How to Get Legendary Items in Hustle Castle - Easy Guide

Updated on October 1, 2018
Legendary Weapon filled with Gems
Legendary Weapon filled with Gems

Items in Hustle Castle are categorized according to its rarity. It may be Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic or Legendary. Obviously, Common items are the least rare while legendary items are the rarest. In fact, legendary items can hardly be found for free in the game. You almost have to pay a hefty price to get a hold of one piece of legendary items. How? We have laid out easy ways to on how to get legendary items in Hustle Castle.

Getting Legendary Items in Hustle Castle from Free Chests

Although small, there is actually a chance that you can get a legendary item from chests for free. In fact, there are actually 3 types of free chests which you can open for a chance to get a free legendary item.

Filling up the Bar for a Daily Quest Chest Reward
Filling up the Bar for a Daily Quest Chest Reward
  • Daily Quest Chest – At this time of writing, one of Hustle Castle’s updates is an improved chest from Daily Quests. You can get a free chest once you’ve accumulated enough quests scrolls to unlock a free chest. Every time you open a chest, the next chest reward will be upgraded to a higher tier which means better rewards compared to the previous chest. However, higher tiered chests require more quest scrolls. Unlocking the highest tier leveled chest will reset the tier level of the next chest to the lowest tier level. The highest tier leveled chest can give you a piece of legendary item.

3 More Left to Unlock the Ad Watcher's Chest
3 More Left to Unlock the Ad Watcher's Chest
  • Ad Watcher’s Chest – This type of chest gives you a chance to get a legendary item by just watching an ad. You need to watch ads for 5 times to unlock this chest. An ad is viewable for every 6 hours which means you can potentially open it every after 30 hours or 1 day and 8 hours. That equates to roughly 24 chests for a month or 24 chances of getting a legendary item in a month. Fortunately, the odds of getting good items in this type of chest is high.

Daily Chest with Premium Account
Daily Chest with Premium Account
  • Daily Chest – You can open this chest every 8 AM daily. However, the chances of getting a legendary item depends if you are a premium account user.

Getting Legendary Items from Hustle Castle Arena

There are actually three ways you can get a legendary items from joining the arena.

Legendary Artifact and Weapon
Legendary Artifact and Weapon
  • Arena Shop - One of the many reasons a lot of players join the arena is because the arena shop sells legendary items, artifacts and mystic chest. You can buy items from the Arena shop using Badges of Valor. Legendary items appear in the store once your Fighter Training Room Level reaches level 6 or once all of your fighters joins the level 40 tournament bracket. Although the prices are too high, it is still a good place to get some legendary items. The mystic chest is the most expensive among the three I mentioned since it gives you a chance to get multiple legendary items. Don’t you worry though, mystic chests guarantee you at least two legendary items. Only the odds of getting around 2 to 4 legendary items from the chest varies. Due to this, players tend to believe that it is not a good bargain considering the amount of Badges of Valor you need to pay for a single mystic chest. This is why players prefer buying the exact legendary items or artifact instead of chests from the store. However, the arena shop's stock refreshes every after 14 days so you have to wait before you can buy another legendary items or you can spend some diamonds.

Royal Tournament Chest Reward for Tournament Tickets
Royal Tournament Chest Reward for Tournament Tickets
  • Tournament Ticket Bets – If you bet tournament tickets in the arena, it gives you a chance to win a Royal Tournament Chest. The chest gives you legendary items, epic items, Badges of Valor and tournament tickets. It’s definitely an awesome jackpot prize but the odds of getting this chest is pretty small. In fact, I have never won a Royal Tournament Chest in any of the thousand tournaments I have taken part in. If you’ve won, then you must be very lucky.

Tournament Points Leaderboard
Tournament Points Leaderboard
  • Tournament Leaders – If you are part of the top one hundred tournament point leaders, then you’ll be rewarded with one Royal Tournament Chest. Usually, players in the level 100 tournament bracket has more chances of getting a place in the tournament leaders. It is mainly because the maximum amount of tournament points you can get for each is at maximum if you are in the highest level tournament bracket. This is why it’s a bit impossible for players in the lower level tournament brackets. However, I’ve actually seen some players in the level 40 tournament bracket reaching the tournament leaders. I’m pretty sure, you’ve got to exert an exceptional amount of effort to reach a place in the top 100 if you’re in a lower level tournament bracket.

Getting Legendary Item from the Dark Portal

There are two ways you can get a legendary item in the Dark Portal

Dark Portal Store Selling Legendary Ring
Dark Portal Store Selling Legendary Ring

Dark Portal Store - Like the Arena, joining runs in the Dark Portal gives you a specific amount of Dark Souls depending on the level. Collected Dark Souls can then be used to buy a random legendary ring or shards to craft legendary items.

Dark Souls Leaderboard
Dark Souls Leaderboard

Dark Souls Leaders – The Dark Portal hosts a Dark Souls Leader Race every time it opens. The top 100 players who can collect the most Dark Souls will be rewarded with a chest. The higher the rank you have in the leaders list, the better will be the reward for you. I’m pretty sure you can get a legendary item from the chest reward.

Crafting Legendary Items in your Workshops

Crafting Legendary Armor for Tank Class
Crafting Legendary Armor for Tank Class

Hustle Castle has 3 workshop rooms namely the Weapon Workshop, the Armory Workshop and the Jewelry Workshop to craft weapons, armors and jewelry respectively. Crafting legendary items requires 10 epic shards and Mana and takes a significant amount of time to finish crafting. Epic shards can be harvested by breaking epic items or buying it from the Dark Portal Store. The amount of Mana required and the amount of days taken to craft a legendary item depends on the level of your workshop room. However, you can minimize the amount taken to craft an item in the workshop by putting an Alchemist Dweller.


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