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"Archero" Weapon Tier List

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Which weapons are the best in "Archero"?

Which weapons are the best in "Archero"?

Weapons in "Archero"

There are seven weapons in Archero as of December October 2020, and while you can't decide which ones you may get from chests, you can decide whether or not to invest in them.

The game's descriptions of the weapons leave little information to work with, but this guide covers everything you need to know so you can choose where to spend your coins and scrolls properly.

Here are the eight weapons we will cover:

  1. Demon Blade
  2. Gale Force
  3. Brightspear
  4. Death Scythe
  5. Stalkerstaff
  6. Tornado
  7. Saw Blade
  8. Brave Bow

SS Tier: Demon Blade, Gale Force

Added to the game in August 2021, Demon Blade is both an incredibly strong addition to the game and a unique one. Arguably the better of the two SS tier weapons, it features a ranged and melee mode. Using the Demon Blade not only enables melee gameplay, it encourages it. It gives multiple perks to melee mode but also dishes out incredibly high damage due to its high multiplier of roughly 70% in ranged doubling to 140% in melee. It also features high base stats. In some situations, maybe many, it becomes the strongest weapon in the game. It becomes hard to compare as the melee adapts to skills differently. Multiple arrow skills lead to extra melee arcs but the loss of things like ricocheting to nearby enemies can be harmful. It's ranged gameplay is likely a little weaker than the Gale Force due to its ranged perks so Demon Blade may be a little behind in some situations.

Added to the game in September 2020, Gale Force is incredibly powerful.

Its base attack starts off higher than most other weapons, and it features a strong on-hit damage buff of roughly 60-70%.

Additionally, it features a charged attack that charges slowly while standing still or quickly while running. Upon filling the meter it will automatically unleash a piercing charged attack that deals 300% damage and can multi-hit for some additional damage on top of that. Those charged attacks crit at a higher rate from further away. And lastly at Legendary rarity, those charged crits will charge the meter.

The damage output is incredible. On top of that, the projectile is very fast meaning it won't miss at a high rate like some other weapons. The only downside is that the weapon has a slow attack speed.

S Tier: Brightspear, Stalker Staff


Added to the game in December 2019, the Brightspear is very powerful and likely a little better than the Stalkerstaff.

Brightspear features a near-instant projectile(it's more of a laser really) and rarely never misses. It has a slow attack speed but receives a 20% damage buff on-hit. Its epic ability causes it to ramp up damage while attacking. Each hit will do 3% more damage up to a maximum of 30% extra. If you do not hit something within 2 seconds, this will reset.

Overall, the damage output is quite high and the epic ability is great, likely roughly on par with the Death Scythe. The Brightspear seems quite close to the Death Scythe in terms of overall effectiveness, but the fact the laser will almost always hit while the Death Scythe often misses targets is enough to bump it above!

Beyond that, the instant projectile makes it very easy for you to eliminate 1 or even 2 enemies in a room before the first wave of attacks. This makes every room you tackle a bit easier as you'll effectively have to dodge less than with other weapons.

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Stalkerstaff is a strange weapon. Upon attack, it will generate a small ball projectile, that after a brief delay will fire towards enemies. The projectile is homing and will curve towards enemies. It's not guaranteed to hit but most likely will.

The staff otherwise features a normal attack speed and deals 100% base damage (no buff or penalty). The epic ability increases the chance to crit as your enemy's health is lower, making it particularly useful for bosses and pushing high Chapters.

However, the real power lies in multiple arrows. As the projectiles are homing and somewhat slow, things like diagonal arrows will all hone in on a single target with fairly high success. Grab diagonal arrows and you'll nearly triple your damage!

This staff will certainly be the cornerstone of interesting strategies to be developed in the future and thus also deserves a spot high on the list. However, one major downside is that the projectile is big and bright and thus causes so much chaos on the screen it's hard to track and dodge enemy projectiles.

Tackled with it beyond a slow projectile, it's a comparatively unsafe weapon to use despite its incredible damage potential.

A Tier: Tornado, Death Scythe


The Tornado features built-in piercing and will bounce off of walls and return to you dealing 44% damage to enemies hit one the way which is incredibly useful and in particular useful for room clearing. The downside is that it features 20% reduced damage on primary damage to compensate and that limits the way the Tornado can be used. However, the Epic ability helps alleviate this. The Tornado is firmly A tier for the following reasons:

  1. Built-in piercing and bouncing back to you allows you to get crazy damage efficiency if you line up your shots well.
  2. The Epic ability increases the damage on return from 44% to 66% which raises the Tornado's damage-per-second to be on par with the Death Scythe if you don't factor in the Death Scythe execute.
  3. Due to so much damage occurring on return, you limit your damage potential significantly if you select the "Ricochet" ability as you will not likely hit enemies on return. This is one of the major drawbacks to the Tornado.
  4. The Tornado only features a micro-stutter, no knock-back.

Death Scythe

Formerly the best weapon in Archero. The Death Scythe features high damage, an incredibly useful Epic ability, and a knock-back. However, it does have reduced attack speed compared to other weapons but in exchange receives a massive 45% damage buff.

Overall, the damage-per-second of the Death Scythe is comparable to the Tornado and the Saw Blade but it rises above them on the tier list for a handful of reasons mostly relating to it being a great weapon to beat your highest Chapter:

The Epic Ability has a 50% chance to execute enemies below 30% health. This is amazing for your damage output, particularly if you're pushing to reach a new high score or beat the latest Chapter. Imagine a build with multi-shot and double-front arrow. A single death scythe may only be doing about 5% of an enemy's health in one hit (often less for tanky enemies), you're just simply throwing a ton of shots at them. Executing after about 2 shots when they reach the execution threshold is the equivalent of doing about 25% extra damage. A 25% damage buff is insane!

