Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle Game Tips

Updated on November 1, 2017

Dokkan Battle

Dokkan Battle
Dokkan Battle | Source

Dragon Ball!

As someone that's grown up with Dragon Ball in all its forms, I was one of the first players to pick up Dokkan Battles. And after a couple of weeks, I put it down since they were still finding their form. There weren't enough quality toons, there was no Dragon Ball Super, and even the amount of game modes were measly. Did I mention that it hogged resources and crashed a lot too?

Well, after getting sucked back in to Dragon Ball Super and getting a new phone, I was ready to dive back in to Dokkan Battles, and I am positively loving it! It's become my game of choice because it rewards me for knowing all the different toons and story lines—it's a Dragonball lover's dream.

But how was I going to catch up to players that had a one or two year head start? Well, that's where the tips come in.

UR Toons Help

UR Toons Help
UR Toons Help | Source

Events and Quests

Your two primary game modes are events and the quest mode. Normally, you'd progress through quests since that's how you get dragon balls, and the energy requirements are generally lower. But the rewards are accordingly lower, especially when it comes to experience.

Events, on the other hand, can often push you half an experience level or more with a single try. You're able to supercharge your level and grow your team cost to accommodate better toons. Plus, depending on the event, a lot of them come with a chance to acquire SR toons and/or high level training and awakening items which you'll need a lot of.

But events often require more energy, so the only solution is to alternate. If you only do events, you'll miss out on maximizing the energy refill when you reach a new level. The goal is to achieve as much as you can in terms of beat quests and events, and then get a full refill of energy with the new level. Make sense?

Golden Frieza

Golden Frieza still gives me the creeps
Golden Frieza still gives me the creeps | Source

Quick Note on Dragon Stones

Dragon stones are the major currency since you'll be using them to summon new fighters, and thankfully, there are countless ways to pick them up. Here are the most important:

  • Completing quest and events - When you complete a new quest or a new difficulty level, you earn a dragon stone. Considering 2-3 difficulty levels per event or quest, that's enough dragon stones for almost anyone.
  • Missions - Normally in a game, I'd pay more attention to the missions since that's how you earn the premium currency. But in Dokkan Battle, you don't need to sweat the missions. Play as normal and you'll be rewarded with all kinds of goodies including more dragon stones.

Dokkan Battle Summons

Multi-Summon vs Summon

When starting it, it's always tempting to blow your first 5 dragon stones on your first summon. After all, if that ends up being an SSR Super Saiyan God Goku, that's going to make a big difference even when you're at level 50! But because of what I mentioned above, you're not going to have any problems getting dragon stones.

On top of that, Multi-Summon often comes with additional perks, either being discounted from 50 to 40 dragon stones, or the inclusion of items (2 Elder Kais is the most recent offer). So you could end up getting 10 toons for the price of 8 plus 2 Super Attack level upgrades in the form of Elder Kai!? Total no-brainer.

Maybe most importantly is the quality control - the game wants you to do multi-summon because those options have the newest, shiniest, and most powerful toons you can get your hands on. I couldn't complain when my pack of 10 toons included SSJ3 Vegeta GT, Super Saiyan God Goku, SSJ3 Gotenks, and Super Saiyan Broly. These are some of the most memorable characters in Dragon Ball history! And also a big improvement over Krillin and Android 18.

Leader Skill

Please, please pay attention to leader skill when you're setting up a team. As is true with the Dragon Ball series itself, not all characters are equal, and it's most visible when it comes to leaders.

My original SR Piccolo was good for 20% HP to all toons - not too bad.

My SSR Zamasu leadership one week later was Ki+2 for all tons, plus 20% HP and ATK

Crazy different! And as with all things, a strong leader makes up for other deficiencies you may have, or allow you to stock up on 1-2 character types (more on that in the next section).

Leaders matter.

Dragon Balls for Allies

Everyone knows that it takes 7 Dragon Balls to summon Shenron and get things going. In Dokkan Battle, the Dragon Balls aren't as useful as in the cartoon, but you can still get a significant boost to your team early on.

Dragon Balls are only available in the Quest mode, and so you'll organically pick these up early on as you play the easy Quest levels. The game is begging you to get Dragon Balls early and often.

So for your first wish, go with the "I want more allies" option because that nets you additional character slots and Dragon Stones for your next multi-summon. This speeds up your ability to pick up a strong toon or two so you can take on more Events and ramp up your squad.

Senzu Beans and Healing Items

Healing items are absolutely key as you play Dokkan Battle because they'll allow you to stretch out a weak team against stronger opponents. Chief among these are the senzu beans (straight from Korin/Karin) which fully fill your health meter and remove any status ailments. As they're the most iconic healing item from the cartoon, the game doles them out in spades and you won't have any issues keeping them in stock.

In fact, if you're taking 3 items into a given battle, I recommend that 2 of them be healing items (1 drink and 1 senzu bean) so that you're covered.

Link Skills

Lastly, I'd like to speak to Link Skills - essentially placing friendly allies next to one another can lead to boosts in offense, defense, ki. For example, you can see a benefit when putting Fused characters next to one another (Gotenks and Vegito) or when putting strong ladies together (Caulifla and Videl). These link skills can sometimes be a lifesaver like when you inevitably don't have good match-ups for your existing squad. Likewise, link skills can also take a strong team over the top since it can highlight an awesome match-up.

Link skills are important to keep in mind as you fill out your roster because you'll want to have a full squad of toons that play nice together, whether that means you go fully GT, fully Saiyans, or Z Fighters.


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