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A Complete Noob's Guide to "Game of Thrones: Conquest"

Holley Morgan is a graduate student at SNHU and currently works as a college essay tutor.

Getting Started in Game of Thrones: Conquest

I downloaded WB's RTS game called Game of Thrones: Conquest in 2019 when I felt like I could barely make it until the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones aired. In the game, you're given a chance to join an alliance and create your own great House, all while you manage your own keep, army, maesters, and dragon. Yes, you get your own dragon! (As long as you're patient, you won't need to spend money on in-game purchases, so take note that it does take a while to get your dragon to hatch.)

If you are already playing GoT: Conquest but feel like a complete noob, or if you're interested in playing after seeing ads for the game, read on and know that you aren't alone. (It took me a long time to figure out that I could feed the dragon wood from my resources as opposed to waiting for the free daily feed. Yes, I felt very mentally encumbered indeed. Also, that rhyme there was complete coincidence. Sorry.)

Disclaimer: When I first wrote this article, I didn't realize there were different kingdom servers. The one I am in is 262. I don't know if the "Kingdom Rules" vary from server to server, but whenever I reference "Kingdom Rules," I am talking about the unofficial (not from WB) laws of the land in which I play. I have written this to the best of my knowledge, and my only intention is to help out new players.

What your screen looks like in the game.

What your screen looks like in the game.

Quick Guide to Your Screen

There is a lot to look at in this game, so I'm going to break it down for you quickly before moving on.

Left Side of the Screen

At the top left corner of your screen, you'll see your resources count. (These are used for advancing your kingdom and training troops.) The leftmost is your available food, then you have wood, stone (level 10 keep), iron (level 15 keep), and gold. Keep in mind that these may not be all the resources you have at your disposal, because you will be rewarded with certain amounts of them for completing tasks or hunting creatures.

You'll be able to find additional resources in your inventory, which you can open by hitting the chest at the lower left part of the screen. From there, you can select a resource and specify how much you would like to add to your count at the top left of the screen. You can also attack other players for their resources, but there are rules, which we'll get to in a minute.

Underneath your resource count is your avatar, which you can click on to open your profile details. The number 17 on my avatar indicates my house prestige level. You also are awarded with house prestige points when you win battles or complete certain tasks.

Top of the Screen

To the right of my avatar is my banner that I customized when I started the game. You're allowed to pick from different sigils and backgrounds. Next to the banner, you'll see your army count. You can make this number higher by training more troops, growing your dragon, or having your maesters do research; it gets lower if you lose battles and your men get wounded or killed (but you can always heal your wounded men, which adds them back to the count).

The tiny gears button next to the army number is the settings. You can go here to manage your screen/music options or toggle the profanity filter for the chat.

Right Side of the Screen

Expanding the buttons on the right side of the screen shows you what your builders, maesters, and troops are doing.

Bottom of the Screen

The Tyrion icon at the bottom left will show a notification when you have a reward for completing a task. The black kingdom chat bar is near the bottom, and clicking it will expand the chat and have tabs you can toggle for talking only to your allegiance or your bannermen/liege and other bannermen.

The buttons at the very bottom are for the map, another map showing seats of power, your inventory, rewards points, battle/attack/gathering reports, and your allegiance info, respectively.

I know it seems like a lot to remember, but the game tutorial will guide you through most of it. The rest, you'll be able to pick up on your own if you're patient and active enough.

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The screen for Dragon Training.

The screen for Dragon Training.

How to Train Your Dragon


While your dragon remains un-hatched, you can feed wood to the fire underneath it for growth points. Do this often enough, and the egg will hatch and you'll see something similar to the screenshot above. At this point, you will have the option to feed your dragon livestock—the better the quality, the more growth points you'll get. At first, it was difficult for me to come by common or fine livestock, so I made do with poor and still got talent points. The further your dragon progresses, the harder it is to grow with poor-quality livestock.

Talent Points

Talent points allow you to train your dragon in skills such as infantry/cavalry/ranged attack and defense of your own castle. This way, when PvP events come up or you don't have the gold to spend on a peace shield, your dragon can help take out attackers.

(Protip: Keep your resources in each category under 1 mil. Don't open resource boxes if you have more than that unless you're willing to share with people who hit you. Many people heed the "no attacking under 1 mil" rule, but I have heard of people with less than that being zeroed and all their troops killed, so it is good to have a strong dragon who is trained in defense. It is a war game, after all.)

