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How to Get More Coins in "Fishing Clash"

Jesse is a lifelong gamer and as competitive as they come. The following is one of many experiences he would like to share.


How Do You Get More Coins in Fishing Clash?

Without question, the biggest concern for many Fishing Clash players is how to get more coins in order to upgrade their lures. If you haven't already, you will soon realize that lures are far easier to acquire than coins. If you are a level 75 or higher player, you probably have over 25 lures waiting to be upgraded.

Don't feel singled out or think you are doing something wrong. The game is designed this way to encourage players to spend money on pearls so that they can buy coins from the in-game store. It's important not to get overwhelmed by not being able to upgrade all of your lures. In fact, until you reach level 110 or higher, you will likely always have lures awaiting upgrades.

I'm not here to tell you that there is a way of earning enough coins to upgrade all of your lures in one week without spending any money. That's just not possible. I can, however, show you the many different ways that you can maximize your coin earning potential.

In order to gain the maximum amount of coins that you can get per day, you will have to spend two to three hours playing Fishing Clash. If you're not a hardcore gamer like many other Fishing Clash geeks, you can still make several thousand coins per day with less than an hour of gameplay. In the following segments, I will cover strategies for completing your daily challenge, taking advantage of your daily fish bonus, making coins by winning duels, competing in your daily championship, and opening free lure packs.

Complete Your Daily Challenge

One of the easiest ways to earn some quick coins is to complete the daily challenge. More often than not, your daily challenge will award you coins in some way, shape, or form. Most daily challenges can be completed in less than 10 minutes and can earn you up to 8,000 coins, which is the fastest way you will ever earn coins in Fishing Clash. If you complete your daily challenge every day, you should have no problem earning between 15,000–20,000 coins per week.


Daily Coin Bonus

An equally easy, but more time-consuming way of earning coins is by way of your daily coin bonus. Each day, you are given a daily coin bonus for the first 50 fish you catch. Instead of earning just one coin per fish, you can earn up to 150 coins per fish, depending on the size and rarity of the fish you catch. If you aren't familiar with this feature, you can see when your daily coin bonus timer resets by following these steps:

  1. Catch any fish, preferably a mythical fish from your highest level fishery, in case your daily coin bonus is already active.
  2. After catching a fish, a window displaying the fish and fish weight appears. When that window appears, press the coin total picture. A smaller side window should appear, explaining coin bonuses and time left until your coin bonus starts.

Coin bonus timers reset at different times for different locations, but if you are in the United States, your coin bonus should begin between the hours of 4–7 pm. The reason it is important to know when your coin bonus starts is that you don't want to waste any casts on lower level fish that don't earn you many coins. You want to use all 50 casts to earn as many coins as possible.

To earn as many coins as you can with your daily coin bonus, you'll want to use your highest level mythical fish in the highest level fishery you have unlocked. Usually, a level 4 mythical lure will suffice. If you don't have a level 4 mythical lure in your highest level fishery, go to your next highest fishery and use a level 4 mythical lure there. If you don't have a level 4 mythical lure in either of your top two fisheries, use the highest level epic lure you have in either of those fisheries.

Using one of these lures, try to catch a 7* or higher fish. If you've been playing this game a while, you're probably familiar with your reel patterns and can tell if you have a high-ranking fish on the line. If you have unlocked Murray or Hawaii, you should have no problem getting 75 coins per fish if you catch 7* or higher fish. As long as you use a mythical lure in any fishery after Loch Ness, you can probably earn 50 coins per catch, meaning you should make about 2,500 coins for all fifty fish combined.

For those of you with all fisheries unlocked, you should have no problem earning at least 3,500 coins for all 50 fish combined. This method can take up to an hour to complete effectively.

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How to Earn Coins by Winning Duels

Winning duels is the second hardest way or earning coins. It takes a lot of time and effort, in most cases. You can earn coins for the first 15 duels you win each day. If you're like me, it may take you 30 duels in order to win 15, meaning you could be dueling for the better part of an hour. If you are an average player, you can maintain a 2,500 or higher trophy level, which is where you want to be to earn more coins per duel.

Just in case you didn't know, the higher trophy level you are, the more coins you earn for winning duels. A 3,000 plus player, naturally, earns more than a 2,500 player, but since it is hard to maintain 3,000 trophies for most players, I will use the 2,500–2,999 trophy example. If you are in this trophy range, you will earn 250 coins per duel win for your first 15 duels won each day. That adds up to 3,750 coins per day.


Opening Lure Packs for Coins

While opening lure packs are the simplest way to get coins, it is also the most time-consuming. It can take as little as three hours or as many as 24 hours to open just one pack, depending on the pack type. You can expect to earn at least 2,000 coins if you open as many of these packs per day.

If you are lucky enough to have a gold pack amongst any of these, you could make approximately 8,000 coins. You are also awarded a free lure pack every four hours, which contains about 275 coins each. If you claim each free pack every day, you gain between 900–1,000 coins per day.

Daily hook packs are the third type or pack you can earn coins from on a daily basis. Your daily hook pack is earned by winning hooks from duels. Daily hook packs award you an additional 2,000 coins on average and only require 10 hooks to unlock. In total, you could potentially earn over 10,000 coins by just opening each different lure pack every day. For more information about different types of lure packs, read my "Lure Pack Guide."


Compete in Daily Championships

The last method I want to mention is daily championships. Daily championships and events boast the most coin earning potential, mainly because they are so hard to dominate. It's unrealistic to say that you'll be able to win your championship every day, but it is entirely within the realm of possibility to place within the top 20, which is where rewards start.

If you are able to land first place, you could win between 16,000–20,000 coins in one day. Perhaps a more realistic goal is to assume you will fall somewhere between 10–20. If that is the case, you'll still walk away with an additional 1,500–2,500 coins in a day.


Donating Lures in Your Clan

Although this is not a quick way to may a ton of coins, you can still build up coins and XP by donating lures within your own clan. If you haven't joined a clan already, you are missing out on a lot of the perks of this game. You can join a clan or create your own for a mere 1,000 coins; however, it's better to join an already established, multi-member clan. Once you are a clan member, you can donate common and rare lures to members that request lures.

Each common lure you donate will give you five coins plus 1 XP. Each rare lure you donate will give you 25 coins plus 5 XP. In total, you can theoretically make over 1,000 coins per day by donating lures. For more information about creating a clan, read my "How To Create a Successful Fishing Clash Clan Guide."

How Many Coins Can You Earn in a Day?

Now that we have addressed the many different ways one can earn coins, let's add everything up to see how many coins we can consistently earn on a daily basis.

Your daily challenge will earn you approximately 3,000 coins per day on average. You should be able to get an additional 3,000 coins with your daily coin bonus for catching fish. Winning 15 duels each day will garner you around 3,750 coins. Opening all of the lure packs you can each day earn you at least 5,000 coins. Depending on where you land in your daily championship, you could earn up to 20,000 coins, but 2,000 coins is a more realistic number.

Added all together, you should be able to amass 17,000 coins per day but could make as much as 40,000 if you perfect every method. Keep in mind that I haven't figured in the number of coins that you could earn for the occasional events, so your earning potential could be even higher. In summary, expect to make about 15,000 coins per day, but know that you could nearly triple that if you're lucky or good enough.

© 2018 Jesse James

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