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"Bloons TD Battles" Strategy Guide: Assault

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Is It Your First Time Playing Bloons TD Battles?

Does this sound like you? “Oh man, this game is fun, but I keep losing.” Maybe that doesn’t sound EXACTLY like you, but you're here to get some strategies. Whether you have just started or have been playing the game for weeks or even longer, these strategies are going to help you. These guides aren’t going to let you win every game, but you will definitely have an advantage over the other player.

Before I start, I want to explain the game a little bit. One thing you need to know is when I say 0-2 or 4-2, what I really mean is upgrades. For example, if I had a 4-2 cannon, I would have a Cluster Bomb cannon upgraded four times on the left side and two times on the right. Also, “moab popping power” isn’t just for moabs; it also goes for all of the moab-class bloons.

A player choosing between Assault or Defend.

A player choosing between Assault or Defend.

How It Works

Here, we'll go over the match types and game modes.

Match Types

When you download the app or start up the game on the NinjaKiwi website, you can start a “Quick Match” or a “Private Match.”

  • Quick matches will match you up with a random player over the internet.
  • Private matches are customizable, but you can invite who you want, instead of just playing random players over the internet.

You also start with 20 “Battle Energy” on mobile, and 50 on the flash version.

Game Modes

When you click quick match, or start a private match, you will have two choices: Assault or Defend.

Assault is a game-mode where you start with an income of 250 dollars per 6 seconds. Before the match starts, you pick three towers, and you may get a random tower for one battle energy on mobile. Although, on the PC, or flash, version of the game you can actually pick 4 towers, and get an extra one for 6 battle energy. You can also raise your income by sending bloons at the opponent. The normal money spent on bloon-to-income raise ratio is 25-1. That means that if you send 2500 dollars worth of bloons, you will actually have to wait two and a half minutes to get all of your money back.

Defend mode is actually exactly the same, apart from the fact that you are trying to see who can survive the longest. Instead of sending bloons to raise your income, you “invest” money. There are unlimited levels, but lagg will usually end you before the other player, if you can survive long enough.

Why Assault?

Assault is easier, at the start, so newer players are attracted to it. They get used to it, so they tend to stay with it. Defend mode is also only occupied by skilled players, wanting to try something new, although its quite easy to win due to the fact that the other player can’t beat you by rushing you with a ton of regrow-yellow bloons or a regrow-rainbow rush. Since Assault mode is harder to win, I am going to be getting you some tips and tricks on winning the game along with step-by-step instructions on holding you own, and hopefully winning. Lets get started.

Tower Selection

Selecting your towers can be a confusing ordeal. First of all, you have a choice that picks for you: random. Random will give you three towers, but they might not get you the best towers for you though. You can get an extra, random, tower for one battle energy. Like I said, random towers can be risky, maybe your opponent likes to rush a lot and you don’t have great popping power in the beginning.

Optimizing Your Tower Placement

To get started, you should probably know that you need different towers for different things, and not all towers work very well with each other. There are many different strengths and weaknesses to each tower. For example, wizard towers can pop just about any type of bloon, after 2-2 upgrades, which is quite cheap, but without a lot of them, you can’t pop a Moab bloon very fast.

When starting a game, you need to pop different types of bloons to survive. All of rounds are exactly the same, every game, so this allows you to memorize what kinds and how many bloons come through each round. Knowing this allows you to optimize your tower placement. By round 6, you need a tower that can pop black bloons, so you might want to have a tower that's non-explosive. At round 12, you should have a solid camo defense, to maybe defend a rush. You also need to make sure to have an anti-camo-lead bloon tower. This tower has to be able to detect camo bloons and pop lead bloons.

Moab Popping Power

Another tower that's definitely mandatory is the Moab popping power. What’s that? Simple. Anything that can pop Moabs quickly and efficiently. The 2 best example for this are Moab Maulers, a 2-3 or Moab Assassins, 2-4 Cannons, and also the Super Monkeys. Super monkeys are overall the best tower for just about anything, but they are very good for the Moabs, BFBs and ZOMGs, especially in larger numbers or when upgraded to higher levels. The Moab Maulers are actually probably a better choice when going for a game up to 35 rounds, but if you are going to try for any longer, a good substitute would be the Super Monkey.

What I like to do a lot of the time is use them both. The combo is amazing, and their only weakness is the camo bloons, so usually I will paid them with the Mortar and upgrade it to a 2-3 set-up. Basically, expect to pop all of the different types of bloons, and make sure you don’t have any weaknesses.

A player, choosing his towers, depending on the map, and possibly depending them on the opponent's.

A player, choosing his towers, depending on the map, and possibly depending them on the opponent's.

The Economy

Once you have all of your towers, don’t forget to use them. But using towers requires money. “Investing” is the term I use and will use as a way to send bloons at the other player, in return gaining an income boost. You need to invest $25 to get a return of $1 per 6 seconds. This goes for both the PC and mobile versions.