You don't have to go in order of the skills presented when you are training your dragon, and as he or she grows, it is good to be choosy about which talents you want your dragon to have. The talent points will become more difficult to get; it will require more lower-quality feeds if you don't have the exquisite (purple) feeds or above.

Fun fact: Your dragon will change colors if you change your banner colors. I have changed my profile since I took the above screenshots. When I changed my banner to purple and black, my dragon went from gray to almost black, with purple showing on his wings. It's really cool! Try it out if you have a banner change in your inventory.

Why Join an Allegiance?

The importance of joining an allegiance is shown during the tutorial when you first start playing the game, but you'll do well to take your time to learn about the existing allegiances—which ones are at war, which ones are allies, which ones hold the most seats of power and offer chances for you to hold one, too.

In my case, seats of power are not as important as the overall vibe and how fun it is to be in the allegiance. Some allegiances have a lot of rules and strictly enforce participation, while others are more laid back. See what works best for you, but know that loyal players are most liked in the game. If you are known for hopping from allegiance to allegiance, it may make people suspicious (just as they would be in the TV show!). Don't be Petyr Baelish . . . unless you really enjoy that aspect of his character, then it's all good.

Joining an allegiance can give your keep added protection and helps with getting to know other players. If you are new to the game, they can also teach you a lot. Some of the allegiances have Discord servers with pages of rules and tips you can go through at your leisure. People from all over the world play, and there is an in-game translator (although I have seen mixed reviews about how well it works). If someone attacks you unfairly, you can let your allegiance know that, too, and make plans for getting revenge or ask someone to send reinforcements to your keep.

Are In-Game Purchases Necessary?

At the Beginning

As with any free game, in-app purchases are not necessary, but they usually appeal to those of us who have trouble finding the patience to progress organically. When you first start GoT: Conquest, it is really easy to get along without spending money (or it was for me) because you're given so many freebies to advance your kingdom. Initially, you'll get a lot of rewards from Tyrion for adding new buildings and upgrading them.

The higher the levels of your buildings, the more resources they require to upgrade, but this still doesn't get tricky until everything is level 12 or above. So no, you absolutely don't need to spend money to get somewhere.

At Higher Levels

If you either run out of patience or get to higher levels where it is harder to grow, you can spend money to get gold, peace shields, dragon lore, and various other things for growing your kingdom. Some packs are as low as 99 cents, but they are at all price levels. I would advise giving yourself a spending limit and sticking to that. Sometimes when WB updates the game, they will include free things and that is how I once got 100,000 gold for absolutely free.

Hang in there, keep playing, take breaks when you get frustrated, but don't give up. This is how you get really strong! Patience and persistence. Life is this way, too, isn't it?

What Do You Think?

Questions & Answers

Question: How do you investigate gather food or wood? It's a quest from Tyrion, but if I go and gather, it doesn't count.

Answer: When the quest is to investigate, it usually means you have to tell your maester to research it. There might be an option for that somewhere in the Economy tree. There may also be some in the dragon research trees. If you click the "Go To" button next to the quest, it can also help point you in the right direction.

Question: How do I reach Keep Level 15 in Game of Thrones: Conquest?

Answer: You will probably need the following resources: wood, food, stone, iron, brick, soldier pine, and keystone. You get the first four by gathering resources on the map or killing creatures. On specific days of the week, you should be able to hunt caravans containing the brick and soldier pine, or you can get these in events if you participate. Keystone is usually awarded during events as well. Good luck.

Question: I went to feed my dragon egg’s fire some wood but I was unable to. It only gives me the option now to upgrade for 17,009 gold pieces. How do I get back to being able to feed the fire and not spend gold?

Answer: It’s probably trying to upgrade your dragon and you need Dragon Lore to do so if you don’t want to spend gold. You can get Dragon Lore by participating in events and doing the daily quests. Hope this helps! Once you upgrade, you’ll be able to go back to feeding the fire.

Question: How do I send troops to gather resources while playing "Game of Thrones: Conquest"?

Answer: Look on the map for the resource you want to gather and make sure your Keep level is appropriate for gathering that specific resource. (Stone and iron require higher castle levels than wood and food.) Once you decide on your march target, select it and follow the prompts on the screen.

Question: How do I send Reinforcements to someone in "Game of Thrones: Conquest"?

Answer: Locate their city on the map or ask them for their coordinates. Click on their city and select "Reinforce."

