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How to Beat Plague Inc. Fungus on Normal

Updated on April 12, 2016

A Walkthrough of Plague Inc. Fungus on Normal

Warning: Fungus is by far the longest game level you will play on Plague Inc. It's not the hardest, but it is a long, drawn-out process.

I have reworked my tutorial for this to make it as fast as possible. Follow my directions carefully and you will succeed. There are a few things you need to know before we get started, though:

  • At the end, when everyone is infected, it may not say, "Everyone is infected." You may have to check. All the countries will be red, but it may not pop up the message until after you start killing everyone. So, don't freak out.
  • Secondly, once everyone or all the countries and people are infected, devolve the points you put in during the tutorial one by one. Work backwards to devolve them. I cannot stress that enough. Folks who follow the tutorial still lose because they missed that point.
  • Thirdly, I need your feedback. Fungus kind of burned me out on tutorials. I have beat the game and I do have strategies, but I need your help. Tell me in the comments section which level you need a tutorial for and I will do my best to post one. Follow me for more.
  • Lastly, I recommend you buy the game. It's a couple of dollars, but it will speed the game up by at least 50%, and the ads disappear. It's the single best decision I have made.

Let's get started.

  1. Start in India.
  2. Devolve all symptoms/mutations until everyone is infected.
  3. Build your DNA points to 66. This may take a while, but you will not regret doing so.
  4. Put the 66 points into:
    Air 1
    Air 2
    Water 1
    Water 2
    Extreme Bioaresol
  5. Build your DNA points to 33
  6. Put the 33 points into:
    Drug Resistance 1
    Cold Resistance 1
    Cold Resistance 2
  7. Build your DNA Points to 75
  8. Put the 75 points into:
    Heat Resistance 1
    Heat Resistance 2
    Environmental Hardening
  9. Build your points—you will end up at 70-80 DNA points
  10. Note: At this point, the last country may take a while to infect. You'll have the option of using a spore burst. This will infect the last country. Do so if you cannot wait.
  11. Once all the countries are red, check to make sure everyone is infected.
  12. One by one, work backward to devolve your abilities and transmissions.
  13. Allow mutations; stop devolving them.
  14. Work to Total Organ Failure. In this test, I went:
    Immune Suppression
    Total Organ Failure
  15. (Optional) You have waited long enough, spend the rest of your points as you see fit.

Video (Different from My Tutorial): Plague Inc. Evolved Fungus Normal Walkthrough

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    • profile image

      Leannelynne01 45 hours ago

      I ended up adding +5 DNA and after full infection I ended up with this:

      2 spore bursts, Genetic Hardening 1, Reshuffle 1,

      and added symptoms; Paralysis, Inflammation, Paranoia, Seizures

      Destroyed humanity in 1680 Days with the cure on 43% and 9 DNA leftover [it decided to evolve the nausea symptom just before it eradicated humanity so bonus DNA] ^_^


    • profile image

      Jakob 3 days ago

      Foolproof strat

    • profile image

      Gay koray 7 days ago


    • profile image

      Wtf 2 weeks ago

      I was looking for a guide because i couldnt get over 3 stars out of 5; i defeated fungus normal in 832 days with 39% cure progress and i thought I sucked

    • profile image

      Logan16 4 weeks ago

      I bet it works if you're lucky enough for iCure, understanding of symptoms, or successful gene manipulation to not happen. If any of this happens, you're screwed. I was so close, more than half the world dead and the cure was only at 45%. Then, literally back to back, iCure released and they manipulated the genes of my fungus. Maybe I just have the worst luck in the world.

    • profile image

      Maltons 5 weeks ago

      Works on brutal as well

    • profile image

      Fhrjejdhvhshf 6 weeks ago

      I need fungus on brutal

    • profile image

      Steve 7 weeks ago

      Only worked after I learned to devolve any symptoms as they appeared but just fine after that- many thanks.

    • profile image

      Sally 7 weeks ago

      It works perfectly. Everything as described. It took me a bit more than 1200 days and the cure got only to 45%. I'm perfectly happy with the result.

    • profile image

      Jake 2 months ago

      The cure got to 100% and the death toll was only about 50%

    • profile image

      Dack 2 months ago

      Worked great. 1263 days

    • profile image

      asdf 2 months ago

      worked perfect, thank you

    • profile image

      SoCalW3bPro 2 months ago

      Worked like a charm.. thanks.

    • profile image

      Me 2 months ago

      If you follow this it works. I just tried about 6 games on fungus and beat it without reading a walkyhrough. Came here to see what the walkyhroughs suggest.

      My down fall on the last few games was not waiting until complete infection. I had about 30% pop left to infect in final country and lost because I started killing too early.

    • profile image

      Hello 2 months ago

      Worked wonderfully. Thank you.

