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Five Essential "Emoji Blitz" Tips for Beginners

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KA Hanna is a Disney enthusiast who has played "Emoji Blitz" since it was released. She is currently on Level 96.

A high-scoring round in "Emoji Blitz"! Get some tips to help you advance faster in the game.

A high-scoring round in "Emoji Blitz"! Get some tips to help you advance faster in the game.

Disney Emoji Blitz: The Basics

Disney Emoji Blitz is a fast and fun "match 3" type of casual game that allows players to unlock and collect Disney emojis. Once collected on your smartphone or device, the emojis are available for you to use in messaging apps and on social media. The goal of the game is to quickly match 3, 4, or 5 similar emojis on the playing board, earn as many points as you can, and collect as many coins as possible during a 60-second round.

How to Get Better at the Game

If you're new to Emoji Blitz, here are some tips that can help improve your gameplay experience and help you advance more quickly to earn new emojis.

  1. Choose Your Champion Wisely!
  2. Remember That Strategy Counts
  3. Learn to Shoot a Combo
  4. Always Spin the Free Prize Wheel
  5. Use Boosts Wisely
My favorite emoji champion is the unassuming Randall. His point value is high, his power makes it easier to get Rainbow Stars and Sunshines, and he seems to go into powerup mode quickly.

My favorite emoji champion is the unassuming Randall. His point value is high, his power makes it easier to get Rainbow Stars and Sunshines, and he seems to go into powerup mode quickly.

Tip 1: Choose Your Champion Wisely!

To play, you will select a "hero" or "champion" emoji from your collection. This is the emoji that will "power up" as you match emojis in combinations of 3, 4, or 5 during a round of play. Your goal is to clear missions so that you can "level up."

While you could choose a hero emoji at random, it is always a good idea to leverage your hero's special power against the missions you are trying to clear. For example, if one of your missions is to clear 22 Sunshines during Blitz mode, it would be a good idea to use a champion emoji like Cinderella, who turns emojis into Sunshine as her special power.

Some emojis, like Jiminy Cricket, have powers that aren't always easy to use. Jiminy Cricket will plop down a Rainbow Star, but getting Jiminy to full power takes a long time; you might be lucky to get two Rainbow Stars in a 60-second game. A better strategy might be to use emojis that create duplicates of themselves at power-ups. See the table below for a list of my favorite emojis to leverage against specific missions.

My Favorite Emojis to Use

Choose your champion emoji wisely to help clear missions and advance levels.

EmojiPowerWhen to Use Them


Extra Randall emoji

Rainbow Stars missions

The Genie

Extra Genie emoji

Rainbow Stars missions



Sunshine missions


Clears a row

Clear bottom row or Clear top row missions

Mickey Mouse

Lightning Clouds

Lightning Cloud missions

Captain Jack Sparrow

Drops Treasure

More coins missions


x3 points

High score missions, or high coins missions

Tinker Bell

Random powerups

Sunshine missions or Rainbow Stars missions


Clears bottom emoji

Clear bottom row missions or Clear lower board missions


Clears random emoji

Blitz missions or Emoji power missions


Clears rows of emoji

Clear lower board missions


Extra Pascal emoji

Rainbow Stars missions

Tip 2: Remember That Strategy Counts

While getting a high score is a great thing, sometimes you have to sacrifice getting a high score in order to clear a mission. Some difficult missions, like clearing eight Rainbow Stars in one game, might mean that your gameplay will need to be more strategic. In the Rainbow Stars example, this means that you will need to look for opportunities to match 5 emoji, rather than 3, so your play will necessarily be more deliberate. Using a champion like Randall or The Genie might increase your opportunities to match 5 as well.

Other missions that might call for more strategic thinking are those that require collecting large numbers of coins. Again, selecting an appropriate champion like Sebastian might be helpful, and your strategy for play needs to be careful. Sebastian's power makes matches worth three times more points, so clearing as many emoji as possible during Blitz will add coins and points. To do this, a good strategy is to save up Rainbow Stars and Sunshines, and use them as combos during Blitz.

Tip 3: Learn to Shoot a Combo

A combo means combining two or more powerups in order to increase their power or effectiveness. For example, one lightening cloud by itself might clear a row, but combining two lightening clouds will clear three rows—the row the clouds are on, plus the ones above and below.