Question: How do I gain house prestige in "Game of Thrones: Conquest"?

Answer: Kill creatures on the map, complete daily quests, or participate in events. Sometimes you can find house prestige units that come with a resource you're gathering, too. You have to select them from your inventory to use them.

Question: How do you get more name changes in Game of Thrones: Conquest?

Answer: I've found these hard to come by in event rewards, so the last time I wanted to change my name, I used gold. Ideally, this wouldn't be a change you make often since it can cause a lot of confusion, especially in your allegiance. It costs 300 gold to change your name.

Question: While playing Game of Thrones, my peace shield ran out overnight. I was then attacked. How do I find them to retaliate?

Answer: Chances are they teleported away once they were finished. You can give a heads-up to your allegiance, if you're in one, and ask them to keep an eye out for your attacker. Aside from scouring the map or asking others for help, there is no way to track someone once they've moved on. I am sorry this happened to you; it has happened to me several times now as well. Hopefully WB will give out more free 7-day shields soon!

Question: How do you assign a flag bearer?

Answer: Click on the person's banner, and at the bottom right of the screen, hit the "Invite Bannerman" button. If you're a T3 in your allegiance and that person has bannermen, they will have to disband from those ties, as well as leave their current liege lord, in order to join you.

Question: How do I replenish my dragon food from my resources in Game of Thrones: Conquest?

Answer: The best ways that I have found are participating in the dragon feeding events, which seem to come up every month or so, or gathering resources. Occasionally you can get common or fine livestock from gathering other kinds of resources on the map.

Question: What are resource boxes in Game of Thrones: Conquest?

Answer: They're boxes of food, wood, iron, etc. stored in your inventory that don't add to your resource count until they're opened.

Question: In Game of Thrones: Conquest, how come my dragon won’t change color?

Answer: Your dragon changes color when you change your banner. Unfortunately, the game only allows you to change your banner when you have a “banner change” in your inventory. If you have one, you can click your banner on the top left of the screen and play with the colors to your liking, then save it. If the colors are different enough from what you had before, the dragon should change color too.

Question: What is the difference between reinforcement and reinforce? Which one would I use when I want to send my help and which asking for help when attacked?

Answer: If you are attacked or attempt to prevent an attack on your city from doing so much damage, you would ask people to send reinforcements. When it's the opposite and you're helping someone else, you are reinforcing them.

Question: How do I see how many troops I have in "Game of Thrones: Conquest"?

Answer: If you click the number next to the two swords at the top-center of the screen, it'll show you a breakdown of your power numbers, including your troop count. If you want to see the breakdown of your troops (type and tier), you can click the banner next to the soldiers standing at the edge of your city.

Question: Why can't I build my dragon pit in Game of Thrones: Conquest?

Answer: Make sure you have the resources required for building. If so, there may be other requirements - your Keep may need to be at a certain level before you can build the Dragon Pit, for instance (I can't remember because it's been a while). What does your screen say when you try to build it?

Question: How do I change my attacking piece in Game of Thrones: Conquest?

Answer: There should be an option when you are looking at your march details. Next time you click “Attack” and you’re brought to the screen where you select your troops, look around there for it.

Question: How do upgrade my keep in Game of Thrones: Conquest?

Answer: Sometimes if the buttons in the game aren’t responsive, it can be a glitch and it means you need to restart the game. Otherwise, make sure you have all the required resources for upgrading.

Question: When playing Game of Thrones: Conquest, every time I am attacked my army does not fight back. Did I miss a command somewhere? How do I get my army to fight back?

Answer: You probably didn't miss anything. Check your attacker's keep and troop levels - you should be able to get to their profile from the battle reports. If they're higher than you, chances are they will do a lot of damage. It can take days to heal your wounded troops, unfortunately. You'll want to level up your dragon since s/he can also defend your keep. If a lot of the people in your kingdom are stronger than you, I find the 24-hour peace shield worth the 1k of gold every day. If you're in an allegiance, they may also be able to help you retaliate if you're within certain limits. I'm still building up too and don't want to spend real money on the game as often anymore. Participating in events can help you earn gold for the shields.

Question: Is there a way to get 100% free gold on Game of Thrones Conquest?

Answer: This has happened for me before when the game was having a lot of different glitches that were interfering with the events, so WB credited 100,000 free gold to everyone's account. You can also send your troops to collect at gold mines when you find them on the map. Port Rewards occasionally are gold, or you can find it in your rewards after defeating certain enemies on the map. Sometimes you just get lucky!

