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How to Play "Fury Survivor: Pixel Z" for Beginners

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Just starting out? Learn how to play this game successfully.

Just starting out? Learn how to play this game successfully.

Fury Survivor: Pixel Z Guide and Tips

In this article, you will:

  • Discover how to play Fury Survivor: Pixel Z
  • Understand the game's user interface
  • Learn tips on how to become a furious survivor in the game

What Is Fury Survivor: Pixel Z?

Fury Survivor: Pixel Z is a mobile game published by LT Games. The game was released on June 5, 2019. It is available in the App Store and Google Play store.

Fury Survivor is a "hack 'n slash" role-playing game set in a world ravaged by zombies, all in glorious and stunning pixel art. Bear in mind, though, that you, as a player, will not be fighting zombies alone. There are other creatures and rouge machines that are out to get you.

Kill or be killed, you have no choice! Infected zombies are everywhere, and you must become a ruthless killer. Carry your gear and weapons, enjoy a slaughter feast with your soaring adrenalin. The splashing blood and the burst of zombie brain will be your trophies. Kill all of them NOW!

— From the Game Introduction on Google Play

PlatformCategoryGameplayPayment Scheme

Mobile (Android, iOS)


Action, Survival

Free-to-play, In-app-purchases

How to Play

The player controls a character who just woke up in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. All you have to do is basically fire your guns or hack, smash, and slash your way out of the zombies and other creatures coming your way.

Your character takes damage when the creatures hit you or when you're hit with an explosion of, say, missiles. As you kill more enemies, your character grows in level and becomes stronger, allowing you to wield more powerful gears and go out against more powerful bosses.

The bulk of the gameplay would be spent on completing each chapter in the game's storyline. However, here are some more activities you can do in the game.

  • Complete each chapter to find out what happened to the main character's wife and daughter.
  • Collect items to craft weapons and survival gear to help you fight against thousands of zombified creatures.
  • Meet and rescue interesting characters who could help you survive.
  • Strategize against and defeat different bosses in each chapter.
  • Collect diaries and notes left by other characters and discover how the zombie epidemic affected everyone.
  • Help out the rest of the survivors holed up in the Refuge.
  • Upgrade gears and research for better stats to complete all chapters.
  • Collect tons of achievements and unlockables.
  • Hack your way up through the rankings with other players and earn bragging rights among your friends.
You start the game as this guy, who just woke up in the middle of a zombie apocalypse.

You start the game as this guy, who just woke up in the middle of a zombie apocalypse.

Understanding the Game's Interface

The game's UI is pretty much straightforward. But I'll guide you through all the important things to keep in mind.


[ 1 ] Always check this red bar whenever you are fighting out the zombies. This tells you how close you are to death. When fighting, always keep at least 75% of health.

[ 2 ] The yellow bar tells you how hungry your character is. Since this is a survival game as well, you have to always keep your character filled. When this bar is empty, your character will lose health over time. Keep this up by eating chips and other food you managed to collect.

[ 3 ] The blue bar shows how thirsty your character is. If this goes empty, your character is slowed down, can't swing his melee weapon and loses health over time. Keep this up by drinking cola and water.

[ 4 ] The stamina is for doing other activities like special missions and quests. It replenishes over time.

[ 5 ] This bar shows your level and experience required to advance to the next level.

[ 6 ] This shows the melee weapon you are equipped with. An aqua square on it indicates that it is what your character is wielding at the moment.

[ 7 ] This shows your sidearm, and below it is your rifle or whatever main ranged weapon you are equipped with.

[ 8 ] This is where you tap when you have low health. All your healing items go here automatically.


[ 9 ] Tap here to fill up the hunger bar. All food you collect goes here automatically.

[ 10 ] This is where water and other liquids go. Tap here to fill up the thirst bar.

[ 11 ] All your active skills are displayed here.

[ 12 ] This is the Fury/Rage bar. Every time you hit enemies, this fills up. When it is full, your character goes into fury mode and delivers more damage with each hit.

[ 13 ] This is the inventory button. All your items can be viewed here.

[ 14 ] This button expands to view other players' options: Crafting, Perks, Achievements, Pets, Journal, and Friends.

For a fast and furious journey, read the tips below.

For a fast and furious journey, read the tips below.

Tips to Become a Furious Survivor

I have divided the tips into categories for easy reference. I will keep updating these tips as I progress through the game and discover more secrets.

Starting Up

  • Familiarize yourself with the controls of the game at the beginning of the first chapter.
  • Collect all the loots. Loots are automatically collected when you stand near them. After unlocking the Pets feature, your equipped pet collects the loot for you.
  • Attack cars, crates, and cans with your melee weapon to take out their loot. Don't leave these things untouched, as they usually contain important loots for crafting. In higher levels, though, they might contain monsters as well.
  • Larger trucks can be destroyed using a bomb you can craft. These trucks contain loads of items.
  • Boxes or pottery vases can be walked over to crush them and reveal items or monsters hidden inside them.
Trucks like these contain loots. Attack them to get the loot.