If you have the opportunity to use a combo over using the powerups individually, it is almost always better to use the combo. Combos are very useful when it comes to quickly clearing lots of emojis and increasing your score. A Rainbow Star plus Collection Item combo is useful to collect more items.

The table below shows how combos work.

Combos for "Emoji Blitz"

Common combos in "Emoji Blitz"

ComboWhat Happens

Two Lightning Clouds

Clears three rows or columns, the one where the clouds are plus the two rows or columns adjacent

Three Lightning Clouds

Clears four rows or columns

Two Sunshines

Clears three rows and columns, up-down and left-right from the Sunshines

Lightning Cloud + Sunshine

Clears rows and columns up-down, left-right, and diagonally

Rainbow Star + Lightning Cloud

Replaces emoji with Lightning Clouds

Rainbow Star + Sunshine

Replaces emoji with Sunshine

Rainbow Star + Rainbow Star

Clears board of all emoji

Rainbow Star + Collection Item

Additional Collection Items appear on board

Spin the Free Prize wheel once every 8 hours to gather coins, gems, lives, and more.

Spin the Free Prize wheel once every 8 hours to gather coins, gems, lives, and more.

Tip 4: Always Spin the Free Prize Wheel

The Free Prize Wheel is easy to overlook, but it is an easy way to possibly pick up gems or lives. You can spin the Free Prize Wheel once every 8 hours (or more often, if you don't mind watching an ad.) The most common prize is 300 coins, but you can also get gems, lives, boosts, and the occasional "big" treasure chest filled with random good things.

You can use your gems to switch out missions that are seemingly impossible to accomplish. For example, I use gems to switch when I have a "clear emojis" mission for emojis that I don't have yet.

Boosts can be used to enhance your game performance, but use them wisely!

Boosts can be used to enhance your game performance, but use them wisely!

Tip 5: Use Boosts Wisely

Boosts can give you an edge when you want a high score, but it isn't always necessary. In fact, a boost may not help you at all in some circumstances. For example, if you are trying to clear a "collect 8 items" mission, you might think that using a "more items" boost will help. Unfortunately, you don't know ahead of time exactly how many items to expect, so a "more items" boost might simply mean you'll get 2 items during the game instead of 1.

I might use a "more items" boost with an emoji that increases my chances of getting Rainbow Stars, like Randall or The Genie. Then, I can try to combo a Rainbow Star with a collection item. This will create more collection items that I can then try to collect.

You want to use boosts when you have a play strategy in mind, when you have the right mission, and when you have the right champion in play. I sometimes will use boosts when I have a "use emoji's power mode x times" mission. In that situation, my strategy is to use Bambi as my champion, because Bambi seems to go into powerup mode fairly quickly. I'll also use an "extra time" boost, plus a "full power" boost.

Play for Fun

Like any game, it is easy to become overly attached to playing, especially when there are so many wonderful Disney emojis to collect. My advice is to play for fun, to train yourself to quickly match 4 and then 5 emoji to gain power-ups, and to focus on developing strategies for best game play.

Questions & Answers

Question: What is a daily challenge in Emoji Blitz?

Answer: A Daily Challenge can be thought of as a “game within a game.” You find them by clicking on the top right tab on the play screen. There are three timed challenges (Easy, Medium, and Hard) that last for a day, and then refresh to three new challenges. Sometimes, a Daily Challenge will show up as a Mission to complete as well. Successfully completing a Daily Challenge results in earning a prize, like coins or a treasure chest with one or more goodies like power-ups or gems. When you play a Daily Challenge, you are limited to choosing from four champion emojis that are presented to you. After you use an emoji, it must recharge (sleep) for a period of time before you can use it again. This might impact your ability to play the Daily Challenge if you only have one or two of the four emojis that can be used in that particular Challenge.

Question: How exactly are coins and points calculated in Emoji Blitz? I only know by matching emojis. Is it by the number of matches in a move, what emoji is matched, or does each emoji have its value?

