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"Food Fantasy": Fallen Angel Guide

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How to Acquire and Awaken Fallen Angels

Food Fantasy is a fun game with a lot of unique features, one of them being the fallen angels you can equip to your food souls.

Fallen angels can be acquired in various paid packs, but the most common way is through endless adventure or catacombs mode. You can receive spirits from catacombs mode that you can awaken with different rates of success depending on the letter following your spirit (Aizen A or Aizen D). When you try to directly awaken them, the success rate will be labeled under the button used to awaken them.

In the article below, we will go over many of the functions and extras included with the fallen angels.

Which Angels Should You Focus On?

Once you start receiving spirits, you'll notice some of the boss enemies can be summoned with a much lower awaken rate. These spirits are the ones you should focus on when leveling them up and adding them to your food souls. The border on the outside will be either purple (super rare), blue (rare), or white (common), which tells you the rarity of the food souls.

Any food souls with a white background should be used for leveling up the rarer fallen angels. The rarer the angel, the higher the chance of getting super rare or legendary enhancements, which we will talk about later.

Below is a list of fallen angels to focus on, along with their favorite food souls.

Super Rares

Fallen AngelFavorite Food Souls


Double scoop, Vodka, Yuxiang


Foie gras, B-52, Sanma shioyaki, Long bao


Peking duck, Sushi, Brownie, Long bao, Gyoza

Queen Conch

Boston lobster, Tiramisu, Tangyuan, Bamboo Rice

Uke Mochi

Black tea, Chocolate, Wonton, Red wine

Uke Mochi Enhanced

Steak, Salad, Yogurt, Spaghetti


Hot dog, Hamburger


Moon cake, Escargot, Pastal de Nata, Cloud tea


Fallen AngelFavorite Food Souls


Tom yum, Long bao, Dorayaki, Sukiyaki


Macaroon, Jiuniang, Omurice, Cold shrimp rice


Tempura, Sashimi, Plum juice


Nasi lemek, Coffee, Sakuramochi, Yellow wine


Crepe, Saki, Orange juice


Milk, Spicy gluten, Ume ochazuke

Favorite Food Souls

Each fallen angel has a list of its favorite food souls after it in the table above, but what does having a favorite mean? When you equip the angel to its favorite food soul, all of its stats receive a small increase. Each fallen angel gives different stat increases, but the stat increases do not change from food soul to food soul. So if one angel favorites both B-52 and Fois Gras, the stats will have the same increase for both food souls.

The less rare modifier does give a higher increase, but the higher increase does NOT make up for having a rarer modifier as the modifier is MUCH more. Going for favorite fallen angels is a good idea, but it's not always practical, so I do suggest always double-checking the stat comparison.

How to Level and Enhance Your Fallen Angels

You can improve your angels by leveling them up and adding enhancements to them.


When you decide which angel to level, go to it and select "Train." This opens up a screen for leveling. As I suggested before, the ones that have white borders should be the ones you use to level the stronger and rarer fallen angels.

Every 10 levels (up to level 40), your angels will receive another stat enhancement that you can reforge when you receive the item.


Enhancing is done by spending gold. When you do this, the fallen angel you choose receives enhancements that affect their stats. The higher your enhancement rank, the more gold you will have to spend. The chance of success is also lower. Below is the list of enhancements, their success rate, and their cost in gold.

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Enhancements Table

LevelSuccess RateCost in Gold

Level 1



Level 2



Level 3



Level 4



Level 5



Level 6



Level 7



Level 8



Level 9



Level 10



Increasing Stats

Leveling and enhancing increases stats, but the last mode on the menu of enhancements allows you to switch your skills, which allows you to get rarer skill enhancements.

The skills you should focus on getting are those with purple or orange letters. Purple enhancements are super rare, and orange enhancements are legendary. These give you stronger skills, allowing you to ultimately have stronger food souls.


Each fallen angel has something called a nature. This nature gives you a 50% boost to different kinds of stats. When you are purifying your spirits in the slots, you can add spirit medicines which can be made from materials you find in the catacombs. You can also make medicines in the research section of the magic foods category. The medicines have the name of the nature, and can be used to either avoid a specific kind of nature, or to raise the chance of receiving a specific kind of nature.

Natures should be something to consider based on the kind of soul you are putting on an angel. If you're making one for a defense soul, then you'll want a staunch nature. Below is a list of all the natures and what stat they improve. They improve all stats by 50%.

List of Natures

NatureIncreased Stat




Critical Rate


Critical Damage


Attack Speed


HP 50%



Questions & Answers

Question: As far as I can tell, the nature of my fallen angel does not affect my food soul. My Toso is HP 863 on her own. Adding Cautious ought to make it 1200, but she still dies just as fast as without Cautious. Meanwhile, if I put an HP + 400 on her, which visibly raises her HP to 1200, she dies much slower. Do I need to do something to activate the nature effect?

Answer: You shouldn't. I'm not sure why the nature isn't working maybe try switching the fallen angel on her.

Question: In Food Fantasy, what does crit rate and crit damage do?

Answer: Crit rate ups the amount of critical hits your character equipped will do, and damage ups the damage.

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TheNaturalRoze (author) on October 02, 2018:

Yes! Once you enhance them each skill reaches a new max

Coffeeislife on October 02, 2018:

If a fallen angel has reached lvl 30 and supposedly enhanced to 8 or 10, if I smelt one of the skills, will it also have the same enhancement value as the others? If it has the same color/rarity that is.

TheNaturalRoze (author) on September 22, 2018:

It gives a boost to all of the stats received from your fallen angel. Thank you very much for your question and I will be updating the article with additional information shortly!

Rabd on September 22, 2018:

What does having a fallen with it's favorite food soul do?

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