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10 Advanced Hints and Tips for "Chain Chronicle"

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Chain Chronicle Phone Icon

Gumi and Sega's Chain Chronicle is a popular Japanese RPG. It combines the character and hero building genres with card collecting and RPG line defense style of games. With the new "Global" server, getting the chance to be one of the first players is an immense advantage that shouldn't be passed up.

If you came from the "Chain Chronicle Newbie Guide," welcome back!

This Chain Chronicle guide (advanced) is going to build on the previous 10 basic hints and tips newbie guide. We are going to cover a bit of the more advanced philosophies and ideologies to team building and gameplay, as well as getting a bit meta with the Japanese server.

1. Suicide Squad

The easiest way to lose AP in this game has to be using x2 speed + auto-attack in a level featuring suicide/exploder goblins. Kaboom! Seriously though, these guys will wreck your healthbars and in some cases, will instantly kill characters depending on the difficulty of the level.

The best way to defeat these guys is to send a unit to them and when you see the explosion animation get triggered, quickly pull your unity away to safety. Currently, a unit affected by slow leaves you with a very little margin for errors and a fast unit (Hasted, or have Mov Speed+ ability) can sometimes enter the trigger radius and exit before the start-up animation completes, thus causing the enemy to continue walking.

If you have a decent archer/mage, you may also let them handle the exploding goblins while your fighters focus on more important targets. If you absolutely must fight them, try to get all of your dudes to attack one exploding goblin at the same time; hopefully, this would have enough alpha damage to kill it instantly (If two exploder goblins standing side by side don’t do it!). Just remember, if you fail to instantly kill it, all participants in that attack will take MASSIVE damage!

Protip: A Character in the middle of their special attack animation cannot be hit. If you have good timing and a character with easily spammable mana, feel free to shrug off one or two hits from anything (including the exploding goblins). If you are fighting difficult bosses, buy yourself some time by using this tip to “dodge” one or two of their hits.

2. Fight On Your Terms

As I’ve said in the basic tips and tricks article (Link will be provided at the end of the article), if you play this game like a Tower Defense game. You will lose, end of story. Please uninstall the game now.

While not prevalent in the earlier levels; most of those can be won by blindly powering through, but one of the biggest obstacles in this game is leveling up. You won’t have a level 60 powerhouse party within the month, or maybe even within the next few months (if you do, put down the phone and take a deep breath. It will all be ok.)

You will need to take each fight and adjust your strategy as it goes. Got a warrior low in Hp but the rest are near full? Have him/her hang back with your healer for a wave. Everyone low and no healing mana? Don’t let your warriors leave the base and rotate / stack them on enemies. Boss comes out followed by a wave of healers/buffers? Have one or two characters defend in base with healers (bonus points if he/she can inflict a status effect) while another person goes and takes out the healer/buffing enemies.

Adjust your strategy based on what the field throws at you. The game (Events especially) is/are designed to floor you if you just throw your dudes into the fray all willy-nilly.

Tip: Most enemies can only hit one unit at a time, so it is beneficial to stack your units on-top of some poor enemy. (One of your characters will be hit while everyone else gets free hits in without repercussion.)

3. Advanced Formations

You have nine squares to settle your units, but the formation is whatever you want it to be. Here are some quick advanced tips to take note of when in combat.

  • Healers have different ranges, adjust accordingly. Don’t worry about putting one in the front line; some of the longer-range healers can heal their allies up to two squares in the enemy’s side if put on the front lines.
  • Archers must sit in a square in front of the enemy to attack it. If you push your healer up to the front line, you can set two archers in different columns so they do not interfere with each other. (3 Archers is possible, but is usually considered a weak team.)
  • If you need to heal your front liners and the boss is knocking on your front door, don’t be afraid to sacrifice an archer or mage to buy you time; especially if it is a knight boss or they don’t have elemental advantage.
  • Even if low on health, knights steamroll any range unit. Don’t be afraid to throw one out to take care of a ranged back line, just remember to keep it away from wandering enemy melee units.
  • Yes, Ranged units and even healer units have melee attack damage (It usually sucks though...). Don’t be afraid to throw them to slow down those really fast buggers that get past your front line assault. (There are some ranged units whose ability allows them to deal full damage with both melee and ranged attacks.)

