"BTS World" Game Tips, Tricks, and Strategies

Updated on July 29, 2019
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Krishna is passionate about mobile gaming. She enjoys role-playing games, visual novel games and many more.

"BTS World" Gameplay

BTS World is a mobile video published by Netmarble. The player takes the role of BTS' manager going through various journeys with each of the seven members of the popular boy group BTS, prior to their debut way back in 2012.

The game lets you interact with the members through texts, calls, social media, and more. You will progress through the story by completing the story mode missions. There is a lot of content in the game: photo album, videos, stories, missions, etc. The player's goal is to uncover the contents and make the members successful.

Here are some of the tips, tricks, and strategies to prevent getting stuck on a level.

How to Easily Level Up and Upgrade Cards

As you accomplish mission stages, you will get various rewards. One of these could be the flowers and blossoms that will help you level up your cards:

  • Focus on leveling up your 5-star card which is usually given to everyone as one progresses through the game. Do not waste your flowers and blossoms on leveling up the 1 or 2-star cards.
  • As you get higher rating cards, focus on leveling up three more 3-5 star cards that you can with the highest stats for each of the following: stamina, passion, wisdom, and empathy. Choose a card for each stats and focus on leveling them up.
  • After your card reaches level 30, you need to upgrade it first before leveling it up.
  • Raise your affinity with each member to accomplish achievements and get upgrades stones as a reward.
  • Exchange duplicates to get more upgrade stones.

Warning: Look for the required cards and their number in the photo album before exchanging duplicates. Completing a photo album set will get you rewards, so if you want to complete a photo album set, check first before exchanging duplicates.

Focus on levelling up the highest rating cards (3-5 star cards)
Focus on levelling up the highest rating cards (3-5 star cards)

How to Get Free Wings

Wings are needed to progress through the mission stages. As you go through the story chapter, the required wings will be higher as you play further.

Add as many friends as you can. Gift wings and receive wings in return.

Add friends, gift wings, and receive in return!
Add friends, gift wings, and receive in return!

How to Get Free Gold and Gems

Gold is necessary for the agency tasks and draw of cards. Gems allow you to draw of 3-5 star cards.

How to Get Free Gold and Gems

  • Always complete the quests.
  • Sign-in daily (you will get a reward every day).
  • Complete daily missions.
  • Finish training missions (always check for the events).
  • Finish all the chapters with 3 stars to get rewards. (Do not sweat too much on accomplishing this, you can always go back and accomplish this after you leveled up the cards.)

You can check if there is an event ongoing at the bottom of the lobby, accomplish this to get more rewards.

daily!
daily!

How to Get More Cards

Cards are needed to complete the mission stages and complete the photo album. Getting 3-5 star cards is more important.

I highly recommend saving at least 50,000 golds and 200 gems before purchasing a draw. This way, you can purchase the package draw and you can get the 11th card draw for free.

Note: Do not miss out on getting free gold and gem draws once every 24 hours.

How to Raise your Affinity Level With the Members

Raising your affinity level with the members will let you uncover more events with the members and progress through another story levels. Here are some tips to get started:

  • Every time you get 3-5 star cards, a mobile event will be triggered, do not forget to check it out because it might raise your affinity level with that specific member.
  • In responding to members, choose the best response to increase your affinity with them! Do not sound too clingy nor too distant. The members always love getting praises and support, so always choose these answers. They also love getting honest praises and criticisms, so be careful in what you answer.
  • Once in a while, a time-limited agency schedule that requires all the members will show up in the agency. Be mindful to accomplish this once it shows up. This is to raise your group stats and greatly increase your affinity with the members.

Note: Be mindful of each member's condition in the agency. Once it reaches the red face, you can't use that member to do any scheduled task. Do not use a member once it reaches the "dizzy face" condition meter. This way, you can use all the members once a time-limited agency schedule comes up.

Mobile events are triggered when 3-5 star cards are acquired.
Mobile events are triggered when 3-5 star cards are acquired.
Time-limited scheduled task requires all the members.
Time-limited scheduled task requires all the members.
You can't use a member to perform a scheduled task once it reached the "red face" condition meter.
You can't use a member to perform a scheduled task once it reached the "red face" condition meter.
Raise your affinity levels with each member by choosing carefully your answers.
Raise your affinity levels with each member by choosing carefully your answers.

How to Get More Flowers and Blossoms

Flowers and Blossoms are required to level up the cards. Once in a while, the stats required in each mission stages are hard to meet that the flowers and blossoms are becoming hard to save.

Once you saved up all the wings, use the auto-clear function to clear the "Me" stages. I always auto-clear the mission stage chapter 3:18 because it contains the chest with various rewards. This way, you can get various rewards including the flowers and blossoms.

When to Use the Auto-Clear Function

The auto-clear function allows you to clear again an already cleared mission stage and getting its reward. Of course, this will cost wings, but using the auto-clear function might be your best choice.

Whenever you are close to gaining a level, use the auto-clear function to the "me" stages to get various rewards. Each time you level-up, you get all your wings back. Do this to gain rewards.

If you still have a lot of wings before going to bed, use the auto-clear to the "me" stages. Once you wake up, your wings will be replenished.

Use the auto-clear function to get various rewards.
Use the auto-clear function to get various rewards.

Get Managing!

I hope this guide will help you make the most of BTS World. There's no need to get frustrated as long as you follow the tips provided and log-in daily to take advantage of all the perks. Happy gaming!

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