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How to Get Free Diamonds and Game Currency With TapJoy Offers

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Find out how to use TapJoy to get free premium currency for your favourite mobile games.

Find out how to use TapJoy to get free premium currency for your favourite mobile games.

Using TapJoy to Get Free Premium Currency: Diamonds, Jewels, Gems, and More!

TapJoy is a company which will give you the option to complete offers in exchange for premium currency in various mobile games. You have to complete tasks like downloading and running an app, reaching a certain level in a another game, completing a survey, or playing a game online, and then the app will reward you with diamonds, gems, etc. to use in your favourite games like Candy Crush or Covet Fashion.

Though TapJoy is a legitimate company, it can be a bit daunting to a first-time user, so this guide is intended to help you get started with TapJoy, learn the best offers to complete, and learn how to contact the company if you aren't rewarded with your premium currency after completing an offer.

The TapJoy offerwall

The TapJoy offerwall

Getting Started

Most games have a premium currency which costs real money to accrue. If the game you're playing supports the TapJoy offerwall, you'll usually find it by clicking into the premium currency menu and then you'll see an option to earn premium currency by completing offers through TapJoy.

Not all games are supported with TapJoy, but quite a few are. Some popular games that offer TapJoy rewards are:

  • Covet Fashion
  • Highrise Virtual World
  • Castle Clash
  • Subway Surfers
  • Kim Kardashian: Hollywood
  • Cooking Dash
  • Jurassic World Alive
  • Kitchen Scramble
  • The Alchemist Code
  • Star Girl

Once you've navigated to the TapJoy offer wall within your game, you'll be presented with a list of all the current available offers you can complete to earn premium currency.

A screenshot from Highrise showing where to find the TapJoy offerwall

A screenshot from Highrise showing where to find the TapJoy offerwall

Earn Rewards

The offerwall has all the offers currently available to earn premium currency with. Offers vary depending on the country you live in, so not all offers will be the same for each player.

Offers are typically things like installing an app, levelling up in a game you've just downloaded, watching a short video, completing a survey, entering a free sweepstake, taking a quiz, or playing a web-based game.

There are also offers that cost money- things like signing up for a subscription, starting a "free" trial, or buying a ringtone. The offers which require you purchasing something will have a "$" next them.

Each offer will also tell you how much you'll get upon completion. Simple tasks like installing an app will reward the lowest amount of currency, but some of the bigger offers (long surveys, or one where you have to spend actual money) will give bigger rewards.

TapJoy also occasionally runs 2x rewards offers, where you can get double the amount of premium currency for completing offers. Definitely look out for those weekends or holiday specials!

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After you finish an offer, go back to the offer wall and click on the Track Rewards tab to see if your offer has been completed, or if you have to wait to be rewarded.

The Various Types of Offers

Next, we'll go over each of the types of offers and which ones I recommend for getting premium currency.

A quick rundown of the types of TapJoy offers, how much they reward, how much effort they require on your behalf and my personal success rate of receiving premium currency.

Types of OffersCurrency Rewarded vs. EffortSuccess Rate

Install an App

Low reward, requires little time/effort


Watch a Video

Low reward/Little effort

100%- usually instant results

Reach X Level in a Game

Large reward/Medium Effort

Usually 100%, but take screenshots

Play a Web Game

Medium rewards/Large effort

25%- but you can follow up with screenshots

Complete a Quiz

Medium rewards/Little effort

25%- but you can follow up with screenshots

Free Trials

Large reward/Medium effort (sometimes requires a purchase)



Large reward/Medium effort

50%- take screenshots


Large reward/Medium-large effort

75%- take screenshots of finished surveys

Install apps on your mobile device to complete rewards.

Install apps on your mobile device to complete rewards.

