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How to Level Up Faster in "Harvest Land"

You don't have to spend money to level up fast in "Harvest Land."

You don't have to spend money to level up fast in "Harvest Land."

Tips to Level Up in Harvest Land

Leveling up is not difficult in Harvest Land and doesn't have to cost you anything. Leveling up quickly without in-app purchases is totally possible through some fundamental gameplay tactics.

Without studying a few tricks to Harvest Land gameplay, you will likely struggle. Harvest Land is a farm simulator mobile game with some magical elements mixed in. Harvest Land is a fun game, even for people who don't play on a regular basis.

  • Save diamonds and gems
  • Unlock achievements
  • Save upgrade tickets
  • Restore clan castle
  • Join an established clan
  • Participate in dragon races
  • Use storage properly
  • Spend earned diamonds in premium shop

As with most games of this type, you start out with a small plot of land. Clearing the land is the necessary first step, and you will do so while going through a basic tutorial. The in-game tutorial will cover:

  • making weapons
  • killing monsters
  • harvesting crops
  • arranging and moving elements in-game
  • production of goods
  • restoring buildings

Buildings are either constructed with supplies produced or by restoring buildings that are already there but in disrepair. Each building has its own goods that it will produce. Workers' houses not only produce goods but give you more workers to use with each that is built.

Warrior houses work on the same principle you gain more Viking warriors to fight monsters with each building. Warrior houses also produce basic weapons for use against monsters.

Lower levels seem to fly by as you get a feel for basic gameplay. Sitting at level 107 now, I can tell you there were several things I did during lower levels I wish I hadn't.

Premium shop

Premium shop

Save Diamonds and Gemstones

Diamonds are awarded in various tasks or achievements throughout gameplay. Expect to get diamonds when:

  • leveling up
  • killing monsters
  • feeding wildlife
  • unlocking achievements
  • trading with Gnome

It is extremely tempting to spend these haphazard-don't. Save them as there are beneficial uses for them when you build them up versus spending them on speeding production or trivial things.

Saving diamonds rather than spending means not paying for them in the game. It is tempting, but I avoid purchasing anything via in-app purchase options.

Always feed the wildlife in-game. Birds or rabbits eat apples and seeds, and both are among the easiest products to keep in-game. Wildlife randomly drop prizes like diamonds when fed.

Trading With the Gnome

Trading with the Gnome does not always mean you will get diamonds; what he has to trade is always random. Don't waste diamonds trading with him; close out the trade. He does eventually trade for coins if you keep denying the diamond trade.

Save Gemstones

Gemstones are awarded throughout gameplay. Animals will sometimes drop these, and you can also treasure hunt for them. As well as sending caravans will be awarded with gemstones.

Gemstone Uses in Harvest Land

  • upgrading storage capacity
  • fighting monsters
  • making magic weapons
  • new construction
  • production of specific goods

To open up more land, you will be required to utilize a portion of your gemstones to execute trolls, beasts, and others obstructing your way.

When you arrive at more elevated levels, there are more undertakings that require gemstones. Enchanted weapons will open up, and those will likewise utilize gemstones.

Try not to be enticed to use gemstones too soon in the game. Updating the storage capacity limit is the best utilization of gemstones. I lament not maximizing my storage limit sooner. Utilizing gemstones to concentrate on capacity limits permits you to get more gemstones in the long run.

By filling caravans, you are awarded gemstones alone with coins and experience points. These caravans require X amount of goods for each of three carts. Not having enough storage space ultimately results in not being able to fill carts.

How to Effectively Spend Diamonds

Saving diamonds earned in gameplay is essential to leveling up faster. Don't spend them on basic tasks or fulfilling orders. Save them and spend in the premium shop.

Premium shop offers specific buildings that can only be purchased with diamonds. Spending diamonds in the premium shop will help you level up faster.

Buildings under the premium shop tab are not only cute additions to your land. They all come with perks. Increased production, coins, experience points, workers, and more. If you save diamonds and spend in the premium shop, it adds to your production abilities resulting in more experience points towards leveling up.

By spending diamonds in the shop, you can eliminate the need to build certain structures. With the addition of new workers with some premium buildings, you can limit the number of worker houses you need while limiting the number of gemstones needed to clear land, too.



Unlocking Achievements

Harvest Land offers 119 current achievements, and each achievement has three award stages. Every stage you complete gives you diamonds as well as boasting ability for the achievements. The first stage is always the easiest and requires less effort.

By unlocking achievements in-game, it will help you get larger amounts of diamonds. Most of these are passive and easily achievable through basic gameplay. If you focus on those early in-game, you will be able to save up a larger sum of diamonds sooner.

Achievements Types in Harvest Land

  • building X amount of buildings
  • producing X amount of item
  • harvesting X amount of crops
  • sending caravans
  • upgrading warehouse (storage capacity)
Chocolate Factory

Chocolate Factory

Save Upgrade Tickets

Harvest land offers building upgrades for each building type. These upgrades boost functionality and will increase productivity. Eventually, various stages change the look of the building as well.

Harvest Land Building Upgrades

  • +5% experience points for manufactured goods
  • workers run to building 2x faster
  • +10% production speed
  • no worker needed for production (first slot, then second, and so on)

It may seem productive to use any upgrade tickets early on in the game. If you can hang onto them, they will be much more helpful to you later on. At lower levels, these just don't prove that beneficial. It will pay off if you can stick it out and not use them. Yes, you could increase production and gain a little bit more experience points short term. But using upgrade tickets now can mean missing some much-needed prizes later.

Restore the Clan Castle

You won't find many higher-level players in the game that are not a member of a clan. I see so often people don't restore the castle to be able to join a clan, yet are levels beyond where it is an option! No clan member can invite you to their clan if you haven't restored the castle either.

