10 Awesome Words to Play in Words With Friends

Updated on July 29, 2018
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When not working as a chemist and business manager, Jeremy enjoys gaming.

Words With Friends
Words With Friends | Source

Words With Friends Advantages

Essentially an electronic version of Scrabble, video game app Words With Friends (WWF) challenges players to arrange letter tiles into words and earn points based on the tiles chosen; common letters like E award fewer than rarely-seen J's or Q's. Seven letters are available to each player, and each is replaced with a new random letter when used. A game I can easily play off and on, WWF enjoys these boons compared to Scrabble:

  • Free to play
  • No physical setup required
  • Points are automatically calculated
  • Games can be played gradually over days or weeks

Your pride and bragging rights are at stake, and you want every advantage available to increase your odds of success. With that in mind, get ready to learn ten awesome words to one-up your adversaries and conquer the electronic literary realm!

Aa lava
Aa lava | Source

1. Aa

Definition: Basaltic lava with a rough surface.

Usage: The only vowel that can combine with itself to form a two-letter word, link your A to an existing one and form an unexpected branch that should catch your opponent off guard. Be sure to attach other letters to increase your awarded points and be ready with a dictionary to prove you weren't cheating.

2. Mm

Definition: Abbreviation for millimeter or millimeters.

Usage: Two M's by themselves won't be nabbing big points, but this little-known play lets you connect to an M without using a precious vowel. Build off your new M with a full arsenal of vowels to form an impressive chain using just two consonants.

Qi | Source

3. Qi

Definition: The vital life force that flows through the body, supposedly regulated by acupuncture. Sometimes spelled ki.

Usage: Q's are tricky little devils that typically require a U to play. But an I works just as well with this simple two-letter word than snatches 11 points. Land that Q on a double or triple point square to up the ante even further, and be ready for opponents to throw these bad buys back at you (especially with the prominence of secret word finders).

4. Un

Definition: One, or "young uns."

Usage: Un is in itself a neat way to join a U to an N, creating options to continue down either letter. However, these two symbols can also precede some verbs to use your opponent's words against them. Examples include unfroze, unblock, and unquote. In short, use this one to help undo your opponent's chances of winning.

5. Ut

Definition: The symbol once used for the first tone on a musical scale (now commonly replaced with do).

Usage: U's earn slightly more points than other vowels because they're less common. They combo well with Q's, but can also connect to T's and form bridges your opponents won't predict. Other more-common two-letter U words include up, us, and um.

An adz
An adz

6. Adz

Definition: An axlike tool for dressing timbers roughly.

Usage: Z's are challenging to employ, although there are several great ways to harness them in three letter words: zig, zag, zoo, etc. Savvy players may know how to use them at the end with wiz or fez, but very few are aware of adz, a three-letter powerplay to take any opponent by surprise.

7. Fug

Definition: Stale air.

Usage: No, we're not talking about your fugly ex. Sounding remarkably close to a certain curse word (which are banned in family friendly WWF), fug nonetheless accumulates an impressive amount of points for only three letters, and is another superb way to spend U's without Q's. F's themselves earn quite a bit, and many other potent three-letter words use them like fiz, fez, fix, and fub.

Qat leaves
Qat leaves

8. Qat

Definition: Alternative spelling of kat (not cat), an evergreen shrub of Africa.

Usage: Like Qi, Qat helps utilize pesky Q's when U's are scarce, especially with the large availability of A's and T's. Again, try to land that Q on a point modifier to score big.

A taj
A taj

9. Taj

Definition: A high, conical cap worn in Muslim countries.

Usage: J's rapidly accumulate points, but most of us don't know words that place them at the end, limiting their usage. Luckily, taj solves this issue. Raj and haj are other great options, and remember to take advantage of those valued double and triple point spaces on the grid.

Raspberries | Source

10. Razz

Definition: Abbreviation of raspberry.

Usage: Unlike most of the top-earning letters, twin Z's are surprisingly easy to use in four-letter words. Play razz, buzz, fuzz, or jazz to score high and restock your tiles with more versatile letters.

Which word do you favor?

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Final Tips

Employ your now-increased semantics and vanquish those who dare challenge your English knowledge! Vote for your favorite word, and remember some last pointers to achieve victory:

  • Save S's to connect words by making them plural
  • Aim for double and triple-point squares
  • Remember defense as well as offense; think twice about playing a word if it allows an opponent easy access to a point square
  • WWF allows you to input random letter arrangements and see if they're legal with no penalty, letting you stumble into big point earners by accident
  • Bug your opponents' houses with hidden cameras to ensure those filthy cheaters aren't using word generators

© 2017 Jeremy Gill


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    • profile image


      10 months ago

      Mm is new to me. Thanks!

    • Angel Guzman profile image

      Angel Guzman 

      3 years ago from Joliet, Illinois

      I was a big Words With Friends player years ago. Loved Taj and qi!


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