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"Figure Fantasy": The Big Three, Tenma

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Figure Fantasy

Figure Fantasy is an idle, team-building, gacha mobile game that released globally in 2021. In this game you collect a multitude of different 3D figurines from in-game blind boxes and use them for the game's combat system.

In order to progress through the harder parts of the game, you will need to equip your figures with gear pieces which can be found through The Big Three. The "Three" refers to the three separate brands of figures; Let's Red, Tenma, and Galatea.

In this guide, I will be going over which figures are best to use for Tenma.

Tenma Rewards

The Tenma brand brand is where you can obtain the following sets:

  • Attack Power - This set boosts attack power by 20% if four pieces are equipped.
  • Heal Set - This set boosts the restoration and shield effect(s) by 12% if two pieces are equipped.
  • Basic Attack Power - Boosts your figure's basic attack power by 18% if two pieces are equipped.
  • Support Bonus - Gives your figure a 25% support bonus if four pieces are equip (only works on Support figures).

The Support Bonus set is a unique set in that you can equip them to any figure, but only support figures—like Mako or Zephyr—will benefit from the set bonus. This set is a must-have for support figures in most instances as the extra healing your support figures can provide when properly equipped can make all the difference.

The Basic Attack Power set pairs really well with the Leech set from Galatea Big Three as it means your figure will be able to heal more when equipped with both.

If you want more information on gear, check out my in-depth guide below.

Who Should You Use?

When The Big Three is initially unlocked after clearing 9-1 in the story, you probably won't have the best Let's Red team. In fact, you'll probably only have one or two ultras from this brand, so in the early stages just use who you have while following the basic team composition the best you can: 1x vanguard, 1x defender, 1x helper, 1x militarist, and 1x specialist.

You can also use a frost team core if you have the figures for it. This strategy works great for the early to middle stages of Tenma. You can read more about that team composition in my dedicated frost team guide.

That being said, here are some of the best figures/team to work towards to help you progress further through the stages.



His ultimate, "Death Tornado," does damage to all enemies every second and heals 50% of the damage dealt. If you get this skill to level three, he will have a 5% chance, which is adjusted according to his accuracy, to knock enemies up into the air for two seconds.

His passive, "Last Resort," essentially gives him a second life as when his health falls below 50% he attacks and stuns surrounding enemies.

Gear: Leech & Basic Attack Power
Note - Khrusos benefits more from the Basic Attack Power set than the Ultimate Power set as when he goes into his "berserk" state he is using basic attacks.



Alfred can be a really fun character to use in pretty much every aspect of Figure Fantasy. His passive, "Evil Descent", deals damage to all enemies at the start of battle and reduces their attack speed by 15% for eight seconds if you level it up once.

His ultimate, "Death Taboo", transforms him into a demon for 10 seconds. While transformed, his attack speed is boosted by 50% and each attack deals damage to his current target and a random enemy. If you manage to get this skill maxed out, he will deal damage to three enemies while transformed.

Alfred also has a pretty good basic attack as it can heal 100% of the damage dealt on every fourth attack if you level it up once. This becomes every third attack if you level it up twice.

Gear: Leech & Crit. Damage OR Crit. Chance



Zephyr's ultimate, "Azure Promise," restores up to 24 energy (when maxed out) to each teammate while also healing them. This skill also frosts two random enemies for 5 seconds. Zephyr's passive, "Moonlight Snow," boosts all teammate's ultimate power by 32% when maxed out.

Gear: Initial Energy OR Support Bonus & Defense



While Zarola's full potential is best realized on a dedicated summoner team, she is still an incredible DPS unit no matter what team she is on. Her ultimate, "Obliteration," attacks the enemies in the same row four times at random. If an enemy is hit more than once, the damage is boosted by 20% for each hit. If no enemies are hit before all four attacks can land she will gain 15 energy for each remaining attack.

Gear: Ultimate Power & Crit. Damage OR Crit. Chance


Ihrendts Ember

Even though Ember is technically from the Snow-A brand, she is still useable in the Tenma Big Three.

Ember is a very versatile specialist as she can do an incredible amount of healing as well as damage. Her passive, "Budding Sprout", grants a Seed of Healing to the teammate with the lowest health in the same line as her. This occurs every ten seconds and lasts for eight seconds. This Seed heals the target whenever basic attacks deal damage.

Her ultimate, "Dragon Spark", attacks all enemies in the same line and a percentage of the damage dealt will be converted to health for the teammates with the Seed of Healing. If you get this skill up to level three, it will also heal Ember herself.

Gear: Ultimate Power & Crit. Damage OR Crit. Chance

Other Options

As mentioned previously, you can build a fairly well-rounded frost team to take on the Tenma Big Three. You can replace Zarola with Vazorwyn, and Ember with Sani. Zephyr's ultimate can frost two random enemies when you level it up once, so between the three of them you have a really solid frost core.

If you don't have Khrusos, you can use Vasily. His ultimate, "Zero Pressure", is an AOE that deals more damage the higher his max health is, and also stuns the enemies hit for two seconds when you level it up once.

Hopefully this has helped give you a solid starting point for your journey through Figure Fantasy. Feel free to comment below if I have missed something, or if you have found a different Tenma strategy that's been working for you!