Beginner's Guide to "Mighty Quest for Epic Loot"

Updated on July 15, 2019
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Red is a computer and video game enthusiast working as a Freelance Computer Troubleshooter. When not tinkering, he is gaming.

In this article, you will:

  • discover the basics of playing The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot.
  • understand important game concepts and the user's interface.
  • learn tips how to improve in the game and have fun.

What Is "The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot'?

The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot is a mobile game from a video-game-publisher giant, Ubisoft. The game should not be confused with another game of the same name and publisher released in 2015. This mobile game was released on July 9th, 2019, and is playable via Android and iOS. The game is available for free on Google Play Store and App Store.

The game is an action, dungeon-crawler, role-playing game set in the world of Opulencia. Your goal is to guide and equip your hero to become the mightiest looter in the world and claim the King's throne.

Loot big . . . or die trying!

— Ubisoft
Payment Scheme
Mobile (iOS, Android)
Action, Dungeon Crawler, Raiding
Free-to-play, In-app-purchases

How to Play

Basic Controls

The game brags that you can play it one-handed. And it is not an empty boast. You can play the game using only your thumb. Dragging across the screen moves your hero. Tapping is attacking. Swiping allows your hero to perform a dashing escape. When you get to unlock the auto-play feature, the game is just like a breeze. All you have to do is tap your hero's skills.

In-Game User Interface

1. You can change your game portrait here. Available portraits should be unlocked as your progress forward.

2. This is your available Energy over your Maximum Energy. Maximum energy increases as you level up. Energy replenishes 1 point every seven minutes and fills up if you level up. You can obtain energy from quests and achievements as well. Energy is used up in all activities such as adventures and challenges.

3. This green bar here is your experience points.

4. This is your available Gold, the game's main currency. Gold is required when upgrading gears.

5. This is your available Gems. Gems are premium currency and can be earned through quests rewards.

6. You can purchase VIP access here if you want to level up fast. VIP offers greater rewards and perks at the expense of your real money.

7. Game Events are shown here.

8. Claim Daily Login Rewards here.

9. All important announcements, offers, and events are shown here.

10. Takes a screenshot of your hero without all the other interfaces.

11. Here you can test your hero against other players. It unlocks at level 8.

12. Trial castles contain challenges for rewards used in gear upgrades and promotions such as gold, Promote Stones and Upgrade Boosters.

13. This is the main storyline quests. Challenge each castle to obtain experience and gears.

14. Achievements are displayed here. Visit here often to claim rewards from achievements.

15. Daily missions and rewards are displayed and claimed here.

Important Game Concepts

16. Might refers to your overall power. Every gear has its own numerical value which adds up to your Might if equipped. Upgrading your gears also improves your Might.

17. The stars refer to your gear's potential. The higher the stars, the more powerful that gear is. You can increase your gear's star through Promotion in the Forge. Your gear must be at its max level first before it can be promoted to the next star. Promotion also requires Promotion Stones which can be acquired through the Trials and achievements.

18. This is your gear's level. Upgrading your gear increases its level. You can upgrade it in the Forge. Upgrading requires gold and upgrade boosters or other unequipped gears you can fuse.

19. This is your gear's Element. There are three elements in the game: Fire, Nature, and Water. Some events require you to equip gears of certain elements.

20. Talents are passive skills. They give additional stats to your hero or skill. Talents are unlocked on level 6.

21. Skills are your secondary damage source during combat. You can select up to three skills. You can strategize as to what skills you like to combine.

Note: Gear cards come in three rarities. Blue is the most common one. Green is a set card, and it gives Blessings when equipped with another set card. Orange is a legendary gear and is the most powerful.

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The very first things you do is murder some chickens.You can swipe at the screen to dodge any damaging skills from monsters.Take note of the red circle. It means that cannons are currently targeting that area. Avoid accordingly.Combine skills strategically.
The very first things you do is murder some chickens.
The very first things you do is murder some chickens.
You can swipe at the screen to dodge any damaging skills from monsters.
You can swipe at the screen to dodge any damaging skills from monsters.
Take note of the red circle. It means that cannons are currently targeting that area. Avoid accordingly.
Take note of the red circle. It means that cannons are currently targeting that area. Avoid accordingly.
Combine skills strategically.
Combine skills strategically.

Tips for New Players

  • Always do the Daily Missions and check for Daily Login Rewards.
  • Use your gold sparingly. In the early levels, monsters are manageable so you should upgrade gears only when necessary. That is unless you are paying to win.
  • Keep your treasure keys for later. Use it to open Epic Chests instead of just the Rare Chests.
  • During combat, use dodge as often as possible to escape damage. Also, keep out of the red circle.
  • After unlocking the auto-play in level 5, you can just sit back and watch your hero do the killing on its own. However, it will not use skills and dodges and may skip some monsters.
  • Aim to get all three crowns per castle. That means you have to kill all monsters, find all treasure and do it all in at least three minutes.

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