4. Team Building

What’s this?! Yet another section on formations and party members?! … Yes, it's that important.

This section will be less formation/gameplay and more party building/theory.

Warriors: Bread and butter damage dealers. Not much to say here. There is almost no situation you cannot resolve by throwing more warriors at it. The only exceptions to this are suicide goblins, area attacking enemies and enemies that hit really—REALLY—hard. (Looking at you golem waves with buffs.)

Knights: Currently second banana to warriors with a few spectacular exceptions. (One of them literally has the words “Game Breaker” in its name… And she is quite ridiculous.) Most of these skills revolve around area/line damage (Instant-clear a back-line of archers for 1–2 blue mana.) or self-heal/buff/defense.

Although not as “useful” as warriors, knights are your space makers and defenders. Send them to hold off difficult enemies or archer/knight bosses

Healers: Almost as useful and necessary as the warriors, there is no one else that can do the job of a healer. Most healers are AOE healers, thus healing everyone in their radius. Some healers have wider radii but weaker heals, and vice versa. AOE healing allows for efficient unit cycling without losing effectiveness. (The wider the heal radius, the more leeway you have in cycling.)

The biggest thing to note is that healers are relatively useless unless they are healing. So while your front line is outside of heal range and your archers are fine, your healer is twiddling his thumbs doing absolutely nothing. Feel free to pull back your warriors, maybe even fight within the healing AOE. During the later levels, those 1 to 5 cycles of healing might just save your game. (A dead frontline unit is a gone front line unit. It cannot contribute anything while dead and does not come back to the fight.)

Archers and Mages: Archers and mages are generally your utility people. Some just do damage, some deal status effects, some buff your units, some deal or grant elemental damage. In some cases, if you are running a high damage front-line team with high Hp values, I would consider exchanging one of these for a second healer. If you are running a knight heavy team that can be self-sufficient or has sub-healing abilities, you might consider running with one or two ranged units to provide utility or buffs. The usage of mages or archers currently depends on your team make-up and your style of play.

A generic 3 damage warriors 1 multi-healer and 1 whatever reinforcement unit team works well for most of the game.

Feel free to experiment; however note that 4 or 5 of a single unit type will probably get you killed. (Except for warriors... 4 Warriors and a Regen healer works well if you get the mana for it.)

5. Status Effects

The story starts by introducing the poison status effect. Then they introduce you to slow and then blind then if you don’t kill a certain boss fast enough, say hello to the daze/down status (Daze is not an official Status; however some typos or translations make "Daze" from the "Down" status). It only gets worse from here.

Thankfully, status effects do not stack. If you want to be extremely efficient, throw a poisoned character at a poison monster so they get that monster’s focus rather than spreading the status effect. The same goes for you; if you have a weapon/spammable ability that inflicts a debilitating status, try to spread the joy to the rest of the enemies or hit the ones that desperately need it. (Ie. Down/Daze a boss to buy you time to deal with the rest of the wave, Weak on bosses with high defense, Poison and Curses to bosses which you plan to stall out… etc.)

