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"Werewolf Online": Game Overview and How to Play

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Looking for a Game?

Are you looking for a new game that you can play while on the go? Do you love to play with friends or to make friends with strangers? Well, Werewolf Online might be the game for you.

Screenshot of the game, including my game avatar.

Screenshot of the game, including my game avatar.

About Werewolf Online

In this game, you play as a team, and the goal is to eliminate the other team. But you won't know who's your teammate out of the set of players unless you talk to them or observe them. Of course, you need to be careful of those who might not be telling the truth, or you might help the enemy team.

Screenshot of game mode selection.

Screenshot of game mode selection.

Game Modes

In this game, there are multiple game modes.

  • Quick Game: You are immediately placed with a set of players. The game will start either when you have enough players or when the host starts the game.
  • Play With Friends: You invite all the players who will play on your team.
  • Ranked Games: If you love competitions, then you can rise to the top by playing and earning skill points.
  • Custom Games: You can also create custom games where anybody can join. The best part is you are the one who chooses what roles will appear in the game, so you have more control than in the other modes.
  • The Sandbox: This is my favorite game mode. The sandbox is a testing mode where you can test new roles out before the developers put them into the main game modes.
Screenshot of some roles included in the game.

Screenshot of some roles included in the game.

Roles in the Game

The role that you get will determine which team you belong to. The two major groups of characters fighting in this game are the werewolves and the villagers. There are also several roles that work alone and don't have a team. They are Headhunter, Fool, and Arsonist.

Types of Roles

Alpha Werewolf



Serial Killer



Junior Werewolf


Aura Seer








Beast Hunter

Grumpy Grandma





Sect Leader

Wolf Seer

Cupid President



Wolf Shaman

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This is a screenshot of me playing as the witch in the game.

This is a screenshot of me playing as the witch in the game.

How to Play the Game

After you choose a game mode that you want to play and the room fills with players, the game will start. The first thing that will happen after starting the game is that you will be randomly assigned a role. Only you can see your role, except for when a character has the ability to see other people's roles, such as the Seer for the villager's team and the Werewolf Seer for the werewolf team.

The First Night

After the roles are assigned, the first night will commence. Depending on your role, you may just sleep or do something else during the first night. Seers, Bodyguards, Doctors, and Wolves are examples of characters who can make a move during the first night of the game.


When the morning comes, you'll discuss with all the players on your team. In this discussion, information from a Seer or an Aura Seer is needed to search for the wolves. Some players try to reveal their roles at this time, while others prefer not to speak up so they can play more safely.

Eliminating Your Rivals

As the game progresses, you have to play to eliminate your rival team. This can be accomplished by convincing players to lynch them by voting for them during the day, or eliminating them at night if your role allows you to do so.


Aside from moving on to the battle, you can also make preparations by going to your inventory. Here, you can choose the clothing for your avatar to make him more presentable to you.

The Rose System

There is also a rose system where you can buy roses in the store and trade them during the game, or just give them to a good teammate or player. Roses can also be used to buy stuff in the inventory, but take note: You cannot use the roses you buy to exchange for goods. The only roses you can use to purchase items are the ones that you obtain from other players. Also, you can buy talismans, which increase your chances of getting a specific role during a game.

Try Werewolf Online Now!

The game is available for mobile phones in the app store. Have you tried the game? Tell us more about how you like the game in the poll or in the comments section below.

Your Favorite Team?

Questions & Answers

Question: How do you equip a talisman in Werewolf Online?

Answer: To equip the talisman, go to inventory then head to the items section and select the talisman of your choice. Afterward, press equip and you can head to the game. Note: the effect of talisman is to increase the odds of getting the role and is not guarantee that you will get the role. However, the talisman won't be consumed if you don't get the role.

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