Trucks like these contain loots. Attack them to get the loot.

Fighting Monsters

  • If you are equipped with a gun, hit and run if you can. Don't just stay in one area.
  • When attacking a wave of zombies, tap and hold the attack button. This is especially useful when using the melee weapon.
  • Use your melee weapon at all times, if possible. Guns and crossbows require ammo. Save ammo for harder and meaner monsters.
  • The melee weapons are divided into three categories. They are the fast hitter, the medium hitter, and the hard hitter. Machetes and sabers are fast hitters; they have the fastest attack speed but lower damage. Hard hitters like the axe and the stick (baseball bat) have the highest damage but are the slowest. Medium hitters are in the middle.
  • Rifles and crossbows can damage all monsters in a straight line or are lumped up together.
  • Some monsters explode and leave damaging goo when killed. Don't step into them right away.
Ouch! Watch your steps!

Ouch! Watch your steps!

Managing Your Inventory

  • Always check your inventory for better items you can equip. The game does not automatically do it for you.
  • There are levels of quality for each gear. The order is as follows (from lowest to highest): green, blue, violet, yellow, orange, red.
  • Salvage gears that are lower in level or not useful for you any longer. Salvaging gears gives you crafting items. You cannot throw or sell your equipment.
  • If you want a certain item to be put in the hotkeys, just tap on them on the inventory and tap "Hotkey."
  • Do not eat the raw mushrooms from the forest nor drink rainwater and contaminated water! And remove them from the Hotkeys immediately.
  • You can craft mushrooms into mushroom stew, rainwater into distilled water, and contaminated water into bottled water.
Apparently, your "backpack" is bottomless.

Apparently, your "backpack" is bottomless.

Tips for the Camp

After completing Chapter 3 Through the Mines, you will unlock the Camp. The Camp is basically like a farm. Survivors in this place built themselves a little refuge where they plant crops and trees to generate resources for survival. You can visit the Camp to harvest food, water and wood. Crops grow, and resources fill every hour. So visit the Camp as often as you can.

These are the activities available at the camp.

  • Do the Ult Challenge: It costs 10 energy per attempt. You have 2 attempts per day. The challenge rewards Enhancers Chips for crafting gear attachments.
  • Play Zombie Annihilation: Costs 10 energy per attempt and 1 motorcycle key.
  • Claim Daily Rewards: You can claim daily login rewards here.
  • Shop at the Disparity Store: This shop sells legendary (orange and red) items.
  • Recruit a Follower: The follower basically travels with you and helps you fight monsters.
Visit the camp  every hour to check on your crops. Don't worry, the camp is guarded.

Visit the camp every hour to check on your crops. Don't worry, the camp is guarded.

Tips for the Refuge

After completing Chapter 7 Shadow in the Tombs, you will unlock the Refuge. The Refuge is much larger than the Camp and has a lot of activities available. You will find upgrades and research options in this place. You can upgrade the Refuge's level as well and compete with other players for the most bad-ass Refuge.

  • Dispatch your survivors at the Survivor's Dispatch: Dispatching survivors rewards crafting items. You can talk to the guard stationed at the entrance to do the dispatch.
  • Complete Special Ops: In the blue portal located near the Survivors Dispatch, you can do some special side missions to earn ammo, coins, and other crafting items. Each day has a different mission.
  • Blitz with the Motorcycle: You will find this right at the entrance. You can use the motorcycle to blitz any chapter you have completed and gain the loot and rewards you can get by completing it normally.
  • Claim Missions Rewards: Claim rewards and check available missions from the priest.
  • Do Research and Development (R&D): You can research for helpful perks in the R&D computer in front of the priest.
  • Craft powerful weapons with the Craftsman: This NPC offers to craft weapons for you in exchange for crafting items.
  • Upgrade Attachments: On the workshop table beside the Craftsman, you can upgrade your gear attachments.
  • Shop for Ammo and Crafting Materials: Beside the workshop table is a shop that sells ammo, medkits and other crafting materials.
  • Rest to Recover Stamina: If you are low on stamina, you can rest inside the red cross tent to recover some of it.
  • Claim Loot or Fight the Horde Invasion: At the westernmost side is a guard you can talk with to check the latest Horde Invasion against your Refuge. You can claim the loots gained here if you missed the invasion.
  • Claim coins from the Piggy Bank: You can claim the coins earned passively from the panda piggy bank. I know, it's supposed to be panda bank.
  • Visit other Refuges: You can check other player-maintained Refuges at the old TV set beside the piggy bank table.
  • Upgrade your Refuge: Upgrading your Refuge further unlocks perks you can research in the R&D and earns you more survivors for the Survivor Dispatch. Check the requirements needed for each level on the whiteboard near the entrance.
The survivors made a Refuge out of this parking lot near the subway station. Will this keep them safe from the Horde forever?

The survivors made a Refuge out of this parking lot near the subway station. Will this keep them safe from the Horde forever?

Questions & Answers

Question: How do you get followers in Fury Survivor?