1. Install an App

  • Installing apps are one of the easiest and quickest ways to get premium currency through TapJoy. It's pretty simple: all you have to do is click through to the App Store or Google Play store, install the game or app on your device, and then open it.
  • It's best to let the app run for a few minutes on your device, so that TapJoy records your installation correctly. You can browse through the new app and check it out for a few minutes before returning to TapJoy to see if you've been rewarded.
  • You can uninstall any app or game after you've completed the offer.
  • Is it worth doing? Absolutely. The premium currency is usually pretty decent for the amount of effort required, and I've always received my reward immediately after installing and opening the app. If you don't, try uninstalling it, clicking through TapJoy and installing it again (and make sure to leave the app open for a few minutes).
Watch a Video through Tapjoy to gain premium currency!

Watch a Video through Tapjoy to gain premium currency!

2. Watch a Video

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Simply click through to the link, watch the video provided and then receive your reward. Sometimes you'll have to answer a few questions about the video after it's done, so make sure you actually pay attention and don't click any other links on the page while you're watching!

Worth Doing?: I don't think so. I normally don't complete these offers as the reward is pretty low (for example, videos only give 5-6 diamonds for Covet Fashion, in comparison to other rewards, which can give 50-400 diamonds). Sure, the videos are short, but you'd have to watch 5 or 10 videos to get a substantial amount of currency, and you can spend the same amount of time doing just one offer and get more currency, instead.

An example of an offer where you need to reach a level to win premium currency

An example of an offer where you need to reach a level to win premium currency

3. Reach a Certain Level in a Game

  • These offers are also pretty straightforward. TapJoy will tell you which level you'll have to reach in a newly downloaded game to win an amount of premium currency. Most of them have a deadline, e.g. "Reach level 50 within 60 days." Once you've downloaded the app, the timer will start and you'll have 60 days to reach level 50 within the game.
  • You can use in-app purchases within the game to speed your levelling up, if necessary. I usually don't do this, though, as it defeats the purpose of getting free premium currency.
  • Unfortunately, these offers only work if you have never downloaded the game on your device before. For example, if you see an offer for reaching level 10 of Candy Crush, and you already have Candy Crush on your device and have reached level 150, TapJoy will detect this and it won't work.
  • However, if you have another device that you can access your game's TapJoy offerwall on and you haven't downloaded the offer game on it yet, you can do it that device. Using Candy Crush as an example again, if you have it on your phone, but not on your tablet, open up the TapJoy offer wall on your tablet, do the Candy Crush offer there and download the game, and start from scratch. Just make sure you don't log into your Candy Crush account on the tablet (or whichever game it is), so that you can start from Level 1 and complete the offer properly.

Worth Doing? It really varies depending on the game, the level, and the amount of time you have to complete the offer. Some of the easiest games to play and level up quickly (which require little to no effort by you) are:

  • Board Kings- you can level up pretty fast by just checking in a few times a day, going around the board, and upgrading the buildings. You can typically reach level 10/11 in around a week.
  • Coin Master/Pet Master- These are two separate games but they're pretty much the same thing. Spin a wheel, upgrade your village. They require no effort really, other than checking in a few times a day, spending the wheel and upgrading. You can reach level 10 in a few days or sometimes faster if the game has a special event going on that rewards more cash/spins.
  • Idle Miner Tycoon or other Idle games- Another easy one- check in a few times a day, tap on the mines to upgrade them. Can normally reach levels 5-10 within a few days.
  • Vegas Slots or other slot games- Super easy; when you download these games, they'll typically reward with you in-game currency to gamble with. Turn on max bet and just play a slot while you watch TV or do whatever you like. I reached level 10 in Vegas Slots in just an hour and got almost 7K gold in Highrise for this offer.
Play a Web Game through Tapjoy to gain premium currency!

Play a Web Game through Tapjoy to gain premium currency!

4. Play a Web Game

The "Play a Web Game" offers usually offer a big reward but aren't so easy to complete.

When you click through to play the game, you're taken to a website on your mobile browser, where you have to play a web-based game. The games vary- everything from tap games to Flappy Bird clones. Usually, you'll have to play for a certain amount of time or reach a certain level.

The downside to these games are that usually the controls are really hard to use or gameplay is just difficult and you'll have a rough time reaching the required level or score to complete the offer. Also, many of the games only allow you to play one level, then require you to watch a 30 second video. So, to reach level 5 of the game as the offer requires, you might have to watch 2 1/2 minutes worth of ads in addition to playing.

