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How to Make 6 Star Units Fast in "Summoners War"

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What your top 20 monsters should look like

What your top 20 monsters should look like

How to Make 6-Star Monsters in Summoners War

This is going to be the most complete guide I can make for leveling monsters to six stars in Summoners War. I'm going to cover the basic strategy for new players and then I'm going to give you all the advanced tricks to leveling fast. You may know some of these already but I'm sure you won't know them all.

Why Make Lots of 6-Star Monsters?

Before we get started I want to establish why you need a lot of 6-star monsters. Summoners War lets you raise the level cap all the way to level 40 once you've reached six stars. I'm sure every player out there knows that a higher level equals a stronger monster, and that's true. In the early game having just one good team of max-level monsters is fine. Eventually, though you will find yourself needing A-teams for all sorts of things. 20+ monsters fully built and maxed level becomes a requirement. To some players, this sounds like a giant task but with this leveling guide, you can do it fairly quickly.

Having a long roster of monsters means you will be ready for any content the game throws at you.

Lastly, a wide bench of monsters to work with will also lend itself to a world boss. A lot of players under-appreciate the resources a world boss can give you. Did you know it's the only monster in the game that randomly drops Legendary Scrolls and Devilmons (the most valuable resource in the game)?

Using this monster leveling guide will easily get you three teams doing over a million damage on world boss in no time.

Important Note

The Faimon (Hell) strategy is no longer the best in my mind for advanced players. If you are the point where you can farm Giants floor 12 easily and quickly you may find you don't need to. The reason is that you start to accumulate a large pile of rainbowmons. These 2-3 Star rainbows with use Dimensional rift (Hard) should be just as effective. The Manastones and Runes from Giants are better as well.

Faimon on Hell Difficulty

Faimon on Hell Difficulty

Faimon Farming Strategy to Level Quickly

I'm sure there are a lot of players who are already doing this. I'd recommend a quick read-through to see if you can improve on your technique but feel free to skip this section.

The Faimon Farming Strategy is simple. Run the mission Faimon: Path (Hell) with one strong monster and three "fodder" monsters you mean to sacrifice later on. The fodder monsters can be just about anything you won't miss. I wouldn't recommend Natural 4-star monsters as they are too valuable to be used here. Usually, you'll use monsters with a silver star rating or other monsters pulled from an unknown scroll.

It goes without saying an EXP BOOST is essential while doing this strategy.

The strongest monster you bring will be called your farmer. This is a unit that is built for clearing multiple waves of enemies by itself without too much risk to its health and with a reasonable clear time.

A farmer should have the following traits:

  • AOE attacks (attacks that hit multiple or all enemies)
  • Speed (need to get first turn)
  • Reliable CC (Despair rune set bonus can work)
  • High enough DEF/HP to survive attacks from the enemy

A farmer also can benefit from the following:

  • Elemental type advantage (WATER)
  • Elemental Neutrality (Light/Dark/Fire)
  • Heals or Life steal
  • A Self Revive

With these traits in mind, you'll find the perfect farmer that most players will already have is Lapis-Water Magic Knight. I would recommend Despair and Blade Runes on her. Despair is pretty much a requirement unless you have stellar damage. All her abilities hit multiple enemies so the chance to land stuns is high. Blade can be changed out for Energy if you find your Lapis can't take a hit. She can farm Faimon as early as 5-star level 35 if you have decent runes and you are careful about who your other 3 fodder units are. (Example: Water-type tanks and healers)

Once you have your farmer ready to go take three units you don't care about and run Faimon: Path (hell) over and over until they reach max level. Then feed the required amount of monsters to them at the Power-up circle to evolve them and raise their star level. Rinse and repeat until you have five 5-star monsters and feed those to the monster you want to get to 6-stars.

If you are starting with nothing but 1-star monsters this can take a long time. Having a few 3-star monsters in the mix will help speed up the process drastically.

The additional requirements to this strategy are:

  • An active Experience Boost (I'll cover how to get those below)
  • A supply of energy. I'd recommend 500+ in storage
  • Fodder Monsters. I'd recommend 100+ Unknown Scrolls

I'd recommend using the Faimon Farming Strategy as the core of your 6-star production line. With some planning, you should be able to do this at least once per week and likely get a unit to 6-stars within one farming session.

The Best Farmer in "Summoners War"

The Best Farmer in "Summoners War"

Other Fast Leveling Tips and Tricks

Every thing below this point should be done in addition to the Faimon Farming Stategy. These will make the difference between a 6 star a week or a 6 star a month. For seasoned players these are ways you separate yourself from the pack.

