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"Dislyte": How to Get Relics for Your Characters

Cassidy is an author and a scientist who enjoys playing mobile games in his free time.

Relic equip screen in "Dislyte" for Li Ling

Relic equip screen in "Dislyte" for Li Ling

Dislyte is a mythology-based role-playing gacha game set in an urban environment with a heavy emphasis on music. Progress in the game relies on obtaining various characters with different abilities and enhancing them through ascension and by equipping them with high level relics. Here I describe how to obtain and level up these relics.

What Are Relics in "Dislyte"?

Relics are essentially the same as equipment or runes in other games. Each character, known in game as an esper, has slots for six unique relics, which come in tiers up to 6 stars. These increase a character's attributes to make them a formidable fighting force, with higher tier relics providing higher attribute bonuses.

There are two types of relics:

  1. Una, which come in sets of 4.
  2. Mui, which come in sets of 2.

Relics provide a boost to both a main attribute and up to 4 secondary attributes. The main attributes granted differ depending on the slot, as described in the picture and summarized below:

Relic Overview screen in "Dislyte" part 1

Relic Overview screen in "Dislyte" part 1

  • Una I, the triangle, grants a fixed flat ATK bonus.
  • Una II, the circle, grants either a C. RATE, C. DMG, ATK, ATK%, DEF, DEF%, HP, or HP% bonus.
  • Una III, the diamond, grants a fixed flat DEF bonus.
  • Una IV, the square, grants either an ACC, RESIST, ATK, ATK%, DEF, DEF%, HP, or HP% bonus.
  • Mui I, the hexagon, grants a fixed flat HP bonus.
  • Mui II, the spade, grants either a SPD, ATK, ATK%, DEF, DEF%, HP, or HP% bonus.

Secondary attributes are random for all slots and may include HP, HP%, ATK, ATK%, DEF, DEF%, SPD, ACC, RESIST, C. RATE, or C. DMG.

Relics may be obtained with 0-4 secondary attributes, which are graded as:

  • 0: Shoddy
  • 1: Good
  • 2: Elite
  • 3: Superior
  • 4: Flawless

Leveling up a relic will provide a new secondary attribute up to 4 total every 3 levels. If a relic already has all 4, a current secondary attribute will get a boost instead.

Relic Overview screen in "Dislyte" part 2

Relic Overview screen in "Dislyte" part 2

Equipping a character with all 4 Una relics from the same set or both Mui relics from the same set provides an additional bonus as described below.

Una set bonuses:

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  • War Machine: ATK +30%
  • Hades: +35% Lifesteal
  • Abiding Panacea: Healing Efficacy +30%
  • Wind Walker: SPD +25%
  • Ocean Waves: 35% chance of reducing all ability cooldowns by 1 at the start of each turn
  • Hammer of Thor: C. DMG +40%
  • Tyranny of Zeus: dealing damage has a 20% chance of stunning target for 1 turn
  • Snow Dowager: 20% chance of freezing target for 1 turn when taking damage
  • Astral Witchcraft: increases SPD of allied espers afflicted with disables by 50

Mui set bonuses:

  • Master Grove: HP +25%
  • Incandescence: C. RATE +20%
  • Stoneveins: DEF +25%
  • Sword Avatara: 25% chance of counterattack upon taking damage
  • Apollo's Bow: ACC +25%
  • Adamantine: all allies start each wave of a battle with a shield equal to 15% max HP for 2 turns
  • Immensus Peak: RESIST +25%
  • The Enchanter: 30% chance of extending poison and bleed debuffs inflicted by 1 turn
  • The Light Above: begins each wave of a battle with immunity for 1 turn

How Do You Upgrade Relics?

The attribute bonuses provided by relics are increased through relic enhancement up to relic level +15. This is accessed by clicking on a relic and selecting Enhance. You can then upgrade your relic by paying Gold. The chance of success depends on the relic level, with a lower chance (and higher cost) at higher levels. However, you are guaranteed to upgrade the relic after a certain number of attempts.

Every level a relic is upgraded improves its main attribute. And as mentioned above, every 3 levels, another secondary attribute is added to the relic up to a maximum of 4. Once a relic has all 4 secondary attributes, one of these secondary attributes at random is improved every 3 levels instead of adding a new one.

