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"Hustle Castle" Guide: Cheats, Tips and Tricks for Beginners

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Learn how to be one of the best Lords in "Hustle Castle" with this guide for beginners.

Learn how to be one of the best Lords in "Hustle Castle" with this guide for beginners.

What Is Hustle Castle?'s Hustle Castle lets you play as the Lord of your own medieval castle. Suit up, take your crown, and sit on your throne as you try to manage your own kingdom in one of the most popular mobile strategy games of this generation.

As a new Lord in Hustle Castle, it is always a challenge to run your own kingdom at first. Most of the time, you'll end up confused about where to start and how to start. This guide will serve as your own personal adviser and counsel as you run your kingdom.

Production Rooms in "Hustle Castle"

Production Rooms in "Hustle Castle"

Types of Rooms

Your castle is subdivided into different kinds of rooms. Each room serves a specific function in your castle. Rooms can be categorized into 3 groups:

  • Training Rooms: This category of rooms provide training or improve the skills of your dwellers. Each room in this category improves a specific type of skill, such as fighting capacity or resource-gathering ability. For starters, the Fighting Training Room will be available to you.
  • Production Rooms: This category of rooms provide the essential resources to your kingdom: food, gold, lumber, mana, etc. For starters, rooms for gathering gold and food will be readily available to you.
  • Support Rooms: This category of rooms is essential to the sustenance and expansion of your kingdom. In fact, your kingdom can't function without two of the rooms of this category: Throne Room and Barracks. Thus, for starters, these two rooms are already available in your kingdom.

Your Starting Rooms and What They Do

At the start of the game, you will already have 6 rooms available in your castle:

  • Throne Room
  • Barracks
  • Fighting Training Room
  • Arsenal
  • Dining Hall
  • Treasury

Throne Room: Your Throne Room does not really do anything special, but it plays a vital role in your kingdom. The population capacity, the room capacity, the room upgrade level and room availability significantly depend on the level of your Throne Room. Even if it does not affect your kingdom directly, you will want to upgrade it as much as you can to enjoy more perks.

However, it is recommended that you do not rush to upgrade your Throne Room. Instead, maximize all the upgrades you can on your rooms, build all the available rooms, and train all of your dwellers to the level cap. Apart from that, it is also recommended to spend some time gearing your fighters with the best equipment they can possibly have with their current level cap. You can also delay upgrading your Throne Room until you can gather equipment for the next level cap on your fighters. That way, you can be very effective when you join the arena.

Barracks: Your kingdom's fighter capacity is limited by your Barracks' level. The higher the level of your Barracks is, the more fighters can be accommodated.

Fighting Training Room: As its name suggests, this room trains the fighting ability of your dwellers. Each level increases your dweller's health and combat properties. With higher fighter level, your chances of winning increases.

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Dining Hall and Treasury: Food and Gold are the most important resources in Hustle Castle. It is no wonder that the Dining Hall, which is for food gathering, and the Treasury, for gold mining, are already available in your kingdom.

Dwellers across different rooms.

Dwellers across different rooms.


What kind of kingdom is it if it is deserted? The people in your kingdom, or "castle dwellers," are very important in your kingdom. They play various roles such as a fighter, cook, carpenter, alchemist, treasurer, etc. for castle raids, defenses and resource gathering. Assigning your dwellers to training rooms allows them to improve their skill level. Don't forget to gear them up with the best equipment in order to maximize their abilities.

Star Ratings

Each dweller is rated with stars. Five stars is the highest amount of stars each dweller can have. The amount of stars a dweller has indicates their level. You can use gems to add another star, or you can try your luck and breed a dweller with more stars through your Living Room.


The dweller capacity of your kingdom depends on your Living Room. Increasing your Living Room's level will increase your kingdom's dweller capacity. Other than that, you can also use your Living Room to breed dwellers. Bring in a male and female in your Living Room and you'll have an addition to your population in just 6 hours. You should definitely breed dwellers with the highest number of stars in order to increase your chances of breeding a dweller with a high number of stars.

"Hustle Castle" Daily Quests

"Hustle Castle" Daily Quests


Hustle Castle offers you two types of quests: Storyline Quests & Daily Quests.

  • Storyline Quests: These are quests that guide you throughout the story of Hustle Castle. This type of quests that guide you on your journey in saving Princess Olivia from the Abyss Lord and quests that guide you on how to build & improve your castle, and manage & rule your castle to the top.
  • Daily Quests: These are quests that reset everyday. This type of quests include resource gathering, invading and looting other castles, hunting specific mobs and of course, watching ads.

Each of these quests offer chests and resources, so make sure you complete them as much as you can. They are helpful for quick resources or items. In fact, you may find some epic to legendary items from these quest rewards.

Map of the Game

Map of the Game


Hustle Castle's Map covers almost all of the action of the game. Fighting mobs while saving Princess Olivia, invading other castles to loot resources, taking on the tournament to bring home the cup, journeying to portals filled with monsters and joining events for more rewards are all of the things you can do in the game's adventure-filled map. The map is basically composed of five sections: Storyline Arena, Tournament, Gem Bay, Portal and Event Island.

  • Storyline Area: This section of the map covers the area of the story. The whole story of the game consists of 7 Areas; thus, you'll gotta have to beat 7 bosses save Princess Olivia from the Abyss Lord. Apart from that, mob invasions and other player's castle for raids randomly appear in any of these areas which you have cleared in the game.
  • Tournament: This section of the map showcases an arena for the bravest. This allows you to test out the combat ability of your fighters. The Tournament will gather 15 players wherein each player can challenge one player per round for 5 rounds. Each player will be graded in each round. The player with the highest grade will be crowned as champion in the Tournament. Of course, awesome rewards await the bests of the Tournament. Plus, they've got a store wherein you can exchange the points you get from the Tournament. Save points as much as you can because you can definitely exchange your points with great items.
  • Portal: Another avenue wherein you can exchange points for cool rewards. The Portal allows you to go through different stages filled with mobs. Completing a stage rewards you with Portal Stones which you can use to exchange in the store. Unlike the tournament, the Portal Stones you've accumulated will be gone once the Portal closes so make sure to spend them as soon as you can.

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