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Late Game Guide for "Farmville 2: Country Escape"!

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A guide filled with tips, cheats, tricks and hints for playing Farmville 2: Country Escape!

A guide filled with tips, cheats, tricks and hints for playing Farmville 2: Country Escape!

Farmville 2: Country Escape is a mobile game available on Android and iOS devices, which allows you to run a farm, plant crops, tend to animals, produce goods, sell farm products, play with friends, and more!

While getting starting in the game is fairly easy (and I've even created a guide to help new players get started), there are some things introduced in the late-game that you'll really want some extra help with, like completing complex orders for Marie's Order Board, winning the County Fair, gaining points in the Boat Race, completing orders for The Mariner, getting animals for your Animal Park, and excelling at timed events. Here's some late-game tips for Farmville 2: Country Escape!

You can download this game for iOS and Android.

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Animal Park

The Animal Park is fairly straightforward, but here are some tips:

  • The Animal Park will request the same items typically, so always have these goods ready to make: Socks, Herb Butter, Blackberry Pie, Blackberry Tart and Corn Husk Doll. It may also ask for other things like Granola Bars, Crab Cakes, Pan Fries, etc. but less frequently and in smaller quantities.
  • Always send the maximum amount of Farm Hands out in the truck. You get more points for more Farm Hands. If you don’t have any free Farm Hands, at least ask for one in your co-op and send the borrowed one. You want to complete as many Trailers as you can to earn more rewards per week and unlock more Delivery Points/Animal Cash.
  • Reach your personal goal on Marie’s Order Board each week to win Rubber. Rubber can be used with Timber to unlock a better Trailer. The better Trailer gives more points per delivery. Only rent the Trailer when you have spare Farm Hands ready to send it out completely full.
When your barn is full, click the "x" on items you don't need to delete them!

When your barn is full, click the "x" on items you don't need to delete them!

Barn Management

One of the hardest parts of the game is having enough space in your barn. The natural way to have a larger barn is by simply upgrading it, using tools, tin and coins.

However, here are some other tips to manage your barn space:

  • Throw away Padlocks, Nails, and Lightbulbs. When your barn gets close to being full (the meter bar turns red), you can look inside and you’ll see an “X” on the items you can delete. Unfortunately, you can only throw all the items out at once (e.g. you can’t just delete 5 out of 10 padlocks), but you can free up space this way. Padlocks and nails can easily be earned again through foraging, watching videos, or at the Prize Tent. Lightbulbs are useless unless you really want to expand your back porch.
  • Throw away other unnecessary tools, unless you’re close to unlocking a new area of the Animal Park. For example, if your next unlock requires only Axes and Rakes, but you have Shears, throw the Shears away. You’ll earn them again when you need them.
  • Turn your raw materials into products. Find out what you can make with your raw goods. For example, if you have a bunch of Brass and Wool, you can start making Plush Cats. Or if you have an abundance of Clams, make Clam Chowder. Products always sell more than the raw goods, plus you’ll earn County Fair points when you harvest your machine, and free up space in your barn. You can either sell the products directly in the Global Market (don’t forget to sell them at the highest price), or refresh Marie’s Order Board until you come up with an order that requests them.
  • Participate in Boat Race to get a barn expansion. If you and your co-op do well in Boat Race, you’ll earn the Boat Race Legend Cadet Tulio who gives a max of 20 extra space in your Barn, Silo and Seaway Storage (your co-op needs to reach Sailboat III league to win him).
  • Use the Power Pins from Animal Park rewards. After saving 6 animals, you earn the Happy Hoarder Pin which can be redeemed at the Prize Tent and gives 20+ barn space (and stacks with the Boat Race expansion). 18 animals unlocks Happy Hoarder Pin II, which gives 40+ barn space!

