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The Ultimate Aldous Counter Guide in "Mobile Legends"

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Aldous is a late-game monster. He can very well change the course of the battle by stacking up damage. He can even almost one-hit fragile opponent like most marksmen, mages and assassins. This is most especially once he has filled up his damage stacks. When this happens, Aldous can almost be unstoppable. This is exactly why he is feared amongst the other heroes in Mobile Legend’s Land of Dawn. However, this does not definitely mean Aldous cannot be countered. There are actually a few heroes, whilst applying strategies, that can anti Aldous. Well, this guide will definitely discuss how to counter Aldous in Mobile Legends.

As I’ve said, fragile heroes like marksmen are pretty much doomed to Aldous huge burst damage. So, does that mean we won’t be using any marksman when Aldous is in the opposing team? Of course not, having a marksman in the team is very crucial to the success of the team. So we will still choose a marksman but with the right skills to counter Aldous. Marksmen who have crowd control, knockback, slow and quick escaping skills are the best counters for Aldous. Also, having high attack speed is also very important when going against Aldous. Here is a list of great marksmen to counter Aldous:

Hanabi's V.E.N.O.M Nephila Skin

Hanabi's V.E.N.O.M Nephila Skin

  • Hanabi: Her crowd controlling ultimate skill, Higanbana, makes her on top of the list in countering Aldous. This stops Aldous on her tracks, contains him and allows Hanabi to freely attack him. Higanbana can only crowd control him for a few seconds so having Hanabi only to attack him won’t be a good idea at all. It is strongly recommended that your other team members would help out in completely killing Aldous.
  • Moskov: His ability to knockback allows him to create space between him and Aldous. When done right, he may be able to stun Aldous. Although it might not control Aldous for a long time, it will still be enough for Moskov to kill him. Of course, with the help of other heroes, for sure Aldous will no longer be standing.

A Few Other Notable Marksmen

  • Lesley, Bruno, Granger, Karrie, Claude: All of these heroes have dash abilities which allows them to move from place to place instantly. This at least helps them move away from Aldous and be at an advantageous position against Aldous whether it is for escaping or for attacking.

Aldous’ next most likely targets would be mages, assassins and supports since most of these heroes are pretty fragile as well. If against Aldous, here are the following mages and assassins we strongly recommend to counter Aldous.

Aurora's Aquarius Skin

Aurora's Aquarius Skin


  • Aurora: Keeping her at full charge allows her to freeze a target on the next skill damage. Freezing Aldous not only stuns him for a while but also decreases her magic defense significantly. She might probably kill Aldous through a combo but it is strongly suggested that teammates should follow up.
  • Vexana: She can crowd control Aldous through her Charmed Specter. While being controlled, heroes can gang up on Aldous. Plus, she can conjure copies of enemy heroes to do her bidding.
  • Eudora, Cyclops, Valir, Kadita, Guinnivere, Nana: These mages have notable crowd control abilities which can greatly help in killing Aldous.
Saber's Onimaru Skin

Saber's Onimaru Skin


  • Saber: Also has a great crowd control ability, His ultimate skill can CC and damage Aldous a lot.
  • Helcurt: Although he doesn’t have a CC skill, his ultimate ability helps his team escape from Aldous.
  • Natalia: Her ability to increase evasion in an area is really helpful in avoiding burst damage from Aldous.
  • Zilong: His ability to drag and stun a target is very advantageous in clashes. This is also very effective against Aldous. Although it doesn’t hold him that much longer, it’s already almost enough for your team to kill him.
Kaja's Kaminari Skin

Kaja's Kaminari Skin


  • Kaja: Stunning and dragging a target is one of Kaja’s deadly ability. Aldous can easily be restrained and open for team ganging if he is crowd controlled by Kaja.
  • Angela: Although Angela doesn’t have a great CC skill to counter Aldous, her ultimate skill allows her to back up any team member instantly. Her healing and shield abilities totally help teammates being attacked by Aldous. Plus, having her on the team means the opposing team won’t be able to have an Aldous + Angela combo.

A Few Other Notable Mages/Assassins/Supports

  • Gusion, Selena, Hayabusa
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Fighters and Tanks are pretty solid as compared to marksmen, mages, and assassins. However, this does not necessarily mean any fighter or tank would fare well against Aldous. Well, here is a quick list of recommended fighters and tanks.