Answer: Calculation of points is based upon the score value of each emoji that you own. You can find this information on the emoji collection screen. Select the icon of an emoji that you own from the set at the bottom of the screen, and the score value and level of that emoji will appear at the top of the screen. When you clear emojis in a match during play, this is the point value you earn for each emoji cleared. During Blitz, I believe you get extra points based on your level, but I’m not sure how exactly it is calculated. Coins are a different animal, and seems to be dependent upon how quickly you play, blitz vs. regular play, and match type. For example, I’ve gotten one to three coins for matching three emojis, but I haven’t been able to confirm the circumstances necessary to gain three versus one coin. I have noticed that the faster I play, and the more “cascades” of matching that occurs will result in more coins. You can also gain coins for popping balloons on the score screen at the end of a round of play.

Question: How do you get suns in the game Emoji Blitz?

Answer: To get “Suns” or “Sunshines,” you need to match emojis in an “L” type pattern. The L can be oriented in any direction, and can be part of a larger “ + “ pattern. You can also use a Sunshine Boost, which will turn any clouds (four in a row or column) into Sunshines.

Question: In Emoji Blitz, do you only get five lives at a time? Why am I losing a life each time I play?

Answer: Yes, in basic play, you get five lives, and you use one life per 60 second round of play. You can gain extra lives by winning them on the prize wheel, or by earning them for every 7 minutes on the clock. So, if you run out of lives, you can allow time to pass and build up new lives. If you select/hit the “lives” indicator on the play screen, it will tell you how much time you will need to wait until you earn a new life.

Question: What does it mean to use a full-power boost in Emoji Blitz?

Answer: A full-power boost means that when you start the game, your champion emoji will be ready to use its special power immediately. You will see the champion (in the lower left corner of the screen) bounce up and down, indicating that it is ready to use its special power. Tap that emoji with your finger, and the full-power boost will happen. Once you have used the boost, the game goes back to usual, where you have to clear emojis to build up the champion to its full-power mode.

Question: How can you power up an emoji's special power?

Answer: To "level up" an emoji's special power, you need to get a duplicate of that emoji, usually by buying a silver or gold box, or otherwise earning the emoji. When you "level up" an emoji, its special power gets stronger.

To "power up" an emoji's special power means that while your hero emoji is in play, you clear instances of the hero emoji from the play board. As you clear instances of the hero emoji during play, you gain points, which translates into filling the power bar for the hero emoji. When the power bar is filled completely, the emoji is "powered up" and its special power is active. At that point, you'll see the hero emoji in the lower left area of the screen bounce lightly up and down (it is easy to miss during play.) When you see the emoji bouncing, tap on it to invoke its special power and use it.

Question: What if you have one more collection item and you have done everything to get the last one. What should I do?

Answer: I feel your pain, I’ve been trying to collect one more picnic basket since forever. Eventually you will get a chance to collect that missing item; it’s by random chance that it will show up, and it can take awhile to happen. If you don’t have the “lucky with” emoji in your collection, you can try using emojis that are in the same “family.” For example, if getting the collection item is “lucky with” Simba, and you don’t have Simba, try using another Lion King emoji. Also, try going back to Mickey. I don’t know if Mickey is generally lucky, but I’ve had really good luck getting elusive items with Mickey. Finally, the more you play in general, the more chances you have of getting an elusive collection item to show up.

Question: How do you get a collection item in the Emoji Blitz game if the emoji it suggests to use you don’t have or are you just stuck until you get it?

Answer: Collection items are randomly introduced during play, so you don’t have to have the suggested emoji to collect it. The suggested emoji will only make the collection item come up slightly more often during play. What I do is to try “related” emoji, or rotate through several to try and get different collection items.

Question: This Emoji Blitz mission says to pop 20 balloons on the round result board. Which Emoji should I use?

Answer: That particular mission does not require an emoji. Rather, at the end of the round (on the Round Results screen,) when you see the balloons float up, start tapping the balloons with your finger as quickly as you can. Tapping a balloon will make it pop.

Question: Do you win anything for being on the leaderboard of Emoji Blitz?

Answer: Yes! At the end of the week, if you are still on the leaderboard, you will get some number of coins. the exact amount will depend upon your placement.

Question: How do you boost an emoji’s point value in Emoji Blitz?

