How to Build a Beginner GB10 Team for F2P Players in "Summoner's War"

Updated on October 14, 2019
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Each of Giant's Keep floor levels in Caiross Dungeon shows the max lvl of the boss.
Each of Giant's Keep floor levels in Caiross Dungeon shows the max lvl of the boss.

Giant’s Keep in Caiross Dungeon is one of the most important aspects of Summoner’s War. Beginning players in the game should focus on building a farming team for GB10, Giant’s Keep Base Floor 10, as early as possible. However, building such a team is quite a challenging task especially for F2P, free-to-play, players. It definitely takes lots of time and effort in playing Summoner’s War to finally be able to build a team for GB10. Well, don’t you worry though because this guide will definitely show you how to build an F2P team or beginner’s team for farming Giant’s Keep or GB10.

Why farm Giant's Keep or GB10 in "Summoner's War"?

Rune rewards from Giant's Keep makes it easier to obtain good runes.
Rune rewards from Giant's Keep makes it easier to obtain good runes.

It is considered a very important dungeon in Summoner’s War because it is the best place to farm runes. As you may all know, runes play a vital role in your monsters. It significantly boosts them and upgrades them by utilizing the effects brought by the runes. Equipping your monster with the right combination of runes totally changes the course of the battle. It is one of the factors that control or dictate the results of the battle. Well, it is exactly why you need to farm runes in Giant’s Keep or GB10 because it drops the best rune you could possibly get in the game. In fact, a few of the best types of runes are only farmable in Giant’s Keep. So, as early as possible, build a team for GB10 and start farming powerful runes.

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This GB10 team guide is ultimately for players who don’t have any team that can at least farm GB10 team with a 90% success rate. If you are not one of them, then you might want to focus on building a speed team for GB10 rather than this guide. Anyway, since we will be building a GB10 team for beginners or F2P players, our team for Giant’s Keep will be made up mostly of farmable monsters. This means you won’t need to spend any penny just to get any of these monsters. However, spending a few dollars will definitely speed up your process in building your beginning team for GB10.

What are the basic requirements for GB10 Teams?

The Giant's Keep strategy info as shown in "Summoner's War".
The Giant's Keep strategy info as shown in "Summoner's War".

Stat Requirements for GB10 Team

It is important that all of your monsters have excellent numbers in the following stats below:

  1. HP: Your team must be able to sustain a high amount of damage because the boss and the monsters in GB10 or Giant’s Keep have high damage. Non-Wind type monsters in your team must have higher HP compared to your other monsters in the team because the boss is a water type monster. This means it is able to deal more damage to monsters which are non-wind types.
  2. Accuracy: Most of your debuffers in the team should have high accuracy. This allows countering the resistance of enemy monsters against debuffs. The chances of successfully debuffing an enemy monster greatly depends on your monster’s accuracy and the enemy monster’s resistance.
  3. Speed: This is also an important stat for your cleansers, debuffers and healers. Increasing your monster's speed will allow them to utilize their cleansing, debuffing and healing skills more often.

Using skill effects changes the course of a battle.
Using skill effects changes the course of a battle.

Skill Requirements for GB10 Team

An ideal GB10 Team must have the following skills:

  1. Cleansing Skills: Removing debuffs on your monsters is very important. Your team will badly struggle in GB10 if they’re affected with debuffs especially like defense break. This debuff allows the boss in GB10 to most likely 1-hit your team. Thus, it is important that you have cleansing skills to avoid or remove debuffs on your monsters.
  2. Buff Stripping Skills: Not only removing debuffs on your own team is important but also removing buffs on your enemies is also very important. Monsters in GB10 has high stats so further improving their stats with buffs will make them more deadly. Just imagine how much damage the boss can deal to your team if it has an attack buff.
  3. Debuffs: As I’ve mentioned before, GB10 monsters have high stats. Affecting these monsters with debuff greatly improves the success of your GB10 runs.
  4. Team Buffs: Further improve your team’s stats by having buffing skills. Speed and Attack Bar buffs are very important team buffs in GB10. This allows your team to take more turns than the enemy; thereby, utilizing more skills than the enemy.
  5. Continuous Damage Dealing Skills: These types of damage dealing skill deals significant damage over every turn of the affected monster. Plus, the damage dealt over time is proportional to the affected monster’s Max HP. Thus, this deals with significant damage to the GB10 boss because it has significantly high HP. This one of the best ways to deal damage to the GB10 boss.

Recommended Monsters

Like I’ve said, all of these monsters are available even for F2P players. However, it will definitely take time to farm and build the following monsters in your GB10 F2P Team.

Veromoss Monster Info
Veromoss Monster Info

1. Veromoss

Veromoss is one of your core monsters in the team and is the party leader of the team. He is not only great in GB10 but in various scenarios and dungeons in Summoner’s War as well. He is a natural 5-star monster with great base stats. In fact, you don’t even have to max out his skills to be successful in GB10. However, it is still recommended that you max out his skills since he is very useful in most of the dungeons in Summoner’s War.


Veromoss leader skill which increases his team member’s HP by 33% greatly improves their damage sustainability. Apart from increasing the team’s HP, he is also the main cleanser in the team. Through his passive skill, he is able to remove a harmful effect on all allies each turn. And not only that, most of his damage-dealing skills deal damage that is proportionate to the target’s max HP. He can definitely deal significant damage to the GB10’s Boss because of its high max HP. Plus, adding a continuous damage and stun effect on his skills makes him more useful in GB10. This is exactly why he is a must in this F2P GB10 team for beginners.

