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"Band Stars" Game Guide

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Building a Band—Starting Out, Auditions, and Hiring

Your First Band

When I first started my band, I chose a variety of musicians with different genres. They do not tell you this right off the bat, but unlocking labels means having similar musicians. So when building your band, try to have two musicians in one genre and 2 in another or as close as you can get to this. They do not tell you the genre’s but based on what they are wearing, you can guess.


The cheaper the audition, the quicker the time it takes to hold one. When first starting out, use the cheaper auditions to find more musicians because you will have to train them anyway. As you become more popular and unlock more VIP areas, then you can slowly move up to the more expensive auditions. They do have better quality musicians the more you pay, but they also cost more, and there is a time limit for when you can hire them.


More than one musician will show up, and you would like to spend your coin wisely. Here are different ways to choose. After they show up, you only have an hour to choose who to hire. You may hire as many musicians as your coin allows you to before the time is up.

  • Abilities: If you are looking for someone with a high ability in a certain area, then pick the one you want or whoever has the best skill set.
  • Genre: Unlocking labels in the beginning is important because it helps with royalties throughout the game. If you know you want a certain genre, then hire them regardless of skill.
  • Location: When I unlocked the global portion of the game, I only hired based off of where they were located. This is because you get a better song rating from critiques if you include three or more locals in your music.

Before Recording: Genre and Lyric Combinations

Before recording, you are asked to select a genre and lyric combination. If you pick a good combination, it boosts the points you earned while recording at the end of the song. If you pick a bad combination, then it hurts your fanbase, but don’t worry, I’ve actually had a hit song that was a bad combination.

Good Song Combinations

Split Lip Records

  • Emo: Being Tough, Fear, Life, Loss, Love, Rebellion, Saring, The Night
  • Punk: Being Tough, Freedom, Partying, The City, War
  • Skate Punk: Being Tough, Boasting, Clothes, Fear, Freedom, Life, Partying, Rebellion, Running, The Night

Rock Monster Records

  • Glam Rock: Boasting, Dancing, Flying, Freedom, Fun, Girls Names, Love, Partying, The Night
  • Grunge: Being Tough, Life, Loss, Rebellion, The Night
  • Math Rock: Flying, Life, Loss, Love, Rebellion, The Night
  • Rock: Cars, Fear, Flying, Fun, Girls Names, Love, Monsters, Partying
  • Soft Rock: Freedom, Girls Names, Life, Loss, Love, Partying, Patriotism, Running, The Night

Shadow Forged Metal

  • Alt. Metal: Fear, Flying, Freedom, Loss, Monsters, Mysticism, Politics, Rebellion, Space, The City, The Night, War
  • Death Metal: Animals, Fear, Loss, Monsters, Mysticism, Scaring, The City, War
  • Metal: Being Tough, Monsters, Mysticism, Rebellion, Scaring, War
  • Speed Metal: Animals, Being Tough, Fear, Monsters, Mysticism, Scaring, The Night, War

Big Money Beats

  • Hip Hop: Partying, Boasting, Life
  • Gangsta Rap: Partying, The City
  • R&B: Life

Sub-Sub-Zero Music

  • Dance: Love, Partying, Shoes, Life, Dancing
  • Disco: Shoes, Love
  • Drum and Bass: Partying, Dancing
  • Electronica: Space, Partying, Dancing

Jelly Roll Jazz

  • Jazz: Dancing, Freedom, Life, Love, Shoes, The City

Dusty Boot Tunes

  • Country: Love, Shoes, Animals, Dancing, Loss
  • Roots: Love, The Night, Patriotism
  • Bluegrass: Freedom, Life, Loss, Love, Mysticism, Running
  • Rockabilly: Cars, Crime, Fun, Girls Names, Life, Love, Shoes

Six Billion Sounds

  • Blues: Being Tough, Freedom, Life, Loss, Love, Rebellion, Running
  • Bollywood: Clothes, Dancing, Fun, Girls Names, Life, Loss, Love, Partying
  • Folk: Animals, Flying, Life, Loss, Love, Mysticism, Politics, Rainbows, Space, War
  • Latin: Dancing, Freedom, Girls Names, Life, Love, Partying
  • Reggae: Animals, Dancing, Flying, Freedom, Fun, Girls Names, Love, Partying, Patriotism, Politics, Rebellion, Running, War

Over Fed Anthem Corp.