Answer: When an emoji levels up, the point value will change. An emoji will level up when you collect its duplicate from a silver or gold or diamond box. You will also see a point value boost when you are in blitz mode, or when you level up by using a rainbow lightning bolt boost. Also, I am not positive, but I think if you play an emoji a lot, it will gradually increase its point value.

Question: In Emoji Blitz, how do I find my "previous high score" so I know what score I am trying to beat for a mission?

Answer: You’ll want to see the “Leaderboard” to view your “previous high score” to beat. The Leaderboard is viewed on the tab that looks like a trophy - it’s the second tab from the left. Once there, look for your player name on the Leaderboard, and you will see your score. (There are only eight players listed at any time, so it is easy to find your score in the list.)

Question: How do you level up emoji special power in Emoji Blitz?

Answer: Emojis “level up” when you collect a duplicate emoji, either from a silver or a gold box, diamond box, or otherwise earning the emoji.

Question: In the game Emoji Blitz, what are the yellow and blue sparkle flowing through the screen on non-game pages?

Answer: Sparkles are used to draw attention to certain things, like when a round is done and you see your score, when you are playing for “Magic Keys,” when you have collected another special “group” emoji, or when you complete an items collection board. If you are continually seeing sparkles, I would tab through the various screens to see if there is an action or condition that you are being alerted to. Don’t forget to look to see if the “groups” button is showing, and click on it if it is.

Question: I’m on Level 17 of Emoji Blitz, and the daily bonuses have suddenly disappeared. Why is this?

Answer: Thanks for your question, I believe that daily bonuses and “prize calendar” are meant for brand new players, and that once you collect all the prizes, it goes away. What I am not sure of is how you were able to continue getting bonuses all the way to Level 17. I think I stopped getting the bonuses after only a few days of play and at a low level. You must be a really good, fast player!

Question: In Emoji Blitz, on the rounds screen, how do you know how many points each emoji gets?

Answer: When you play a round, you should momentarily see point values for emojis as you clear them. On your Emoji Collection screen, you can see the point value for each emoji that you own. Just select the emoji icon from the lower part of the screen, and score (point) value and level number of the selected emoji will appear at the top of the screen. During play, it is this point value that is momentarily displayed when emojis are cleared. The point values are higher during blitz, and I believe that the multiplier is based upon your play level, but don’t quote me on that. I haven’t yet confirmed that 100% - I base my assumption on my observations while playing the game.

Question: What is a blitz start boost in the game Emoji Blitz?

Answer: When you use a blitz start boost, it means that your game will immediately begin in blitz mode. You can find the blitz start boost on the Boost screen (where you hit the play button to start the game.) Sometimes a blitz start boost is helpful in clearing a blitz challenge. This type of challenge will read something like “Clear 6 blitz in one game.” It’s pretty easy to go into blitz mode 2 or 3 times in a game, but to get more than that, it might make sense to use a boost.

Question: How do I use the Bambi power-up in Emoji Blitz?

Answer: Bambi’s power-up is most useful when trying to clear a power-up challenge. These are challenges that generally read something like: “use an emoji’s power x times during a game.” Bambi seems to power-up more quickly that other emojis, so I tend to use Bambi as my hero emoji specifically for clearing power-up challenges. To get Bambi to reach full power during a game, match him in 3’s, 4’s or 5’s.

Question: How do I earn lives in Emoji Blitz?

Answer: Lives are earned over about 7 minutes of play time. You get one life free every seven minutes. The other way is to try to get lives as a free prize when you spin the prize wheel. The other way is to watch an advert video on the lives panel, or by spinning the prize wheel.

Question: When playing Emoji Blitz, there’s a mission involving using an ! box emoji. what does that mean?

Answer: I believe that means to use a Rainbow box emoji. The Rainbow box has an exclamation point on it. You earn a Rainbow box emoji, it cannot be bought. For example, at level 100 you earn YenSid. At level 200, you earn the Fairy Godmother. You can earn Dug as well. If you haven’t earned any Rainbow Box emojis, it would be best to change out that challenge for a different one.

Question: How do you design your own emoji?

Answer: I’m guessing you mean how do you make a Disney emoji avatar for your Emoji Blitz game play? You can use their EmojifyMe app, and then save the avatar you create.

Question: What Pixar emoji is good for getting 20 sunshine’s in blitz mode I just can’t seem to pass this one an really don’t want to use 20 diamonds to switch?