How to Get More Exp Boosters in Summoners War

The first and most obvious way is to simply buy them from the Special Shop. It costs 100 Crystals and lasts for 24 hours. This isn't a bad idea but unless you have lots of energy about to expire you probably shouldn't have to this. Summoners War will give you lots of opportunities to get your hands on Exp boosters and if you spend them wisely you will never need to buy one. The easiest to obtain are the ones from the login in daily calendar. On the 9th login, you will get a 12-hour booster and on the 24th you will get a 24-hour booster. So that's two weeks of the month covered. The goal of this guide is to get you a 6 star every week though so we'll need to find a few more.

Events will often give you one but they can be a little unpredictable. Sometimes you'll get 3–4 a month through completing events and other times it will be just one. Let's play it safe and say you can get another 1 per month from events.

So we still need another two more Exp Boosters to meet our one leveling session a week goal. These last two are actually the easiest to get. You see every time you evolve a monster to 6-stars you will get five days of additional bonuses that looks like this:

Numbered by Day

  1. 12 Hour Exp Booser
  2. 50 Energy
  3. 3-star Max Rainbowmon
  4. 50 Energy
  5. 3-star Max Rainbowmon

So just by making 6-star monsters, you will continually be given Exp boosters. This is crucial to this leveling guide. If you can keep the momentum going you will be able to actually stack up Exp Boosters in your inbox. This way you never have to spend Crystals to level a monster again.

Friends With Benefits

This one is known to most people already and if you are smart you've been using it to level monsters fast since account level one. You can use a friends monster as a farmer and actually get more experience then would have, had you used your own. Let's use the Faimon: Path (Hell) to demonstrate.

If you were to run this mission with your own farmer and 3 fodder units each unit would get +2,730xp. This includes the farmer which is likely already maxed level. That's a total of +10,920xp split four ways.

Now if you were to use a friends monster you'll notice their monster gains nothing but your three fodder units will gain +3,640xp each. This is because the +10,920xp is divided three ways instead of four.

It's a neat trick but it can be a little time consuming to have to prepare a new team for each run. If you want to try this leveling strategy you just need to go into any chat channel and ask for friends with a "Farming Rep Monster". You can also check your current friends for monsters that can be used. Generally speaking anyone with Lapis as a rep monster will have it there for farming. Watch out though because if the player is under level 50 themselves it might just be their best monster.

How to Get More Rainbowmons

Rainbowmons are crucial to leveling and evolving your units to 6 star fast. Having a monster sitting at max level and ready to evolve is a huge time saver. Sadly a lot of players don't use these to their full advantage. Rainbowmons can be obtained from the following places:

  • Daily Login Bonus
  • 6-star Login Bonus
  • Drops from Scenario,Cairos, Rifts, Etc.
  • Events
  • Guild Shop

As you can see Rainbowmons can come from just about anywhere. One place I did not list is the Craft Building. I think these just aren't worth the cost. So I would recommend ignoring them.

The two on the list I would say are the most important and most overlooked are the elemental rifts and the guild shop.

After you can reach A rank on a few of the elemental rifts it may be worth your time to start farming them. You're going to want to anyway so you can eventually build a Homunculus. The reason this matters for leveling is that you will find fairly regular 3-star Rainbowmon drops. Anecdotally I would say a much better rate then either GB10 or DB10.

Edit: With Floor 12 in the game for Cairos Dungeons, Giant and Dragon are a better option now.

The guild shop is quite simple. Once a week you can buy a 5-star Rainbowmon for 150 guild points. The guild shop will reset every week on Monday at 12:00am server time. So make sure you get this. This one tip for leveling is probably the biggest time saver on this list. When I think back to my first few months playing my biggest regret is not buying one of these weekly.

EXP Amplifier-Guild Perk

EXP Amplifier-Guild Perk

Guild Experience Bonus

This leveling tip is small but I think it's still worth mentioning. Once a guild reaches level 30 it gains a unique perk called EXP Amplifier. This perk reads:

"Increases the amount of EXP that all monsters acquire in battle."

Getting a guild to level 30 can take a very long time so if you are looking to gain experience fast your best bet is to find a well-established guild. Ask around in chat and I'm sure you will find one without too much effort.

Now You Should Be Leveling Monsters Fast

I hope this monster leveling guide has helped you. Leveling monsters to 6-star fast and efficiently can make a huge difference in Summoners War. Keep in mind runes are equally important. Don't get carried away leveling monsters you don't have runes for. I will continue to expand on this guide as new strategies come up.