"Cats in Mechs" Overworld Action/Adventure Game (Mobile)

Updated on January 20, 2019
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(IOS & Android) Cats in Mechs: Review

Megaworld Studios has crammed a cat into a tin can and reinvented the gun. Cats in Mechs is a top-down action adventure game where you operate a 9-meter tall mech through a feline warzone. Their are numerous game modes available. Story Mode, Co-Op, Base Building, and scaled PvP all bring something exciting to the table.

There are also several upcoming community events planned and in-game rewards that can be triggered for unique Multiverse items. The beta and presale are scheduled for Q1 2019 with the Cats in Mechs (CiM) official release near Q3 2019.

CiM shows your playstyle and Multiverse items for any game
CiM shows your playstyle and Multiverse items for any game

MegaWorld Studios has designed Cats in Mechs as a toolset allowing them to track, combine, and create player experiences throughout CiM and the Multiverse. As you progress in Cats in Mechs the equipment and heroes you can collect on the planet Cataria V will permanently grow stronger (Stat Increases) and more valuable (Additional Enjin Backing). Every piece of scrap on Cataria V is backed with Enjin, meaning you can melt, track, or use the items in any Multiverse game.

It's not easy acquiring Multiverse equipment though. The CiM Toolset allows Megaworld Studios to combine smart-gaming with mobile & VR by having a world that reacts to your tactics. The enemies adapt and become smarter, rewards are tailored to your actions, and every level you play will remember the destruction you've wrought before. This isn't your average catwalk.

Cats in Mechs: Guide and Gameplay

Mmm, Purrfection
Mmm, Purrfection

Designed by Megaworld Studios to be free to play. Cats in Mechs is the 7th game to join the Enjin Platform and they take full advantage of it's features. The CiM Toolset basically allows for the game to be reconfigured at the push of a button. Loot drops are determined by fuzzy logic meaning that the rewards that you get will match your playstyle. IE, if you tend to explore you'll begin to find better rewards for exploring.

The AI behavior will also change based on your play style. Players who use explosive arsenal might find opponents resistant on the next playthrough. Even the environment itself will change dynamically depending on how you play. Destroy buildings and walls often and you might start to find extra destructible areas.

CiM General Guide
CiM General Guide

The game play is very familiar to anybody comfortable with the action/rpg mobile genre. You find yourself on Cataria V, looking to go to ground and stock up on supplies. A tutorial and starting missions teach you basics with some fantastic top-down mech based shoot-em-up action. An overworld view greets you soon after with some base building options, a garage for upgrading your gear/mech, and various game modes. The customization options are great. You can change the color and look of your mech very easily. There's a little bit of something for everybody here and I love the addition of the VR mode.

Cats in Mechs: Equipment and Items

Every item you find in Cats in Mech is a limited edition asset that each player can own and trade just like a trading card. These limited edition assets are ERC-1155 tokens. Cats in Mechs employs the scarcity of these tokens in a variety of unique and fun ways.

Each ERC-1155 token has a series identifier from when it was released in the game and a print number according to how early it was minted in a run. The earlier the series and the lower the token number the more "luck" each item will have. The "luck" of each item will affect your chances of finding great tech (Rare Items) when you upgrade that particular equipment.

Cats in Mechs' expansions (including the pre-sale) comprise of exclusive numbered limited edition items. Once those items are gone no more editions of those items will be minted until the next expansion.

There is a limit of 1000 editions per each card and only the base game gets more than one edition for the default items.

  • Unique - 1 Mintings
  • Legendary - 3 Mintings
  • Epic - 10 Mintings
  • Rare - 50 Mintings
  • Uncommon - 250 Mintings
  • Common - 1000 Mintings

(Left to Right) MFT-Ghost, Mace Bonesplinter, Dr. Prissy VonTreat, BBC-H9 Cougaro
(Left to Right) MFT-Ghost, Mace Bonesplinter, Dr. Prissy VonTreat, BBC-H9 Cougaro

Cats in Mechs Beta

You can currently download and play the Cats in Mechs beta at the link below. This is currently an early release and no data will be saved. You will need to sideload the APK onto your device or use an emulator such as BlueStacks.

Cats in Mechs Beta - Beta Link

This section of the website is outdated and only hosts the beta/old info. Login and click the download button at the top right of the screen. If the download button doesn't appear then "Request Desktop Site" and it should appear once the page reloads.

Cats in Mechs - Official Site

Cats in Mechs - Official Telegram

The devs and community are active here. Find all your answers and friends here!

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      • Morgue profile imageAUTHOR


        14 months ago from Multiverse

        The game can't adapt. It's too much.

      • profile image


        14 months ago

        Good read. excited to see beta pop off and see how adaptive the game is to my raw POWER


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