Boat Race

The Boat Race can be intimidating, but here’s some tips to reach your goal each time:

  • Save your Prized Animal Ribbons and only turn them in when you have a task to redeem an award at the Prize Tent. You can save up to 100 each of Yellow, Red, and Blue ribbons. Redeeming rewards at the tent takes seconds. So you can complete this task very quick and easily, and turn your ribbons into keys, or stamps!
  • If you get a task to feed a Show Animal “X amount of times” start up at least 2 Show Animals at once. Feed the animals with whatever goods you already have on hand or can craft quickly, and skip the requests you can’t do. You will easily reach your goal if you do it this way. I normally do 3 Show Animals at once and can complete feeding them (even feeding them 48 times) within a few hours.
  • If you see a task for the Mariner, make sure you have the Mariner active and ready to submit an order for him. Accept the task before you sell anything to the Mariner and then sell away to quickly complete your goal.
  • If you take the task that requires you to complete “X number” of planes with Eagle Eye Eddie, use the Ready Eddie Pin. This Pin makes Eddy come back as soon as he flies away, rather than waiting a few hours. If you get an Eddy order that’s too hard to complete, skip it; he’ll come right back after a few seconds. Check the order and see if you can complete it; if so, do- if not, skip again until you get a better one.
Make sure to ONLY select Boat Race tasks you can complete!

Make sure to ONLY select Boat Race tasks you can complete!

  • Earning Country Fair Points is also easy to complete for Boat Race (see above tips for Country Fair). Make sure you have your bonuses on and you’ll reach the goal in no time.
  • Try to avoid harder tasks, like making items that require a lot of rare goods (Quartz, Tin, Wood, etc.), but accept easy ones like making 12 Brie Cheese, etc. Also don’t accept the Nick’s Knicknacks tasks (they may be easy to complete, but you have to wait for Nick to return to do another), sending Farm Hands to Pappy’s Pond multiple times (takes 8 hours, unless you won a Power Pin that shortens the time), or any Sophia’s Tasting Table tasks (while you can usually easily fill the cheese and fruit orders, it takes a long time and a lot of Quartz to make most of the drinks she wants).
  • Other easy tasks: Sending Farm Hands to POI multiple times (choose tasks that ask you to go to Grandmas Glade or Merryweather Mine, as they are the fastest POI and take the easiest items to open), Sending Farm Hands (if you’re in a big co-op you can send farm hands easily if everyone is requesting them), Complete Orders on Marie’s Board (easy, and you should be doing this any way to reach your personal and co-op goals).
  • Don’t accept tasks unless you know you can quickly complete them (by quickly, I’d say 16 hours or less)! It hurts your co-op if you reject a task or just don’t complete it at all, and if you’re stuck on a task for multiple days, it slows down your progress and can lead to your co-op failing the race!
Always consider buying a boost to get 2x or 3x points in the fair!

Always consider buying a boost to get 2x or 3x points in the fair!

County Fair

Tips for scoring high in the County Fair:

  • Use bonuses! You get a free bonus at the start of each fair once you reach your personal goal. After that, you can use coins to buy 2x points and 3x points. You can use keys to get higher bonuses, but I don’t recommend using keys for this.
  • Always have your machines running and make sure you harvest when your bonuses are active. The bonus will run out after 24 hours, so make sure you keep an eye on it before you harvest anything.
  • Make items that give high points: typically, anything that requires items from The Lighthouse/Cove/Water Plots, like Dried Fruit, Spinach Bread, Fisherman’s Hat, Cove Punch, Rain Slicker, Sea Biscuits, Smoked Trout, as well as Lemon Zest and Pillow. Additionally, you can turn around and sell most of these items at the Mariner’s Board or on Marie’s Order Board, or of course, the Global Market, earning you more coins to use for your next bonus.

Marie’s Order Board

Marie’s Order Board can be a pain; the more orders you do and the higher the level you are, the bigger requests she asks of you.

Tips for Marie’s Order Board:

  • Skip and refresh the orders you can’t complete until you find ones you can.
  • Only take an order that you know you can complete within the 5-day time frame (and ideally a lot faster than that).
  • You can “Ask” your co-op to complete your orders for you. If they complete your order, you get double the points on your Co-Op Goal board. Reaching your Co-Op Goal each week unlocks an extra Farm Hand.
  • Don’t waste rare items on Marie. I never complete orders that use Quartz, Wood, or Duck Feathers on Marie; save these goods for your Mariner orders or something else. Keep refreshing until you get simple orders that just require crops and easy to find products (like Green Grapes, Strawberry Milk, or Overalls). Or if you have an abundance of something (e.g., Brass and you get an order for Compass) feel free to complete it.
Don't be afraid to skip a difficult Mariner Order!  The one if this picture isn't too hard, so I'd complete it.