  • Brit Pop: The City, Partying
  • Pop: Loss, Dancing, Love
  • Ballad: Fear, Flying, Freedom, Girls' Names, Life, Loss, Love, Running, The Night
  • J-Pop: Love, Loss
  • K-Pop: Love, Dancing

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Recording, Solos, and Training

Recording is a process where you assign a position to each of the band members. They use a bar of energy for every part assigned. If you chose to have a person write the song they may also participate in the live recording part as well. This same person can also be the mixer of the recording. An artist can be the writer, mixer, and/or a performer. This all depends on how much energy the performer has during recording.

Skills Needed for Each Part of the Band

Writer: Lyrics, Creativity

Lead: Lyrics, Creativity
Backup/One Vocal: Lyrics, Melody

Rapper: Lyrics, Creativity

Bass: Melody, rhythm

Guitar & Trumpet: Creativity, Melody

Drums: Creativity, Rhythm

Keys: Melody, Polish

Decks: Rhythm, Polish

Mixer: Polish

If during recording you decide to perform a solo with the members you lose a certain amount of energy.

Level 1 Solos = 1 bar
Level 2 and 3 = 2 bars


You pay coins to have your band member attend a certain training. With this, they gain the skills above. You can have a band member have a set of skills so they fit in the band as the lead singer and mixer or as the guitarist or as the drummer. It is up to you how you balance your band. Also notice that when recording they give points for other things as well, so it could be helpful to raise some of their other skill points that are particularly low.

The more expensive ones obviously give more stars and chances of leveling up. However, it is good if you start with the cheaper ones until the pop up shows that they cannot gain much from this training because of their higher level. Also, during challenges band members might want certain kinds of training.


Unlocking Labels

With labels come royalties. However, they are genre-specific and require you to have a certain number of artists in a certain genre for each label. Here is a list of the labels as I know them. Next to them is the number of band members you need for the label along with the genre’s that unlock that label.

For example, to unlock the Metal label you need to hire three band members whose genres are death metal, metal, speed metal, etc. They do not all have to be the same just one of the genres that fit the label.

  • Split Lip Records – Punk – 3 – Punk, Skater Punk, Emo
  • Sub-Sub Zero – Electronic – 3 – Electronica, Drum and Bass, House, Techno
  • Six Billion Sounds – World – 2 – Reggae, Latin, Folk, Blues, Bollywood
  • Rock Monster Records – Rock – 3 – Rock. Soft Rock, Grunge, Glam Rock
  • Shadow Forged Metal – Metal – 3 – Death Metal, Metal, Speed Metal
  • Big Money Beats – Urban – 3 – Hip Hop, R&B, Urban
  • Jelly roll Jazz – Jazz – 2 – Jazz
  • Dusty Boot Tunes – Country – 2 – Country, Bluegrass, Roots
  • Ovrefed Anthem Corp. – Pop – 3 – Pop, Jpop, Brit-Pop

Tips: When starting off build a band that has two musicians in one genre and two in another. You have to guess by their looks because they do not give away genres. This way when you want to unlock your first label it is super easy because they require two or three band members of one genre, so you just need to hire one more person to unlock it.

Use a label as much as possible to get more money because they give you royalties and it is a boost in coin.


Unlocking Charts and Cities

Local – Automatically given to you.

National – Having a number one on the local charts unlocks the national charts. When this is unlocked you also get the global map for the world tour which now has three cities unlocked. The five-person mixer is also unlocked. This means you can record with five people now instead of the restricting four.

Global – You unlock the global charts when you reach 10% global popularity.

Cities – Some countries require you to buy a character pack, others require that you have a number one on the global charts or national charts.

Tips: I would suggest when recording have two or more solos in your song. If you can’t do that every song it is fine because recording gathers inspirado to perform these solos. Upgrade your solos and instruments as often as possible. Recording a song is free so earning money is easy until you reach world tour; then it costs.

Store, Upgrades, and Challenges

The Store
This is where you buy your upgrades. With these upgrades you can make better music that is high quality. You can upgrade instruments and solo levels. There is also furniture to buy so your band members can recharge faster.

These reward prizes and unlock genre’s of music, whether you have unlocked the label or not. They also help so that when you go global you gain better critiques because your musicians completed their challenges.

What do you think of the game?

Band Stars Video


Ryan on October 07, 2015:

It is missing some songs including Cabaret

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