15% increase in your attack speed.


Mist on July 04, 2020:

how much does it cost to upgade from lv1 to 80? theres no price that i am seeing.

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