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"Figure Fantasy": A Guide to Gear

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Figure Fantasy

Figure Fantasy is an idle, team-building, gacha mobile game that released globally in 2021. In this game, you collect a multitude of different 3D figurines from in-game blind boxes and use them for the game's combat system.

In order to make your figures stronger you can increase their power through leveling them up, promoting them to higher ranks, increasing their skill levels, and equipping them with various gear sets. In this guide, I will be going over what gear is, how to obtain it, and give examples on what figures should have which gear sets.

What is Gear?

In Figure Fantasy, your figures have base stats—like attack and defense—that increase as you level and promote them. Gear is one of the main ways to further increase the various stats on each of your figures. Each figure has six main equipment slots which include:

  • Head
  • Body
  • Legs
  • Other
  • Hands
  • Feet

There are also two additional slots, Badges and Adornments, but I will cover those in a later guide.


How Does Gear Work?

There are three types of stats that each piece of gear has: dynamic primary, static primary, and substats.

The "dynamic primary" is the one that increases each time you level up, or "enhance", the gear piece. This stat is different for each piece. The following is what each piece of gear can have as its primary stat:

  • Hat - HP
  • Body - Attack
  • Legs - Attack, Attack %, Crit. %, Crit. Damage, Support Bonus, or Accuracy
  • Other - Health
  • Hands - Defense, or Defense %
  • Feet - Health, Health %, Defense, Defense %, Support Bonus, or Accuracy

The "static primary" is the stat that appears below the primary stat on the information screen, and it does not increase when you enhance your gear. When you reinforce a piece of gear, it will unlock a second static primary. The starting static primaries for each piece is listed below:

  • Hat - Crit %
  • Body - HP %
  • Legs - None
  • Other - Crit %
  • Hands - Attack %
  • Feet - None

The static primaries that you can unlock through reinforcement are listed below:

  • Hat - Attack
  • Body - Attack
  • Legs - Attack
  • Other - Health
  • Hands - Health
  • Feet - Health

The "substats" are unlocked every three levels (3, 6, 9 & 12) and are completely random. The possible substats are:

  • HP
  • HP %
  • Attack
  • Attack %
  • Defense
  • Defense %
  • Crit %
  • Crit. Damage
  • Support Bonus
  • Accuracy
An example of a gear piece with three substats.

An example of a gear piece with three substats.

In order to progress through the harder parts of the game, you will need to fully equip your figures with each of these different pieces of gear and periodically replace them with higher tier versions. So how do you acquire new gear pieces?

The Big Three

Unlocked after clearing Stage 9-1, The Big Three is the primary method for obtaining new gear pieces. It is split into, as you might have guessed, three separate group stages for each of the main brands; Let's Red, Tenma, and Galatea.

When challenging any of the groups you are limited to only using figures from that specified group. For example, if you choose to take on Let's Red you are limited to Let's Red figures like Suzumi, Megan, and Yuna. This is the main reason why you should keep all your figures regardless of how low level/rank they are as they can be used to fill out your Big Three teams.

Each time you successfully clear a floor of any of the brands you receive a "First Clear Reward" as well as the ability to "Sweep" that floor for additional gear drops.

The First Clear Rewards are hardly worth the effort it takes to clear the floor.

The First Clear Rewards are hardly worth the effort it takes to clear the floor.

The Big Three Team Guides

Higher Rank Gear

When you clear various stages of the Story, you will receive gear pieces as rewards. These pieces are white, green, and stripped green (Common). These pieces do not offer any set bonus, however, and are purely placeholder pieces until you are able to challenge The Big Three.

As you progress through the Big Three clearing certain floors will unlock higher rank gear. Those floors are listed below:

  • Floor 1 - Basic (Blue)
  • Floor 3 - Uncommon (Striped Blue)
  • Floor 4 - Super (Purple)
  • Floor 11 - Epic (Striped Purple)
  • Floor 17 - Legendary (Gold)
  • Floor 23 - Mythic (Striped Gold)
  • Floor 29 - Fabled (Pink)
  • Floor 35 - Reinforcement Material A
  • Floor 37 - Reinforcement Material B

The higher rank the gear the higher you are able to level them which also means the more substats they will have:

  • Basic: +3 max, and one substat
  • Uncommon & Super: +6 max, and two substats
  • Epic & Legendary: +9 max, and three substats
  • Mythic & Fabled: +12 max, and four substats

Gear Types

Each brand rewards its own unique gear sets which is the main reason you want to be progressing all three of them as much as you can.

Let's Red

  • Defense - This set boosts defense by 15% if you have two pieces equipped.
  • Ultimate Power - This set boosts the figure's ultimate power by 40% if you have four pieces equipped.
  • Attack Speed - This set boosts attack speed by 35% if four pieces are equipped.
  • Crit. Damage - This set boosts crit. damage by 15% if two pieces are equipped.


  • Attack Power - This set boosts attack power by 20% if four pieces are equipped.
  • Heal Set - This set boosts the restoration and shield effect(s) by 12% if two pieces are equipped.
  • Basic Attack Power - Boosts your figure's basic attack power by 18% if two pieces are equipped.
  • Support Bonus - Gives your figure a 25% support bonus (only works on Support figures).