Here is a quick once over of the status effects

  • Poison: Damage over time and slightly lowered damage output.
  • Slow: lowers movement speed
  • Blind: No ranged attacks.
  • Freeze: Can’t move, Can’t attack, take bonus damage.
  • Down/(Daze?): Can’t move, Can’t Attack, does not defend vs ranged attacks. (Basically, “stunned”.)
  • Skeleton: Lowered stats across the board
  • Seal: Specials cannot be used.
  • Weak: No defense/damage mitigation if any. (goes for specials, abilities, and weapon bonuses too.)
  • Curse: You receive a set amount of extra damage for a set number of hits. (unmitigated by armor?)
Picture from the Japanese Wikia. Chain Chronicle Wiki Chain Chronicle Fortune Rings

Picture from the Japanese Wikia. Chain Chronicle Wiki Chain Chronicle Fortune Rings

6. Elemental Properties

In addition to the current weapon triangle, there are elemental attacks, buffs and properties that are taken into effect. At the moment, having elemental advantage gives you +50% to attack or negates 50% of damage if receiving an attack you have advantage over.

With this knowledge, a lot of the harder levels can be made much easier if you keep an elemental buffer or two (Armor + Weapon.) that can attune your party to the correct element.

Some abilities, characters, and specials have passive elemental attributes to them so please keep note of them when forming your party for the harder quests. (If you bring Ice weapons and fire armor to an ice level, you will have a bad time.) As a rule of thumb, the elemental properties of specials or anything that uses mana will have precedence for the duration of the ability or attack.

7. Fortune Rings

Fortune Rings pretty much hold the “Item you farm” category for the game. Fortune rings can be spent to purchase some of the premium items like stamina fruit, but the main reason for fortune rings is to purchase the special 5-star card for the month. Most of these 5-star cards are slightly weaker than the premium/pull 5-star cards but don’t let that dissuade you.

There are currently two philosophies with buying cards with Fortune Rings. The first involves farming up the 70 rings each month and dropping it on the card of the month. This gets you stronger, faster but limit breaking them will be neigh impossible unless they cycle back. The other philosophy is more of an “end game” sort of ideal where you save up 350 Fortune Rings, which is enough to buy 5 versions of a card to fully limit break it and then just wait for a card with an incredible ability/stats.

A lot of people start with the first to get an initial team, followed by saving up for that 350 big purchase.

Currently, the ways to get Fortune Rings are as follows:

  • Rewards for completing the daily quests
  • Event quests often drop these
  • Selling 3–5-star cards. (Note: 3-star enhancers only sell for one star, mostly because they are farmable.)
  • Daily log in reward

8. Efficiency

At the end of the day, everything comes down to efficiency. Efficiency can get you to level faster, earn coins faster, and complete missions/events that should be above your level. Efficiently spending your AP can either net you levels faster or complete dailies quicker. Efficiently maneuvering in combat will let you complete harder events easier and save up on premium items.

Even one proper warrior attuned with the right elemental weapon and armor will help you take on enemies above your level. If you have buffs that can be set correctly, your efficiency improves.

Unless the mission in question has pretty good AP to exp ratio, has a “Farming item” or you are just burning out the last of your AP at the end of your play cycle, do not run completed missions since you cannot possibly get the end treasure.

Protip: If you have spare premium cards and see an "+ Ultra Rare Rate" event that might boost your chances of getting a card you need for limit break, go for it if you aren't saving for anything else specifically. Much of the endgame for Chain Chronicle comes from Limit Break.

9. Events, Dailies, and Leveling

On the subject of efficiency, every new person has extremely limited AP to balance the call of Events, Dailies, and the main story… So… How exactly do I do this?

Events: These things usually get top priority with the exception of basic weapon or enhancer events. You want to look for multi-level/story events not focused on getting all the drops for the “special prize.” There are some exceptions here and there but that’s the general idea behind it.

The reason for this is that usually “Collect the drops” events for the special prize, often have a maybe-useful prize at the end… Usually! (And can be "farmable" if there is a good farming item on that drop list.) On the flip side of this, the multi-level/story events have multiple levels with multiple drops, which for events often mean multiple rare-ish drop chances and you get the “Special prize” at the end too.

(I guess the reason for this is because you can only do the multi-level/story events once and then they get removed.)