    • profile image

      My name is not important 2 months ago

      It worked! Thanks bro!

    • profile image

      Rcruz 2 months ago

      Best walk through for the fungus

    • profile image

      Ben 2 months ago

      I added lvl 1 + 2 bird flu at step 9 to transmit quicker, and because of that I ended up waiting a little longer for the last total organ failure upgrade: but, I finished in 1460 days with 54% of cure.

    • profile image

      Etano 2 months ago

      Perfect, 1717 days

    • profile image

      no 2 months ago

      this doesn't work at all. is it different for iphone or something?

    • profile image

      Ben Dover 2 months ago

      Took me 1900, in between steps I allowed little more time to collect DNA. But other than that followed it perfectly

    • profile image

      Tenderlirious 3 months ago

      Almost lost but won research is about 97%complete.

    • profile image

      :O 3 months ago

      Thanks bro, made my day :) Kind of...

    • profile image

      MTMR 3 months ago

      Doesnt work anymore, cure found too quickly.

    • profile image

      InNormalCheckUp 3 months ago

      Works perfectly. It tooks 1618 days with 52% cure research. I have to "buy" 1 spore with which i had infected last country, the iceland. Then i spend some DNA points to hardening and reshuffle to fight cure.

    • profile image

      Josh 3 months ago

      wtf with only bioaerosol and environmental hardening can infect the world in a few weeks, completed in 2077 days 45% cure

    • profile image

      Sam 3 months ago

      Had to release spores to infect Madagascar and Greenland, because Research was at 40% and climbing fast once I crossed the 7billion mark. I was able to devolve to purchase total organ failure. I finished in 3689 days with the cure at 91%

    • profile image

      empressemi 4 months ago

      whoops I forgot to devolve but it still worked for me

    • profile image

      techycobra 4 months ago

      Worked perfectly! I was doing something similar, but the cure always caught up. This was great. Thanks. :)

    • profile image

      Faenyx 4 months ago

      This literally worked like a charm (just like all your other tutorials) and it took me less days than the example (1582 for me.) The instructions are clear and make sense if people don't get it it's not your fault.

    • profile image

      Adam 4 months ago

      Ok, in my defense when he said "devolve all symptoms until everyone is infected" I thought he meant EVERYONE as in the WHOLE WORLD..... I had to wait until I reached 2033 and had over 200 DNA points to reread and I had the biggest slap on the face when I realized he meant everyone as in the population of India.... from then I did EVERY step as told and finished the game!

      It ONLY took me 6790 days

    • profile image

      Phil 4 months ago

      I can kill the world in less than a year. For Evolution Genes, choose Patho-Stasis. For Travel Genes, choose Aquacyte.

      Start the plague in Saudi Arabia (lots of traffic goes through there, and less people to infect so everyone coming out of that country spreads the fungus.)

      With your first point, do a Spore Burst under abilities. That infects a new country. Keep using the DNA from an infected country to spend on spore burst again, until they are all used up. Then move on to Transmission: evolve Water 1, Air 1, Water 2, Air 2, and then Extreme Bio Aerosol. Then move back to abilities: Drug Resistance 1, Cold Resistance 1, Cold Resistance 2. Then wait for some symptoms to evolve and someone to start to work on the cure. Once they start to work on the cure, go to Symptoms, and do Coughing, Sneezing, Cysts, Hyper Sensitivity, and Abscesses. Wait a little bit, and get Immune Suppression. Now wait for all the countries to get infected, and have at least 10,000 to 100,000 (depending on the size of the country) to be infected. Then start killing people with Total Organ Failure, Coma (which helps fight the cure), Systemic Infection, Internal Hemorrhaging, Hemorrhagic Shock, and Necrosis. That should do it.

    • profile image

      4 months ago

      WHAT A PAIN!!!! Ugh! Good tutorial, friend. Just bad luck on my part. Only half the world affected? Yeah, some no-name doctor from the backside of who-knows-where found my fungus and reported it to the world.

    • profile image

      Curro 4 months ago

      They put filters in planes and as I envolved everything at the same time (when 66 points), it doesn't work in planes, only ships.

    • profile image

      Ben W. 4 months ago

      This works with bacteria and prion

    • profile image

      Toxin 4 months ago

      Works as described.

      I had not that amount of DNA points before going to organ failure.

      1587 days, research 53%

    • profile image

      Mallabone 4 months ago

      Works exactly as advertised! Well done sir!

      You weren't kidding about making certain that every single mutation gets devolved. I accidentally missed one on my first run through with this and it was astounding to see how much effort mankind put into resolving a simple cough. Lol. Nice tutorial, great job!

