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"Figure Fantasy": Building an Ignite Team

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Figure Fantasy

Figure Fantasy is an idle, team-building, gacha mobile game that released globally in 2021. In this game you collect a multitude of different 3D figurines from in-game blind boxes and use them for the game's combat system.

There are multiple roles that each figurine fills, and through different combinations of these figurines, you end up with various strategies. In this guide, I will go over one such strategy: the ignite team.

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What is "Ignite"?

"Ignite" is a status affect that causes the target(s) to lose health every second. The higher the target(s) max health, the more health they lose. There are some figures that deal "burn" damage if the target is ignited. This damage directly correlates to the target's burn resist: the lower the resistance, the higher the damage.

Whereas a frost team is really good at stalling out the opponent, this particular team is all about being aggressive, which is great for taking down single targets, specifically bosses like Tyr.

So, who are the characters you should focus on if you're wanting to build an ignite team?



Zhou Yu is a fantastic support figure for an ignite team. His ultimate, "Age of Prosperity," not only heals all your figures but it also boosts their attack speed by 5% while also igniting all enemies. If you manage to max this skill out, the health restored is increased by 40%, allies do extra burn damage to enemies that are ignited, and all your figures basic attacks heal 20% of the damage dealt.

His passive ability, "Elegant Cover," boosts adjacent allies' basic attack power by 30% at the start of battle, and it can also boost their attack speed by 20% when upgraded once.

Zhou Yu's kit is one of the best in the game for an aggressive (aggro) strategy when it comes to support figures. He is the cornerstone which makes the ignite team viable.

Gear: Initial Energy OR Support Bonus & Defense


Sanada (GALATEA)

Sanada is an interesting tank as his base defense is incredibly low. He makes up for this, however, with his ability to self-heal. His ultimate, "Blood Slash", attacks enemies in a fan-shaped area, ignites those enemies for eight seconds, and heals 54% of the damage dealt.

He is also able to counterattack with this passive, "Crimson Realm," which also restores energy whenever he does so. This means that the more he is able to counterattack, the more often he will be able to use his ultimate and heal. The more accuracy Sanada has increases his chance to counterattack.

Gear: Leech & Defense OR Health
Note - Try to get an Accuracy as the primary stat for the leg and feet gear pieces as Sanada's counterattack ability is based on his accuracy.


Akechi (GALATEA)

Aketchi's passive, "Regicide," deals burn damage to enemies in the same line as him and ignites them for 12 seconds at the start of battle. If you max this skill out, he attacks all enemies and also reduces their burn resist by 25% until the battles ends.

He is also able to provide some healing in the form of his ultimate, "Dive Sword Futsunomitama." He marks his current attack target for five seconds, and if that target is defeated, he will heal all figures and summoned allies. The exact percentage isn't known at this time, but the higher Akechi's max health is, the more health is restored.

Gear: Ultimate Power & Crit. Damage OR Crit. Chance



Rie can be an absolute single-target powerhouse on an ignite team, which makes her great for taking down bosses. Her ultimate, "Midsummer Blossoms," when maxed out, will attack randomly nine times. This is what makes her great against bosses as all of those attacks will be focused on that single target. If the enemy is ignited, extra burn damage equal to 40% of Rie's attack will also be dealt. She also has a 15% chance to stun that ignited enemy for two seconds.

If you thought that sounded good, it gets even better with her passive, "Forever Second". When this skill is maxed out, she will enter the "excited" state when her health is above 40%. While in this state, her damage will be boosted by 70% and her attack speed will also be boosted by 25%. She is a boss's worst nightmare.

Gear: Ultimate Power & Crit. Damage OR Crit. Chance


Yamazaki (TENMA)

Yamazaki specializes in removing opposing backrow threats. His ultimate, "Metal Stream," attacks the last enemy in the same line as his current target. If the target is ignited, he will deal extra damage equal to 30% of the damage dealt by the ultimate. If you have this skill maxed, then each time Yamazaki uses it, he will gain an extra 10% crit chance (up to 50%) and an extra 10% critical damage (up to 100%).

His basic attack will also have a 100% chance to be a critical hit on every fourth hit. This pairs really well with his passive, "Quick Counterblow," which deals extra damage to the last enemy in the row he is currently attacking. His passive allows allows him a 30% chance to knock enemies up into the air for two seconds, as well as boost damage by 25% and restore health by 50% of the damage dealt to his target.

Gear: Ultimate Power & Crit. Damage OR Crit. Chance

Other Options

There are a few decent alternatives you can use if you don't have all of the figures listed above.

Opheilia's ultimate, "Megane Girl", attacks the target with the lowest health, and if that target is defeated, she will attack the next target with the lowest health and so on. This attack also does 30% extra damage if the target is ignited.

Irina's ultimate, "Hellish Corrosion," attacks enemies in the same line as her primary target and ignites them for five seconds. If those enemies are defeated by her ultimate (once maxed), they will explode and deal damage to those surrounding them. Her passive, "Tentacle Strike," targets the enemy with the lowest health and ignites them for five seconds. This triggers every eight seconds when you've maxed the skill.

Hopefully this has helped give you a solid starting point for your journey through Figure Fantasy. Feel free to comment below if I have missed something, or if you have found a different ignite strategy that's been working for you!