Veromoss Fusion Info
Veromoss Fusion Info

How to Obtain Veromoss:

Although he is not farmable in Scenario Mode, you can still get him through fusion. Most of the monsters required for Veromoss fusion are farmable and are available as rewards for Fuse Monsters Challenge. Aside from that, you can also join in-game events like Fusion Assistance to help you fuse Veromoss faster.

Bernard Monster Info
Bernard Monster Info

2. Bernard

Bernard is considered as one of the best natural 3-star monsters in the game. His decent base stats and decent skills make him stand out among all the natural 3-star monsters. In fact, he is not only often used in GB10 for beginners but he is also often used in the Arena by beginners. This is why he is one of the core monsters in our beginner GB10 Team.


Bernard’s ability to weakens the target’s attack and defense is very useful in GB10. This significantly decreases the GB10’s Boss high attack and defense. Also, his Tailwind skill gives extra turns to his allies by increasing their attack bar and speed. The more turns you have, the higher your success rate will be.

How to Obtain Bernard:

Bernard is farmable so you can definitely max out his skills without any sweat. You can farm him in Tamor Dessert. If you have Lapis, then it will be easier for you to farm him in Stage North of Tamor Dessert.

Belladeon Monster Info
Belladeon Monster Info

3. Belladeon

Belladeon, the Light Inugami, is also one of the three core monsters in this GB10 beginner team. Like most inugami, he also has decent base stats which makes him a good overall monster. In this F2P GB10 team, he will be the main healer of the team.


Belladeon’s Scratch skill causes defense break on the target. He can be a backup defense breaker for Bernard in case. Also, as I’ve mentioned, his Mobilize skill makes him the main healer of the team. His ability to heal up to a maximum of 50% of HP to all allies increase the team’s ability to sustain damage. Plus, it even increases the team’s attack bar; thereby, further supplementing Bernard’s speed buff. As I’ve said, speed buffs increase the likelihood of your team’s success. And also, his ability to remove beneficial effects on the target disables any beneficial effect on the GB10 boss.

How to Obtain Belladeon:

Like Bernard, the light inugami is also farmable. He can be obtained from the Light Inugami Secret Dungeon. It might be a challenge to gain access to such secret dungeon but all you have to do is a little effort in the chatbox. Ask for help from people in the community. Surely, you’ll be able to get a light inugami in no time. Once you have a Light Inugami, you can then farm Inugami from Garen Forest to max out Belladeon’s skills.

Shannon Monster Info
Shannon Monster Info

4. Shannon

Shannon is another decent buffer in the team. She might be pretty fragile for GB10 but with the right runes and Veromoss’ party leader skill, she’ll be able to handle GB10.


Shannon’s ability to decrease the enemies’ speed further gives your team extra turns. With Bernard’s and Belladeon’s, your team will definitely be guaranteed with extra turns. Apart from that, she can also increase the team’s attack and defense through her third skill.

How to Obtain Shannon:

Although Shannon can’t be farmed from the Scenario, you can easily get her from scrolls and from the shop. You can also get her from mission Giant's Keep Master Challenge.

Darion Monster Info
Darion Monster Info

5. Darion

The Light Vagabond is a recommended monster for this F2P GB10 beginner team.


Unlike the other monsters in the team, Darion only has the attack break debuff. The other monsters have more buffs/debuffs compared to him. But what makes him a great monster in the team is his passive skill. His passive skill removes 20% of the damage that your allies received. Well, he doesn’t enjoy this benefit but at least, this gravely increases his allies’ ability to sustain damage.

How to Obtain Darion:

The Light Vagabond can be obtained also from a secret dungeon. Once you get him, you can easily max out his skills by getting Vagabonds from scrolls and the shop.

Rune Management Tool for Veromoss
Rune Management Tool for Veromoss

How to Rune this F2P GB10 Team?

I’ve mentioned above that the three important stats we need to consider in this GB10 team is their HP, Accuracy and Speed. Most of the runes will be building around these stats.

Also, it is strongly recommended that Veromoss and Belladeon are at level 40, while the rest of the F2P GB10 Team can stay at level 35.

Swift / Energy
Speed / HP% / HP%
LVL 40
Swift / Focus
Speed / HP% / HP%
LVL 40
Swift / Focus
Speed / HP% / HP%
LVL 35
Swift / Energy
Speed / HP% / HP%
LVL 35
Swift / Energy
Speed / HP% / HP%
LVL 35

All of the monsters in this F2P GB10 Team should have significantly high Speed & HP in order to have extra turns and to be able to survive in the dungeon run. In case you don't have good runes with HP properties. You can substitute it with good runes with Defense Properties.

For Belladeon & Bernard, the Accuracy stat is very important to them in order to increase their chances of dealing negative effects to the monsters in GB10. Thus, we will be building Swift and Focus Rune Sets for these monsters

Also, only use natural 6-star runes. Having these runes significantly increases your chances of success in your GB10 runs.

How do I obtain good runes for GB10?

You can farm these runes from the lower levels of the Giant's Keep Dungeon. GB6-8 are good places you can farm runes for GB10.

For sure, there are other farmable monsters that you can use for your GB10 team. But if you want a tried and tested F2P GB10 team for beginners, then this team is certainly for you. Let us know your results. Happy Summoner's War GB10 farming!

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