Dailies: Despite the fact that you can get fortune rings from them ("Completion Prize"), I highly suggest not spamming dailies as a newbie. The experience gain is absolute garbage for the AP spent and your chance of hitting all of the drops in a single AP cycle is pretty low unless you have a friend with a card that increases the drop rate. (Usually, a max level ability, so none of that yet on the global server until someone's unit hits level 60) So, unless you sit by the phone 24/7 to squeeze out each 10 AP, do the storyline and level up your rank for a bit and increase the number of AP you can cycle through.

Protip: Currently, the "Intermediate" level daily's 4th card (Boss Drop) can be sold for fortune rings. So if you find yourself comfortable and possibly, a little ahead of the curve, feel free to farm that specific daily for rings if you have everything else taken care of.

Leveling: Levels are important, especially to new players! Leveling up not only increases your AP, they also increase the maximum total “cost” of the units you can have in your party. 5-star cards have a pretty hefty cost, I think a new player’s available cost total is enough for just the hero and a 5-star card. (And the hero is free! :P)

10. A Bit of Foresight

This section probably belongs in the “Meta” category. Here we will take a peek into the japan server and see what gems we can possibly prepare for on the global server.

Disclaimer: Please do not take this section as 100% fact in terms of the global server, this is all what has already transpired on the Japanese server. Whether or not our updates will follow exactly as the Japanese server has, has yet to be determined. If you find any of this to be incorrect, please let me know!

Currently, at the time of writing, the Global server is currently running 1.0 and the Japanese server is currently at 1.2 (… I think. Please correct me if this is wrong.) Here are a few things that stand out between the Global Server and the Japanese Server . (as well as a few potentially hidden things.)

  • Completing the storyline nets you a 5-star hero; also if you max out your starting units (The Knight, the Archer and the healer) and do all of their personal quests (And I think, Patricia’s too for some reason?) you get useful 4-star versions of the starting heroes.
  • In the Japanese version, there is a gacha for rare+ characters but it costs 2000 Arcana. That may or may not be implemented; personally, I’m currently saving for it just in case.
  • For fortune rings, at the time of the article, people are saying Lindsey (The Catgirl Character for January) is good for a quick 70 ring pick-up if you don’t have a solid front-liner and then somewhere down the line there should be an assassin character (male?) that is apparently worth saving up 350 fortune rings to pick up. Unfortunately, I have no other details than that.
  • In the Japanese version of the game, many of the game's promotions/events are "Cross over" events similar to those found in Puzzle and Dragon. I wonder which ones (if any) will reach the global version. It's a good way to beef up your party or get niche characters and abilities. Some of these characters are nothing to sneeze at!
  • My translations are a bit iffy, but there is a system where characters have abilities or buffs that come into play from your “Subs” category, giving you even more power when it comes to party building. (Told you formations and party members are important! >:] )
  • Don't ever be afraid to hit up the Wiki to look up the official Chain Chronicle Card List for heroes and 5-star cards.
Chain Chronicle in Google Play 구글앱스 Chain Chronicle 巴哈 Baki

Chain Chronicle in Google Play 구글앱스 Chain Chronicle 巴哈 Baki

This concludes my collection of tips and tricks for Chain Chronicle! If you have missed my basic tips and tricks, please feel free to take a look at them, link found in the
links section below!

If you have any questions, tips of your own, or if you spot an error, please do not hesitate to let me know in the comments below. I wish you all the best of luck and amazing rolls!

If you would like more basic tips for click the link for my Chain Chronicle Newbie Guide

The Chain Chronicle app for Android can be found on their Chain Chronicle Google Play page.

The Chain Chronicle app for iOS can be found in the app store.

Never be afraid to check out the Chain Chronicle Wiki

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thenewbie on July 24, 2015:

i really need the tips about character bases.. is it ok to invest everything in a 3 star character?? i only have the 4* loh .. from the giveaways... tired of rerolling.. i want to advance already. follow the story and explore the maps... so i might.. level up a 3stars to its max to be able to go further.. my only concern is on the long run... does a 3* could match with a 5* ???