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30 Telephrase Theme Ideas on “Habbo Hotel”

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Poppy is the author of "A Bard's Lament" and the Black Diamond series. She lives in Enoshima with her husband and young son.

A group of avatars having fun in "Habbo Hotel."

A group of avatars having fun in "Habbo Hotel."

What Is Habbo Hotel?

Habbo Hotel is an incredibly popular online virtual reality game by Finnish company Sulake that has been live on the internet since 2000. Players can dress up and change the appearance of their avatar; trade, buy and sell furniture (nicknamed "Furni" in-game) and coins; and play games.

Players can also engage in roleplays and build creative rooms of various themes. All of these features make Habbo Hotel a highly addictive and fun game that people across 150 countries worldwide play.


Due to the nature of the game, many mini-games have cropped up over the years. Games like Falling Furni have been around almost as long as the hotel itself. With the introduction of more furniture and more clothing, more games have become popular, such as Costume Change, The Fridge Game, Battle Banzai, The Bank Game and Telephrase.

With the relatively new WIRED furniture, which allows Habbos to teleport to different areas of the room upon saying a password, Telephrase became a popular game involving themes and general knowledge, as well as typing speed.

Now that you know how to set up your own Telephrase game, here are some great theme ideas to keep your game interesting and exciting.

A typical Telephrase room.

A typical Telephrase room.


There are players from all over the world on Habbo Hotel, so for Telephrase, it is better to avoid themes such as pop culture, restaurants and TV shows since it might be unfair to some players.

For example, if the theme is characters from The Big Bang Theory, the players from America and Europe are probably more likely to successfully guess than players from Asia.

Here are some fair themes to choose instead.


Food themes are great because they don't involve complicated spelling, and the category is large enough to be challenging but not so long that players will be unable to guess. Here are some food themes:

  1. Vegetables
  2. Fruit
  3. Fast food (nothing restaurant-specific; things like 'cheeseburger' and 'fries' will do)
  4. Flavours (spicy, sweet, etc.)
  5. Ice cream flavours
  6. Types of cakes

Easy Themes

Looking for something less challenging? Try out one of these easier themes:

7. Colours (for a challenge, choose something like mauve, turquoise, or maroon)

8. Shapes

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9. School subjects

10. Body parts

11. Items of clothing

12. Types of weather

13. Types of trees

14. Types of flowers

15. Jobs/careers

16. Countries in (continent). Some hosts just say "countries" but that can take a while. Restrict it to Europe, South America, etc. for quicker results.

17. Languages

18. Disney movies (fairly international; if you are unsure, ask your players if they think it is a good theme)

19. Things you might find in a _____ (classroom, bathroom, kitchen, etc.)

20. Holidays. Worldwide-known ones are better, such as Christmas, but you can make it challenging by making the theme holidays in a certain country or countries.

Telephrase is an exciting game.

Telephrase is an exciting game.


Animal-specific themes are good choices. Here are some ideas:

21. Animals depending on the type (mammals, insects, birds, etc.)

22. Underwater creature

23. Animals you can see at a zoo

24. Pets

25. Dog breeds

26. Cat breeds

Quick Themes

Sometimes you need to hurry the game along. Here are some themes that, although they are a challenge, will usually be over in less than a minute.

27. Days of the week

28. Months of the year

29. Seasons

30. Planets

Tips for Hosting Telephrase

Here are some tips for keeping your Telephrase games fun, exciting and flowing nicely.

  • Pay attention. The last person to find the answer is out, and sometimes it can be very close between the last two players. Be sure to give the game your full attention during a round so you don't end up having to ask players who were last.
  • Double-check your spelling. If you've spelled the answer wrong, people won't be able to get the correct answer.
  • Ask your players where they are from. For example, if everyone is American, you can introduce American themes such as fast food restaurants and US states.
  • If a player got the right answer but spelled it incorrectly, you can let them know by saying "Spelling, (player's name)." Most other players are concentrating on typing as many answers as they can and won't notice the player's spelling mistake.

Telephrase is a super fun game on Habbo Hotel that is fairly easy to set up and entertaining to play. Trying to guess the correct answer before everyone else is challenging and has a sense of urgency. With these great theme ideas, you can keep a good game flowing well and will encourage people to play with you as a host again and again.

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