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Updated on March 2, 2017
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Saarith has been playing Eve Online since 2004 and touched upon most aspects of the game.

The World of Eve Online

The world of Eve Online is a dark and harsh place were only the elite rise to the top. In this game the smart and ruthless prevail. There are very few limits on what you can do within the game. If you want to be a space pirate you are free to do so, you can manufacture goods to sell on the market, you can mine materials for the manufacturers or just indulge in the various PvE activities within the game. You can also join with the many alliances that rule the non-secure sectors of space.

A Rifter frigate after attacking an Armageddon Battleship.
A Rifter frigate after attacking an Armageddon Battleship. | Source

Eve Online is a level-less sandbox game were you advance not in levels but skills over time. You can concentrate you skills in one sector or train them all, it's up to you. The progressing of skills takes place regardless of you being logged in the game, as such this game is really suitable for people that have somewhat limited gaming time. However, like all games, the more time you spend the faster you advance. In Eve Online, skills matter ( both player and character ) but wealth plays a very significant role and in alliance warfare, wealth and organization becomes the main factor of success, instead of individual skills.

Unlike most MMO's in Eve online theft, espionage, scamming and general asshattery is allowed, even encouraged up to a point and although griefing is frowned upon there is not much that is generally considered griefing. I will go over the main aspects of the game on this page and hopefully you will be intrigued enough to try it out.

The Basics

Your character is effectively an immortal. He is a pod pilot with technology to replace his memory in a clone at pre designed station. If the pod that houses his body is destroyed the consciousness of the pod pilot is teleported into the new clone.

The currency in eve is ISK (Inter Stellar Kredits). You start out in the game with a small amount and much of players efforts go into acquiring more to purchase better ships and ship modules, skillbooks for more skills, cybernetic implants and so forth as death in Eve Online has real consequences. If your ship gets destroyed you will lose it in addition to your modules and if your pod is destroyed you also lose all your cybernetic implants. You can insure the ship but that covers only part of the cost of replacing it. There is a golden rule in eve. "Fly what you can afford to lose".

Caldari freighters over a planet.
Caldari freighters over a planet. | Source

As you start the game you can choose to go solo or try to get into a corporation. Corporations are like guilds and clans in other games. A group of like-minded pilots that work together to further the corporations goals and their own. Corporations can then band together to form alliances. Some of the stronger alliances control hundreds of solar systems with members in the thousands. A struggle between alliances can lead to battles were thousands of ships fight each other for control of a single solar system.

One of the things you need to keep an eye on is your skills. The skill system is a time-based system that does not depend on you being logged in or doing anything. When you set a skill to train it gives you the time needed to train it. After that time has passed you can start training another skill. Recently they have removed the skill queue so you can plan your skill progression easily.

The world of Eve Online is structured into 4 different levels of security. SEcurity levels 1.0 - 0.5 is called high-sec and you are mostly safe there. Your starting location will be in a 1.0 security system. If someone tries to kill you in those systems the police ( Concord ) will show up and blow them away. However, Concord has a response time and suicide ganking as it is called is an industry in the game. Low-sec has security of rating 0.4-0.1. In this area there is no Concord. However, players that kill other players here are punished with lower standings and you get kill-rights. Security standing 0.0 is called null-sec. This area is a free for all zone with no laws or consequences other than those imposed by other players. In addition to this there is wormhole space which is similar to null-sec in many ways.

Trial Accounts

On the Eve Online homepage you can get a trial account. The trial account lasts for 14 days in which you can experience most of the world of Eve. There are some few things that are not allowed on a trial account, but if you are a new player you will not even notice as they cost to much money to attain.

After the trial ends you can purchase the game with a free month of gametime. The game offers you to pay with a monthly subscription or with game time cards. Also, the in-game market has pilot license extensions that you can buy for ISK to extend your subscription. Many veterans pay for their game time using those only.

Starting Out

Starting out in Eve Online can be really hard. You begin with creating an avatar and I strongly recommend playing through the tutorial.

After the tutorial you are sitting there in your starter ship probably wondering what to do next. You have some isk, but you can't seem to be able to buy anything useful with it. So after you have started training some skill in the skill tab you need to get more ISK, which is the currency used in Eve Online. The more you have the better as you need isk to buy ships, ship modules, skillbooks, implants and other stuff.

At this point there are only two reasonable things to do to get more money. Mining and killing 'rats'. I would recommend mining as it is easier for a first time player. To mine you need to head over to the nearest asteroid belt. Be sure you are still in a 1.0 security system to avoid 'rats', you can see the system security in the top left corner. After you have mined your cargo hold full you can fly back to the station and sell it on the market. Repeat this a few times and you have some money to spend. This may sound really boring and truth be told it is. But this is just the beginning, if you stick with the game for a little while you will see how it opens up in every direction.

Gallentte destroyer leaving base.
Gallentte destroyer leaving base. | Source

I Have Some ISK Now.

Now that we have some ISK to spend the choices start to pop up for us. Were to go next. Lets go over the possibilities. Have in mind that there are great tutorials on the eve forums for every segment discussed in this section.

1. More asteroid mining. You can advance in the industry side of the game by starting a mining career. By training skills and purchasing ships, modules, implants and skillbooks your mining yields can increase near a hundredfold. Getting to an elite mining position takes about 3 months time, during which you can earn even more money. There are also great tutorials on the Eve Online forums.

2. Planetary mining. I would recommend this to any newcomer as it's a relatively easy passive ISK source. It does however cost a little bit of money to get started but well worth it in the long run.

3. Killing rats. As you have some ISK now you can buy a decent frigate, fit it with useful combat mods and ammo ( don't forget the ammo) and take it to kill 'rats'. 'rats' are a slang for NPC pirates that inhabit the lower security asteroid belts. Just be careful not to go below 0.5 security as that is the beginning of low sec space were you can be killed by other players easily.

4. Mission running. If you want to go the combat road then running missions is a good way to start getting more ISK and familiarizing yourself with the controls.

These activities are the most common for new pod pilots. As you gain in skill and wealth you can participate effectively in manufacturing, research, trading, factional warfare, incursions, wormholes and large scale pvp battles. There is a huge amount of ways to earn isk in eve online.

Lastly you should always be ready to fight. Eve Online is a PvP game at it's core. From the moment you arrive you will have access to pvp combat, either as a member of a mercenary corp fighting empire wars, a pirate in low-sec or a tackler in null-sec, players that want to actively be in PvP always find a home.

So what are you waiting for, join us in Eve Online and carve out your own legacy.

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