Don't be afraid to skip a difficult Mariner Order! The one if this picture isn't too hard, so I'd complete it.

Mariner’s Orders

Tips for completing Mariner’s Orders:

  • Always keep on hand one each of Royal Sextant, Antique Diving Helmet, and Silver Anchor- the Mariner will always request at least one of these.
  • Start making your next order as soon as you complete the last one. Though you won’t know the exact quantity until the Mariner arrives after 2 hours, if you get a request for things like Woollen Scarf or Knit Cap, you’ll always need at least 14-20 of them.
  • Same with Glass Floats: he’ll usually request 14+ so start making them immediately.
  • If the Mariner asks for a Canvas Tote, you only need to make 1, he’ll never ask for more.
  • You can skip orders that are too hard. When the Mariner arrives, look at the order and decide if you want to complete it. Don’t sell anything yet! On the bottom right of his board, there will be a red skip button. Skip the order. If you sell even one item, you won’t be able to skip and will have to wait 3 days for his order to refresh. After skipping, just wait 2 hours for the next order.
  • Personally, if I see orders with Quilts, I skip them. The Mariner will ask you for anything between 8-24 Quilts, which take 2 Duck Feathers and 6 Wool each. Since you can only get 1 Duck Feather per trip to Mallard’s Mill, it can take a long time to accumulate enough feathers. Unless you have Duck Feathers or Quilts already stored, or a co-op that can help, it’s not worth trying to do the Quilt order.

Show Pigs and Show Sheep

One question you'll probably ask yourself after a while- are show pigs and show sheep even worth doing?

Yes, and no. First, you have to pay coins to start feeding a show animal (unless a friend or co-op member has invited you to help them with an animal for free, or you've unlocked a show animal from the last weigh-in). Also, feeding show animals means producing a lot of products and feeding them to your greedy little pigs and sheep, and you don't get coins back per each item you feed, either.

However, depending on how fat your pig/sheep gets at the end of the 3-day weigh-in, you'll receive a reward: coins, keys, helping hands, speed grow, a free show animal for next round, and maybe even a costume if you make it to "bonus mode."

The costumes are purely decorative (though you can win keys in the game for unlocking costumes on your show animals!), but if you're into collections or like seeing cute little pigs dressed up in headbands roaming around your farm, they're fun to collect.

Personally, I only do show animals if I need to feed them for a boat race task, if a friend has invited me to join them, or when I have a bunch of spare products to get rid of in my barn. Show animals are also a great way to motivate yourself to create a lot of goods, which in turn will help you get a lot of points in the Country Fair!

Skip event tasks you can't easily complete, and wait ten minutes for the next one, which you hopefully can!

Skip event tasks you can't easily complete, and wait ten minutes for the next one, which you hopefully can!

Special Events

Special Events are run in the game pretty often. These events are always around a theme (like Father’s Day, or Earth Day) and require you to make special event items. You usually only have 5-14 days to complete the event and win the prize. Prizes are normally either a limited-time or permanent farm hand.

Tips for completing Events:

