Dragon Friends Review

Updated on August 18, 2016
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Build a thriving farm and collect magical dragons with Dragon Friends! Published by Toast and developed by Innospark, this mobile game combines all the best elements of casual gaming in one adorable, free-to-play game. Grow crops, build a town, collect, and breed magical animals as well as socializing with and helping your friends.


Dragon Friends is available for Android phones and is free to download and play. Play as the curator of a small island inhabited by dragons and villagers called "Shy’s." Your mission is to help these islanders to recover from the mean Green Witch’s attack which destroyed the island and its magic.


Grow crops to earn coins and complete missions for more rewards. Use the earned currency to build new buildings, decorations, upgrades, and animals. Once you have your island village started, it’s time start breeding!

Breeding and collecting is possibly the most enjoyable part of playing Dragon Friends. Breeding different creatures allows players to discover interesting different breeds. Experimenting will create animals in different colors and players will be rewarded with new breeds that have unique magical abilities.

Populate your island with tangerine sheep and pink cats. You’ll also discover dragons of all different elemental types from an Earth dragon to a Fairy or Spectre dragon. Once you get going you’ll have a sky full of adorable dragons flying around. Soon enough you’ll need to expand your island to make room for all the dragons you’ll be breeding!

As you discover different dragon breeds they’ll be unlocked in a collection book. Seeing all the possible types of creatures you can own will motivate you to keep playing and discover all the game has to offer. Breeding dragons is exciting as you anticipate their hatching and then level them up by feeding them.

It’s rewarding to see your island develop and grow. Its fun to chat with your friends, provide care for their island, and bless their dragons to speed up their breeding time and reward you with extra gems. The more you play the more you’ll discover in Dragon Friends, guaranteeing hours of fun-filled gameplay.


In-App Purchases

In-app purchases allow players to increase their in-game currency and more quickly develop their island and dragons. If you’d rather not open up your wallet, you don’t need to. The game is completely free-to-play. You’ll just need to be patient and diligent with your crops and livestock while relying on the help of your friends.


While you’re away the island keeps going. Crops grow, Shy’s tend the farm, dragons level up and friends can visit. Dragon Friends has everything you want in a casual mobile game and it’s just a tad bit addictive to boot. Check out Dragon Friends available for download from Amazon and Google Play.

4 stars for Dragon Friends


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      3 years ago

      Dragon friends has had its problems for years, Server issues that chuck you back to your ipad dashboard at an instant.Innospark add new dragons as a matter of routine, the database has grown such that seaching for the right elements is tedious and boring.

      They seem to overlook the fact that the database only ever grows with no way of reducing which dosnt make any sense for the future. They dont help this seaching by not showing the elements for the nedded adoption balloon or the 200% breeding ones.

      The social side of the game is best but the rest soon becomes a mundae bore.


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