Best Infantry Commanders and Pairings in "Rise of Kingdoms"

Updated on July 14, 2020
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"Rise of Kingdoms" Loading Screen
"Rise of Kingdoms" Loading Screen

Best Legendary Infantry Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms

Building the best tank infantry march can be a bit difficult, especially if there are lots of excellent infantry commanders in Rise of Kingdoms to choose from. Although all of the infantry commanders, especially the legendary ones, are widely known for their tank-y stats and superb defensive abilities and skills, they are actually pretty unique to each other.

Each of the infantry commanders in the game specializes and excels in different kinds of situation. Thus, knowing the best infantry commander to utilize in every specific kind of situation is very beneficial in countering enemy marches. This list of the best infantry commanders in Rise of Kingdoms will guide you on which infantry commander to use and how to best utilize them.

Top Picks: Legendary

  1. Richard I
  2. Alexander the Great
  3. Charles Martel
  4. Constantine I

Richard I Profile Page
Richard I Profile Page

1. Richard I

Richard I is considered to be the best garrison commander not only because of his excellent infantry and defensive skills but also because of his powerful healing ability. He may have attack damage reduction and counterattack damage increase skills, but it is his healing abilities that make him stand out among any other infantry commanders.

He does excel even in open-field marches, but his healing ability makes him best utilized as a garrison commander. Such powerful healing ability can create great synergy with any other garrison commander. It is one of the skills that an excellent garrison commander should have. In fact, it easily improves damage sustainability of any troop reinforcing a structure, which ultimately lessens you and your allies' troop losses.

An ideal build for Richard I as an excellent defensive commander is a talent build based on Infantry and Defense Talents. You can check this Richard I Garrison Talent Tree Build Guide.

Alexander the Great Profile Page
Alexander the Great Profile Page

2. Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great is the best commander for offensive tanking in the open-field skirmishes. He is not as good as the other infantry commanders in garrison defense but in the open-field, he excels more than them. He has excellent offensive and defensive skills when his troops are on the map. For as long as he is on the map, he can provide decent attack and defense bonus. Plus, he can conjure a powerful shield, like Charles Martel. He is the go-to guy for a tanky commander with decent offense in an open-field battle.

For an infantry commander to have decent offense and exceptional defense, you can check this Alexander the Great Talent Build Guide.

Charles Martel Profile Page
Charles Martel Profile Page

3. Charles Martel

Charles Martel, like Richard I, is also an ideal garrison commander. However, he lacks the healing ability that Richard I has. He does have a powerful shielding ability, which can definitely increase any troop’s damage sustainability, but it does not create synergy as much as Richard I creates with other garrison commanders.

Well, where does he excel? He most likely excels in tanking in open field skirmishes. Why? It is because his skills and abilities provide more output damage than Richard I does. Healing is indeed a helpful ability in open-field skirmishes but you’d definitely prefer more damage than having a healing ability in open-field skirmishes. Thus, Charles Marel is a better tanky commander in open-field skirmishes.

Check out this Infantry Tank Build for Charles Martel. This talent build guide works great even for Richard I.

Constantine I Profile Page
Constantine I Profile Page

4. Constantine I

Constantine I is undeniably the best defensive commander. All of his skills are excellent defensive skills—and because of that, he completely lacks offensive skills. He can definitely sustain huge amounts of damage, but he can’t deal significant damage to the enemy march. This is unlike Richard I and Charles Martel, who have excellent counterattack damage buffs that allow them to deal significant damage to an attacking enemy march.

Well, where he excels is in defending structures or tanking enemy marches. His ability to sustain huge amount of damage allows him to defend and hold the reinforced structure. He might not be able to eliminate enemies rallying to a defended structure but he’ll be able to hold, as much as he can, any structure while allied marches, in the open field, help eliminate rallying enemy marches. It’s a great tactic to be utilized in events such as Ark of Osiris and Lost Kingdom.

