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Mobile Games I'm Loving in 2022

Heidi Hendricks mostly writes historical fiction these days. Sometimes she writes about her life if she has something helpful to share.


Best Mobile Games of 2022

Whether you need entertainment while you wait at the doctor's office or you find yourself with more time on your hands, boredom is easily vanquished if you have a smartphone or tablet with stable data or an internet connection. I won't spend too much time elaborating here. Let's get straight to the goods! Below are some of my favorite mobile games to play in 2022. Purchases are available within the apps, but you do not have to make a purchase in order to play.

Rise of Kingdoms

Rise of Kingdoms is a roleplaying and strategy game that allows you to build a city in a civilization of your choice. You can also kill barbarians or fight in wars with your friends. Each civilization comes with different buffs that can enhance your troops, increase your resource production, and more. Which one you choose depends on what you want out of the game, and you can change your civilization later if you decide you don't like the original one you picked.

After playing an HBO war game for so long, what initially impressed me about RoK is that there is a lot you can do without having to pay. You get a lot of freebies in the form of resources, speedups, and troop enhancers without having to spend a dime, so it is easy to advance quickly without paying. If you are strategic and can avoid getting into wars as a newbie, you'll level up in no time. After playing for almost a month, I managed to level up my city hall to 17. I also had a little over one million troops.

The downside is that you can be attacked while gathering resources, and some teams are more militant about this than others. If you gather resources on territory belonging to an enemy alliance, you especially need to be careful. After you play for a week or so, you'll know who the big fish in the kingdom are.

Chef Gumi

Chef Gumi

Animal Restaurant

If you're not into war games and hate the feeling of waking up to a burning castle, Animal Restaurant is a relaxing game that allows you to go at your own pace without worrying so much about any competition. Anything you do is purely for pleasure. Don't care about decorating your restaurant? You don't have to! Don't care about serving the most customers or having high scores? You don't have to do any of that either. You can choose to run the restaurant, do takeout orders, play around in the courtyard, or all of the above. (As a disclaimer, you might have to make a certain amount of income to unlock some of these features, but basic features are fairly cheap.)

The currency in the game is cod, and the restaurant is run by a bunch of cats. It might sound silly, but it is cute and I found myself getting addicted to it from day one. Also, it is not like Diner Dash where customers get angry if you don't serve them fast enough. They only get angry if they request a dish you haven't unlocked yet, which does not happen to me all that often.

There are many different types of customers to unlock, which makes the game fun and interesting. There is always something different to do, and if you do like having a sense of satisfaction from making progress, there are plenty of opportunities. Overall, it's a good way to decompress because there is no pressure to interact with other people or do things you're not really interested in. My sister plays and is not as interested in the takeout feature, but she doesn't lose out on much. You can earn currency in takeout that you use for decorating the restaurant, but she doesn't care about that as much, so it's not a big deal. You play how you want, and that is why I find myself drifting back to this throughout the day when I need a minute.

King's Choice

Initially, the ads for this game drew me in. I used to be an avid Sims player, and the ads reminded me of it a bit, but be forewarned that the game is nothing like the ads. It's still fun, but I wanted to save you from the rude awakening I had after downloading it. Similar to war games like RoK, you consume resources to amass troops, but you don't level up buildings or have to worry about being on enemy territory. Sure, your alliance can have a rival alliance and compete for titles, but it's a little different from RoK in that nobody can burn your castle or kill your troops. (You can consume your own troops when you do outpost battles and endless war, though.) There are arena battles against other players, but it is not quite as destructive as in war games. The only thing you have to lose is your ranking in the arena if you lose a battle.

Troop and building power do not matter so much in this game. Instead, you'll have a state power count that considers your knight and lover power (and potentially other things I am not yet aware of). You use silver to level up your knights, and when they are eligible for a promotion, you can use materials that you earn through the pirate battle, events, or purchasing from the alliance store if you are in one. These materials are abundant, and I have had no problem upgrading several of my knights to the Gold level. However, after this point, it takes quite a bit of silver to level up. If you're willing to pay a small amount of money to do the weekly subscription, it might be worth it since otherwise you have to go into the game manually and collect your silver. If the silver reservoir fills up and you can't collect it for several hours, then you miss out on a lot.

The lovers feature is a cool part of the game, and while you do go on dates, it is not at all like Sims dating or romance games. You can pick your favorite lover and give them gifts to level up intimacy and charm. I would recommend giving as much attention as possible to several lovers since it can help you have better quality heirs. There does not seem to be a limit on how many heirs you can have, so... enjoy!

Title Screen

Title Screen

King of Avalon

This is another war game, and as you can probably tell by the name, it is all based on Arthurian legend. This is probably my favorite out of the war strategy games I have tried because I enjoy the story and many different features of the game. Similar to many mobile games, after you level up so much, it becomes harder to get the materials needed to upgrade unless you're willing to open your wallet. I'm usually not, so I just wait until I can collect enough resources. It takes a while, and several of my team members have surpassed my castle level and troop count. If you like to be at the top, then you'll either have to be super active or pay.

In this game, you get a dragon to upgrade and nurture along with your castle. You can take your dragon with you to build, collect resources, fight creatures, or fight other players. There are a lot of different things for you to do, including Path of Legends and crystal mining. You can exchange crystals for resources to build or craft equipment. It is a highly competitive game, and you are likely to get burned if you don't make allies fast, so keep that in mind if you tend to like lower-pressure games (as I do, though I still enjoy the story and my teammates, so I keep coming back).

Play How You Want

I have many different moods, so I play several different games. Sometimes I don't really feel like interacting or coordinating, so Animal Restaurant is usually my go-to since I can do whatever I want. Of course, if you're not interested in joining an alliance or being in a top spot in events, then I suppose the other games could be low-pressure too. The biggest bummer about war games, for me, is having to constantly keep an active peace shield to avoid being burned and losing troops. You can get gold for peace shields by clicking into system messages or participating in events, although in my opinion, it is not given abundantly on RoK or King of Avalon.

If you play any of these, let me know about some of your favorite features!