  • Before the event starts, clear out your barn! Craft and sell as much as you can from your Silo and Barn. You’ll need a lot of space.
  • Use your power pins: Make It Rain is always a good one (saves time watering crops), and depending on which goods you’ll need, Buttered Up Pin gives a chance of Butter when harvesting Cows, Spring Sheep Pin gives 6x wool per Sheep instead of 3, and Sweet Tooth Pin gives a chance of Sugar when harvesting Corn.
  • Keep an eye out in the Global Market for event items: a lot of times players will be at a higher level than you in the event and will sell the goods they don’t need. Snatch them up fast and use them for yourself.
  • Focus only on the event: don’t play Boat Race (unless your co-op needs to you), don’t worry about Marie’s Order Board, and definitely don’t worry about Show Animals or Animal Park, just focus on completing the event tasks
  • Keep your Farm Hands foraging for event items. Always have them at the points of interest (like Mallards Mill, Merryweather Mine, etc.) so they bring back event items. Some event items may only be given at Prized Animals, so have some Farm Hands there too.
  • If you have special Farm Hands, won from previous events, send them together to the special event point of interest (always located next to Nick’s Knicknacks) to forage. Special Farm Hands have the highest chance of bringing back special items.
  • Skip orders you can’t complete. Some Events will give 3 different items to complete at once. You can either fill these 3 orders, or skip them and replace them after a 10 minute wait. If you don’t have the products to make an order, or if making an order will take more than 10 minutes, skip it and wait for the next order that you can do.
  • Definitely don’t sell your event items, unless they are ones you have too many of and get easily. For example, on a recent event, I got 1 event item each time I went to Grandma’s Glade, and I was sending Farm Hands to Grandma’s Glade every 15 minutes because I also needed Blackberries for the event. In the end, I had 20 of this event item, but only needed one of it per product. I felt safe selling 15 of them because I could easily replenish them and never needed more than 1 at a time to make a product. Otherwise, hoard your event items!

The Global Market

Keep an eye out in the Global Market for items you need: refresh and browse every 5 minutes and be quick to buy whatever you need. You have to scroll fast and buy immediately before other players buy the item before you.

If you see raw goods like Quartz, Tin, Brass, Trout, Mint, Wood, Duck Feathers, Blackberries, and Chives, or crops like Lemons, Pears, and Red Grapes, buy them! These items are harder to come by through foraging or take a long time to grow/only harvest in small quantities.

It’s also a good idea to just buy things in the Global Market that are hard to make even if you don’t need them at the moment: items that are made with Quartz, Duck Feathers, and Brass, or items that take a long time to make like Corn Husk Dolls or even Socks, are worth buying and having a few of in your barn to quickly complete orders for Mariner, Eddie, Nick, Show Animals, etc.

The Lighthouse is definitely worth your hard-earned stamps!

The Lighthouse is definitely worth your hard-earned stamps!

The Lighthouse

To search in The Lighthouse, you’ll need a lot of stamps. Of course, you can buy stamps with real money or using keys, but I’ve never purchased any.

Tips for getting more Stamps for the Lighthouse:

  • Of course, you can collect them by completing Eddie’s orders (1 random stamp per order)
  • Watching the ads on the projector (you can watch up to ten videos (ads) a day)
  • Exchanging prized animal ribbons for stamps

The majority of my stamps come from the videos on the ad projector and turning in ribbons.

It’s always a good idea to keep your cove busy searching for nets; you can win so many items (everything from Quartz, to Brass, and Wood) and lots of keys and coins.

Farmhands and Where To Use Them

Looking for where to place your Farmhands? Look no further!

I've only included the Farmhands currently available in the game (as not all of us have won Farmhands through events).

Source: Farmville 2: Country Escape Wiki


Dr. Vivian

+ chance of Bass

+ chance of Trout


+1 Strawberry


+ chance of Chives

+1 Carrot


+1 Pearl

+1 Pearl

+2 Pearl

+1 Pearl


+1 Salmon

+ chance of Lobster and Pearl


+1 Blackberries


+ chance of Chives


+ chance of Tin


+ chance of Mint

+250 coins

St. Bernard

+1 Blackberry

+ chance of Bass

+2 Copper

+ chance of Lobster

Siamese Cat

+ chance of Chives

+1 Mint (if dropped)

+2 Tin

Tabby Cat

+ chance of 2 Chives

+1 Bass (if dropped)

+ chance of Pearl

Hound Dog

+1 Blackberry (but lowers chance of Chives)

+1 Bass (if dropped)

+ chance of Copper and bonus Quartz (if a special event version of the hound dog)

+ chance of Pearl

Border Collie

+ chance of Chives

+ chance of Mint (if dropped)

+ chance of Copper

Red Border Collie

+1 Blackberry

+ chance of Copper

+ chance of Lobster

Those are all my late game/advanced player tips for Farmville 2: Country Escape! Is there something I missed? Let me know in the comments below!

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