How I Became an A-lister in 3 Days on Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

Updated on June 22, 2016
Photos in this article are the author's personal screenshots of the game.
Photos in this article are the author's personal screenshots of the game. | Source

I got to the A list at Level 11 on the Kim Kardashian mobile game in just three days. Absolutely no cheating was necessary. This is how I did it.

This is Simon calling you on the phone about a new assignment you might want to take.
This is Simon calling you on the phone about a new assignment you might want to take.

Get Busy

Taking assignments is the key to getting more fans. You get assignments from your manager Simon. Every time you finish an assignment like a photoshoot, fashion show or appearance, Simon would call you after you have just left the assignment venue. You'd be standing on the street as he gives you two assignment options. You can decline the first and ask for another one. If you say No to both, Simon will call you after at least an hour later. You can call him back earlier to get an assignment, but this will cost you K stars. It's best to just already take what he gives you.

Choose the Best Assignments

Assignments differ in terms of duration and exposure. For instance, a photoshoot for a national ad campaign that lasts for 3 hours will get you more fans compared to a local spread in a magazine that lasts for just an hour. So, if Simon's first assignment offer is just for an hour, see if the second one lasts longer.

Kim is Your Friend

It is important to prioritize the assignments that Kim gets you. If she asks you to do an appearance for a Kardash launch party, then finish that first once it becomes available before starting an assignment from Simon. Kim assignments usually have more fan value. Plus, Kim will "tweet" about you at the event, which gains you more fans. She'll also introduce you to important people like photographers and businessmen that could get you better jobs from Simon.

Your flight attendant Isabelle gives you flight options.
Your flight attendant Isabelle gives you flight options.
A random guy I met in a restaurant happens to be a C-list director.
A random guy I met in a restaurant happens to be a C-list director.

Live a Jetsetter Lifestyle

Some users prefer shorter assignments because they finish more quickly. There are two ways in which an assignment would end: when the timer runs out or when you get all 5 blue stars. It's true that the stars fill up faster on shorter assignments and require less energy to finish the tasks. Most people also get impatient waiting for their energy to recharge. You can finish a one-hour task on a full charge.

Be Impatient

I'm able to finish 8-hour assignments in less than an hour just by recharging faster. I do this by looking for lightning bolts in clickable items. Try exploring by clicking on objects everywhere in the game.These are common clickable items that could give you energy, cash or experience:

  • Fire hydrants
  • Bushes
  • Tree branches
  • Luggage
  • Birds
  • Wine bottles

Just be sure to click on the bolt, bills or gold coin before it disappears. This is also a quick way to make more money and level up in the game. So, once my energy bar runs very low when I'm on an assignment, I would go out on the street and enter other venues to click on items that might give me bolts. Then, I would take the bus or plane to other places to click on items there. Depending on how many more stars you need to gain for the assignment, you might need to travel to just a couple places or to all the places you could go. Just always be sure to have enough money left before jetsetting. If you wait long enough, the clickable items would eventually recharge, so you could do a few more tasks in your assignment venue before going out on the street again to find bolts. This would save you money because you're not doing much traveling.

Socialize and Network

The number of fans you gain per assignment is also determined by the number of stars you get. Think of this as your rating. A full five stars will get you the most fans. You can get more stars on tasks by asking a contact to help you out.

Call a Contact

In an assignment venue, you can click on the blue plus sign to call a contact who can do the assignment with you. For example, a makeup artist can be called to a photoshoot and a celebrity can be called to an appearance. After the assignment, you'll get points with that contact that will increase your experience. If you didn't do very well on the assignment (i.e., you got just one blue star), then the contact will try to break up with you.

Take Names

This is why you should add as many people to your contact list as possible. You'll never know when they'll come in handy. Try to add people who are higher than you on the list. I found that it's easier to do that if you're quite close in rank although not on the same alphabet. For instance, if I'm a C-lister who is 100 fans away from the B-list, a B-lister might add me as a contact. I also found that it's easier to flirt than to network with someone higher than you on the list. In addition, always guess the name of the stranger to get you points.

This is my fabulous avatar Krystal signing off.
This is my fabulous avatar Krystal signing off.

Author's note: Taking a lot of assignments in the shortest possible time was the tactic I went with to become an A-lister in three days of playing Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. Other users would swear by dating up or investing in real estate as good strategies as well. For me, quickly jumping from one place to another to click on objects for points worked. I also spent three days of my life engrossed in Kim Kardashian's virtual world poking bushes for money. I have now deleted the game to focus on real world matters. Download at your own risk.

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

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