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"Heroes Evolved": Glee Puck Tutorial Guide

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Glee Puck tutorial

Glee Puck tutorial

Glee Puck Gameplay

Glee Puck is one of the best support heroes in Heroes Evolved. She can be played as a support for crowd-controlling enemies with stuns and slows. She can also heal allied heroes. She can also be played as a mid-lane hero since she can output a huge amount of damage as well.


The primary role for Glee Puck would be to support your allies in team fights. Her stuns provide excellent crowd control and help control team fights. She can provide support from a safe distance and have a huge impact on every fight. Her ultimate also provides damage reduction and healing for your allies. This essentially means that you must be part of any team fight that happens. Always have your teleport ready and take part in any fight that happens.

Your hero has a good power spike from level 1 itself. Your Clefairy will be the first spell you pick and this gives you a very strong semi-hero to do your bidding. At level 4, your intimate will ensure that you and any allied hero near you are very hard to kill. Even if you have low health you can bait enemies into diving you and then trigger your ultimate to gain back all your health in an instant.

Soul bond

Soul bond


Here are the useful spells you can use.

1. Soul Bond

This is the most important spell for Glee Puck. This spell will summon your pet Clefairy which will follow you around and attack enemy units. The Clefairy will inherit the same armour as your hero. It will regen a percentage of its health if it doesn't take damage for 5 seconds. If your hero gets killed, Clefairy will go into a rage with increased movement and attack speed and attack the enemy unit that killed your hero.

Clefairy is very strong, especially in the early game. Use it to distance yourself from the enemy heroes and fight with your Clefairy in front. However, the most important thing to do is to not let your Clefairy die. Without your Clefairy, Glee Puck is pretty much useless and offers very little. Also, if an enemy hero kills Clefairy, they get 180 gold which is a lot. Be wary of both your health and Clefairy's health.

Most of Clefairy's abilities are bound to other spells which we will see later. Always pick this as your first spell and summon Clefairy in the fountain as it will consume a lot of mana. Ensure that your Clefairy does not die the whole game. This would also mean that you need not max out this spell as the only major benefit of maxing the spell is a cooldown reduction. Clicking on the spell when Clefairy is already summoned will call her back to you. You need to kite heroes and prevent Clefairy from taking unnecessary damage. This includes towers as well which will target Clefairy if she is too close.



2. Escapade

Glee Puck shoots an energy mark that attaches to the first enemy it hits. Hitting the same enemy would deal additional damage and consume the mark. Clefairy will run towards the marked target and attack. This will cause a root for 1.5 seconds. You can either pick this spell second or third depending on your situation.

This is your initiation spell. Make sure you can hit the enemy correctly as it can even attach to enemy creeps. Also, make sure that you do not auto-attack the target before Clefairy. If you do so, then Clefairy's attack will not cause root, which is very important. You can max this spell with second preference, after rolling charge.

Rolling charge

Rolling charge

3. Rolling Charge

The rolling charge causes Clefairy to roll toward an enemy after channeling. Enemies hit will be knocked up and then slowed while taking damage. Clefairy is healed while channeling. If Clefairy is not summoned, you will shoot a wave that causes damage to enemies and heals allies.

The rolling charge is your primary crowd control ability. You will need to max this ability first as it reduces your cooldown significantly. You can combo this ability with escapade. Hit the enemy with escapade, Clefairy will charge and root the enemy and once the root is over, use the rolling charge to stun the hero again.

You can use the rolling charge to heal your Clefairy as well, especially in the early game. Clefairy can channel this ability while Glee Puck moves or attacks, so use this to chase or run away from enemies. You will most likely need to aim this ability as simply clicking and releasing it will cause it to miss.

Natural flavour

Natural flavour

4. Natural Flavour

Natural flavour is Clefairy's ultimate ability. This will cause Clefairy to dash to a target location and splash leaf juice which will cause movement slow to enemies and heal allied heroes. The allied heroes will also take reduced damage during the duration. The ability can be cast again within three seconds. Clefairy will also get a passive ability to deal additional magic damage on its third attack which will also heal all allied units around it.

This is a very powerful ultimate ability that can turn a team fight around easily. With your ultimate, your allied heroes cannot be killed easily and the health regen is incredible. Use it in clutch situations to turn any fight around. Always trigger the ability again in 3 seconds to extend the duration. You can also casually use this ability outside team fights to heal your allies.

Glee Puck items

Glee Puck items

Item Build

  1. Wizard boots: The wizard boots are a cheap way to get some cooldown reduction on your hero. You need to use your spells as much as possible and cooldown reduction is very critical. The additional spell power is also very helpful.
  2. Glimmering coronet: The glimmering coronet gives you good health and spell power. This will ensure that in the late game your stats go up even higher. The cooldown reduction again is very vital. The dash ability will help you run away from tough situations and also jump into the team fight when needed.
  3. Quick pulse: Quick pulse gives even more cooldown reduction so that you will immediately be capped at 40% cooldown overall. More importantly, this will help you be tankier due to the increase in health and magic life steal.
  4. Crystal shield: Another tanky item that will ensure that you are not burst down in team fights. Crystal shields protects you from both physical and magic damage and is an overall excellent tank item. Since you are primarily a utility hero, your role is to ensure that you stay alive long enough to support your allies.
  5. King's armour: Another excellent tank item that provides very good armour and attack speed. This item increases the armour and attack speed of all allied units and buildings around you. It will also reduce the armour of all enemy units and buildings around you. This makes it amazing for team fights again.
  6. Forcefield jewel: The forcefield jewel increases the armour and spell resist of all allied units around you. Again, it will cause your hero to be super tanky while providing a good amount of amour and spell resistance to your allies as well. You can even choose to buy this item early on if the enemy has a lot of magical damage.

Good Against

Glee Puck is good against heroes that rely on damage over time. Heroes that cannot burst down heroes very quickly but need to be part of prolonged fights. Assassin heroes like venom and tanks like Rickman will find it very hard to deal any damage and will get kited.

Even heroes like Estrath will find it hard to deal with Glee Puck as the damage reduction from the ult can stop him from bursting down heroes. It is also hard to target Glee Puck as Clefairy will be able to easily zone him out. The damage dealt by Clefairy is also very high. Even adr heroes need to be wary of Glee Puck.

Bad Against

There are very few heroes that can counter Glee Puck, but it is very easy to deal with her. Heroes like Methos that reduce healing are a direct counter. Loreli also has a similar ability to prevent healing which is a counter to Glee Puck. Heroes like Psion that deal a huge amount of damage quickly are also troublesome but Glee Puck should never be caught out alone.

An easier way to counter Glee Puck is to target her Clefairy first. Most players neglect the health of the Clefairy and this makes it easy to kill. You can poke down the heath of the Clefairy and finish it off for 180 gold which is a lot. Glee Puck becomes relatively useless in the time in which Clefairy is dead.

Bonus Combo

You can use a special combo to catch enemies just outside your reach. You need to start by using your escapade spell to target an enemy creep in front of the enemy hero. Then immediately start channeling the rolling charge. Once Clefairy reaches the enemy creep you can release the rolling charge to hit the enemy hero. This can however only be used if there are enemy creeps in the right spot. Please check the video below to see how to execute the combo.

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