Question: How do I get more teleports in Game of Thrones Conquest?

Answer: If you click the inventory button and go to the "Store" tab, you can purchase them with gold. If you prefer not to spend gold, you'll often be rewarded with teleports upon upgrading buildings, leveling up in house prestige, and perhaps events too if you score highly enough.

Question: How do you find an attacker after they teleport when playing Game of Thrones: Conquest?

Answer: If you're in an allegiance, you can let the others in the allegiance chat know you were attacked and ask them to keep an eye out for your attacker. If you're lucky and someone can find him/her, they can send you the person's map coordinates in a direct message.

Question: How do you get gifts to send to your Bannerman while playing Game of Thrones: Conquest?

Answer: Participate in the prayer events, mainly. Those will drop tokens you can send to your Bannermen. The tokens convert to resources when opened by the recipient. Personal gifts also come with select packs you can buy.

Question: How do you build up the defenses of the wall when you take over a landing in Game of Thrones: Conquest?

Answer: I have only reinforced seats of power, but from my limited experience, I don't think there is anything you can specifically do to rebuild the wall. You might want to ask a more experienced player, though!

Question: I am playing Game of Thrones: Conquest. How do I get armor and weapons? I’m at level 11 and still missing resources needed for level 5 equipment.

Answer: You'll need the crafting material for use in your smithy, which you can get from events and killing creatures on the map. The second piece of this is steel. When you go to forge something, if your steel count is in red, that means you don't have enough to make the item. You can get steel from praying at your shrine and port rewards - there could be other ways I'm missing. It does take some time to save up, especially when you're new. Also, crafting poor or common equipment won't cost you as much in crafting material and steel, if you don't feel like waiting a long time to craft the better-quality gear.

Question: How can I send help or ask for help from my alliance in Game of Thrones: Conquest?

Answer: The best way is to use the alliance chat feature. If you click Kingdom Chat and go over one tab, you'll find different tabs for chatting with your entire alliance, your liege and his bannermen, or your bannermen. Don't be shy! People are generally very helpful (in my experience with the game).

Question: How do I know if my bannermen have their shields up in Game of Thrones: Conquest?

Answer: Click on the Allegiance icon and go to "My Bannermen." Their coordinates on the map will be shown beneath their username. You can click the coordinates to see their keep on the map. If there is a bubble around their castle, they're shielded.

Question: What does prestige do? What is it good for and how is it used?

Answer: I think it's more for your profile to show that you play often. I've never paid much attention to house prestige, aside from noticing it is harder to advance after a certain point. Most people are more concerned about the keep level and troop tiers since that's truly where your power lies.

Question: How do I find a lower level area to teleport to in Game of Thrones: Conquest?

Answer: I'm thinking by "lower level" you mean a place that is a safe distance away from seats of power. If you use the random teleport feature, make sure when you land that there is no seat of power within 10 leagues of your keep. Otherwise, you're fair game for being attacked or may be asked to move if the SOP has been claimed by an allegiance.

Question: How do I upgrade from tier IV in Game of Thrones: Conquest?

Answer: If you're a T4 in your allegiance, the best way to move up is to be active, help out other players in your allegiance, and maybe even ask one of the mods if they can upgrade you. Tell them you're ready to take on more responsibilities in the game, i.e. take on your own bannermen and ensure they can advance within the game as well by helping them out however you can. Even if the mods don't say yes right away, don't get discouraged! It can take a bit of time for your efforts to be noticed and acknowledged properly.

Question: How do I hide my coordinates from other players?

Answer: Never give your coordinates to people you don't trust. If an enemy sees you on the map and reports your location to others, it is best to put up a shield or teleport. There is no way to make yourself invisible.

Question: How do I change my banner in "Game of Thrones: Conquest"?

Answer: Click your banner in the top-left of your screen, and you'll be taken into the tool where you can change your colors, pattern, and sigil.

Question: How do I research alliances to make the best choice in Game of Thrones Conquest?

Answer: Check-in on the kingdom chat and take note of the players you like and which allegiance banner they fall under. You can also look at different SOPs on the map to see which allegiances have claimed them if you're after a more powerful banner. Some banners may not be as powerful as others, but they may be nobler and kinder. You have to sort out which values are most important to you in an allegiance. That's how I would go about it, at least. I don't know of a database that holds info on the different banners. This is really something you learn best from playing and interacting often. I tried out a couple of different allegiances before I found one where I really feel like I fit in, and that may be something you experience too. As long as you don't jump around too often or reveal details from inside one allegiance to another, it should be all right.