A good way to know you are on the right track is if you have about 500 income by round 10 and probably around 2000 by round 32. Start investing as soon as possible, don’t ever do to much though. You probably shouldn’t have 1000 income at round 14. You do need to build up your defenses. You can get rushed at any point in time, and no matter how much money you have, you will die if your defenses are good enough.

Starting a Game: Tower Selection, Upgrades, and Economy

Different maps require different strategies, and towers. So make sure that if you playing on a level dominated by water, then use the submarine or maybe the buccaneers, or even both. I will be basing this guide on a long, land map.

So to start off, you should probably have something to pop the other players economy, or investment bloons, as well as the game bloons. My favorite tower for this, and in the whole game, is the cannon. Cannons, with the 3-0 upgrades, have 2 weaknesses: the camo and the black bloons. When you start the game though, these aren’t really an issue. I use cannons in almost every game. They can actually pop black bloons as well when you get the 4-2 upgrades. Cannons are also good for later game due to the 2-3 and 2-4 upgrades.

Earlier Rounds

The earlier rounds are easy to defend when you have the cannons, but the fact is, you aren’t gonna have $4000 to buy the 4-2 upgrades and still have a good income. So when you have 500 income, hopefully before round 10, you should use something like Mortar. Mortar, when 2-3 upgrades, can actually get a lot of popping power as well as amazing camo detection. They don’t really pop camo bloons, but what they really do it make them normal bloons with the “flares” upgrade. It allows other towers to take the bloons out.

Another tower is the buccaneer, or the boats, due to its amazing ability to destroy any type of bloon. They have good camo detection- 0-2, good explosives for leads- 0-3, shoot really fast- 2-3 and they are even good for MOAB- 4-2,and BFB popping power- 2-4. Don’t forget to keep up with the economy, and make sure you’re always prepared for a rush and know what bloons come the next round.

Player starting with a basic tower. The opponent chooses a the same: A tack shooter

Player starting with a basic tower. The opponent chooses a the same: A tack shooter

Later Rounds Tower Selection and Popping Power

Getting to later rounds can be difficult with a difficult opponent. If they are constantly sending moabs and regrow camos at you, it gets to the point where you’re constantly upgrading and buying towers so that you don’t lose, destroying your economy. I consider later rounds as 32+ and like I said earlier in the article, make sure you have an income of 2000+ at this time.

You should consider using the Monkey Village. The MV is really fun, but difficult to use. It allows for camo detection at 0-2, and actually increases the amount your income rises by 20% every time you buy bloons once you buy the 3-0 upgrade. Another tower that's actually really good at later and early rounds is the cannon. Cannons are really cheap, moab and lead popping power. They have no camo popping power without a village, you are going to need to pair it with something that can de-camo the bloons, such as the mortar, or something that can pop all of the camo bloons, the ninja comes to mind.

The ninja can pop just about anything, but it has no ability to pop a massive amount of bloons; something like a BFB or ZOMG is really hard to destroy without some type of moab popping power. For example, if you opponent sends you a BFB at round 19. you don’t have that great of a defense, but you have something like farms, cannons, ninjas and sniper monkey. What you can do is sell all the farms you have, buy a 2-4 cannon, use the ability and destroy the BFB instantly.

Now you have 4 moabs coming. You can get the ninja, get it to 0-4 use the ability and sell it. The ability slows down all the bloons for 15 seconds by half speed. This means that you get twice the time do try to defend the rest of the rush. You can now sell most of your towers, not the 4-2 ninjas or moab maulers, and make sure you have about 5 moabs maulers and 3 of those 4-2 ninjas. Once all of the moabs are popped sell 2 moab maulers and buy a 4-2 cannon. This will stun all non-camo bloons, and will actually help a lot in popping all of the bloons.

At this point, the other guy probably has a super bad income. This is your chance, collect some money, and counter rush with something that he is weak against or just send 2 BFB or a ZOMG. WIN!

Different "Classes" and Abilities: Loadouts

To start out, you should know probably the best loadout for either going far, or doing shorter games. Since you have 4 towers, you can use cannons, mortar, tack shooter, and dartling gun. An extra tower is cheating to me in most cases, but I don’t mind if its used against me in quick matches, but private matches are 4 tower exclusive, unless me and a friend are trying to go for the world record in highest round.