Relic Enhancement screen in "Dislyte"

Relic Enhancement screen in "Dislyte"

How Do You Get Relics?

There are a number of ways to obtain relics, including:

  1. Story stage rewards
  2. Ritual Miracle
  3. Relic Fusion
  4. Shops
Relic story stage rewards in "Dislyte"

Relic story stage rewards in "Dislyte"

Story Stage Rewards

Completing stages in story mode provide low tier relics. Different chapters in story mode provide relics from different sets. Completing a chapter sometimes also provides a full set of relics. While this is an easy way to get relics, you will likely not use these low tier relics for long because you will soon get better ones. Unfortunately, even purgatory mode (the highest difficulty) only provides 3- to 4-star relics.

How to access Ritual Miracle in "Dislyte"

How to access Ritual Miracle in "Dislyte"

Ritual Miracle

The main way to get high tier relics is through Ritual Miracle. This is accessed through the Trials screen, as shown above. This is essentially a boss battle with 1 of 3 boss options, each providing relics of different sets upon successful battle completion. These bosses are Kronos, Apep, and Fafnir. The bosses can be challenged in difficulties ranging from 1-10, with completion of higher difficulty battles providing higher tier relics. I will provide tips for defeating these bosses below, but you can also check out the bosses' skills and teams other players have used to beat them by clicking on the Strategy Guide, which can be accessed by clicking the button in the black box shown below.

Kronos Ritual Miracle screen in "Dislyte"

Kronos Ritual Miracle screen in "Dislyte"


Defeating Kronos grants relics from the following sets:

  • War Machine
  • Astral Witchcraft
  • Wind Walker
  • Master Grove
  • Stoneveins
  • Apollo's Bow

Kronos' battle style relies on dealing heavy damage and gaining an extra turn by defeating one of your espers. When he is able to have multiple turns in a row, he can devastate your team. The minion to the right can also send him to the top of the turn order, so watch out for that.

The best way to handle Kronos is by limiting his ability to take turns, especially multiple turns in a row. Many people use Sander to slow and incapacitate Kronos. You can also use multiple healers combined with shields and defense buffs to prevent any of your espers from dying and giving Kronos an advantage.

You can see the team I use to auto Kronos on difficulty 10 above. While I don't have any particularly good healers, Chang Pu and Ye Suhua work fine and are easily accessible. I also use Lucas to reduce Kronos' AP and reduce his turn frequency. You could also use Melanie, who is much easier to obtain. Finally, I use the two damage dealers Li Ling and Lin Xiao to take Kronos down. These can be replaced by other heavy hitters if need be.

Apep Ritual Miracle screen in "Dislyte"

Apep Ritual Miracle screen in "Dislyte"


Defeating Apep grants relics from the following sets:

  • Hades
  • Abiding Panacea
  • Ocean Waves
  • Sword Avatara
  • Adamantine
  • Incandescence

Apep's battle style relies on poisoning your espers and then detonating those poison stacks to inflict massive damage. He also has a passive attack that occurs after a certain number of times he is hit, so watch that countdown number on the skill carefully if you are manually fighting.

The best way to counter him is through immunity. You will likely need multiple characters to provide immunity to stretch the buff over as many turns as possible. Slowing down Apep or speeding up your team can also help so he has fewer chances to inflict poison. Also, due to his hit countdown passive, you will want to avoid using espers with multiple attacks as this helps Apep strike more frequently.

The team I use to auto Apep on difficulty 10 is shown above. I rely on Gabrielle and Chang Pu for immunity. Ye Suhua offers protection and invincibility in a pinch. Melanie speeds up the team and slows down Apep. And Lin Xiao deals the damage.

Fafnir Ritual Miracle screen in "Dislyte"

Fafnir Ritual Miracle screen in "Dislyte"


Defeating Fafnir grants relics from the following sets:

  • Tyranny of Zeus
  • Snow Dowager
  • Hammer of Thor
  • The Enchanter
  • Immensus Peak
  • The Light Above

Fafnir is the most difficult of the three Ritual Miracle bosses to defeat. He has five levels of health, and each time he loses one level, he freezes the last esper who attacked and gains immunity to a certain number of attacks. If the immunity is not cleared, he deals massive damage to the frozen esper. Fafnir also inflicts speed down and stun, which can make it hard to clear the immunity buff, and he gets stronger when there are fewer espers left alive on your team. Plus one of his minions inflicts the diseased debuff, preventing your espers from healing.

