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How to Earn Gold and Bubbles on "Highrise" Virtual Metaverse

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Tips and tricks to earn Gold and Bubbles in Highrise!

Tips and tricks to earn Gold and Bubbles in Highrise!

Highrise is virtual world available on Android and iOS devices, which allows you to create an avatar, chat with people all over the world, dress up your avatar, decorate their rooms, play games and enter competitions, and more!

One of the most popular things to do on Highrise is to purchase in-app clothing and furniture to dress up your avatar and decorate their rooms with. However, purchasing clothing, emojis for your avatar, furniture, hairstyles, and well, everything else, involves using in-app currency, called Bubbles and Gold. Earning Bubbles and Gold can seem very tricky, so this guide goes over ways you can earn gold and bubbles in Highrise without having to spend any real money!

Download Highrise on Android and iOS.

What Are Bubbles and What Can You Use Them For?

The main currency in Highrise is called Bubbles. Bubbles can be used to purchase grabs (basically a draw in a pool of items- you can win clothing, furniture, etc.), individual furniture items, and sometimes clothing for your avatar.

To give you some perspective, the majority of furniture items start as low as 10-15 Bubbles and the average item costs between 100-200 Bubbles. However, some furniture can cost as much as 1000 Bubbles. Clothing that you can purchase with Bubbles range between 100-2000 Bubbles each. Most clothing costs around 250 Bubbles on average.

Bubbles can be used for gacha grabs or furniture.

Bubbles can be used for gacha grabs or furniture.

What Is Gold and What Can You Use It For?

Gold is the more premium currency in Highrise. While you can earn Bubbles for free by playing the game (which I’ll go into more details in below), Gold is rarely given out for free and can be purchased using real money or completing offers. Gold is used for most clothing, premium grabs (exclusive clothing items or sets), and you can only use Gold to trade items with other players. You can convert Gold into Bubbles, but you can’t convert Bubbles into Gold.

Buy items with Gold in the game store or player stores (see above)

Buy items with Gold in the game store or player stores (see above)

What Is the Vault?

The Vault section of the Shop page allows you to convert your Gold into tradeable gold bars, which then can be used to trade with other players. For example, if a player is selling a t-shirt you want to dress your avatar in for 100 Gold (or 100G), you need to go to the Vault and convert 110 Gold into a 100G Bar. Then you can trade your 100G bar to the player with the t-shirt. The seller can then convert their 100G bar into liquid Gold that they can spend however they like.

How to Earn Bubbles

There's lots of ways to earn Bubbles in Highrise!

There's lots of ways to earn Bubbles in Highrise!

Log in Daily

Each day you log into the game, you earn a reward. Some days the reward will be an item, but some days the reward will be a small amount of Bubbles (anywhere from 100-250 Bubbles).

Spin the Prize Wheel

There’s also a prize wheel which resets twice a day. The prize wheel is random, but it's typically a small amount of Bubbles (usually between 100-250 Bubbles).

Sell Unwanted Items

The game doesn’t make this very evident, but if you go into the Highrise Welcome Plaza and at the bottom left of the room there’s a NPC who will purchase your unwanted or duplicate items. The NPC doesn’t give you many Bubbles for your items, but it’s better than them sitting there collecting dust. The NPC will buy back clothing or furniture regardless of if purchased them with Bubbles or Gold, but will only pay you in Bubbles.

Completing daily goals is an easy way to earn Bubbles in Highrise!

Completing daily goals is an easy way to earn Bubbles in Highrise!

Complete Daily Goals

Each day, you’ll have a list of three goals to complete to earn Bubbles. Each goal rewards 100 Bubbles, and if you complete all three goals, you’ll earn an additional 200 Bubbles.

The daily goals are easy to complete: they are typically things like joining a room 5 times, chatting with other players, completing a trade, following someone new, or liking a post.

For joining the rooms, the game doesn’t detect if you’ve joined the same room, so you can simply go in and out of your own rooms 5 times to complete the goal, or, of course, browse the game and visit 5 different rooms.

Literally entering a room is one of the daily goals- so easy!

Literally entering a room is one of the daily goals- so easy!