  • Health -This set boosts health by 10% if you have two pieces equipped.
  • Crit. Rate - This set boosts your figure's critical rate by 10% if two pieces are equipped.
  • Leech - Gives your figure a 20% lifesteal if four pieces are equipped.
  • Initial Energy - Gives your figures 25 energy at the start of the battle if four pieces are equipped.
An example of the enhancement screen.

An example of the enhancement screen.

How to Enhance Your Gear

This is an early game mechanic that is available for Common gear and up. There are two ways to enhance your figures: care guides, and other gear parts.

There are two types of care guides. The first type you can use for any gear part and you get them as First Clear Rewards in The Big Three, as well as through sweeping previously cleared floors. You can also purchase them in the Store for gems, but I do not recommend that. They come in three rarities with the higher rarities giving more experience:

  • Standard Care Skill (Blue)
  • Advanced Care Skill (Purple)
  • Refined Care Skill (Gold)
Care Skill Guides

Care Skill Guides

The other type of care guides are gear specific. They come in the same rarities as listed above, and are mostly found in the store for various amounts of gold. In the early stages of the game you need a lot of gold in order to level up your figures, but towards the middle to late game you have plenty of gold to spend on things in the store. So I do recommend purchasing these care guides, but not until you're much further in the game.

As previously mentioned, gear pieces can also be used to enhance other gear pieces. If the gear piece you wanting to use as upgrade material has been previously enhanced, and it is below Mythic rarity, it will transfer 100% of its experience to the new pieces. If it is Mythic or above it will only transfer 60% of its total experience.

There is an option to sell your gear pieces for gold if your inventory is too full, but the amount of gold you get even for the higher rarities is so small that it's not worth it. Just use your excess gear pieces to level up your other ones.

An example of the reinforcement screen.

An example of the reinforcement screen.

How to Reinforce Your Gear

This is a late game mechanic that is only available for Fabled gear. When reinforced, the gear will gain an additional static primary. Not only do you need gold and stamps in order to reinforce, but you also need reinforcement material.

This material is obtained through The Big Three, and you need material from all three brands in order to reinforce a gear piece. Reinforcement material is obtainable starting at Floor 35 for each of the brands. You do not get any gear when you sweep these floors, so you shouldn't waste your fishbones until you have all three brands to at least Floor 35.

To reinforce your gear you simply click on the "reinforce" button that appears below the "enhance" button when you have the gear piece selected. This option will only appear on Fabled gear as previously mentioned. It will take you to a new screen as seen in the above image.

Gear Examples

Zarola - Ultimate Power & Crit. Damage

Her main strength is her ultimate as it can hit four times and if all her targets die before she uses all four attacks she gains energy back. This makes her the perfect candidate for the Ultimate Power set which boosts her ultimate's power by 40%.

You will need to get lucky on your substat rolls, or get a leg gear piece that has Crit. % as it's primary stat, in order to really utilize the Crit. Damage set. In the meantime, you can use the Crit. Rate set in order to maximize her damage output. If she's having trouble staying alive, you can always use a Defense or Health set.

Khrusos - Leech & Basic Attack Power

Any unit that is in the frontline - these are your Defenders and Vanguards - need to be equipped with a Leech set in the later levels and in PVP. This is a four piece set, so it pairs well with the two piece Basic Attack Power set as it will help you heal even more with each attack. Khrusos benefits more from the Basic Attack Power set than the Ultimate Power set as when he goes into his "berserk" state he is using basic attacks.

You will also want to try to get both the leg and feet gear pieces with an accuracy primary stat for him as his ability to knock enemies up into the air effectively stunning them is based on his accuracy.

Zephyr - Initial Energy OR Support Bonus & Defense

Zephyr's ultimate boosts all allies energy allowing them to use their ultimate skills even quicker. In PVP a lot of matches come down to who can use their ultimates quicker. This is why having her equipped with an Initial Energy set is extremely useful and necessary when it comes to PVP. You can still use this set in other areas of the game, but the Support Bonus set is also extremely useful on her as it allows her to heal more.

You could equip her with the Heal set instead of the Defense set, but she really needs to stay alive throughout the whole battle and without the extra defense she can be extremely easy to take down.

Zhao Yun - Leech & Crit. Damage

As previously mentioned, frontline units need the Leech set in order to have enough sustainability to protect the backrow figures. If you don't have a high enough Crit. Chance on your other gear pieces, then you can substitute the Crit. Damage set for a Crit. Chance one. The point of this is to not only do more damage, but also to increase the amount of healing you get back through the Leech set.

Xantha Kaine - Attack Power OR Leech & Crit. Damage

Xantha's ultimate ability deals damage initially, but duplicates 30% of the damage dealt to the target within a five second period and then again after the five seconds have expired. This means she benefits more from an Attack Power set which boosts her attack by 20% than an Ultimate Power set. If she is having a hard time staying alive you can easily equip her with a Leech set instead.

Again, the Crit. Damage set can be replaced with a Crit. Chance set if you are having trouble getting Crit. Chance as a substat for your gear pieces.

Have Fun!

Due to the nature of RNG, it's going to take a while before you can completely optimize your figures perfectly. Just use what you have, don't be afraid to make "mistakes", and just know that you're building towards something.

Hopefully this has helped give you a solid starting point for your journey through Figure Fantasy. Feel free to comment below if I have missed something, or if you have found the perfect gear combination for a character!