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"Figure Fantasy": Building a Summoner Team

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Figure Fantasy

Figure Fantasy is an idle, team-building, gacha mobile game that released globally in 2021. In this game you collect a multitude of different 3D figurines from in-game blind boxes and use them for the game's combat system.

There are multiple roles that each figurine fills, and through different combinations of these figurines, you end up with various strategies. In this guide, I will go over one such strategy: the summoner team.

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What is a "Summoner"?

A summoner is a figure that summons figures to the field that attack the opposing team. The figures that are summoned differ from summoner to summoner and offer different strategies. Keep in mind that the higher the summoner's attack and max health are, the higher the summoned figure's will be.

Another thing to note is that these summoned figures are considered allies and will trigger certain skills. For example, Zarola gets an attack buff each time an ally figure dies, which includes summoned ones.

So, who are the characters you should focus on if you're wanting to build a summoner team?


Megan (LET'S RED)

There's really only one tank when it come to a summoner team and that's Megan. Her ultimate, "Strong Shield," grants her a shield and summons a fire barrier that continuously damages surrounding enemies for eight seconds. The stronger her shield is, the more damage she deals.

This is where her passive, "Armed Force," comes in and makes her the perfect match for a summoner team. To start, it deals damage to all enemies at the start of the battle and boosts her defense by 10% for 10 seconds for each enemy hit, which stacks up to nine times. When you level this skill up once, she will gain a shield equal to 125% of her attack whenever an allied summoned unit is created. The more units that are created, the stronger her shield becomes and the stronger her ultimate becomes as well.

Gear: Leech OR Ultimate Power & Defense



Aoi is a key component to the summoner team as she can increase the duration that the summoned units stay on the field. Her ultimate, "Long Live Photosynthesis," boosts all allies' (included summoned units) damage by 15% for 10 seconds. It will also grant a shield to them proportional to Aoi's max health.

Her passive, "Determination," boosts adjacent allies' attack and max health by 10% at the start of battle. If this skill is maxed out, it will boost allies attack by 15% as well as grant a shield equal to 10% of Aoi's max health for 10 seconds. She is a shield generating fiend who not only synergizes amazing with summoned units but also with Megan as Aoi is able to help power up Megan's ultimate by giving her additional shielding.

Gear: Initial Energy OR Support Bonus & Defense


Suzumi (LET'S RED)

Suzumi's passive, "Boxes Assemble," summons three cardboard boxes that not only attack the opposing team but also sacrifice 5% of their health per hit to heal Suzumi. She is able to heal her boxes if her ultimate, "Excellent Shot," hits more than three enemies. She can also summon another box each time she uses her ultimate if it is level two.

Gear: Leech & Crit. Damage OR Crit. Chance OR Defense
Note - Suzumi is rather frail, so it might be a better idea to prioritize her defense stat rather than her crit. chance and damage.


Harriet (LET'S RED)

Harriet is another summoner that spawns red and blue bombers with her ultimate, "Air Drop." When the bombers' energy is full they self-detonate—the red bomber deals AOE damage, and the blue one deals sing-target damage. The higher their remaining health and shields are, the more damage is dealt.

Her passive, "Smoke Grenade," allows her to blind her current target for six seconds every ten seconds. That's not all though. What makes this passive exceptional is that when you level it up just once, she starts to restore energy for all Let's Red figures whenever the passive is activated. All the figures listed so far in this guide are Let's Red, and they will benefit from this passive. When you get her passive to level three, the effect is extended to include summoned figures as well.

Gear: Attack Power & Crit. Damage OR Crit. Chance


Zarola (TENMA)

Zarola is an absolute monster of a unit when it comes to DPS. Her ultimate, "Obliteration," attacks the enemies in the same row four times at random. If an enemy is hit more than once, the damage is boosted by 20% for each hit.

What makes her synergistic with a summoner team though is her passive, "Lethal Game." It will take some investment because you need it to be level three, but once there, Zarola will get a damage boost of 12.5% each time an enemy or ally is defeated, which includes summoned allies. The longer she stays on the field, the stronger she becomes.

Gear: Ultimate Power & Crit. Damage OR Crit. Chance

Other Options

There's not really a whole lot of other options currently for a summoner team. If you don't have Aoi, then Zephyr or Mako are suitable replacements. If you want to go a more free-to-play route, then you could replace Zarola/Suzumi/Harriet with Minakami. He summons a clone of himself that has 180% of the attack and 30% of the health of the original. His passive also grants him a 30% attack speed boost each time a clone is summoned.

Hopefully this has helped give you a solid starting point for your journey through Figure Fantasy. Feel free to comment below if I have missed something, or if you have found a different ignite strategy that's been working for you!