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"Figure Fantasy": The Big Three, Let's Red

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Figure Fantasy

Figure Fantasy is an idle, team-building, gacha mobile game that released globally in 2021. In this game you collect a multitude of different 3D figurines from in-game blind boxes and use them for the game's combat system.

In order to progress through the harder parts of the game, you will need to equip your figures with gear pieces which can be found through The Big Three. The "Three" refers to the three separate brands of figures; Let's Red, Tenma, and Galatea.

In this guide, I will be going over which figures are best to use for Let's Red.

Let's Red Rewards

The Let's Red brand brand is where you can obtain the following sets:

  • Defense - This set boosts defense by 15% if you have two pieces equipped.
  • Ultimate Power - This set boosts the figure's ultimate power by 40% if you have four pieces equipped.
  • Attack Speed - This set boosts attack speed by 35% if four pieces are equipped.
  • Crit. Damage - This set boosts crit. damage by 15% if two pieces are equipped.

The Defense set is a universally useful "filler" set. A lot of gear sets require four pieces in order for you to get their effect, which leaves two slots open. The Defense set is a great option to fill those two slots regardless of who the figure is or what their role may be.

If you want more information on gear, check out my in-depth guide below.

Who Should You Use?

When The Big Three is initially unlocked after clearing 9-1 in the story, you probably won't have the best Let's Red team. In fact, you'll probably only have one or two ultras from this brand, so in the early stages just use who you have while following the basic team composition the best you can: 1x vanguard, 1x defender, 1x helper, 1x militarist, and 1x specialist.

You can also use a summoner team core if you have the figures for it. This strategy works great for the early to middle stages of Let's Red. You can read more about that team composition in my dedicated summoner team guide.

That being said, here are some of the best figures/team to work towards to help you progress further through the stages.



Her ultimate, "Strong Shield," grants her a shield and summons a fire barrier that continuously damages surrounding enemies for eight seconds. The stronger her shield is, the more damage she deals.

This is where her passive, "Armed Force," comes in and makes her the perfect match for a summoner team. To start, it deals damage to all enemies at the start of the battle and boosts her defense by 10% for 10 seconds for each enemy hit, which stacks up to nine times. When you level this skill up once, she will gain a shield equal to 125% of her attack whenever an allied summoned unit is created. The more units that are created, the stronger her shield becomes and the stronger her ultimate becomes as well.

Gear: Leech OR Ultimate Power & Defense



Sakura has arguably one of the best skills in the entire game with her ultimate, "Resplendent Meteor." This skill attacks her current target and a random enemy and silences them for eight seconds. This means that those targets can't use their ultimate skills for the duration of the silence. When you max this skill out at level three, she attacks an additional random target. This makes her perfect for The Big Three as there are only ever at most three targets.

Her passive, "Her Highness," when you max it out at level three, supports all allies and boosts their attack by 45% for 20 seconds at the start of each battle.

She doesn't offer any real healing outside her special skill, "Keep It Up!," that heals a random ally every three seconds. So keep that in mind when using her. You may need to equip your other figures with Leech sets.

Gear: Initial Energy OR Support Bonus & Defense



Suzumi's passive, "Boxes Assemble," summons three cardboard boxes that not only attack the opposing team but also sacrifice 5% of their health per hit to heal Suzumi. She is able to heal her boxes if her ultimate, "Excellent Shot," hits more than three enemies. She can also summon another box each time she uses her ultimate if it is level two.

Gear: Leech & Crit. Damage OR Crit. Chance OR Defense
Note - Suzumi is rather frail, so it might be a better idea to prioritize her defense stat rather than her crit. chance and damage.


Yuina Mizuki

Yuina is from the Snow-A brand, but she can still be used in the Let's Red Big Three.

Her ultimate, "You're Mine," attacks her current target and challenges it to a duel for five seconds. When in the duel, her attack speed is boosted by 50% and she heals every second. When you max this skill out, she will also reflect 32% of the damage she receives during the duel, and she will automatically challenge another target to a duel if her current target is defeated within the five seconds.

She is a very capable DPS unit who can keep herself alive through both her ultimate and her special skill, "It's Broken!," that heals her after every successful dodge. Considering the lack of a dedicated healer on this particular team composition, having units that can heal themselves in a reliable and consistent way is very important.

Gear: Leech & Crit. Damage


Xantha Kaine

Xantha is a boss killer. Her ultimate, "Terrensir Chant," attacks her current target and casts a streak of divine light on it for five seconds that will duplicate 30% of the damage it takes during this time. After the five seconds have ended, it will be dealt 30% of the damage again. Her passive, "Transcendence," at the start of battle attacks her current target and deals damage to it every second until it dies.

She's great for taking down high defense targets, and for making quick work of bosses. In the later stages of The Big Three for Let's Red, you will have to fight two Khrusos's along with the boss. They can quickly get out of hand if you don't take one of them down quickly.

Gear: Attack Power OR Leech & Crit. Damage

Other Options

You can substitute Sakura out for Aoi if you're wanting to go for a more summoner oriented strategy, or just needing more sustainability as a whole. Aoi offers a form of healing through her ultimate that grants each teammate, summoned units included, a shield that's proportional to her max health.

The team I have suggested runs two vanguard as well as a defender. If you are wanting to go a more "traditional" teambuilding route, you could substitute Yuina out since she is harder to come by. Rie is a decent replacement choice as she her ultimate can hit nine times at random if maxed out. Her passive, "Forever Second," allows her to enter an "excited" state when her health is above 85% that boosts her damage by 30% and her attack speed by 25%.

Hopefully this has helped give you a solid starting point for your journey through Figure Fantasy. Feel free to comment below if I have missed something, or if you have found a different Let's Red strategy that's been working for you!