These web games require a lot of time, patience, luck and skill!

Worth Doing?: No. Though the rewards are high, the chances of you actually fulfilling the requirement in order to receive them are low. When I complete these offers, I might only get the reward half of the time, and it's always after I've chased up TapJoy about my pending reward (see below for more details). I tend to skip these ones from now on.

Complete a quiz through Tapjoy to gain premium currency!

Complete a quiz through Tapjoy to gain premium currency!

5. Complete a Quiz

The quiz offers are similar to the web games, in that you click through to take a quiz on a website and usually have to wait through ads to answer each question.

The quizzes are usually pretty easy, and most times you'll have to get a certain amount of answers right in order to get your reward. You can usually retake the quiz without going back into TapJoy if you lose. Or you can be proactive and open another tab on your phone or tablet to Google the answers.

Worth Doing?: I've had mixed results with these. Much like the web games, sometimes I've gotten rewarded, but most times, not. The quizzes can at least be fun, but I think I've only ever once received my reward right after completing the quiz; a few other times I contacted TapJoy. It's up to you if you want to try the quizzes, but you might not receive your reward after.

Complete a trial offer to earn premium currency through TapJoy

Complete a trial offer to earn premium currency through TapJoy

6. Do "Free" Trials

"Free" is in quotations because usually the free trials aren't exactly free. Most of the time, you're required to enter credit card details or your Paypal account in order to complete the offer and receive your reward.

These usually offer a high reward upon completion and you should be able to cancel any "free" offer during or after the trial period, but please be careful with these sort of offers.

I have done the free trials on a few occasions, and my general rule is to only do them with trusted companies that I've heard of before (like Disney+, Dollar Shave Club, Hulu, Uber or Kobo, for example) and I ONLY do them when I can give my PayPal details and not my credit card, as it's infinitely easier to cancel something through PayPal than trying to dispute a credit card charge if the company ends up charging you or you can't cancel the subscription.

Make sure you read ALL the fine print before completing any of these trials.

Worth Doing?: For these offers it really depends on a few things: if the reward is large enough and if you don't mind giving out your PayPal or CC details. Sometimes you might find an offer you really want to do anyway (like buying a book through Kobo, or starting a free trial of Disney+). Otherwise, make sure you can cancel the offer when the trial ends and that they aren't charging you for anything. I've never had any problems with these trial offers (and currency is rewarded instantly or within 24 hours), but do them at your own risk and follow my warnings above!

At this point, I highly recommend signing up for a free "junk mail" account on Google or whichever email provider you prefer. I found this the easiest way to complete the next few offers, as doing them will guarantee you'll get a lot of daily spam and junk mail that you probably won't want going into your real e-mail account.

Enter a Sweepstakes/Win an Item and get some premium currency.

Enter a Sweepstakes/Win an Item and get some premium currency.

7. Enter a Sweepstakes

For the sweepstakes offers, usually, you'll need to put in your real details: name, email address (use your "junk email" account), and sometimes home address or phone number. Unfortunately for these offers to work, you have to use your REAL DETAILS, or else the offer won't be completed. The sweepstakes software can tell if you use a fake mobile number, or sometimes you have to click on a confirmation email, so if you want to really complete these offers, don't lie about your number or use a fake e-mail account- you'll just waste your time.

You'll also have to click through 5 or 6 pages of additional offers before finishing the entry. Just say NO to all the offers and keep clicking until you reach a "CONGRATULATIONS" page.

Worth Doing?: They can be. Sometimes you're rewarded right away, other times not. Always take a screenshot of the final offer page (saying you entered into the sweepstakes) and take a screenshot of any confirmation email or text you might receive. If you start getting unwanted spam messages to your phone, you can block the calls or send them straight to voicemail- eventually they stop calling. These offers can be more of a hassle than they're worth, so I typically only do them if the reward is very high.