Answer: This is a really tough challenge to beat! I had good luck with Randall, but your mileage may vary!

Question: How do you figure out the number of emojis you’ve cleared on the board to help you complete a mission in Emoji Blitz?

Answer: On the Missions screen, you should see a count for each mission that will tell you how you did on your last round of play. For example, a mission to clear 1500 emoji might read “1320 to go” after a round. Then you’ll know that you cleared 180 emoji, and have 1320 left to clear in subsequent rounds. Missions to clear a certain number of emoji in a single game might read something like “Last game: 87.”

Question: In Emoji Blitz, what do you do if you’re trying to get sorcerer Mickey and you’re on the very last item of the very last challenge, and you’ve done everything to get the collection item?

Answer: I would keep playing, and I would try to clear the board as many times as possible to get new collection items to appear. Also, I’d probably also use a “More Items” boost, and maybe a time boost as well, because the collection items are pretty random, and I’d want to do whatever possible to increase opportunities to get additional collection items in hopes that the one I wanted showed up. For your champion emoji, try using one that will power up quickly, go into blitz quickly, or that will otherwise help your clear multiple emoji quickly.

Question: I can't add emojis to my Android phone (Note9) , what can I do?

Answer: First ensure that you have the keyboard turned on in your phone settings: Go to "Settings" menu and select (tap) "Languages and Input" Then select "Current Keyboard" and then "Choose Keyboard." At this point, you should see the Emoji Blitz keyboard as a selection. Select the Emoji Blitz keyboard and be sure that switch to the right of it is green. Once the Emoji Blitz keyboard is set up for your phone, you will need to switch to the Blitz keyboard within whatever messaging app you are using in order to use the emojis.

Question: What causes blitz mode in the game Emoji Blitz? Number emojis cleared, points, etc?

Answer: Blitz occurs when the Blitz power bar fills up as a result of emojis cleared from the board. I am not certain how emoji point value plays into the equation, but it is true that some emoji champions will get you into blitz mode more often in a round of play than others. So, I have to believe that it is some combination of emojis cleared and the point value of your champion champion, but don’t quote me on that.

Question: What is a mission in the Emoji Blitz game?

Answer: A mission is an activity you need to complete as a part of a level of play. There is a Missions screen, indicated by the tab with the star on it. Each level has a number of missions that must be accomplished if you want to “level up.” An example mission might say something like “Gain 1000 coins,” or “Use 16 rainbow stars during blitz.” Of course, if you don’t want to “level up,” you can still play Emoji Blitz just for fun!

Question: I keep getting the same character in the silver box, is there a pattern when you purchase silver boxes in Emoji Blitz?

Answer: For the box emoji, I believe that the odds of getting any particular emoji are equal. You can get the same character until you’ve reached the max level for that emoji. When you have leveled up as high as is possible for a particular emoji, then you won’t get that emoji any more.

Question: How do I use Simba’s power-up 6 times in the Emoji Blitz game?

Answer: It is very difficult to get 6 power-ups in one round, but it is possible. The way that I have done it is to first be sure that Simba is selected as “champion,” and then use multiple boosts in the round, including “full power,” “extra time,” “blitz,” and “sunshine” boosts selected from the Boosts screen. This does not always work the first time, or even in subsequent tries, but with the right conditions, it does work. You have to play very fast, and be somewhat lucky enough to get lots of Simba emojis in play.

Question: In Emoji Blitz, if I have no lives, I can't play the game again until seven minutes pass by, correct? How does that make any sense?

Answer: It’s pretty typical for casual games like this one to have limits imposed on free lives. You can get additional “free” lives, limited to 3 per day I believe, by clicking on the “Get Lives” button on the Lives screen and watching an ad. You can also try your luck at the Prize Wheel, which may or may not reward you with lives. Another option is to use your diamonds to buy lives on the Lives screen. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait the requisite 7 minutes for the next life to show up. Sorry, believe me, I feel your pain.

Question: How do I use an emoji's power in Emoji Blitz?

Answer: A champion emoji’s power builds up during play. When the emoji is fully powered, you will see your champion, in the lower left corner of the screen, bounce up and down. Tap your champion with your finger, which will then activate its power. Some emojis require you to take additional action to fully use the emoji’s special power. For example, you will need to rapidly tap Mushu’s gong to power up his special power, or select which row to “freeze” when using Elsa’s special power.

