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Updated on February 23, 2018
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Realm Defense Logo
Realm Defense Logo

What Is Realm Defense?

Realm Defense is a tower defense video game for mobile platforms. Players will have a limited amount of gold in each level to carefully spend on four basic tower types. Each type of tower has its own strengths and weaknesses. You'll also defend several realms from monster invasions across a variety of maps. Do you have what it takes to triumph against the forces of evil?

If not, you will soon, because this guide will teach you the best ways to tackle the many obstacles in Realm Defense! But first, let's quickly examine the game's triumphs and failures to determine whether it's worth your time.



  • Free-to-play
  • Upgradeable towers and heroes
  • Polished gameplay
  • Different worlds with different towers


  • Occasional lag

While it has similarities to the popular Kingdom Rush series (which you can learn about here), Realm Defense strikes a superb balance between being fair but challenging, can be enjoyed for free, and provides a steady stream of upgrades as you progress. Using gradually accumulated resources, you can improve both your basic tower types and heroes.

Although the game offers several real-money purchase options to enable players to quickly obtain supplies, you'll acquire everything you need, albeit more slowly, even if you never spend a dime. Despite the occasional slowdown when the screen is flooded with dozens of enemies, I highly recommend Realm Defense for both strategy enthusiasts and casual gamers alike. So, what are the best ways to overcome the game's foes?

A Level from World 1 (Pridefall Kingdom)
A Level from World 1 (Pridefall Kingdom)
A Level from World 2 (Fjordgaard)
A Level from World 2 (Fjordgaard)

Tower Types

With four (and counting) separate worlds, Realm Defense offers new towers in each world, which prevents your gameplay experience from growing stale. Learn about them and their functions to stop your kingdom from crumbling. Despite world-specific variants in their abilities, your four options generally look like this:

  • Soldier Towers

The cheapest tower type is a surprisingly crucial one. Soldier towers deal negligible damage, but are the only tower to physically block foes and can withstand it when ranged forts bombard them with projectiles. Soldier towers work well in off-center grid points and they don't need excessive range to function. These attributes are critical to your success, but beware flying enemies, who soar right over soldiers.

  • Archer Towers

This is your most inexpensive ranged option. Archers tend to have a fast rate of fire, impressive range, and they heavily injure flying foes. However, their attacks deal reduced damage to armored monsters, so you should employ other tower types in that circumstance. Still, these should often be your most abundant projectiles.

  • Magic Towers

Costing a bit more than archers, magic towers diversify throughout the game, which makes them a bit tricky to generalize. They offer various benefits and assault enemies with mid-ranged strikes. Some can target flying enemies, some buff soldiers within their range, and some can slow the movement speed of monsters.

  • Cannon Towers

These are your most expensive projectiles. Again, they'll morph across worlds, but usually they involve a slow rate of fire in exchange for heavy damage and work well on armored enemies. Many include splash damage, which makes them great at tackling clusters of foes. However, because of their high price, and the fact that most cannot attack flying creatures, you'll usually only want a few per map.

The Wizard Tower's Progression Chain
The Wizard Tower's Progression Chain

Tower Upgrades

Tower improvements come in two ways:

  1. By completing levels, you'll earn "stars" that let you gain permanent upgrades. The better you do in a mission, the more stars you receive. Don't be afraid to return to a tricky map later when you're better-equipped.
  2. You can also spend gold in levels to upgrade your tower for the rest of the the mission. Know your towers well; some will gain more range as they rank up, others simply gain power. The third and final form of each tower unlocks two abilities you can buy with gold. Take these powers into account when initially deciding where to place your units.

Smoulder, Efrigid, and Bolton
Smoulder, Efrigid, and Bolton

Using and Upgrading Heroes

Hero Overview
In each map, you'll be able to choose up to three heroes to assist. You can move them wherever you like, which makes them versatile and powerful fighters. Heroes have different attributes, ranges, and strengths; the above trio of Smoulder, Efrigid, and Bolton excel at mid-ranged projectiles, but other options like Lancelot serve as melee tanks. Usually, blending melee and ranged heroes produces optimal results.

Improving Heroes
Heroes can be upgraded up in two ways. First, they can gradually gain combat experience, which slowly levels up their attack and health. Elixirs, which you can collect as they slowly replenish in real time, also level up heroes. Secondly, heroes can strengthen their four abilities (one activated and three passive) by completing character-specific missions. Be sure to conquer these as soon as you unlock them to optimize your squad.

Acquiring Heroes
It is possible to occasionally recruit new combatants by progressing far enough in campaigns, but most must be purchased with gems, which are slowly accumulated by beating new levels and through daily challenges. Some heroes cost more than others, and I recommend saving your gems for the pricier options—it'll take longer to gain them, but they offer better bang for your buck.

Sethos Upgrade Screen
Sethos Upgrade Screen

Recommended Heroes

Fee (Ranged)
You start with the archer Fee, which means it's worthwhile to give her some attention. Her damage output is low, but she has terrific range, and her ability Feral Spirit summons a wolf that attacks and blocks enemies, similar to the soldier tower. Feral Spirit has a much lower cooldown time than other activated abilities, making Fee a surprisingly competent unit throughout the game.

Smoulder (Ranged)
Who doesn't want a fire-breathing dragon on their side? Smoulder costs a few thousand gems to purchase, but he offers several benefits. His attacks are powerful, and because he flies, many enemies can't attack him, which gives him greater survivability than most ranged units. His flight also offers fast movement speed. Smoulder's activated ability, Inferno, is about as straightforward (but useful) as it gets: a bombardment of meteors in an area that damages all adversaries within the blast radius.

Sethos (Melee)
You won't unlock this emerald scorpion until making some progress into the deserts of world 3, Sunstorm Sands, but his impressive tanking abilities keep him alive as he attacks and poisons foes. Although Sethos moves at a snail's pace, this presents no issue as his quickly-refreshing activated ability, Burrow Blitz, moves him to a location of your choice while stunning enemies in the vicinity.

More Content

With at least twenty levels in each world (by the way, some worlds have forty!), daily challenges, tournaments where you compete with other players, endless mode, and bonus maps (like the Shattered Realms content), Realm Defense offers enough to keep players invested for months.

If you ever get stuck, don't panic. Try new tower arrangements and hero selections, upgrade your team with elixirs, or (if needed) watch an online guide. Vote for your favorite Realm Defense hero below, and I'll see you in our next mobile game review!

Who is your favorite Realm Defense Hero?

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5 stars for Realm Defense

Questions & Answers

  • What is the new maximum level upgrade for heroes in Realm Defense?

    Right now it's 25, but it could increase later.

  • What's the best usage of gems in the game Realm Defense?

    I'd go for the heroes, especially until you get at least three (the max you can take into battle). After that, upgrade the elixir mine, which will help level up your heroes faster.

    Remember that battles also earn your heroes experience, so even experience from elixir mines that haven't been fully upgraded will be supplemented by simply playing the game.

  • What's the highest skill level for a hero in the game Realm Defense?

    The highest skill level in Realm Defense is two as of this writing.

    Just to be clear, we're not talking about the maximum hero level (which is currently 35), but the level of a hero's four upgradeable skills.

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