  • The mortar’s 2-3 upgrades get rid of the camo part of camo bloons, so if you use that tower, you can get rid of most of the camo problems.
  • Next, the 4-2 cannon is really good as popping all bloons, and any amount. Without it, its really hard to destroy the bloons.
  • Moving on, to the tack shooter, you know that its really good popping power when a ring of fire, or 4-2 upgrades. The ring of fire has a myriad of popping power. You can destroy any amount of ceramic bloons with two or three of them, two 10-20 and three 30+ to over 100 maybe. I also think that its ability, the maelstrom is really good. With the 0-4 ability on the tack shooter, you can destroy most of the non-moab bloons on the map. Really good tower, but you might have to use it up to three times against the the ceramic bloons. Really its just good you regrow rainbow rushes.
  • And finally, the dartling gun, mainly for longer games. When you get the 4-2 or 2-4 upgrades, you have massive popping power. The 4-2 is much more expensive, but it has unlimited popping power. The 2-4 is great for its price, and it has an ability that does good damage to ceramics, but really, its not worth it compared to the 4-2 upgrade.

The Banana Farm and Super Monkey Loadout

The final loadout I want to show you is this: banana farms, super monkeys, village, and tack shooter. This might sound weird, but it works when you know when and how to use it.

  • So first of all, you need use a map that you can get quite a few farms, on, 4-5 and you have to not worry about lives in the beginning to make sure you get an economy advantage when starting out. You should have 4 2-0 farms and a ring of fire by round 12.
  • After round 15, make sure you have the village and another ring of fire.
  • After that, go for 4-2 farms, and then start collecting the money.
  • All the while rounds 20-22 get a plasma super monkey- 2-1.

This all required a bit of luck, because the opponent can rush you with camo bloons at round 12. Don’t be afraid to sell you farms for some extra defense. Make sure you build it back ASAP.

After that you can keep building up supermonkeys, next to villages, build up your defense. Once you feel like you can defend just about anything, start saving up for a rush. Make sure you don’t rush to late though. After a while, you can defend just about anything, so you have to take advantage of any chances you get.

Dos and Don'ts

First of all, I have to address a problem I have with the game; the fact that you can send pinks at round 4. This is unfair because pinks are super hard to defend with one tower. So that leads into my next point: don’t send spaced pink bloons just to hurt a few lives off of your opponent. This is harassing the other player, and when like me, I do super-rushes eventually, that make the other guy feel bad for doing sending me those annoying pinks.

Sending bloons in the beginning of the game, when you don’t have farms, leads to having a larger income. In the beginning it sounds like you are wasting money, but you are actually getting more money after two and a half minutes. For example, if I send out 2500 worth of bloons, in two and a half minutes, I will have made all of that back, and then after that, it would all be extra money. This is the only reason you can actually argue using the economy over the farms. Farms are great for early game money, but late game money, when round comes slower, having a ton of money invested is definitely much better.

Enjoy the Game and the Community!

Have fun playing this game! Don't get to emotional about it, but be serious. It has an amazing community, and a great development team, constantly producing new content that everyone enjoys. To be honest, they did implement some new maps, that were just annoying to play. Anyway, its super fun and enjoyable. If you would like to see a guide on the Defend mode, then click here.

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Mlpegasus on May 14, 2016:

I play on the iOS version of the game and I'm a pretty experienced player, usually we go for 500 income before round 10 and start setting up defenses or rushes, my original strategy was 2-2 monkey subs and a 0-2 apprentice, that combo can nail things down pretty quick, often lay I just wait for the BFB to pop up before bloom boosting and sending BFBs, it usually kills the player too, bringing me up to 2000+ medallions.

Bob on January 18, 2016:

Your last build is flawed by Camo grouped pink...

FrankOkle on November 15, 2015:

I play on mobile version. It is true that the pinks are very easy to defeat, but i personally love bloon eco. You dont have to tap on anything so when you place towers, you wont have to worry about bananas spoiling. And you also can give a heads up to the opponent that you want to go late game. But this was an amazing article!

NewbBloon on September 06, 2015:

Aside from some gramatical and puncuation errors (see: too) this was a really solid article, thanks for the information!

Tank Memic (author) from Missouri, United States. N.A. on February 03, 2015:

@BossDog This article is not for the mobile version.

I said that the pinks are annoying, as in "hard" to defend

And Early Economy is my main message... not spending all of my money on pinks.

BossDog on February 01, 2015:

You are an idiot. How are spaced pink bloons sent by your opponent on round 4 hard to defend? They are easy to defend as you would have plenty of money to defend them by the time you reach round 4. Why would you have one tower to defend with if it's super hard for you? What tower are you using? How is it harassment to send spaced pink bloons on round 4? This just proves you are a noob. It's part of the game. Don't hate the player, hate the game. I send spaced pink bloons on my opponents all the time to sabotage their income by making them stop sending bloon income or upgrading banana farms for a short while to get more towers and/or upgrades. I play mobile version. I use banana farms. They are better than bloon income so I don't mind sending pinks to slow down my opponent's income. I defend spaced pinks with 2 triple dart monkeys.

a on February 01, 2015:

You are brilliant