Chou's Iori Yagami Skin

Chou's Iori Yagami Skin


  • Chou: His ultimate skill totally crowd controls and kills Aldous with just one combo. Plus, he is a bit tanky and can use his two other skills to escape from Aldous. He is really a great counter for Aldous.
  • Argus: Although he doesn’t have an ultimate crowd control skill like Chou, his ultimate skill allows him to be invincible. Thus, this makes Aldous attempt to kill him completely a failure. His high burst damage would prove useless against Argus.

There are actually lots of fighters that can counter Aldous. Just make sure the fighter hero has crowd control abilities.

Akai's Imperial Assassin Skin

Akai's Imperial Assassin Skin


  • Akai: With his ultimate skill, no one is able to get near him even Aldous himself. And if Aldous is pushed to a wall through his ultimate, then this stuns him until Akai’s ultimate skill stops. This puts Akai and his team at an advantageous point wherein they can kill Aldous or flee from Aldous. Plus, Akai can also use his jump skill to easily move away from Aldous after using his ultimate skill.
  • Gatotkaca: Not only is he able to stun and crowd control Aldous. He is easily able to assist any team member through his long-range skill. He is able to jump quickly to any of his team members to crowd control Aldous.

A Few Other Notable Tanks

  • Minotaur, Franco, Tigreal

Apart from heroes, you can also purchase in-game equipment to help you counter Aldous. Here is a list of equipment you should buy to counter Aldous.

Best Defensive Equipment for All Hero Types

Twilight Armor Info in Equipment Book

Twilight Armor Info in Equipment Book

  • Twilight Armor: It has a unique passive which limits Physical Damage up to 900 points. Due to this, Aldous high burst physical damage will be limited only up to 900 points. However, this passive has a 4-second cooldown so this won’t be able to save you that long. At least, it will buy you some time to retaliate to Aldous attack.
Wind of Nature Info in Equipment Book

Wind of Nature Info in Equipment Book

  • Wind of Nature: Grants the user an active skill which makes the user immune to all Physical Damage. This is strongly recommended for marksmen. This enables them to free hit Aldous while being immune from any physical damage.
Rose Gold Meteor Info in Equipment Book

Rose Gold Meteor Info in Equipment Book

  • Rose Gold Meteor: It has a unique passive which activates a strong shield whenever the hero’s HP falls below 30%. This pretty much gives marksmen and assassins a second chance to either escape from Aldous or attack him.
Winter Truncheon Info in Equipment Book

Winter Truncheon Info in Equipment Book

  • Winter Truncheon: Grants the user an active skill that freezes the user for two seconds. Although the user is unable to use any skill, it makes the user immune to any kind of incoming damage. This allows the user to prevent any ambush from Aldous. It’ll also buy your time for your team mates to help you out.
Necklace of Durance Info in Equipment Book

Necklace of Durance Info in Equipment Book

  • Necklace of Durance: It has a unique passive which reduces the regen of enemies by 50% when hit by skill damage. This allows any mage to greatly reduce Aldous Lifesteal/Spell Vamp; thereby, reducing his ability to sustain damage during battle or clashes.
Sea Halberd Info in Equipment Book

Sea Halberd Info in Equipment Book

  • Sea Halberd: It has a unique passive which reduces the targets HP Regen Effect by 30%. This is strongly recommended for fighters. It can also be used by marksmen and assassins.

Additional Tips When Fighting Aldous

  1. When targeted with Aldous' Ultimate Skill, make sure you run towards your teammates and away from your enemies. Usually, Aldous' player would stop his ultimate skill if threatened by your teammates or his player would be confident enough to kill you if you are near his teammates.
  2. Always gang up on Aldous during the early game. He is pretty fragile during early game so he is an easy target to kill. Make sure you don't let him farm or else he'll be a monster during late game.
  3. Aim for a short game. Aldous is pretty deadly during late game especially if his stacks are already almost full.
  4. If you see Aldous on the opposing team during draft pick, make sure your team has a counter pick for him.

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random dude on August 08, 2020:

argus shreds aldous to pieces in the early-mid game and aldous needs at least 350 stacks to one shot argus. This game is a 5v5 not 1v1 argus's teamates will come to argus's aid and argus can easily prevent you from escaping.

Just a random guy.. on July 01, 2020:

Argus? Countering Aldous? That's the most funniest thing I ever read. A bad Aldous or newbie will use a full damage item which is bad, but a good Aldous will use tank items. Plus. A good Aldous know how to counter every hero in the game.. Aldous can just use his 2nd skill to be immune to Argus ulti attack.. by the time Argus had finished his ulti, Argus is pretty much dead. The only hero that can totally wreck him are Masha(2nd skill and passive) and Esmerelda(this hero takes away Aldous passive - the shield) and yes a good Chou can counter him too.

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