Question: After an emoji has reached max level in Emoji Blitz, can I buy more of said emoji?

Answer: At this time, it does not appear to be possible to level-up beyond an emoji's max level. The maxed emoji becomes unavailable when you go to purchase silver or gold box emojis. This could, of course, change, so keep an eye out!

Question: In Emoji Blitz, what is a sunshine boost?

Answer: A sunshine boost is found on the “Boosts” page, which is the page you see just before a round is played. A sunshine boost will turn clouds into sunshines. That means that, with a sunshine boost, every time you match 4 emojis in a row, you get a sunshine instead of a cloud. A sunshine boost can be useful when you have a mission that requires you to clear some number of sunshines, or to clear double sunshines.

Question: What is the !Rainbow emoji in Emoji Blitz?

Answer: The !Rainbow box emoji are: Dug, YenSid, and Fairy Godmother. You can’t buy these emoji, but you can earn them. YenSid is earned at level 100, Fairy Godmother at level 200, and Dug is earned when you invite a certain number of players to join Emoji Blitz as new players. I believe there are other conditions for earning the Dug emoji as well.

Question: What can I use my Emoji Blitz coins for?

Answer: You can use coins to buy silver or gold box emojis. It takes 15,000 coins for a silver box, and 30,000 for a gold box. You can also use coins to buy boosts.

Question: How do I use a sunshine boost in Emoji Blitz?

Answer: A sunshine boost is selected from the Boosts screen, which comes up after you select the Play button. Selecting a sunshine boost will then turn any lightening clouds into sunshines during your next game. In other words, every time you match 4 in a row, you will get a sunshine instead of a lightning cloud. This can be helpful if you are trying to clear a mission that requires you to get a certain number of sunshines, or if you are trying to get combos involving sunshines.

Question: How do I get the most out of an emoji while playing Emoji Blitz? What do I do to the alien claw to pick up more emojis?

Answer: During blitz, you get a multiplier (a bonus) that is applied to the emoji score. This means that during blitz mode, any emoji that you clear is worth more points than usual. The multiplier depends on what play level you are currently at. To get the most value out of blitz mode, you want to use combos as much as you can, and clear emojis as fast as you can. Speed is important because you get an additional 5 seconds during blitz, so you have to make the most of the extra time. If, during blitz, you can use a rainbow star on your champion emoji, or really any high-value emoji, you can really maximize those points. The Alien claw picks up a set number of emojis, which is dependent upon the emoji level that you are at. So, when you level-up the Alien emoji, the claw will pick up more emojis when you use the Alien's special power during play.

Question: In Emoji Blitz, how do you find the emoji you won for your keyboard?

Answer: To use the emoji that you win, you will need to make sure that your settings allow Emoji Blitz to have keyboard access. On Mac products like iPad and iPhone, go to "settings" and scroll down to your list of apps. Select "Emoji Blitz" and then on the part of the screen that says "Allow Emoji Blitz to access," select "Keyboards," and make sure the permission for Emoji Blitz is turned on. This should make the Disney emojis available to your other apps. For example, in the Facebook app, this will make the usual "select emoji" icon (usually a smiley) appear as a globe. Select the globe and you'll get options to choose the Disney emoji or your regular emoji. (Note: if you don't see the Disney option right away, select the "ABC" option, which should toggle back to the Disney emoji.)

Question: Which is an Up emoji in the game Emoji Blitz?

Answer: I believe you are asking about emojis from the movie Up. These include Carl and Russell, both gold box emojis. There is also a Dug emoji that you currently can only get by having some number of your Facebook friends join Emoji Blitz.

Question: What does it mean to "use Mickey's power 10 times" in Emoji Blitz?

Answer: To “use Mickey’s power 10 times” means to start by using the Mickey emoji as your champion. Then play so that Mickey’s special power becomes active, and then use Mickey’s special power. You will need to activate and use Mickey’s power 10 times in order to clear the challenge, which means this will take more than 1 round of play to accomplish.

Question: I have a goal that says to use a more-items boost. What is a more-items boost and how do I use it?

