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How to Create a Successful "Fishing Clash" Clan

Jesse is a lifelong gamer and as competitive as they come. The following is one of many experiences he would like to share.


How to Build a Top-Ranked Clan

Fishing Clash is a popular competitive fishing game available to download from the iTunes and Play store. Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned veteran, there are several strategies that result in a successful clan. By following these methods, I created a top-50 ranked clan in less than a week.

1. It's All in the Name

The first important step to create a successful clan is naming the clan something appealing. When players search for a clan they often use relatable terms based on their location. If you live in the United States, you should try to use the term "USA" in your clan name. Specific regional terms are less likely to be searched, so make sure you use the country name instead of the city, state, or province.

The second part of your clan named should be fishing related. Use fishing terms such as "bass," "carp," "catfish," "angler," or "hook." It is alright to make a pun out of the word as well because the clan name will still show up in search results as long as it contains the word that is searched for. For example, "Bassassin" will show up if the term "bass" is searched.

Pun-like names are welcoming because they infer that the clan has a sense of humor. Remember, you only have 15 spaces available for the clan name, and it cannot be changed, so choose wisely.

2. Have a Co-Leader

The next thing you need before continuing on to the next step is a co-leader or place-holder. While it is best to have a real person to co-lead your clan, it is not always possible if you are starting a clan from scratch. If you don't have someone that is able to sit in your clan while you are recruiting, you can always create a dummy account.

A dummy account is just an inactive account you set up in order to have someone in your clan so you can go out recruiting new talent and still have your clan remain open to new members. Make sure you have someone who can stay in your clan so that it does not erase your clan.

3. Recruiting

Recruiting is the most time-consuming aspect of starting a new clan. You will have to spend the better part of 24 hours to successfully recruit. Don't be discouraged if you don't get any new members within the first 24 hours; it takes time for some members to take the bait.

The best way to recruit for new clans is to hop to several different small clans that consist of five or fewer members. Be courteous when you join a clan to recruit. Don't join a clan and request that the higher-ranked members only join. This will anger the lower-ranked members and make you seem selfish. The best way to attract members is to post a simple message stating that you have started a new clan that is active and that you want their small group of people to join your clan if they are active.

You are not going to get a member from each clan you visit. You probably aren't going to get a member from every two clans you visit. It took me about 50 different small clans to build up to 25 members, but once I gained 25 members, I was able to sit back and let others drift in. The more members a clan has, the more desirable it is to join.

I still recruit after each clan pack because we always have one or two members that become inactive or don't contribute. This is unavoidable. You will have to boot people in order to maintain an active clan.

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4. Choose Co-Leaders

After you have about 25 members, you should name at least two co-leaders. Co-leaders help to manage the clan and inform new members about your clan policy and expectation. The best co-leaders are members that are the most active and level-headed. You don't want a co-leader that wants to boot people left and right.

The best way to choose co-leaders is to add them on Facebook and have conversations with them to determine their character. If it seems like you have a lot in common with a certain member, then they would probably be a good fit for you.

After assigning co-leaders, you should open a designated leader chat that only you and your co-leads can access. This will enable you and your counsel to make decisions and rules about the clan.

5. Set Ground Rules

Once you have your 25 members and co-leaders assigned, you need to set a few rules. These rules should be put in place as soon as possible in order to avoid altercation and confusion between members.

Each clan has different aspirations, so rules are solely up to you and your co-leaders. To have a successful clan, you should always have these following basic rules:

  1. Minimum Clan Hook requirement: Seasoned clans require each member to contribute at least 20 hooks for the clan pack. Depending on the number of members you have, this can be tweaked.
  2. Maximum one-day Clan Hook requirement: Once you have maximum occupancy, you will run into the problem of some clan members not being able to participate in the clan pack because of work or some other reason. If this is the case, it is best to set a maximum of 50 hooks for the first day so that everyone has the opportunity to contribute.
  3. Minimum weekly donation requirement: Donations are one of the biggest benefits of being a clan member. It is easy for someone to donate 100 lures per week to meet a minimum donation requirement.
  4. Minimum trophy requirement: Once your clan reaches maximum occupancy, you should discuss having a minimum trophy entrance requirement. This should be based on your bottom 10 members. By doing this, you will only gain members with similar levels to your other members.

6. Weed and Sow

The dirty part of having a successful clan is having to boot inactive or low-performing members. While you probably won't have to boot anyone in the first week or two, you will, inevitably, have some slackers after a few weeks. If members aren't meeting the rules you laid out for the clan, you will end up having to take action. Don't feel bad about doing this. This is an imperative step to have a rising, active clan.

The best way to go about booting players is to discuss it among your co-leaders and vote on whether to boot them or not. This will give you a little back-up should members of the clan object to a particular member being booted.

If and when you boot players, it is okay to do a little more recruiting. Usually, players will join without you having to recruit, but you can always post want ads on the Fishing Clash social page on Facebook to attract higher-ranked players. Remember, you want to start adding higher-ranked players in order to increase your overall clan ranking.


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