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"Command & Conquer Rivals" Power Leveling Guide

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C&C Rivals Power Leveling Guide


Your Level vs. Your Unit's Levels

In Command & Conquer Rivals, there are 2 levels you're aiming to drive up. One is your personal level, and the other is the level of your units.

Your personal level can be seen in the bottom left corner of the screen and currently maxes at 60. Leveling up grants various rewards such as cards or credits, but primarily it is the way to unlock new units. As you reach various levels, you'll unlock the ability to receive new units from chests. For example, when you reach level 59, you'll be able to receive Mammoth Tanks from chests.

Your units also have levels. Units are leveled up by a combination of duplicate copies of that card and credits. You level up cards by having enough duplicate copies, but you can only level up a card when you have trained it enough. You have to train a unit 3 times before you can level it up. Each time requires credits. Unsurprisingly, the credit and card costs to upgrading increase as your unit gets higher in level. Your unit also gets stronger as you level up as well as from training so it's useful to train units even if you don't have enough cards to level them up.

Leveling Up Quickly

Nearly every activity in the game seems to grant experience to level you up. This includes doing bounties, making your way to new leagues, leveling up units, and playing games. However, there are a few important things to take note of.

Play 10 daily battles to max out your Daily XP Bonus.

You have a Daily XP Bonus for the first 10 games you play of each day. For your first 10 games, win or loss, you will get a chunk of bonus experience just for playing. This does not roll over to the next day so it's critical to take advantage of it before it disappears.

Upgrade units, even if you don't use them.

As I mentioned you do earn experience from training and leveling up units. That means you can help boost your level by leveling all your cards even if you don't plan to use them. You'll inevitably end up with a handful of cards for things you don't use often and you can't really use them for anything else apart from potentially donating to alliance members, so level them up and gain experience from it.

Get in an active alliance and donate.

Donating to alliance members does grant a small amount of experience as well, and gives you credits. It can be beneficial to request the units you care about most, donate the ones you don't, and upgrade the ones you have remaining that you don't donate or request.

Level Rewards & Unlocks


Leveling Up Your Units Quickly

To level up your units as quickly as possible, you need both cards (lots of them), and credits. This mostly means you need crates. To maximize what you get, you'll be mainly looking at the following:

  • Convoys
  • Bounties
  • League Rewards
  • Level Up: While leveling up is mostly about unlocking units, you do also get a nice chunk of credits and cards so you're still heading in the right direction.

And don't forget to claim your free crate from the store every 12 hours! It can drop epic cards even though most of the time it isn't great.


Bounties are daily tasks that grant credits, and if all of them are completed, will guarantee you a Rare Chest. You can find the bounties menu on the top navigation bar, it's the 3rd option from the left.

Every day you are given 5 bounties to complete, if you complete all 5 you will be granted a Rare Chest. However, there is some nuance to the system.

  • Each bounty completed grants progress towards a Rare Chest
  • Completed bounties get refreshed every day (seems to be midnight PST)
  • Uncompleted bounties do not get refreshed, so if you have one with partial progress it will not reset
  • Progress towards the Rare Chest also does not reset

The system is set up so you don't lose progress on days you don't do all 5 of your bounties. For example, you can do 3 bounties in one day, and be at 3 of 5 progress towards your Rare Crate. Come back the next day, you will have 3 refreshed bounties, so 5 total left to do. Complete 2 more, and you'll earn your Rare Chest. Complete 3 more, and you'll be at 3 of 5 towards your next chest.

Also, you can refresh bounties you don't like for 1 fuel. You get 2 fuel for a win and 1 fuel for a loss, so if you're getting stuck on a bounty it's worth a re-roll. You can keep re-rolling too so you don't have to be too worried about it.

Bounty Screens



Convoys are likely the most important system for leveling up your units. They are your main source of getting chests. You can find them on the main screen, at the center bottom area. Convoys work by calling for a convoy that contains a chest with fuel.

  1. Play games to earn fuel, a win is 2 fuel, a loss is 1 fuel
  2. Calling a convoy costs 1 fuel, and takes 7 hours to arrive regardless of the rarity of the chest
  3. You can speed up a convoy with 1 more fuel, down to 3 hours to arrive
  4. You can use Diamonds to finish it and the cost is pegged to the time remaining, not the rarity of the chest. This is also an incredibly effective use of your Diamonds compared to many things in the store. If you don't plan on spending real money, spending your diamonds on convoys is likely the best way to go.

The chest is determined at the point you order the convoy, so you already know how good it's going to be. There are 4 rarities that it could be:

  • Common: The ugly one
  • Uncommon: It's blue (This one is the only one that contains Diamonds)
  • Rare: The gold one
  • Epic: The purple one

There appears to be some pattern to these crates, but it's unclear exactly what it is.

Common Convoy


League Rewards

These are pretty straightforward, but you get crates every time you move up a division or a league. In higher leagues, you're guaranteed Epic Crates or even multiple Epic Crates!

Of course, "get higher get more rewards" isn't particularly useful advice, particularly since you can see the rewards right on the map. However, these rewards are unique per faction. So even if you prefer one faction, you can double your rewards by playing the other faction as well. You're getting cards for them, you might as well take advantage of it!

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