Also, you'll never win whatever reward it is they're promising in the sweepstakes (sadly, I have never won the free iPhones they always advertise). These are solely done to get your contact info.

Take a survey, win diamonds!

Take a survey, win diamonds!

8. Take a Survey

Survey offers are always pretty straightforward, and reward highly, but usually have a few caveats.

For any survey offer, you'll have to "qualify" for the survey, which means the company will put you through a pre-screening quiz to make sure you're an ideal candidate for their questions.

Hopefully you'll end up with a survey topic you're actually interested in. Some surveys just require you to look at videos or ads and answer questions, while others will ask you specific things about your experiences with a product or service.

Surveys can be fun, but most are boring. Don't rush through surveys or lie on answers, as most of the software is advanced now and can tell if you're just clicking through each page, answering untruthfully, or not following directions, and doing so can disqualify you for the survey and even future surveys with the same company.

Worth Doing?: Surveys are usually pretty good. You typically do get rewarded as soon as you finish, but as always, take screenshots of the finished page for your records. The downside is that surveys can be time-consuming (10-30 minutes sometimes!), and boring, depending on the topic at hand. The rewards are high, but you'll be spending a lot of time answering questions. I only do surveys that offer very high rewards, and promise taking a short time to complete.

Please note: there is a difference between actual surveys and the "brand" surveys. Surveys by survey companies (like SpeakUp or YourSurveys) are legitimate survey offers where you'll answer questions about a product or topic. Offers that say things like "iPhone survey" or "Subway survey" are just another form of sweepstakes/win an item offers. These are more spammy and won't ask you questions, except for your personal details. If a name brand is in the name, you'll know it's not a real survey.

Take screenshots of all your offers (and organise your gallery with the date and offer title) in case you don't get your rewards!

Take screenshots of all your offers (and organise your gallery with the date and offer title) in case you don't get your rewards!

Always Take Screenshots!

You'll see that I mentioned in several of the offers above to take screenshots. This is crucial to completing TapJoy offers. Though I find them to be a legitimate company, sometimes offers aren't recorded and you'll need to offer the company proof that you did the completed offer. They won't just take your word for it, so make sure you take a screenshot of EVERYTHING.

For most offers, taking a screenshot of the confirmation page will suffice. For surveys, sweepstakes, quizzes and web games, take a screenshot of the final page you see that says you finished the offer. For level completion offers, take a screenshot when you reach the completed leve. For the timed web games, take a screenshot when you start the game, and another when you finish. For apps, take a screenshot of the app open and running on your device.

Keep all your screenshots organised in your device's Gallery. For each one you take, it's a good idea to put it in its own folder, name it something descriptive and put the date on it (i.e. "iPhone 5 Survery, Jan 5th"), in case TapJoy requests you send them a screenshot for the offer.

Also, if the offer requires you to download an app or game, DON'T uninstall the game until you've been rewarded for it. If you uninstall it too soon, the company might come back during the dispute and say you don't have the app on your device.

Track your TapJoy offers and rewards in the menu!

Track your TapJoy offers and rewards in the menu!

Track Your Rewards

Now that you've completed your offers and taken your screenshots, it's time to make sure you're actually rewarded for your hard work. As I said before, most offers will reward you right after you finish them. Go into your game to to see if you've been credited for the reward (most games have a pop-up message telling you how much TapJoy has credited your account).

If you haven't received a reward, go back to the TapJoy offerwall, and click on the menu button on the top left. You'll see a Reward Status menu; from there you can see tabs for Opened, Rewarded and Expired.

The Opened tab shows the offers you've started and are in progress. If you click on the individual offer, it'll tell you the criteria of the offer (e.g. "Reach level 12 in Yahtzee") and how far you've progressed.

The Rewarded tab shows all the offers you've actually been rewarded, and the Expired tab shows offers you failed to complete/ran out of time to complete.

Make sure you contact TapJoy if you're missing any rewards!

Make sure you contact TapJoy if you're missing any rewards!

How to Contact TapJoy for Missing Rewards

If you completed an offer correctly and see that it hasn't been awarded yet, you need to contact TapJoy.