    • profile image

      orteam 4 months ago

      Thanks! Worked too

    • profile image

      Alex Brin 4 months ago

      On 2 can you explain if you mean for India or the world please? It's rather confusing, especially when you add in the fact that when someone says that they mean everyone in the world, but 10 contradicts that by meaning that NOT everyone in the world is infected. So could you please update this a bit and make it clearer.

      Other tutorials worked great though. Thank you!

    • profile image

      gman 4 months ago

      awesome thank you!

    • profile image

      Teague Shaughness 5 months ago

      1622 days, with 71% cure. Thanks so much!

    • profile image

      Tanya 5 months ago

      1983 days 48% cure but I beat that level because of your tutorial Thanks a lot!

    • profile image

      George 5 months ago

      1975 days 55% cure but I spent some of my last to push back the research.

    • profile image

      Luli 5 months ago

      1666 days and cure 43% complete. Thanks

    • profile image

      TokenD 5 months ago

      ~500 million killed people and the cure is complete :(

      I did everything what do you write, but i make an other try :)

      I will report this.

    • profile image

      Crunchy121 5 months ago

      1662 days and cure 53% complete

    • profile image

      Dant3666 5 months ago

      Because you get DNA points back by devolving the ability and transmission and if everyone is infected you don't need to infect anyone else so you no longer need them

    • profile image

      Rando 5 months ago

      Why would you devolve your abilities and transmission at the end? That seems a waste

    • profile image

      Random guy 5 months ago


      you i can finally compleate this game

    • profile image

      Samantha 5 months ago

      1806 days 72% cure. Victory!

    • profile image

      Jpunkass505 5 months ago

      Your tutorials are awesome but having problem infecting Iceland in The Fungal scenario

    • profile image

      UG 5 months ago

      thnx for help... i kept going via spore for infecting countries but couldn't wipe out humanity out of existence. i only play at brutal to unlock stuff... took me 2947 days top clean out earth...and 75% cure. brutal is bitch catches up on cure.

    • profile image

      Anon 5 months ago

      works a treat thanks for this

    • profile image

      elias 6 months ago

      works. even on ios

    • profile image

      Victoria 6 months ago

      Took two tries using this because I couldn't build up enough points the first time after evolving environmental hardening. The second time I skipped this step and used one burst to infect Greenland. Once I got to total organ failure I was getting a lot of points for people dying so I kept adding fatal symptoms and insomnia, paranoid, coma etc to slow cure. Worked perfectly!

    • profile image

      Blair 6 months ago

      followed your tips, got to the killing stage, devoled coughing and sneezing, placed all extras onto Cure research, took a whole year for the first 66 points, in took 1686 days, and only 56% cure, i wounder if it would work on Hard xD

    • profile image

      Blavic 6 months ago

      almost everyone has been infected cure research is Nil,

      couldn't even do fungus on eads, fund ur advice for normal, and its brilliant

    • profile image

      Jams 6 months ago

      1764 days, 71% cure... on PC..

      I feel thankful who made this strategy. Worth it.

    • profile image

      Daniie 6 months ago

      1779 days, 59% cure

    • profile image

      Tarik 6 months ago

      Thanks for your help, finally pass the fungus level. :)

    • profile image

      Jim 7 months ago

      Doesn't work on an iPad with latest version of the game. Can infect the world but the cure is found to quickly.

    • profile image

      Audrey 7 months ago

      I've been trying to beat fungi for a week but with your amazing help I got it done in one try. Thank you you are amazing

    • profile image

      jo 7 months ago

      Im in England at 27 hackwothway can you come?

    • profile image

      Asriel Dreemenov 7 months ago

      Cure got to 60% because I forgot to devolve transmissions and abilities.


      Still won though, so, good job and thanks.

    • profile image

      Brittany geib 7 months ago

      I did it it works just don't evolve the pathengogen just let it spread just evolve the symptoms the worst ones there is

    • profile image

      john 7 months ago

      The game don.t work

    • profile image

      TheProphet91x 7 months ago

      Worked really well and really fast

    • profile image

      Kate 7 months ago

      Worked wonderfully! Thanks!

    • profile image

      Alex 7 months ago

      What about the spore bursts??

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 months ago

      Take in note every game is different so you need to maybe play few games to get this work.

    • profile image

      RPD Gemer 7 months ago

      Thanks this method work on plague inc android, keep do best Ashlegin.

    • profile image

      Fml 7 months ago

      I cant even get to 66 points, I cant get enough points to devolve the mutations fast enough and theres either a cure that gets made for it before i can even do anything or it just kamikazis and dies out too fast..

    • profile image

      elizabethdawn 8 months ago

      Worked perfectly. Thanks!

    • profile image

      Anonymous 8 months ago

      In the second step it says to "infect everyone" does that mean to infect the whole world or just the country

    • profile image

      Andrew Plaisted 8 months ago

      Skipped Heat Resistance 2 and Environmental Hardening

      Didn't devolve anything. Used 3 spore bursts For Greenland, Iceland and Morocco. Got my Total Organ Failure same route as the guide and Invested in Anti-Cure items. Won with 49% cure.