The best way to defeat Fafnir is through the use of espers with multiple attacks. It is essential to clear Fafnir's immunity buff before he can kill your frozen esper. You will also likely need a character to provide immunity for your team, or speed down, stun, and diseased will severely hamper your ability to take down Fafnir.

I have yet to be able to beat Fafnir on difficulty 10, but I have beaten him manually on difficulty 9 using the team shown above. Gabrielle and Chang Pu provide immunity, and Chang Pu also provides healing. Meanwhile Li Ling and Tang Yun are multi-attack damage dealers. Lucas is just an extra multi-attacker but otherwise is pretty useless. I am currently raising up Lu Yi, a more powerful multi-attacking esper, to take his place.

How to access Expeditions in "Dislyte"

How to access Expeditions in "Dislyte"

Ritual Miracle Expeditions

Once you beat a particular difficulty of the Ritual Miracle bosses, you unlock the Expedition for that boss at that difficulty. You can access Expeditions through the Trials screen as shown above. Expeditions for 2 of the 3 bosses are available each day, and they alternate. Sending your espers on an Expedition takes 8 hours and provides you with rewards corresponding to the Expedition selected. You can still use your espers elsewhere in the game while they are on an Expedition, so don't worry about conserving your best espers and instead try to match the espers sent with the bonus rewards criteria shown. You get 3 new tickets to go on an Expedition per day and can hold 4 at a time. Don't forget to take advantage of these daily as they can provide great rewards. This is especially true if you struggle to complete higher difficulty boss fights. Just completing them once will unlock the Expedition for that difficulty and allow you to receive the corresponding rewards without having to complete the battle again.

How to access Relic Fusion in "Dislyte"

How to access Relic Fusion in "Dislyte"

Relic Fusion

Another way to obtain relics is through Relic Fusion. This is accessed through the War Room, which can be found by scrolling left on the main screen. Relic Fusion allows you to create random relics of a chosen set at a tier level from 4 to 6 stars. 4-star relics require 40 Relic Dust, 5-star relics require 50 Relic Crystals, and 6-star relics require 60 Relic Essence. These materials are primarily obtained by completing stages in Cube Miracle, which can be accessed through the Trials screen and refreshes every 2 days. You can also fuse 3 lower tier materials into the next highest tier material by clicking on the Power Fusion button as shown below.

How to access Power Fusion in Relic Fusion in "Dislyte"

How to access Power Fusion in Relic Fusion in "Dislyte"


The final way to obtain relics is through the Shops. The Gold Shop has a random assortment of relics and refreshes frequently, so check often if you are looking for a particular relic with optimal attributes. The Tournament Shop has a complete set (2 relics) of 6-star The Light Above relics available. And the Cube Shop has a full set of 6-star War Machine relics and 6-star Adamantine relics. At a minimum, I would recommend purchasing the War Machine set (you'll notice I've purchased 3 out of the 4 in the image below, shown equipped to Li Ling in the first image of this article), as it can give you an advantage early in the game. You can also purchase Relic Essence from the Cube Shop for Relic Fusion.

Relics available to purchase in the Shops in "Dislyte"

Relics available to purchase in the Shops in "Dislyte"

How Can I Sell Relics I Don't Need?

In the process of farming for all the relics you want, you will end up with many subpar relics you don't need. These can be sold for Gold, which is particularly helpful since enhancing relics costs a significant amount of Gold (especially to get to +15).

To sell your unwanted relics, click on Inventory in the right-hand menu on the home screen, as shown below. Then select Relics at the top, click on any relic, and select Sell. This will bring you to the Sell Relic screen. Don't worry if the relic you clicked is one you are currently using. You will have to select relics on the Sell Relic screen itself to actually sell them.

The Sell Relic screen allows you to sell whichever relics you don't want. You can choose one at a time or filter for sets, tier levels, slots, and number of secondary attributes and then choose Select All to sell quickly in bulk. This will provide more Gold to enhance the relics you actually want to use. Happy hunting!

How to access the Sell Relic screen in "Dislyte"

How to access the Sell Relic screen in "Dislyte"

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