Constantine I can be a powerful defensive garrison commander through this Constantine I talent build guide.

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Best Epic Infantry Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms

Although most of the best infantry commanders are legendary commanders, there are also a few epic infantry commanders that you can rely on. These epic infantry commanders are not really as defensively good as the legendary infantry commanders, but they have excellent nuking abilities.

Top Picks: Epic

  1. Sun Tzu
  2. Eulji Mundeok

Sun Tzu Profile Page
Sun Tzu Profile Page

1. Sun Tzu

Sun Tzu is probably the best infantry commanders among all the other epic commanders. Although he is not good for tanking, his nuking and rage restoration abilities make him easily a good pair to any infantry commander. Even with non-infantry commanders, he will still be a good pair for them.

Infantry commanders will not only benefit from the troop damage reduction and health increase he brings but also from the exceptional rage restoration he provides. His active skill can provide additional rage of up to 250 rage. This allows any commander paired with him to spam his/her skill. For Richard I, Charles Martel, and Constantine I, they will be able to spam their skills even more, thereby allowing them to further increase their ability to sustain damage. He may not be as tanky as compared to the legendary infantry commanders but his skills easily provide great support to any other commander.

Check out Sun Tzu's build here.

Eulji Mundeok Profile Page
Eulji Mundeok Profile Page

2. Eulji Mundeok

Eulji Mundeok, like Sun Tzu, is not as tanky as the other infantry commanders, but he is a great nuker and debuffer. Well, if you don’t have Sun Tzu as a secondary commander, then you can choose Eulji instead. He can buff your infantry troop’s attack and defense by up to a maximum amount of 15% if his expertise skill is unlocked.

Not only that, he reduces a target’s defense, thereby improving his troop’s nuking ability. Plus, he has garrison skills, which will complement with the other infantry commander’s garrison skills. He is definitely a great commander, but I will only recommend him if you don’t have any of the other infantry commanders in this list.

Here is a talent build guide for Eulji Mundeok.

Recommended Pairing/March for Infantry Commanders

1. Best Tank Pair/March for Open-Field Skirmish/Garrison Defense (Defensive March)

  • Richard I and Charles Martel

Pairing Charles Martel and Richard I is the best infantry march for open-field skirmishes and garrison defense. Not only do they provide excellent defense but they also provide decent and adequate offense. Their exceptional counterattack damage will easily wear down any attacking enemy target.

You don’t have to choose which of the two should be the primary commander. Any arrangement will be the same. What you have to consider is the talent build for these two commanders. Depending on the situation, open-field battles or garrison defense, the commander with the best talent build for such a situation must be the primary commander. You should pick Infantry and Defense Talent build for open-field battles and Infantry, Defense and Garrison Talent builds for garrison defense.

2. Best Tank Pair/March for Open-Field Skirmish (Offensive March)

  • Richard I and Alexander the Great

If pairing Charles Martel and Richard I is the best defensive infantry march, the best offensive infantry march would be Richard I and Alexander the Great. The combination of Richard I’s healing and counterattack damage and Alexander the Great’s shield ability and open-field bonuses make an excellent tanky infantry march with decent offensive capabilities.

True, Alexander the Great is at his maximum potential in open-field battles but that doesn’t mean he is not capable in garrison defense. Richard I’s skill and abilities will help their march be an excellent garrison defender.

3. Best Pairing/March for Defending/Holding a Structure (Ark of Osiris/Lost Kingdom)

  • Constantine I and Richard I

As I’ve mentioned before, if you want to only defend a structure to hold on a territory, like in Ark of Osiris and Lost Kingdom, an excellent pair would be Richard I and Constantine I or Charles Martel and Constantine I. Both Richard I and Charles Martel significantly improve Constantine I’s defensive skills and abilities. They will definitely help in securing a reinforced structure with their powerful shielding or healing abilities. Pairing Constantine I with either of the two will definitely be sufficient and defending a reinforced structure.

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