A clan is beneficial to gameplay and one way to level up faster in Harvest Land. The clan castle is available at level 15. You do need to restore it, but it is well worth it.

It may be tempting to start your own clan—but don't. Try to find an established clan to join. An established clan will help you with needed items you request, and it helps when clan members are at higher levels than you. Often boat orders and caravans may need items you cannot make yet. Joining a clan with higher-level members is beneficial.

Each clan is assigned a tag. Tags will look like this: #rmtnnp4z (using my clan tag as an example). If you have a friend already playing, you can search and find their clan using their tag. Otherwise, you can tap the clan castle and look for open clans and request to join.

As soon as you hit level 15, work towards restoring the clan castle and join one. It is beneficial, and you may even make a few good friends. By joining a clan, you can open up clan chat. Chat is an essential tool for helping and receiving in-game help.


Compete in Dragon Races

Dragon races are where you can really level up fast. This is a clan-based competition, and you have to be in a clan to participate. The race consists of tasks for points, and the points are collective and added to a pool for the entire clan.

Dragon races in Harvest land are split into leagues to allow fair competition between clans. Harvest Land Dragon Race Leagues consist of:

  • Wooden
  • Steel
  • Bronze
  • Gold

Gold is the top league, and wooden is the lowers. Each league has a set number of tasks for each member to complete. Lower-level leagues have fewer tasks available. Tasks per league are:

  • Wooden - 7
  • Steel - 8
  • Bronze - 9
  • Silver -10
  • Gold - 12

Be prepared to fight monsters outside of the ones that are hammering your island. The dragon race has monsters to defeat, along with earning points. You must reach the points for each monster. Once you defeat the monster and reach him via the points earned, the clan gets a key. The good news is it won't take away from your available Viking warriors fighting in race monsters.

Keys are awarded at the end of each race. Keys open prize chests awarded at the end of each weekly race. If you have a full clan and everyone participates, maxing points and killing all monsters, you can expect to open all available prize chests.

The top clans for each league will win a special prize chest on top of the others. Chest prizes can help you level up faster in Harvest Land. Many needed items for later building upgrades can only be obtained through dragon race prizes.

Dragon Race Tasks in Harvest Land

  • building upgrades
  • production tasks
  • collection (harvesting)
  • treasure hunting
  • gnome trading

Those upgrade tickets I mentioned saving come into play with dragon races. Races offer specific tasks for various building upgrades. Upgrade tasks are generally worth a higher amount of points. Saving those for dragon race tasks makes competing and completing your tasks much faster. Some tasks last over several days; by saving tickets, you can potentially complete all your needed tasks in a single day.

Production-based tasks take a lot of time. These are not set-it-and-forget-it; you will have to babysit production as you have a certain time allotted in which to finish.

Always check the time and amounts. Some tasks thrown in are impossible to complete unless using a boost during gameplay. Boosts at the wonder shrine cost diamonds and gems. Not really worth it unless you plan on sitting and playing nonstop for 24 hours (the length of a boost).

Harvesting tasks are a bit hard if you did not focus on expanding storage. These generally consist of 200 or more of a specific crop. You can't just grow and harvest them. You have to be able to collect them as well.



Utilizing Storage Properly

Storage space will be a constant battle during gameplay. To expand the capacity of warehouses, you must use gems. If you saved gemstones as mentioned, they are best spent here to help level up faster.

To aid in fulfilling tasks to help level up, follow these tips:

  • keep storage full of wood
  • continue production with full storage

Keeping the main warehouse full of wood allows you to continue producing. Leaving the items lying at the buildings until needed to fulfill tasks. When it comes time to pick up items, simply craft weapons.

Wood and weapons production are among the fastest processes in-game. Make weapons with the wood and free up much-needed inventory space. Then commence picking up whatever items you need. Remember to replace the wood again after the items you picked up have been used, or you will end up struggling again.

This simple tip has helped me level up much faster. I continue production and leave items waiting until needed. Making weapons with the stockpiled wood to allow me to pick up items to fill caravans or boat orders.

Limits are set to how many items you can have waiting after production. Each building will eventually give you an error 'this place is overfilled.' Not to worry; that means you have plenty of supplies built up.

The amount seems to vary by item type. I can usually have around 60 units of wood waiting for pickup. At that point, it will no longer allow me to produce more wood until I collect more.

Harvest Land Gameplay

Leveling up faster is not necessary; you can level up at your own place. If you want to increase your levels faster, follow the tips. They will help you increase experience points earned and derive faster leveling.

Harvest land is much more than a farm simulator game, in my opinion. It is fun, and my son and I play together. We started Harvest Land when playing Minecraft together became somewhat boring for me (his favorite).

New content is added routinely to Harvest Land, keeping gameplay engaging and interesting. And new levels to obtain, this game is suited for long-term playability. If you have a competitive streak, this game is a good choice. Dragon races are very competitive, pitting clan against clan.

It can be frustrating! I spent time getting frustrated early on in the game, though these tips have helped me level up faster since I discovered them. Following these tips, I can usually level up two to three times per dragon race (that's two to three times a week).

Harvest Land is not a game you need to dedicate long hours of playtime, too. It is an easy game to go in set production and come back later. Making it a great way to fill short spans of time. You can fully decorate your islands on Harvest land too. If you have spare coins there are plenty of flowers, benches, statues, and more to decorate with.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

Questions & Answers

Question: If I feed the workers in Harvest Land does it make the production go faster?

Answer: No, feeding the workers in "Harvest Land" will not speed them up. You will get stars (experience points) each time you feed them though.

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