Answer: You will get a follower when you reach Chapter 14 To The Base. You just have to talk to him when you locate him on the map and he will follow you. If you are not sure if you've done it already, go to the camp and look for a guy (not the one who's got something to sell) standing next to the campfire. You will know that you have a follower available if you see his icon next to your melee weapon icon.

Question: How do I use the Normal Appearance tickets in Fury Survivor?

Answer: Tap the Vending Machine in the UI. Then go to the Redeem tab. You can use the tickets to redeem consumables and other items.

Question: How do I get the motorcycle key in Fury Survivor?

Answer: To get the motorcycle, tap the flashing Season Medal next to the Gift Box in your screen. Then tap Exchange tab. The motorcycle key is listed as the first item. You can exchange the key for 5 points and if you have reached Season Level 2.

Question: How do you add friends in Fury Survivor?

Answer: You can add friends by talking to the computer/TV set next to the panda/piggy bank in the Refuge. Just tap magnifying glass icon on the players you like to add as friends. As of this time, you can only add friends based on what was listed on the same Infected Zone Number you are on.

Question: How do I heal my followers in Fury Survivor?

Answer: During combat, your follower heals himself automatically after his health gets to a certain threshold. The healing takes meds from your own supply so keep a sufficient supply of meds. You can also send your follower to the camp to heal for a certain period of time. Just tap on your follower and tap "Out of Combat."

Question: When playing Fury Survivor, after you get to the Refuge, is there another chapter?

Answer: Yes. You can continue the completing the chapters by going to the yellow portal at the entrance of the Refuge. The entrance is right in front of the motorcycle.

Question: How and where do I use the redeem tickets when playing Fury Survivor: Pixel Z?

Answer: Tickets can be used only during events. There is a Redeem tab in the Event menu when there is an ongoing event.

Question: The redeem tickets are used on events to exchange things or items. As said, there's an ongoing event(rainbow event) but I can't seem to use the normal and advanced redeem tickets. What do I do with redeem tickets in Fury Survivor: Pixel Z?

Answer: Just keep it. It was from an earlier event and it will be the same ticket that will be used on the next. Rainbow event is a regular event. The tickets are from special events.

Question: How do you use crystals in Fury Survivor?

Answer: Crystals are unlocked on level 50. You won’t be able to use them until then.

Question: How can I add my friends to my friends' list in Fury Survivor?

Answer: As of this time, you can only add players that are of the same Infection Zone number as you are. If you have the same Infection Zone number, chances are you can find your friend in the Nearby Refugees tab and add him.

Question: Can you go back to the original camp after you unlock the refuge when playing Fury Survivor?

Answer: Yes. To do so, just tap on the pause button beside the experience bar. You'll have the option to go to the Camp.

Question: How do I use my exchange tickets?

Answer: If it is a season ticket or points, you can exchange it for items in the Season menu. If they are event tickets, you can use it only during the active event.

Question: How do you get a special survivor in Fury Survivor?

Answer: You will eventually meet them as you play the chapters. However, you have to take to them when you find them in the game in order to unlock them.

Question: How do I get to the Camp in Fury Survivor?

Answer: There is a Pause option on the right of the Experience bar. Tap it and you will see the option to go to the Camp.

Question: Is there only one follower in the whole game of Fury Survivor?

Answer: As of this time, yes.

Question: How do you use Enhancers Chips in Fury Survivor?

Answer: Tap on an item you want to enhance. On the lower left of the item menu, you’ll see an Enhance button. Tap on it and select the enhancement you want. Enhancer chips will be consumed.

Question: What is zombie lair in Fury Survivor and how do I upgrade it?

Answer: Zombie Lair is another part of the Zombie Annihilation event which can be accessed through in the Camp. You need Zombie Lair Maps to enter it which can be acquired by finishing the Zombie Base from the same event. You need to be at level 10 in the Zombie Base to unlock the Zombie Lair.

Question: How do I gain survivors for the refuge in "Fury Survivor: Pixel Z", I know that they come from missions but which ones and is there any other way?

Answer: There is no other way yet how to gain survivors other than playing chapter missions. You will know when a mission or chapter has survivors when you see a "Survivor appeared!" flag on a chapter.

Question: How do I attach attachments in Fury Survivor?

Answer: Tap on the weapon, armor or equipment. If you see a box with a plus sign on the left of the item icon, that means you can have attachments for that item. Just tap the plus sign and select from the attachments you have. Then tap equip.

Question: How do you use attachments in Fury Survivor?

Answer: Tap on the weapon or armor. If it got a slot for attachment, represented by a + sign to the left of the weapon or armor, tap on it and select the attachments available for it.

Question: How do I get out of the Refuge and Camp in "Fury Survivor: Pixel Z"?

Answer: From the Refuge, you can navigate to the portals located on the right side of the Refuge, near the motorcycle, to continue the missions. It is the same with the camp: navigate to the portal on the rightmost as well.

Question: How do you heal followers in Fury Suriver?

Answer: Followers will automatically heal during combat. It uses healing items available in your inventory. However, if your follower dies, you can get him back in the Camp at full health.

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