Best Archer Commanders and Pairing in "Rise of Kingdoms"

Updated on December 31, 2019
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"Rise of Kingdoms" Loading Screen
"Rise of Kingdoms" Loading Screen

Archer commanders in Rise of Kingdoms are known for their powerful nuking abilities. Their high base attack damage and exceptional skill damage will surely force enemy marches to suffer heavy losses. Regardless of how you’ll utilize them, these archer commanders will surely not disappoint you. In fact, all of the archer commanders in the game are very useful. It can sometimes be very difficult to pick who among the archer commanders are the best archer commanders in the game. Well, don’t you worry though, we’ve already made a list of the best archer commanders in the game. Surely, through this guide, you’ll know which archer commander is best to utilize and how to pair your archer commanders in Rise of Kingdoms.

Best Legendary Acher Commanders in "Rise of Kingdoms"

Edward of Woodstock Profile Page
Edward of Woodstock Profile Page

1. Edward of Woodstock

Edward of Woodstock is probably the most powerful nuker in the Rise of Kingdoms. He is also probably, if I’m not mistaken, the only commander in the game who is capable of dealing more than 2000 base Damage Factor to a single target from his active skill. This is probably why he requires a very high amount of rage requirement to unleash his active skill. Other than being an exceptional nuker against single targets, he is also an excellent archer commander due to his archer buffs and skills. His archer buffs allow him to increase his skill damage by a whopping amount of 25%, and increase archer unit’s health and march speed; thereby, it significantly increases his archer only troop’s nuking damage and damage sustainability respectively. The combination of his skills clearly makes a very powerful nuking commander against single targets. This tends to make him a contender of the best archer commander title.

If you’re looking for build for Edward, you can check out our Edward of Woodstock Talent Tree Build.

Yi-Seong Gye Profile Page
Yi-Seong Gye Profile Page

2. Yi-Seong Gye

Yi-Seong Gye used to hold the title for the best archer commander but not until new legendary archer commanders like Edward of Woodstock and Tomyris were introduced in Rise of Kingdoms. Well, now, it might be a bit difficult to consider him as the best archer commander in the game but undeniably he is one of the best archer commanders. Why? It is obviously because of his powerful AOE nuking abilities. Yes, he is able to unleash high burst damage to a maximum of 5 enemy targets. Anyone trying to surround him and attack him will surely suffer losses. In fact, even idle marches around him are affected by his AOE nuking skills. It is really a bad idea to stand near a Yi-Seong Gye fortified structure because you’ll surely suffer huge losses. Plus, he has excellent skill damage buffs and rage restoration which makes him more powerful as a nuker. He may not be the best archer commander but he is surely the best in AOE nuking.

To fully unlock his maximum potential, check out this Yi-Seong Gye Talent Tree Build Guide.

Tomyris Profile Page
Tomyris Profile Page

3. Tomyris

Tomyris is another title contender for the best archer commander. She is also a powerful nuking commander. What sets her apart from other archer commanders is her unique poison skills. Unlike Edward of Woodstock and Yi-Seong Gye, she does not directly deal high Damage Factor to a single target. Instead, she is able to deal high burst damage through her poison stacks. The more poison stacks her enemy target is affected, the higher will be her burst damage to the affected enemy target. Knowing that, spamming her active skills is not really ideal. You’d try to hold her active skill as much as you can to increase the poison stacks of the affected enemy. Well, she might not be as spammy as compared to other nuking commanders but surely, she can deal high burst damage like the elite nuking commanders. Also, she has powerful archer buffs which significantly increase her archer troop’s attack damage; thereby, increasing her nuking damage even more. This is mainly why she is also a great contender for the best archer commander title.

El Cid Profile Page
El Cid Profile Page

4. El Cid

El Cid probably deals the lowest nuking damage among all the other legendary archer commanders. Even if you add his additional damage to his active skill, he still won’t be a good contender for the best archer commander title. However, among the other legendary archer commanders, he is the only one who is able to disable the target’s normal attacks and active skills. Also, he has a series of archer buffs and skills which makes his archer troops even stronger. He might not be a powerful nuker but his disabling ability still makes him an excellent archer commander.

Best Epic Archer Commander in Rise of Kingdoms

Due to the difficulty of obtaining and maxing out legendary commanders, players tend to rely on epic commanders. But it’s not really something you should be concerned of because there are also powerful archer commanders even in the epic commander tier level.

Hermann Profile Page
Hermann Profile Page

1. Hermann

Hermann is probably the best archer commander in the epic commander tier level. He has the highest damage factor among all the other epic archer commanders. Plus, he even has an added silence effect on his active skill. If his expertise is unlocked, his active skill is probably even better than El Cid’s active skill. Check out this Hermann Talent Tree Build Guide.

Kusunoki Masashige Profile Page
Kusunoki Masashige Profile Page

2. Kusunoki Masashige

Kusunoki Masashige’s nuking damage might not be as strong as Hermann’s but his AOE nuking ability totally makes up for it. Hermann is only able to unleash his active skill on a single target but is capable of dealing damage up to 3 targets. This definitely makes him a good archer commander in the epic commander tier level. If you'd like to build his talents, check out this Kusunoki Masashige Talent Build Guide.

Best Archer Commander Pairings/March in Rise of Kingdoms

1. Best Archer Commander Pairing for Nuking Single Target: (Edward of Woodstock and Tomyris)

They are the best pair for attacking single enemy targets. Edward of Woodstock should be the primary commander in this pairing in order to fully benefit from his active skill’s direct damage factor. Also, Tomyris should be the secondary commander to that it will take more time for her to activate her active skill; thereby, increasing more poison stacks to the enemy target. A combination of these skills makes a great synergy between Edward of Woodstock and Tomyris. They are definitely the best pair for nuking single targets.

2. Best Archer Commander Pairing for AOE Nuking: (Edward of Woodstock and Yi-Seong Gye)

Edward of Woodstock and Yi-Seong Gye: If Edward and Tomyris is the best pair for nuking single enemy targets, the best pair for nuking multiple targets is Edward and Yi-Seong Gye. They both have powerful direct damaging nuking abilities. Plus, their passive skill damage increase further improves the pair’s nuking ability. For this pair, Edward is still the recommended primary commander for this pair.


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