Click on the offer from the Opened tab and if you scroll down, you'll see an option to contact support. Contacting TapJoy about missing currency needs to be done in a particular manner, so here are the steps that work for me:

  1. Make sure you always have your screenshots. If you've been following this guide, you'll already have everything organized and ready to go before you even contact them.
  2. Briefly explain what happened in the support box (e.g. "I completed the Flappy Bird web game and scored 500 points and didn't get my diamonds. I will provide a screenshot.")
  3. When you receive the confirmation email about the help ticket, IMMEDIATELY reply to it with your screenshots. Send them as attachments in a reply to the confirmation email you received.
  4. TapJoy should reply within 24 hours with an email saying that they've rewarded you and credited your account.

I honestly believe that TapJoy is aware of the glitches in their system, so they do typically help you resolve a dispute and will get back to you quickly. Just make sure your claims are legitimate and you have proof of your completed offers.

Tapjoy also has a Twitter account that offers support: @TapjoyCS. I have never reached out to them via this medium (as contacting them directly through the offerwall is the best way) but you can follow up with them there if you're still having trouble; they appear to be pretty responsive.

Is TapJoy a Scam?

Though I don't consider TapJoy to be a scam, the truth is that sometimes rewards can be lost forever. One thing to be careful of is timing your contacts to support. I'm not sure of the exact limit, but I'd say don't send more than 5 requests within 24 hours, or TapJoy will flag your account and stop rewarding you for offers, even ones that are legitimately completed.

Some people have also reported just never getting their diamonds, gems, jewels, or coins through TapJoy, even after supplying a screenshot or sending emails.

I can say this happened to me just once, for the Star Girl game. In that circumstance, what I did was email the Star Girl developers directly. I also gave Star Girl a negative review on the app store and promised to change it only after they rewarded me for the offers I completed. The developers rewarded me the diamonds within 24 hours (it was a lot of diamonds, I believe 3000 or more) due to my persistence.

Basically, if you can't get through to TapJoy, contact the actual app's support team for help. It might not work for everyone and with every app, but if it's a big amount of currency that you're missing, or if you did an offer that required real money or a lot of time from you, it's worth following up. Don't let anyone rip you off or scam you!

Don't Try to Scam Them, Either!

Another thing to note is that people will attempt to "scam" TapJoy by cheating the system. Using VPNs to complete offers not normally available in your area, and using screenshots of a game/offer that you haven't actually completed yourself are the common ways of trying to cheat the system.

Honestly, it's not worth it. TapJoy and the advertisers (the company whose offer you need to complete) have verification methods to know if you've actually completed offers or not. Attempting to lie or cheat will end up not only wasting your time as you'll never win your reward, but will also get you banned from using TapJoy in the future.

Reaping the benefits—rewards—of TapJoy offers in the "Covet Fashion" app!

Reaping the benefits—rewards—of TapJoy offers in the "Covet Fashion" app!

Enjoy Your Free Premium Currency, Thanks to TapJoy!

If you followed everything correctly and completed the offers honestly, you should have a load of premium currency now!

I've had really successful hauls with TapJoy; for Star Girl, I've probably earned 10k worth of diamonds, I've earned 10K+ gold with Highrise only after a few days of doing TapJoy offers, and with Covet Fashion, I've easily earned over 200K worth of diamonds.

If I was to buy that same amount of premium currency myself, it would've been hundreds of dollars! Over the past 8 or so years, I think I've spent $25 of my real money completing offers through TapJoy across the various games I've played (I've purchased a few lotto tickets to complete offers, and have subscribed to Dollar Shave Club a few times- but they honestly make nice razors anyway!); the rest were all free offers that rewarded currency just for playing other games, taking surveys, etc.

If you've followed my guide and tips above, you'll also be earning premium currency in no time!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

Questions & Answers

Question: How do I get the TapJoy app?

Answer: I believe it was recently removed from the Google Play store, sadly!

Question: The TapJoy app is not on the AppStore anymore but can you still complete offers from the app? For example, could you complete offers from Covet Fashion directly?