    • profile image

      John novotny 8 months ago

      Every1 on the planet is dead thanks

    • profile image

      Dicus 8 months ago

      Worked like a charm. 30% cure

    • profile image

      Matt 8 months ago

      Followed this exactly to the T. Didn't work

    • profile image

      LJ Stylez 8 months ago


    • profile image

      gamedepositer 8 months ago

      Great!! 1429 days wtih 43% cure rate. 5020 score using Normal. Thanks so much!

    • profile image

      Larry 8 months ago

      still works but cure was higher 61%

    • profile image

      Wasted Time 8 months ago

      Followed perfectly. It's good but doesn't work anymore.

    • profile image

      ImadeAmistake 9 months ago

      saved up to 66 dna points,spent them all in cold and heat resistance.GG(on the other side this worked really good)

    • profile image

      FlightL3ss 9 months ago

      I only had about 400,000 people left to die but i lost because some healthy people survived? even though all people were infected? Wut?

    • profile image

      Person Guy 9 months ago

      worked perfectly just have to do it step by step and make sure you have enough for genetic reshuffle and genetic hardening.

    • profile image

      Masteross 9 months ago

      I did exactly what it said and the cure progress went from 0 to 100 in under 1 minute

    • profile image

      Dcharcs 9 months ago


      devolve asap and the rest will be a breeze

    • profile image

      Adam 9 months ago

      Didn't work..I wasn't gaining any DNA points to upgrade my disease

    • profile image

      Vantave 9 months ago

      That actually worked perfectly. Huh.

    • profile image

      Anonym0use 9 months ago

      Worked 100% perfect, follow it step by step and don't assume you can start buying ahead of time.

    • profile image

      Fishman 9 months ago

      Perfect! THANK YOU!

    • profile image

      9 months ago

      Worked a charm, just make sure to devolve any mutations quickly and they shouldn't notice you until you its too late, Cure builds up quick so making sure you have enough to get to organ failure is very important.

    • profile image

      logan 9 months ago

      this doesn't work anymore please remove it

    • profile image

      TB 10 months ago

      Cure caught me way before all countries got infected. Part from that it was pretty spot on...

    • profile image

      Dyuzumi 10 months ago

      The best strategy that worked for me through every attempt and disease type was starting off with russia. So for the fungus disease go with Russia ofc, and put your play button waypoint near the airport

      I used the bonus orange DNA gene so you can use that to either start rash or coughing and upgrade to the left of both of those. Those upgrades allow you to reach colder countries more efficiently.

      After that build up enough to buy the insomnia, then go for the sheep transmission. Most likrly you will start spreading to the follwing countries: Kazhakstan, Norway, Korea or Baltic States, maybe even India or China. 9/10 its gonna be Korea or Baltic States. I TRULY BELIEVE the mystery to the Greenland infection has been discovered by me because everytime i get up the Insect/ Mosquito upgrade, Iceland always pops up infected, if the Ship transmission doesnt reach it first.

      Then upgrade your heat resistance 1 and Sterile transmission upgrade to reach the hotter countries. After that focus on getting the Carribeans and New Zealand as in this gamemode theyre basically the Greenland of Fungus disease. To do this i highly reccomend upgrading Ship Transmission to level 2.

      Lastly upgrade the Pesticide/Rat and lethals to get places like Canada and the USA to finally start killing them off if not halway through this entire process.

    • profile image

      oboat 10 months ago

      This Is The Best Tutorial Ever I managed to finish on normal with 42% Cure!!!

    • Mike Hudy profile image

      Mike Hudy 10 months ago

      tried this tutorial several times. I get most countries infected, except Iceland and parts of Canada. By the time I get those countries infected the cure is already at around 96%.

    • Ashleign profile image

      Ashleign 11 months ago

      Love this comment. Constructive and precise. I will try this out and see if it works. If it does, I will change the tutorial. Thanks for the help.

    • profile image

      Crappy Angel 11 months ago

      The tutorial works almost flawless except for the part where you are instructed to devolve everything backwards. While following the whole tutorial is guaranteed to let you infect everyone, the chances of losing because of the cure is high. Like really because the rate of completion is 1% per day (in my experience). So if the maker of this tutorial wony take it the wrong way, i would like to suggest to change the step number 12 to : one by one, work backwards in devolving your transmission and abilities except for drug resistance. And then evolve the reshuffle everytime the cure reaches 75%.

      That is what i did to prevent the cure from reaching completion. Except for that, the whole tutorial is really helpful.

    • profile image

      Jabba 11 months ago

      This didnt work. I watched the video and followed along but i got cured nefore i could kill people.