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Best Action Games for Android

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Chris has been playing games for years now and has started writing about them over at IGameFr.


1. Hitman Sniper

First on our list is Hitman Sniper, a Hitman-themed action game for Android users. It's available for download on Google Play.

With the release of Hitman 2, a lot of people will probably have that Hitman itch. This game is the perfect way to scratch it.

The gameplay in Hitman Sniper will have you, unsurprisingly, sniping. It is first-person and features the classic "multiple ways to kill" option the series has given players. Shootout a balcony and make them fall to their deaths or just straight dome them. Once an opportunity presents itself, the choice is yours.

With over hundreds of missions, 16 guns, and several different contracts, you won't get bored anytime soon. The game also comes with a bonus zombie survival mode for those of you who prefer that kind of thing.

And for those players with a competitive spirit, there are leader-boards so you and your friends can see who's the best assassin!

Main Features:

  • First person sniper
  • Strategy, choosing how to eliminate your target
  • Fun zombies survival mode
  • Leaderboards
  • Feels great to play Hitman while you poop

Whether you are stuck at work, or just want to play as a sniper on your Android, Hitman Sniper is perfect for anyone just wanting to blow off some steam.


2. Amazing Spider-Man 2

Second on our list is the Amazing Spider-Man 2. (I may or may not have made this second on our list intentionally.) This is a web-slinging, bad guy-punching action game for Android. It's available for download on Google Play.

Spider-Man 2 is so well done, especially for a mobile game. The controls are great and the gameplay is exceptional for an Android game. The graphics are akin to consoles and enhance the open-world gameplay offered here.

The game also offers a wealth of content to explore in this Android take on the series. Many different characters and enemies from other Spider-Man games appear, such as Black Cat, Mysterio, Venom, and the Green Goblin! You can even unlock different suits to wear like the Iron-Spider or Symbiote suits!

I can't neglect to mention the action combat in the game is exhilarating. You can explore various combo moves and fight bad guys with Spider-Man's acrobatic combat style. You can even partake in aerial combat! While playing, you will experience fluid animations and some of the best action combat on any mobile device!

The story takes no back seat in Spider-Man 2 either, featuring cinematic cut-scenes and high-quality voice acting.

Main Features:

  • Fighting style action game for Android
  • Acrobatic combat
  • Aerial combat
  • Play as Spider-Man
  • Loads of customization
  • Open-world
  • Superb voice acting
  • Great animations

All in all, Spider-Man 2 is an excellent mobile game that feels like it was made for a console, but it still maintains the ease of use an Android game provides. Be sure to download this on Google Play!


3. Duke Nukem 3D

Third on our list is Duke Nukem 3D. It's one of the raunchiest games of its time. It is available on uptodown.

Duke Nukem 3D is a classic action game that dates all the way back to 1996. So this should be no shock to you when I say the game wasn't initially released for Android. Instead, it has been ported so even us mobile players can experience the raunchy classic for ourselves.

Back in the day, these graphics weren't all that bad. While they certainly don't look as good as the other games on this list, they do have a nostalgic allure to them, calling us back to simpler times when the only choice-based gameplay was whether or not to tea-bag a monster.

As for the gameplay itself, Duke Nukem will have you sucked in for hours. You play the game in the first person, moving through levels murdering various monsters while catching glimpses at strippers with fewer pixels than Pac-Man. More to the point, Duke Nukem is a first-person shoot em up with very little strategy needed. Something very much suited for Android time-wasters.

Main Features:

  • Retro nostalgia
  • First-person action shooter
  • Hilarious yet visceral gameplay
  • Destructible environments(eat that battlefield)
  • 8-bit strippers?

So what are you waiting for? Grab this bad boy today. As Duke would say, it's time to go postal.


4. Dead Space Android

Fourth on the list is Dead Space. Not to be confused with the first Dead Space game released in 2008, Dead Space for Mobile is an entirely separate beast. Featuring its own story, this Android version is just as valid an entry in the series as any. It's available on aptoide.

Out of all the horror action games out there, the Dead Space series is probably the best. The engaging gameplay and stories are what make this series. Not to mention the overly visceral combat.

This Android game takes place between the first Dead Space and the second. You play as Vandal, a Unitologist (a religion in the series) who has to fight off Necromorphs and try to escape from the station she is on.

The controls of the game are simple, you control your character in a similar way to analog sticks except with your touchscreen, and tapping the screen aims and fires your weapon.

The upgrade system from previous games also makes a return. This game has a nice RPG-ish theme.

It is one of the most highly rated games in the series and one of the few horror games for Android that I know of. It is a completely immersive experience that is going to make sleeping a bit harder tonight.

Main Features:

  • Great plot with a strong female lead
  • Third-person shooter
  • Upgrade weapons and gear
  • A horror game for Android!
  • A chilling atmosphere that will give you the heebie-jeebies
  • Great controls for an Android game
  • One of the most highly rated Android games

5. Fortnite Mobile: Free


5. Fortnite Mobile

To top off the list, we have Fortnite Battle Royale Mobile. This is a different kind of Android action game from the rest, this one has you pitted against other players. It's available on Fortnite's website.

What? Did you think you were gonna make it through a list without a mention of Fortnite? In all seriousness, this is a fun action game for Android devices and surely can't be left out here.

Gameplay wise, Fortnite is a third-person battle royale shooter featuring building mechanics, bullet drops, and randomized loot. Players can range from god-tier to bot-tier, so you never know what to expect in this game. The extra randomness of player actions adds some spice that other single player action games just don't have.

The controls on Android aren't bad at all, but some players prefer to use a keyboard and mouse or even controllers depending on their preferred platform.

Main Features:

  • Free
  • Third-person shooter
  • Constant updates unlike most games on the list
  • A building system to increase the skill cap
  • Random loot drops
  • 100 Player vs. Player Battle Royale
  • Play with up to 3 other friends
  • Runs smoothly
  • Good controls

Personally, I find Fortnite to be perfect to blow off steam with and the ease of use and short match times make it a perfect Android action game.

Well, that wraps up our list of five action games available for Android. Make sure to take the poll and let me know if you downloaded any of these games. Cheers!

Which action android game are you downloading?

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