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"Figure Fantasy": Building a Frost Team

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Figure Fantasy

Figure Fantasy is an idle, team-building, gacha mobile game that released globally in 2021. In this game you collect a multitude of different 3D figurines from in-game blind boxes and use them for the game's combat system.

There are multiple roles that each figurine fills, and through different combinations of these figurines, you end up with various strategies. In this guide I will go over one such strategy: the frost team.

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What Is "Frost"?

"Frost" is a status affect that causes the target(s) to lose health every second, and this damage completely ignores defense. It will also reduce the attack speed of the target(s) by 15%. There are a few figurines whose attacks will deal extra frost damage against targets that are under this status affect.

There are also a few characters that can "Freeze" the enemy, and this acts as a stun. The duration of the freeze depends on the character and the level of their skill. Some figures have a higher chance to freeze an enemy if that target is already frosted.

So, who are the characters you should focus on if you're wanting to build a frost team?


Vazorwyn (TENMA)

Vazorwyn is what makes the Frost team.

Her ultimate "Soul Spirit" attacks all enemies and does extra damage to them if they are frosted. If you max this skill out it will also get a 30% chance to freeze all enemies hit for two seconds.

She also has a passive ability, "Rain of Arrows", that activates every eight seconds (six seconds when maxed out) and attacks all enemies. When it comes to area-of-effect (AOE) damage Vazorwyn is the best in the game, and on a dedicated frost team she is a powerhouse.

Vazorwyn does have a downside and that is her energy recharges very slowly which means she doesn't use her ultimate ability very often. That's where this next teammate comes into play.

Gear: Ultimate Power & Crit. Damage OR Crit. Chance


Zephyr (TENMA)

Zephyr's ultimate, "Azure Promise," restores up to 24 energy (when maxed out) to each teammate while also healing them. This skill also frosts two random enemies for 5 seconds. Zephyr's passive, "Moonlight Snow," boosts all teammate's ultimate power by 32% when maxed out.

Gear: Initial Energy OR Support Bonus & Defense


Sani (TENMA)

Sani's basic attack after being upgraded once has a 15% chance to frost enemies hit for 5 seconds. If you max this attack out that chance goes up to 20%. Her ultimate, "I Can't Control It!," not only attacks multiple enemies, but also heals teammates once leveled up. Sani's passive, "Abracadabra", when maxed out will deal frost damage to all enemies and frosts them for 12 seconds while also reducing their frost resist by 25% until the battle ends.

Gear: Initial Energy OR Support Bonus & Defense



Osuke can attack all enemies with his ultimate, "Absolute Zero", which has a 100% chance to frost them for eight seconds at level two. This skill regenerates energy at a rate of six/sec, whereas Vazorwyn's ultimate regenerates energy at a rate of eight/sec. This means that Osuke will use his ultimate first, frost all enemies, and then Vazorwyn will use hers shortly after for massive damage.

Osuke also has a passive, "Monitor," that attacks two random enemies every nine seconds. It also has a 100% chance to freeze them if they are frosted.

Gear: Ultimate Power & Crit. Damage OR Crit. Chance


Khrusos (TENMA)

No matter how strong your team is, there will always be a need for a tank. Khrusos is the figurine for the job.

His ultimate, "Death Tornado," as the name implies does damage to all enemies every second and heals 50% of the damage dealt. His passive, "Last Resort," essentially gives him a second life as when his health falls below 50% he attacks and stuns surrounding enemies.

Gear: Leech & Basic Attack Power
Note - Khrusos benefits more from the Basic Attack Power set than the Ultimate Power set as when he goes into his "berserk" state he is using basic attacks.

Other Options

There are a few other characters that have some sort of frost/freeze synergy, Midori and Ryoma for example, but the ones listed are the most important ones to focus on should you decided to take this route.

If you find that your team is dying to quickly, you can always swap Sani out for a second tank. I highly recommend Megan as her ultimate, "Strong Shield" creates a shield for her that also deals continuous damage to surrounding enemies. Her passive, "Armed Force," boosts the defense of all allies at the start of battle.

Hopefully this has helped give you a solid starting point for your journey through Figure Fantasy. Feel free to comment below if I have missed something, or if you've found a different frost strategy that's been working for you!