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"Disney Heroes: Battle Mode" Guide: Tips and Cheats for Beginners

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If you are a fan of the Disney movies and characters, then you don't want to miss playing Disney Heroes: Battle Mode. Perblue Entertainment's mobile strategy game has become one of the most popular mobile games of its genre. It is no wonder that a lot of players are trying out this game—not to mention that the number of new players is increasing daily.

Tricks and Strategies for New Players

If you're a new player looking for a great guide that will help you start the game, you're in the right place. This guide will tackle Disney Heroes: Battle Mode cheats, tips, tricks, and strategy.

Check out the advice we've listed below to get a good overview of the game and learn how to effectively and efficiently progress through the game.

A quest list in the game.

A quest list in the game.

Level Up your Team by Completing Quests and Campaigns

Like with any other role-playing game, the level of your hero plays a significant part in the game. This guide will give you a shortcut on how to efficiently level up your team.

Quest Experience and Rewards

Completing quests in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode rewards you a specific amount of experience which will help you increase your team level. The higher the team level that you have, the higher will be the max level of your heroes and the more features will be unlocked in the game. Thus, it is very important that you complete all daily quests to maximize the amount of team experience you can gain. Apart from that, coins, diamonds and friend experience may also be included as a reward depending on the completed daily quest.

Campaign Experience and Rewards

The campaign lets you follow through the story of the game. It goes through a series of fights against various Disney heroes. Each campaign rewards you team experience, coins and badges. As the campaign level increases, better rewards will be received by your team.

Other than that, Disney Heroes’ campaign also has an Elite Area and Friends Area.

  • Elite Area: The Elite Area is more difficult than the Normal Area but it includes Hero Chips as rewards. You can get new heroes or upgrade your existing ones by collecting Hero Chips from the Elite Campaign. However, each level requires more energy than any of the Normal Area Levels and each level is limited to a number of runs.
  • Friends Area: On the other hand, the Friends Area in Campaign consists of levels which rewards friend experience and memory disks for a specific pair of friends.
Medals Waiting to be Claimed

Medals Waiting to be Claimed

Medals for Milestones

Don’t forget to collect medals as you progress through the game. Disney Heroes: Battle Mode rewards you for achieving a milestone in the game. Reaching a specific team level, collecting a specific number of heroes, completing a new campaign stage and evolving your heroes are just some of the achievements which are rewarded in the game.

Increase Your Hero’s Power Effectively

There are five ways to increase your hero’s power. Here are the five ways emphasized in this guide:

  1. Leveling up
  2. Adding badges
  3. Upgrading skills
  4. Unlocking memory disks
  5. Evolving your hero's star rating

1. Leveling Up

Your hero’s maximum level is limited by your team level. The higher your team level is, the higher is the maximum level of your hero. Make sure to use those drinks in leveling up your heroes since they are pretty common. In fact, you can get them from Port runs. Don’t try to save them but do spend them wisely.

Featuring Buzz Lightyear!

Featuring Buzz Lightyear!

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2. Adding Badges

Adding badges to your hero increases your hero’s stats. The stat increase is temporary and will be lost once you promote your hero. Promoting your hero is done by completing 6 of your hero’s badges. This will increase your hero’s stats permanently so it is best that you try to complete 6 of your hero’s badges as much as possible. However, if you have a difficulty completing the badges, then you can improve the stat increase by enhancing your badges at the cost of badges and gold coins.

3. Upgrading Skills

Always upgrade your hero’s skills if you have available skill points and gold coins. Upgrading your hero’s skills might be a bit expensive but they are definitely a game changer during battle. It drastically changes the course of the battle especially if you have the right combination of skills. Skill points are very limited so take time to analyze which skills should be prioritized and which skills should go last.

One of Yax's Memory Disk

One of Yax's Memory Disk

4. Unlocking Memory Disks

Heroes can be further strengthened by unlocking special passive abilities which you can get by unlocking your hero’s memory disks. Memory disks are unlocked by completing your hero’s friend campaign. You can increase the level of your disk and upgrade its star rating by joining friend missions.

5. Evolving Your Hero's Star Rating

Your heroes are rated by stars. The higher the hero’s star rating is the more efficient they are in combat. To improve your hero’s star rating, evolve them by collecting chips of your heroes. You can buy chips directly from the market or you can farm them from the Elite Area Campaign.

Participate in PVP Through the Arena and the Coliseum

Unlocking hero chips is one of the main reasons why you should join PVP in the Arena or in the Coliseum. Defeating a player in either of the two PVP area gets you to a specific rank. Gaining a rank earns you a reward. The degree of the reward significantly depends on your rank. Ranking on the top 5 will give you the best reward. Aside from that, it will promote you to a higher bracket level which means better rewards.

The Top 5 Ranks in my Current Bracket

The Top 5 Ranks in my Current Bracket

How the Arena Works

The Arena lets you pick your 5 best heroes to compete with another player’s 5 best heroes. Obviously, the team with the last man standing wins the fight. Try to earn the highest rank especially if most of the players have significantly less power than yours. Climb up to a bracket wherein the average team level of most players is around your team level. Once you reach that bracket, defeat other players while not trying to go to the top 5 ranks. That way, you’ll still be able to win in the arena. Go up a higher bracket once your enemies have significantly lower power than yours.

Best 5 Heroes listed on the 1st Set of Battle in the Coliseum

Best 5 Heroes listed on the 1st Set of Battle in the Coliseum

How the Coliseum Works

The Coliseum is like the Arena but in a massive scale. Its a 15 by 15 hero battle divided into three sets in which 5 heroes are to be chosen to fight for each set. Winning each set earns you a rank in the Coliseum. However, it's not that easy to win all sets. In offense mode, you have to make sure that your heroes are fairly distributed to each set in order to guarantee a win for each set. In defense mode, on the other hand, keep 5 of your strongest heroes in 1 set. Successfully defending at least 1 set in the Coliseum, wins you the whole battle.

Plus, unlock a new hero or collect hero chips by opening the Guild Crate from the Guild coins you’ve collected. It's fairly easy to earn Guild Coins so you’d definitely be able to collect a couple of hero chips from the crate.

Enjoy Perks by Joining a Guild

If you’re thinking of joining a guild war by joining a guild, then you are probably wrong. Joining a guild doesn’t get you to join a guild war, but it unlocks useful perks and events for you. Perks are benefits that you get to enjoy once the guild has enough Guild Influence to unlock it. Additional stamina, additional maximum skill points, additional shop slots, and hero boosts are just some of the perks you can enjoy once your guild can unlock them.

Other than that, joining a guild unlocks the Surge, City Watch and Heist events for you. These are good events that reward you currencies which you can use to buy hero chips from their respective shops. Ofcourse, Guild Perks will improve your runs in these events by giving you additional mercenaries to hire and boosts on your runs.

Opening Crates

Opening Crates

What Crates Can Contain

Crates offer you random badges, hero chips and even heroes. There multiple types of crates. Naturally, you have to pay to open a crate but crates can also be opened for free. You just have to check what time they can be opened for free. Don’t ignore them though, I got my Buzz Lightyear from a free Diamond Crate.

Enjoy the Game

The content in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode is definitely vast. But this guide can help you get started!

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