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The Best Dress-Up and Fashion Games for Android and iOS!

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Learn about some of the best fashion and dress-up games for Android and iOS!

Learn about some of the best fashion and dress-up games for Android and iOS!

If you go searching in the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store for "fashion games," you'll see tons of apps to download. It can be hard to tell the fun, in-depth games from the basic, "drag-and-drop an outfit on a doll"-type game just from looking at the icons or game descriptions.

As a big fan of fashion and dress-up games, I've downloaded and tried nearly all of them at one point or another, and I have found the ones I truly think are the best of the bunch.

Free Fashion and Dress-Up Mobile Games

Here's my list of the best dress-up and fashion games for your mobile devices!

  • Covet Fashion
  • Love Nikki—Dress Up Queen
  • Stardoll Stylista
  • Star Girl
  • Kim Kardashian Hollywood
  • Fashion Star Boutique
  • Fashion Story
  • Fabulous—Angela's Fashion Fever

"Covet Fashion"

All images and videos courtesy of their respective game developers

All images and videos courtesy of their respective game developers

Covet Fashion is the #1 fashion game in the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store, and it's easy to see why. It allows you to dress up models of different sizes, shapes, and skin tones. You can customise their hair and makeup and of course, their clothes. The unique thing about Covet Fashion is that is uses clothing and accessories from real-life fashion brands, so if you're a fan of fashion, you'll really enjoy this game!

The game gives you different themed challenges with special requirements to dress up your model, with the option to win prizes of in-game currency and rare clothing items. Players get to vote on the challenges to determine the winners, and you can join Fashion Houses to socialise with other players and win other special/rare prizes. The game has a HUGE variety of clothes to choose from for your models (and new pieces are added daily, with seasonal refreshes four times a year).

"Love Nikki—Dress Up Queen"


Love Nikki—Dress Up Queen is a fairly new game to the app market. It's actually an English version/translation of a popular game in Asia, called Miracle Nikki. The game is mainly based around dressing up the titular character Nikki, but there's more to it than meets the eye!

There's a main story (which is fully voice acted), that you can play through, but there's also free-dressing and competitions, special arenas were you play off against other players, a variety of stores where you can purchase clothing to complete Nikki's huge wardrobe, and special time-limited events in the game which run every few weeks!

"Stardoll Stylista"


Stardoll Stylista is a mobile spin-off of the popular web-based dress-up site, Stardoll. The game is pretty similar to most other dress up games, in that you can dress up the dolls in a variety of clothes and hair, but you can also do their makeup (and there's a special runway for just hair and makeup looks).

One really unique things about Stardoll Stylista is that there's a lot more customisation in hair and makeup. The makeup is done piece by piece—so you can choose a lipstick, an eyeshadow, an eyeliner, etc. It allows for a lot more variety when you're dressing the dolls. There's also more customisation options when it comes to your doll's face. You can choose different face shapes, noses, eyebrows, etc. Though all the body types are the same, you can change the pose your doll stands in on the runway, which is a nice touch.

"Star Girl"


Star Girl is a simulation game where you create an avatar and take on the persona of an aspiring celebrity. The main point of the game is to work (by taking modeling, singing, or acting jobs- or all three), buy clothes, and date other celebrities. There's an exhaustive catalogue of clothes to buy and they're all wonderfully drawn and detailed.

The celebrity dating is fun, if not too involved. There are several parodies of celebrities (i.e. Will Smith is named "Bill Smythe" in the game, but his avatar looks identical to the actor), and you get to go on dates with them and they'll call you and hang out at your house. The real point of the boys, however, is that they'll give you three gifts—which usually happen to be rare clothing items.

If that doesn't sound too fun, there's also a couple of mini-games as well. The mini-games are a way to earn money and more clothing items. There's a Bejeweled/Candy Crush knock off, as well as a matching game, and a spin-the-wheel game.

"Kim Kardashian Hollywood"


Kim Kardashian Hollywood is a mix of dress-up and RPG game. You start off as her assistant and you can dress your avatar in a variety of clothes and hairstyles. The goal of the game is to work your way up in the world of celebrity and basically have a life of glitz and glamour, similar to Kim K's real life.

I'd say the main focus of this game isn't so much dressing up, but it's still a good option for fans of the genre. You unlock more clothing options as you level up and it's definitely fun picking out outfits, hairstyles, and makeup for your avatar. A lot of the clothes are based on real-life pieces from Kim herself, so if you're a fan of the Kardashians or their style, you'll particularly like this game!

"Fashion Star Boutique"


If you're more into the designing part of fashion, this game is definitely for you! Fashion Star Boutique puts in you the shoes of a start-up fashion brand, and it's up to you to appease your new clients (celebrity and otherwise) by designing the clothes they're hoping for for special red carpet events and parties.

The game allows you to pick from various clothing templates, patterns, decals, buttons, zippers, colours, sequins, and more. You can also "sell" your designs in your virtual shop. This game is a lot of fun if you're into clothing design and definitely allows for lots of creativity.

"Fashion Story"


Fashion Story is another game that takes you on the other side of the fashion industry—this time, you're the owner of your very own retail store. The game allows you to buy clothing and accessories, stock your shelves, decorate your store, and sell goods.

The game also updates fairly frequently with new clothing and themes (especially during the seasons), allowing for you to switch up your inventory and sell different goods whenever you'd like!

"Fabulous—Angela's Fashion Fever"


If you've ever played the Diner Dash or Delicious game series, Fabulous—Angela's Fashion Fever will be easy for you to play! This game has a more linear game play, where you go through 90 levels of the main character, Angela's dreams of being a fashion designer. She goes on a reality show to reach success, and you get to help her make her way to the top.

This is mostly a "time-management" game, so your task is to serve customers in the retail store quickly, and help them try out outfits, restock shelves, give advice, and ring them up at the counter. There's also mini games where you get to design clothes. This is a lot of fun for fans of both fashion and the time-management genre!

Questions & Answers

Question: It's annoying to see games for younger people everywhere when I search for good fashion games. Could you do a more grown up list?

Answer: I'm not sure what you mean by "more grown-up"; there are not many good fashion games in general for younger people or "older" people. If you're looking for something with less cartoony graphics, the best option would be Covet Fashion.

Question: Do any of the fashion games have avatar/story options for guys wanting to play?

Answer: I believe the Kim Kardashian game allows you to play as a male, but I know games like Love Nikki and Covet Fashion have female only avatars. They should make more fashion games geared at guys, though!

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Joanne on September 04, 2020:

Ok so I played this one game and it was so much fun but I forgot what it was called. You basically had a closet right and u were given a model. U had to put clothes and stuff on the model and pick backgrounds and stuff and post it to ur account where people could like it and follow you. Think Instagram but for fashion. Does anyone have a clue what it was called??

Brittany Brown (author) from Sydney, Australia on July 01, 2020:

I haven't seen many games that do either that are *good*. There's a few games in the app store for wedding or celebrity dress-up but they're not very good games!

Percy on July 01, 2020:

I have been looking for this game about dressing celebrities and their brides maid for wedding.pls give me valuable options.

Rukayat on January 28, 2020:

Pls have been trying to look for this dress up game name but can’t find it to download I played it when I was young back then on some neighbours phone,it a dress up game where you dress both couples for dinner or wedding and get rated after submitting

Brittany Brown (author) from Sydney, Australia on July 03, 2018:

My favourites are Covet Fashion and Love Nikki! :)

Demolisher on July 03, 2018:

What are the best of theses?

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