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"Brawl Stars" Power Leveling Guide

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Brawler Power Leveling Guide

Brawler Power Leveling Guide

Powering Up Your Brawlers

In order to move up the ranks in Brawl Stars, you'll have to upgrade the power level of your Brawlers. However, it's not incredibly obvious how to do it and the best way to accomplish it.

In order to power up your Brawlers, you'll need to go through a few steps:

  • Get power points for your specific Brawler, each Brawler has their own power points.
  • Max out your Brawler's power points for your specific power level
  • After maxing, you can then spend coins to increase your Brawler's power level

However, in order to do this, you'll need to earn coins.

Upgrading Brawlers With Power Points & Coins

Upgrading Brawlers With Power Points & Coins

Earning Coins

Coins let you upgrade Brawlers as well as make some purchases from the shop, though most of the purchases you can make from the shop with coins are power points for your Brawlers. The shop is dynamic in Brawl Stars and it tends to customize itself based on your needs, refreshing at midnight PST.

In order to earn coins, you'll need to do a few things:

  • Your daily freebie in the store may contain coins, always be sure to claim it!
  • You'll have to open Brawl Boxes, which require Tokens or the premium currency Gems.

Tokens can be earned from several sources and are the primary thing you'll be looking to grind for in the game.

Earning Tokens & Star Tokens

There are 4 types of boxes that give you coins as well as power points, extra brawlers, boosts, tickets and gems. The 4 different types are:

  • Free Box - A possible free daily rewards (It's actually just a Brawl Box but it says Free Box)
  • Brawl Box - Opened with Tokens, or earned from the Trophy Road
  • Big Box - Opened with Star Tokens, gems, or earned from the Trophy Road
  • Mega Box - Only opened with gems

So you'll need to earn Tokens & Star Tokens are your primary way of earning the power points and coins you need to power up your Brawlers.

Tokens can be earned from 4 sources:

  1. Primarily - from playing matches, up to 20 tokens based on your performance for a regular match or 34 for Showdown. However, there is a limit to how many you can earn. You can earn up to 100, with that capacity refilling every 2 hours and 24 minutes by 20 Tokens. (Meaning you can start with 100 possible to earn, earn all 100, and in 2 hours and 24 minutes it will refill by 20, or by 12 hours all 100 Tokens would have refilled and you can earn them again)
  2. Tapping an event when it becomes available for the first time grants 10
  3. Ranking up a Brawler grants 10
  4. Leveling up your player grants 20

    NOTE: Sources 2-4 do not reduce from your 100 capacity

Star Tokens can only be earned from 1 source:

  1. Winning an event game (Or placing top 4 in Showdown solo / top 2 in Showdown duo) grants a Star Token, but only once per event. It's critical to play in every event as they refresh just to get this Star Token! You'll see the Star Token icon in the corner of the event slot if you haven't earned it yet.

Spending Tokens & Star Tokens

Tokens and Star Tokens can be used to purchase Brawl Boxes and Big Boxes:

  • Brawl Boxes can be purchased for 100 Tokens on the bottom left part of the main screen
  • Big Boxes can be purchased for 10 Star Tokens on the bottom left part of the main screen

Boxes all pull from the same loot pool, but Brawl Boxes give you 1 pull, Big Boxes give you 3 pulls, and Mega Boxes give you 10 pulls. The pool includes:

  • 94.2% Chance at Power Points + Coins (Power points can be distributed among multiple Brawlers)
  • 2.6832% Chance at a Rare Brawler
  • 1.2096% Chance at a Super Rare Brawler
  • 0.5472% Chance at an Epic Brawler
  • 0.2496% Chance at a Mythic Brawler
  • 0.1104% Chance at a Legendary Brawler
  • 1% Chance at a Star Power

Each Roll also grants:

  • 25% Chance at Tickets
  • 9% Chance at Gems
  • 3% Chance at a Token Doubler

Lastly, draws that do not contain a new Brawler grant you additional "Luck" which increases your chance at a new Brawler. When you pull a new Brawler, your luck will decrease by some amount determined by rarity of the Brawler. The exact details and formula behind this are currently unknown.

Trophy Road

If you tap on your player info in the top left corner of the main screen you'll find your Trophy Road. This is a long prize track that grants boxes, unlocks events, unlocks brawlers, and more based on your trophy progress.

Your progress against the Trophy Road is tracked against the sum total of all trophies you've earned on all brawlers. That means the most effective way to move up the Trophy Road given it takes time to upgrade all your brawlers is to play all your current brawlers up to the highest point you can get them as you upgrade.

This will grant you more rewards, unlock more brawlers, and unlock more events. You can unlock a total of 7 brawlers from the Trophy Road.

Trophy Road Screenshot

Trophy Road Screenshot

Optimal Play

To optimally earn rewards, you need to do the following:

  • Earn 100 Tokens playing games every 12 hours
  • Earn 1 Star Token from every event as it goes live
  • Earn 10 Tokens by tapping every event as it goes live
  • Claim your Free Box from the store every day before midnight PST
  • Play all your brawlers actively to as high as you can

Doing this all will power level your brawlers as fast as possible!