Question: How do you become more powerful quickly without buying packs while playing Game of Thrones: Conquest?

Answer: Log in every day. Build several of each resource generator - for instance, farms and sawmills - and level them up as much as possible. Remember to feed your dragon every day as much as you are allowed. Better-quality livestock helps the dragon grow more quickly. Any time you have resources to spare, when you aren't building or researching, train troops of the highest tier available to you. It will still take time - I spend minimally, have played for over a year and have a Keep level 20. My house prestige level is 32. If you have gold, spend it on peace shields so you won't have to recover from attacks as often.

Question: Do all the Seats of Power in Game of Thrones: Conquest close/lockdown for a time period or just certain ones?

Answer: I think it's all of them, but I may not have been paying enough attention since my alliance is still growing and hasn't taken a SOP yet.

Question: How do you know which server of Game of Thrones: Conquest you are playing on?

Answer: Click the icon with the green map on it, then look at the top of the screen, underneath where it shows the heading of castles relinquished or conquered. You should see "Kingdom" and a sequence of digits behind it, which will be the server you're on.

Question: How do I get horseshoes to craft weapons?

Answer: Horseshoes are advanced crafting materials, which you can gather during certain events. Check the "Events" button on the left-hand side of the screen to see if any crafting ones are coming up. During these events, you can hunt crafting material caravans which will drop certain materials, but you cannot always tell in advance which ones it will drop.

Question: How do I send a screenshot from my games on my phone?

Answer: You can't send screenshots through the game app, so most people download Discord or a similar app and have an allegiance server on there. Check in your allegiance chat to see if there is anything like that for sending and receiving in-game screenshots. Hope this helps!

Question: Is there a way to find a description of the supplies needed for crafting and where to acquire them in Game of Thrones Conquest?

Answer: When you go to the Smithy and look in the "Recipes" section, it'll show you the requirements. The less common crafting materials typically come from battles or recipes. The rarer materials can come from battles with event creatures, scoring highly in events, and recipes. It can take time to save up the amount needed for the higher-level or better-quality gear.

Question: How do you get the resources to feed your dragon in "Game of Thrones: Conquest"?

Answer: Dragon events come up at least once every month in my kingdom. Feeding your dragon during those events and leveling it up can earn you event points and rewards in the form of quality livestock that you can feed your dragon. You can also kill creatures on the map and gather resources. A lot of times you can find "poor" or "common" livestock from things on the map.

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Holley Morgan (author) from Upstate New York on January 03, 2020:

Awesome, Not born yesterday! Thank you for taking the time to comment on and share my work. :-)

Not born yesterday on January 03, 2020:

This is so horribly inaccurate. Sharing it on our Discord for laughs. Anyone new to this game find help somewhere else, anywhere else, just not here.

hmason04/328 now 439 on October 29, 2019:

I would love to see an article explaining the difference in your troops and when and how you use them. I have been playing for like 5/6 months and I never knew which ones were Calvary, Infantry, and so on. My name on discord is hmason04#6621

Chat on October 13, 2019:

what is the best proportion if you have not enough place for al the medic tents, food rss, wood, iron etc?

Billy on October 08, 2019:

In 366 we use the mil res rule but once you get keep 19 youre fair game .

Holley Morgan (author) from Upstate New York on August 22, 2019:

Just went through a merge too. I keep a shield up all the time now. Good luck!

Amber on August 21, 2019:

i am also in 327 we follow the one mil rule. we are about to merge with a kingdom that does not follow that rule

Mike on June 16, 2019:

The 1 million rule is pretty standard in most kingdoms. I’m in 327 and we live by this rule. If you decide to not follow you will most likely get drained of all your resources in retaliation.

Holley Morgan (author) from Upstate New York on May 24, 2019:

I wrote this article to the best of my knowledge. It is an actual rule in Kingdom 262. I didn't realize at the time of writing this that there were different servers. Even if it's not an "official" rule, I think it's still quite kind to observe it so as not to discourage newer players.

My intention with this article was to be helpful, not to fool anyone.

Anonymous on May 24, 2019:

I’d like to add that the 1 mil resources rule is crap that’s not an actual rule so don’t lie to people.

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