"Archero" Time Reward Guide

Updated on February 16, 2020
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This article includes everything you need to know about the "Archero" Time Reward.
This article includes everything you need to know about the "Archero" Time Reward.

What Is Time Reward?

The Time Reward mechanic in Archero is a passive reward generator that lets the player earn a bunch of rewards passively generated over real-world time. The user does not have to be play or even actively have the game open for the rewards to be generated, they will be generated based on every minute of actual time passed.

Unlocking the Time Reward

The Time Reward is an Epic talent that can be randomly unlocked in the Talent tree found in one of the main menus. Talents are unlocked for a coin cost and 1 random Talent can be purchased for each level the user has earned. Current knowledge says that the Time Reward is expected to be unlocked between level 20 and 22 (Expect it on your 22nd upgrade). It is currently not entirely clear how predetermined or how random the Talent system is but some things are definitely fixed along the upgrade paths.

What Rewards are Earned

The user will passively generate both Coins and Scrolls for all types of gear. For each level the user has in Time Reward, they will earn level*2 coins for every minute that has passed. For example, a single point in the Time Reward Talent will grant the user 2 coins a minute. The user will also passively generate Scrolls, but the formula isn't as consistent, with a lot of variance and random rewards of scrolls, potentially due to rounding. Rewards tend to skew towards Ring/Spirit Scrolls and away from Weapon/Armor scrolls. This would make sense given that Archero costs them differently so they appear to have different drop rates from the system. The reward structure appears to be roughly:

  • Coins Earned Hourly: Time Reward Rate * 60
  • Sapphires: Rate to be determined. Added as of Update 1.3.6 in February 2020.
  • Scrolls Earned Hourly: Time Reward Rate * 0.12
    The scroll rate is the most variable, and you can easily go many hours without earning scrolls, or earn a lot in just a handful. This may relate to the different types of scrolls and how they are calculated upon drop.

It's important to note that the Time Reward will cap at 72 hours (3 days) of accruing rewards. So be sure to claim it before then or you will miss out. Unfortunately, you cannot go away for 2 weeks on vacation and come back to a gigantic pile of Coins and Scrolls.

Claiming Your Rewards

You likely would have noticed, but it's very simple to claim rewards generated by the Time Reward. Simply go to the main screen of Archero and look at the Time Reward icon denoted by a gift box in the top-left area of the screen directly below your player level. Tap that icon and you will be presented with a dialogue where you can view your rewards and claim them. However, it's important to note that you can only claim your rewards once per 60 minutes as there is a cooldown for claiming. Don't worry, you still generate rewards while on cooldown so it's not particularly relevant or something you need to think about.

One new element added to the mix in February 2020 was the ability to watch an ad and earn 50% more rewards. It's a simple and easy way to get a big bonus so I highly recommend doing it every time.

Claiming the Time Reward

20 hours of loot can come from a level 7 Time Reward.
20 hours of loot can come from a level 7 Time Reward.

Leveling up the Time Reward

Because the Time Reward is a talent, you can only level it up by increasing your player level, purchasing a Talent upgrade, and hoping you get a point in Time Reward. At this time it's unclear if there is a fixed pattern with the Time Reward upgrades but I'll include a few of the upgrade moments I personally received for reference, even though it's incomplete:

  • Level 1: 22nd Upgrade [+1 Coins per Minute]
  • Level 2: 26th Upgrade [+1 Coins per Minute]
  • Level 3: 33rd Upgrade [+2 Coins per Minute]
  • Level 4: 37th Upgrade [+2 Coins per Minute]
  • Level 5: 41st Upgrade [+2 Coins per Minute]
  • Level 6: 47th Upgrade [+2 Coins per Minute]
  • Level 7: 55th Upgrade [+2 Coins per Minute]
  • Level 8: 61st Upgrade [+3 Coins per Minute]
  • Level 9+: TBD

It's important to note that the cost of upgrading can be quite significant and the payoff for Time Reward upgrades can take quite a long time. For example, the 55th upgrade costs 100,000 Coins. It will take roughly 34 days of the extra +2 in the Time Reward to pay off that coin cost. Regardless, it's still important to purchase Talents and you can't choose what you get.


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