The knockback keeps you safe! In particular, it is very useful for knocking back enemies when pushing for a new high score in levels where you can't kill enemies quickly and need to keep enemies away.

The slowest attack speed allows for more easily 'stutter-stepping' gains. For those who don't know, you can cancel the back end of your character's attack animation by moving slightly after the projectile fires but before you finish the whole sequence. This effectively becomes an increase in your attack speed. With the death scythe, because it is so slow it is easiest to take advantage of the higher percentage of time saved by cancelling the animation and you can end up firing it with relatively quick attack speed.

B Tier: Saw Blade

The Saw Blade is the fastest firing weapon and incredibly quick and agile to use. Its damage-per-second is in line with both the Death Scythe (not counting execute) and the Tornado. However, the Epic ability isn't great and while the attack speed makes it easier to maintain consistent damage output, it is harder to capitalize on animation cancelling.

  1. The Epic ability is underwhelming, increasing your attack speed for the first 3 seconds upon entering a room. This can be useful given the first few kills of a room are the most important for minimizing damage taken, but it's a lot less useful on Chapters with waves (like 3, 6, and 10) and Chapter 7.
  2. The attack speed does let you sneak in attacks constantly in-between dodging and lets you maintain high damage-per-second.
  3. The projectile speed appears to be faster than the Death Scythe, so you may connect your shots on moving targets more effectively.

Overall, next to the execution on the Death Scythe and the piercing on the Tornado, the Saw Blade does not offer quite as much. The fast attack and projectile speed are good, it's just not as great as the others.

It may arguably have a decent home on Chapter 9 where you have to dodge a lot and there are few melee enemies to knock-back.

C Tier: Brave Bow

The basic Brave Bow that you start with is unsurprisingly the worse weapon in the game. It simply does not excel at anything and comes in with lower damage-per-second than all the other weapons even after considering its Epic perk.

  1. While it has no damage penalty, it features the base attack speed. Even given that the Epic perk is +50% bonus damage on critical strike, the damage-per-second still lags behind and selecting critical strike abilities isn't really something that's viable to consistently build around.
  2. Everything about the bow is generally just average, not particularly high or low damage, nor fast or slow.

Overall the Brave Bow is just a basic starter weapon and everyone should eventually move off of it to something else.


Overall, if you're only investing in one weapon, it's likely best to go with the Gale Force, Brightspear, or Stalkerstaff. Each weapon has its own pros and cons and you may have your own preferences based on play style so of course, play what you like over anything else.

However, in any scenario, I highly recommend avoiding the Brave Bow as it's the only one I would say is not viable for maximum progress.


Akuro on March 29, 2020:

Brightspear is what you want, instant lazor beam is OP. I tried all the others and unless for very specific chapters nothing get a nearly comparable dps.

shin on March 20, 2020:

Saw blade should be worse than brave bow.

You can't even slutter step it, epic ability is kinda useless. Brave bow after one or two critical buff can almost land crit and deal insane crit damage, giving out excellent output with high accurate, almost good as death scythe.

Laced on January 15, 2020:

I was a stalker staff skeptic till I just tried a round picking up rear arrow X2, side arrows, diagonal arrow, multishot, and then the most important one... Bouncy wall! Omfg there's literally so many projectiles on the screen bouncing around all heading toward the boss that you can hardly see what is coming at you. Didn't really matter tho bc everything died super quick anyway as a result

sigbog (author) from USA on January 05, 2020:

So true! I'm working on a test to see whether the stalker staff or the brightspear ends up being the better weapon, but in any scenario they are both crazy powerful. Stalker staff + double diagonal arrows on a boss is so ridiculous

HughJanus on January 04, 2020:

The stalkerstaff can be absolutely bonkers with the right perks. If you manage to pick up bouncy arrows, diagonal arrows (get as many of these as you can honestly), side arrows, multi shot, maybe front arrow and rear arrow, ricochet or piercing arrows, you will have insane DPS because of the ridiculous number of projectiles that you send out that also track enemies and bounce off walls.

Microsaw on January 02, 2020:

For me the stalkerstaff was the worst, the peojectiles move like turtles and it take ages to get to the target, also after saw blade u have a feeling it will never fly off... esp3cially when u have to do a lot of dodging, his item is almoat useless. I tried tornado and it didnt feel right at all, also it blinds the view too much and as a ricochet dependant person, it takes all the magic. As for the aygh, its very slow as well and didnt feel right. With the bow evwrything feels normal and the crit chance bonus is on3 of the best perks in the game. For me, Saw blade was my first weapon of choice and best so far... the attack speed makes crits and headshots more effective, also 3 second bonus is amazing and stacks with the frozen ring so well.

P.S. dont dismantle an item be cause you read the weapon is less effecitve in the guides. My advice is to start the journey from the first chapter, without other equipment and test the item from the begining.

duffman1221 on December 05, 2019:

Bow with 2 wolf rings best. Alot Higher dmg then blade and faster/smaller projectiles then boomerang and scythe as not to block ur view.

sigbog (author) from USA on December 01, 2019:

I think the headshot ability only calculates on the first hit actually

Yallendus on December 01, 2019:

How about the skill oneshot? Or however it's called but on a saw blade? Each attack has a chance to excecute and saw having the fastest attack speed you could probably do some crazy cluch moments. If you get the skill of course

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