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"Fishing Clash": Pro Rod Strategy Guide

Jesse is a lifelong gamer and as competitive as they come. The following is one of many experiences he would like to share.

Learn more about pro rods in "Fishing Clash," including how to get them and what bonuses they offer.

Learn more about pro rods in "Fishing Clash," including how to get them and what bonuses they offer.

A Guide to a Better Rod

One of the most effective ways of becoming an upper echelon player in Fishing Clash is upgrading your rod to the pro version. The object of this strategy guide is to inform you about the importance and results of having a pro rod. I'll also talk a little about rod bonuses and how they can affect your success in duels and championships.

What Is a Pro Rod?

After unlocking each fishery, you start out with a new basic rod for that fishery. Basic rods only allow for five bonus spots, three of which are for fish bonuses. A pro rod, however, allows you ten spots for bonuses, thus enhancing your odds of having a bonus for a fish in a duel. Farther along, I'll go into more detail about rod bonuses.

Another perk of having a pro rod is that you are able to level up your rod five times faster than a basic rod would allow. Getting your rod to level 10 enhances your catch chance by 10% and your fishing speed by 20%. Faster fishing speed means more casts. More casts mean greater chances of catching a bigger fish.

Here's an example of a pro rod.

Here's an example of a pro rod.

How Do I Get a Pro Rod?

Obtaining a pro rod is fairly simple.

1. Buy One After Unlocking a Fishery

The first and most lucrative way is to purchase it from the store once you unlock a new fishery. The pro rod special will only be available for 24 hours after unlocking the fishery, so make sure you take advantage of it as soon as you can. The pro rods for the first two fisheries are less than $5. Each rod thereafter is $9.99.

With the purchase of each pro rod special, you will also get 350 pearls. While these pearls can be spent on many things such as boosts and coins, it is better to save them, and I will tell you why a little later in this article.

2. Buy One When You Have a Daily Championship

If you missed out on buying a pro rod after you unlocked a fishery, wait a few days and you will probably have another chance. If you have a daily championship for a fishery that you do not have a pro rod for, you will probably have a special for that fisheries' pro rod.

3. Spend Pearls

The only other way to get a pro rod is by spending pearls. This is the most costly way, and it's not suggested. If you choose to use pearls to buy a pro rod, you won't get the great lure packs or additional pearls and coins that come with the store special.

Rod Bonuses and How to Use Them

As stated previously, there is a total of 10 spaces available for bonuses with a pro rod. While the two most important bonus spaces are available with the basic rod, you will want the additional five spaces that the pro rod offers for fish weight bonuses.

The Importance of Reaching Level 6 First

Before even thinking about spending pearls on bonus draws, you need to get your rod to level 6. This should take no longer than a few hours of fishing, so it is very doable. The reason you want to get your rod to level 6 is to be able to get bonuses for the #4 and #6 bonus spaces. Feel free to use your free draw on the other spaces, but save those pearls for the #4 and #6 spaces until you have them where they need to be.

Upgrading the #4 and #6 Spaces

The #4 space is for duel bonuses. Since you will be undoubtedly playing many duels, this is the most significant space to upgrade. Once you get the #4 space where you want it, do the same for the #6 space. I can almost guarantee that your free draws will only provide you with a catch chance or speed boost. It usually takes at least four draws to get a catch weight bonus, which is what you really want. The maximum catch weight bonus for the duel and championship spaces is 5%. Your goal should be 4% catch weight bonus on each. This will give you an 8% catch weight bonus total during duels that feature your championship fish.

What to Do With the Other Bonus Spaces

After you have your #4 and #6 bonus spaces where you want them, you can work on your other bonus spaces. The best possible catch weight bonus is 7%. While you can also get catch chance bonuses up to 20% and catch speed bonuses up to 30%, they aren't as valuable as a catch weight bonus. Do understand that a 7% catch weight bonus is almost unobtainable, but it does occur.

The #4 and #6 bonus spaces.

The #4 and #6 bonus spaces.

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How to Draw Epic and Mythical Fish Bonuses

The best strategy to take when upgrading your specific fish bonuses is to try to get all four rare fish bonuses. This strategy is used by the top players and very few others. You can only have one bonus space for each fish. If you already have bonuses for your four rare fish, you cannot draw another bonus for them in another spot.

I say that so I can say this: Currently, there is an option to spend 100 pearls on a rare fish or higher draw. By having bonuses for all four of your rare fish, you will either draw an epic or mythical bonus if you use the 100 pearl option. While this may seem like a big waste of pearls, let me assure you that you will easily spend more pearls on that before you draw an epic or mythical bonus unless you get very lucky. By doing it this way you are guaranteed an epic or mythical bonus for only 100 pearls. This is a great investment of 400 pearls for four epic or mythical bonuses.

I would note that you may not draw a 6% weight bonus on your first try. Do not be disappointed with a 3% bonus on an epic or mythical fish. After all, it's more than you had before.

How Bonuses Affect Your Performance

Now it is time to see how all of those bonuses affect the chances of catching bigger fish. While the maximum weight bonus you can get is 37%, I will try to be more practical with my example.

  • If you have a 5% catch weight bonus for the #4 and #6 spaces, you automatically have a 15% higher catch weight. Where did the extra 5% come from? Your reel multiplier bonus accounts for 5% if you get the full 100% when catching a fish.
  • Let's say that you also have a 5% catch weight bonus for a particular fish. You now have a 20% weight bonus. The last factor to be added is a catch weight boost, which is 15%. This gives you a grand total of 35% weight bonus. A 3,000-point fish now becomes a 4,000-point fish. I don't think I need to tell you how helpful this can be for duels or championships.

Share This Info With Your Fishing Buddies!

Hopefully, this information has given you a better understanding of how important pro rods and bonuses can be. Be sure to share this information with your fishing buddies and clan mates to help others improve. For more Fishing Clash tips and tricks, check out my other articles.

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zorrax on September 20, 2019:

the strategy is to pay ?? is it a joke ?? :D

nothing new in this post

Kevin on August 21, 2019:

I love this game and it cost very little. Certainly much less then my kids spend on COD, Fort Night, or many other games. Its fun and appears to be fair for me, I'm at level 125 so I've been playing for awhile. i don't participate in every tournament, but most of them i can earn the needed lure. Again, I really like the game, it fun.

Rob Sawyer on July 30, 2019:

I know they have to make money BUT surely not all at once ! You will take years to progress unless you spend a great deal ! Great game but far too expensive

Dave on March 24, 2019:

I haven't wasted any money, thank goodness. This game seems rigged (pun intended) to people who spend lots of money.

It was fun for a while, but I'm done.

Derek on December 20, 2018:

I can't find help anywhere on the internet at all about upgrading from Pro Rod Level 1 to 82 and I need to know if you are supposed to put your Worst or your Best into the 5 open slots to upgrade and have the BEST Results for Pro Rod 2. Nobody from my clan will give me an answer.

A mad gamer of Fishing Clash on September 25, 2018:

This game is a waist of time and money!!!! Don't do it!!!

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