With the chat goal, I’m a bit antisocial (I’ll be honest, it feels the majority of players are very young, and as a 30-something who really only likes the game for dressing up, I don’t want to socialise with 10-year-olds), so I complete this goal by chatting with the bots in the game (see the screenshot below). The game recognises sending any message via the chat function as completing the goal, so you don’t have to worry about PMing or bothering a real person. Of course, if you do have friends in the game say hello and complete the goal!

Completing a trade is the hardest daily goal to complete: you have to have items that are tradeable if you want to trade, you have to find someone who actually wants to trade you, and you have to own some Gold to even buy a tradeable item or purchase an item from someone. I don’t normally complete this goal as I’m not big into trading myself, but if you want to buy something from another player, doing so completes the trade goal, or if you have friends in the game that are happy to trade items back and forth with, you can also trade this way.

Enter Into Events

Highrise runs different time-limited events practically every week and participating in them is a really easy way to rack up Bubbles. Just by playing the event (which all have different themes/goals, but usually just consist of you going into a room and clicking on a NPC character to complete whatever the event goal is, or sometimes voting on the best look entered by other players) you can earn Bubbles by levelling up in your ranking, and at the end of the event, if you participated in the event enough to rank, you can win a bonus amount of Bubbles.

You can easily win a few thousand Bubbles just by logging in a few times a day and playing through the events/winning the bottom ranking at the end of the event.

You can earn even more if you are extremely active in the event and/or join an active Crew who is smashing the event rankings.

How to Earn Gold

Earn lots of Gold in Highrise by completing free offers!

Earn lots of Gold in Highrise by completing free offers!

Completing Offers or Do Surveys

If you click on the plus button next to your Bubbles on the top-right of the screen or click on “Cash” in the Shop menu, you’ll be taken to the options to get more Gold.

If you scroll all the way down, you’ll find options to complete offers through TapJoy or IS (Iron Source). The offers through both companies are similar: usually they involve downloading a different game on your phone and playing it to earn Gold.

Surveys are usually 3-10 minutes long to complete and will reward a set amount of Gold once you’ve completed the survey in full.

Some offers and surveys are better/easier to complete than others, but this is a good and easy way to earn lots of Gold. Many offers will reward anywhere from 300-2000 Gold, and some offers can even reward 10K or more Gold for completion.

You can also check out my article specifically about TapJoy (and Iron Source) offers/surveys and learn which ones to complete to earn Gold.

Watch Videos

You can also watch 30 second ads to earn Gold. Watching the ads only rewards 2 Gold, so it’s hardly worth doing, but if don’t mind doing them, you can watch 10 ads per day and earn 20 Gold each day, which will add up eventually!

You can sell and barter with other players in the game to earn Gold!

You can sell and barter with other players in the game to earn Gold!

Sell Items to Other Players

You can trade your unwanted or duplicate clothing to other players using the Storefront. Simply click into your Profile and then click in your Storefront to list items you want to sell.

Selling and trading is a bit complicated in Highrise, as the prices vary depending on if the item is classified as common, rare, epic, or legendary, and also the market demand for the item (for example, a rare grab prize or a retired clothing item will definitely have more of a demand than something you can still purchase directly in the game), and the prices fluctuate a lot.

You also have to spend time “advertising” you Storefront. You can place a free ad for your Storefront once per day, or pay 100G after that. Or, you can do like most players do and show up in a crowded room and ask people to visit your Storefront in the chat room.

I personally don’t sell any items as it seems way more trouble than its worth, but a lot of people do and make a lot of Gold by doing so. Some rare items can sell for 10K gold and up, so if someone wants something rare that you have, try and find out the going price and sell it accordingly.

Purchase Gold

Of course, the easiest way, and the way the Highrise developers want you to earn Gold is to purchase it with your real money. Gold packages start at $7.49 AUD for 990 Gold and costs up to $154.99 AUD for 25,740 Gold.

I don’t recommend buying pure Gold as I find Highrise’s prices pretty steep, but the game also runs sales on Gold occasionally, where you can purchase it for cheaper, or purchase a bundle package, which will include Gold, Bubbles, items for events, or clothing. Bundles are definitely more value for money, if you’re going to spend real money in the game.

Those are all my tips for earning Bubbles and Gold; as you can see from my screenshots, I have a fair amount of Bubbles and Gold, and I’ve only been playing Highrise for a few weeks (I’ll definitely update once I’ve played longer) and have even spent quite a lot of Bubbles and Gold decorating my avatar and my rooms.

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