Answer: You select a more-items boost from the boost screen, which generally appears just prior to starting a game. The more-items boost will usually make additional items available for collections in the game. However, you don’t know in advance how many items were expected to be played without the boost. The number of collection items in any given game is random. This means that, if your next game is expected to have 1 collection item, then using a more-items boost might simply add 1 additional item, giving you only 2 total items to collect in that game. So, I generally only use the more-items boost to clear a goal. I don’t usually use it in hopes of collecting specific items.

Question: How do you use an emoji’s power in Emoji Blitz?

Answer: As you play a round, your champion emoji’s power builds up. When it is at full power, you will see your champion (in the lower left corner of your game screen) bounce up and down. While it is bouncing, tap the emoji, which will activate the emoji’s special power. Depending on which emoji it is, the power will then commence without you having to do anything more, or you may need to interact with it to use the power. For example, you may need to tap on Mushu’s gong, or trace a pattern for Sorcerer Mickey.

Question: How do you change score value in Emoji Blitz?

Answer: Score value changes when the emoji levels up, which occurs when you get a duplicate of that emoji from a silver or gold box. You can also use the multicolor lightening bolt to level up, but getting one of those lightening bolts is pretty rare.It used to be that if you played one emoji a lot, it would increase score value, but I’m not certain that is still the case.

Question: How do I use the emojis from Emoji Blitz in messaging?

Answer: To use the emojis in your messaging apps, you have to go into your settings, find the Emoji Blitz app under “settings,” and then select “keyboards.” Under “keyboards,” make sure the Emoji Blitz keyboard access is allowed, and ensure that “full access” to all keyboards is allowed. Then, when you are in a messaging app, you should see the Mickey ears symbol, which allows you to see all your Disney emoji. You select the emoji you want to use and “copy” them. Then “paste” the emoji into your message. It’s a little clunky for now, but perhaps one day it will improve and be like using any other emoji.

Question: What emoji is the silver box with the ghost skull in Emoji Blitz?

Answer: The only skull type emojis I know of are Hector, and the Hatbox Ghost. Both are gold box emojis, though. Hector is from the movie Coco, and Hatbox ghost is from the Haunted Mansion.

Question: In Emoji Blitz, What do the emoji power levels mean? How do I get one to level up?

Answer: Emoji levels indicate the strength of their special power. When you buy an emoji (Silver or Gold box) from the emoji store, and you get a duplicate to an emoji you already have, your emoji will “level up," meaning its special power will get stronger/better. When you have achieved the highest level for an emoji, you will no longer get duplicates. Currently, some special emojis are at its highest level when you get it.


KA Hanna (author) from America's Finest City on June 10, 2020:

Hi Adolfo,

To get that many clouds in a game, you may need to try a couple different strategies. One strategy is to use Jimini Cricket, which makes a star. Try to leave any clouds you get during play next to where Jiminy drops the star (star will usually drop in the same location) and then do a combo star-cloud to make lots of clouds. Then you can clear a bunch of clouds at once. Another strategy is to use Mickey, which makes clouds, but you will probably still need to do a combo star-cloud to make more clouds. Finally, if you are able to get close to the 38 clouds but run out of time, use a time boost to help.

Adolfo Menjivar on June 10, 2020:

what you recommend for getting doing 38 clouds in one game , thanks..

Mar on May 17, 2020:

Thank youuuu!!

KA Hanna (author) from America's Finest City on October 24, 2019:

Hi Carrie, I am guessing that you mean an emoji with big ears? This category includes any emoji with larger than average ears, like Mickey or Minnie. I personally like to use NickWilde for this challenge. I don’t know of a “big earned” category of emoji.

Carrie on October 24, 2019:

One mission says score 2.8 million with a big earned emoji. What is a big earned emoji

KA Hanna (author) from America's Finest City on May 16, 2019:

Thank you for your question, Steph! Emoji levels indicate the strength of their special power. When you buy an emoji box (Silver or Gold box) from the emoji store, an emoji will “level up” if you get its duplicate. When you have achieved the highest level for an emoji, you will no longer get duplicates. Currently, some special emojis are at its highest level when you get it.

steph. on May 15, 2019:

what do the different levels mean for each emoji, and how do i get them to level up ?